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Russia develops integrated air defense and missile defense systems

Russia develops integrated air defense and missile defense systems

March 23rd American aviation Aviation Week magazine published an analytical article by renowned experts Carlo Kopp and Bill Sweetman about Russia’s plans to counter US stealth air attacks (the material is cited with some abbreviations).

The article says that the delay in adopting the F-35 gave Russia more than 20 years to prepare for its appearance. In terms of the development of fighter aviation, Russia chose three types of combat aircraft, two of which are direct development of the Su-27. The lighter MiG-29 / 35 are offered for export only.

Of these three aircraft, the Su-34 fighter / medium bomber is the most mature. The first batch of six aircraft arrived at the center of combat use in Lipetsk, another 10 must be transferred during this year. As it was announced by 1 in March, 2020 Su-92 will be added to 34 by the year of the Air Force. These aircraft should replace the outdated Su-24. The purpose of the Su-34 is to strike at land and sea targets, suppress / destroy the enemy's air defense system and other tasks.

The second is the Su-35 air superiority fighter. On January 17, the third prototype of the Su-35С, made in serial configuration, took off. Previously, one of the two prototypes was destroyed during a run on the runway. According to Sukhoi, 400 test flights were made with prototypes, state acceptance tests began in August 2011, upon completion of the construction of the first production aircraft. Su-35S is equipped with an advanced digital control system and engines with variable thrust vectoring, which made it possible to abandon the front horizontal tail assembly (PGO), similarly installed on the Su-30MKI. The front plumage imposed restrictions on the maximum speed of the Su-30MKI (total Mach 1,8). Reducing the empty weight has increased the stock of domestic fuel, the aircraft has "exceptional maneuverability." The power plant consists of two XDUMXС TRDDFs with increased by 117%. The effective scattering area (EPR) of the aircraft was reduced using 16's technologies developed by ITAE. All these capabilities allow the Su-1990 to have a smaller radar signature, modern air combat missiles are developed in response to the AMRAAM and Meteor MBDA SD.

The third type is the fifth generation fighter T-50. Analysis of the photo and video of the third prototype suggests that this sample is equipped with on-board equipment that will ensure the operation of the radar and other sensors. It is reported that the prototypes performed 100 flights. The aircraft was developed on the basis of early designs with a wide center section, where internal compartments are located. T-50 has a so-called. movable part of the influx (PCP) and small turning vertical keels of a small area. Engine nozzles can deviate up and down from the vertical in 30 degrees.

There is one question that does not have an answer yet. Is the existing T-50 configuration final or will it be finalized? The plane has “uncovered” round nozzles of engines with large infrared radiation, air intakes do not have S-curvature, which would hide the blades of the engines and reduce the radar signature.

As asymmetric measures against US military aviation, ground-based air defense systems such as radars with very low unmasking signs and ultra-long-range anti-aircraft missiles are being developed, and new-generation short-range air defense systems are being developed to combat anti-radar and cruise missiles, guided by air bombs. These mobile systems have a very short combat deployment time (no more than 5 minutes, which allows them to quickly change their combat positions, moving away from the enemy aviation’s retaliatory strike).

The focus is on the development of radars operating in the meter VHF range. The fact is that modern stealth technologies are largely ineffective in this wavelength range, since the stabilizers and wingtips of aircraft are in size close to this range of radio waves. The leader in the development of such stations is NRIIRT, which has developed a three-band 55-X6 “Nebo-M” radar. Russian Air Force ordered 100 such stations. "Sky-M" is a complex of three radar stations RLM-M (VHF range), RLM-D (L-band) and RLM-S (C / X-band), information and command modules hosted on 8- axle 24-ton trucks. All radars have antennas with active lights. RLM-M is used to detect unobtrusive targets, RLM-D and RLM-S are intended for their tracking and missile guidance. The target detection and tracking range is not reported, but, as expected, the RLM-M range is at least 40% more than the previous Sky-SVU station.

The 1L118E “Sky-SVU” station with AFAR VHF range developed by the same company, apparently, was not built in large quantities. This radar was placed on a "less mobile" semi-trailer. In 2002, the chief designer of the radar station, Igor Krylov, stated that "we see stealth (F-117A) as clearly as any other aircraft."

A promising integrated system of aerospace defense of Russia is supposed to be created around the strategic system of air defense C-400 "Triumph" (SA-21 Grouler), as well as the missile defense system C-500М "Triumphator" (SA-X-NN). The C-400 shelves are currently located in Dubrovka, Elektrostal and Vladivostok.

The C-400 is a development of the C-300PMU2 (SA-20B Gargoyle) air defense missile system, retaining the X-band radar and standard tubular transport and launch containers for missiles. The complex is equipped with a digital multi-mode radar 92H6 and advanced combat control radar 91H6E, developed on the basis of 5H64 / 64Н6Э / Э2. Launchers are placed on semi-trailers based on a 8-axle all-terrain vehicle BAZ-6909. The upgraded 48H6Х3 / DM rocket used on the C-300PMU2 has a target range increased to 250 km (155 miles). Soon a new 400H40 rocket with a range of 6 km will come into service with the C-400. Belarus will become the first foreign operator C-400.

At the same time, the C-300B4 system is being developed, which is a further development of the C-300B (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator) troop-level air defense system (S-9 Giant / Gladiator) with the American missile missile Sprint. ZRK will receive upgraded tracked chassis and 82М9М and 83М2500М missiles designed for the Antey-200 system (range, respectively, 250-120 and 130-300 km). It is still unknown whether Russia on the C-4B9 will replace the 32C9 radar with an improved 32XXNUMXM radar with a larger area of ​​radar.

The “upper tier” of the East Kazakhstan region will be represented by the C-500 system, which is under development. Information about this system is not enough, but in the middle of 2010, there were reports that the C-500 anti-missile will be created based on the 9М82М anti-missile with an increased range of 500-600. The C-500 will be equipped with combat control radars of the 91Н6А type (M), tracking radar 96Л6-CPU, new multimode radar 76Т6 and radar PRO 77Т6.

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  1. esaul
    esaul 27 March 2012 09: 39
    Americans, brave guys, are not tired of emphasizing now. how hard Russia is arming itself and, just as hard, they are calling for a peaceful dialogue. This is our Army, and what we want is what we do with it! laughing In addition, I would like to offer the statements of the NATO Secretary General ----- We have heard rumors that Russia is considering the issue of offensive weapons if our missile defense system continues to be developed, the Secretary General said. “This would be a complete waste of Russian funds on an artificial enemy.” ------ Well, how can a hand be raised against such a caring and benevolent uncle?

    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 27 March 2012 09: 52
      This caring uncle ruins one country after another. The time will come and we will nip it! angry
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 27 March 2012 10: 13
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        This caring uncle ruins one country after another.

        Not ruin, but democratized.

        By the way. Why are democrats so distorted by the Russian word-democracy? Probably still a different meaning with the word democracy.
        1. alex-defensor
          alex-defensor 27 March 2012 22: 15
          Quote: Ziksura
          By the way. Why are democrats so distorted by the Russian word-democracy? Probably still a different meaning with the word democracy.

          The meaning is the same, just "our" democrats are sick of everything Russian.

          And as for the article, I’ll say this:

          The situation is not easy, SM3 is also not a toy, but the spirit of our people really perked up and this is good.

          So whoever comes to us with a sword in his hands ... he will leave with him ... but that sword will no longer be in his hands laughing
      2. UAZ Patriot
        UAZ Patriot 28 March 2012 00: 01
        figure 13 is bad hold + to exit this situation)
    2. Kasym
      Kasym 27 March 2012 11: 16
      I would like to add something about the article. After the Second World War, work on radars operating in the meter range was abandoned in the west, due to the fact that such stations gave an error in height. And in our country these works continued due to the fact that they gave a long range. And in the end all the tasks were solved. The design bureau, in my opinion, was located in Nizhny Novgorod. For these stations F-117, F-22, F- 35 is not a problem. So, their billions of dollars in stealth technology costs go to waste. And one more interesting fact. In the 70s, our counter-spies planted technical documentation on stealth for our scientists to the Americans. Only one inscription was removed: "Unpromising". And after a while they got this freak-F-117. Generally speaking, all our successes are associated with the education system and its accessibility for everyone.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 27 March 2012 11: 45
        Kasym, I watched about this uncle who concocted this nonsense for amers, and they bought it, right now they scratch their turnips and are silent in stealth.
        A cool name was given to this toy: missile defense S-500M "Triumfator", I'm sure the name will justify. In the west, the news is probably fresh, too, glad that Belarus will become the first foreign operator of the S-400. For us, this information is already known, but it is useful for "friends" to throw it up more often, let them reprint it in their newspapers, let them rejoice.
        1. silver_roman
          silver_roman 10 December 2012 18: 44
          aha, the Triumphant sounds proudly. will shoot down the Scandinavian "bears" when they again want to check our missile defense system for quality! bully
      2. Ty3uk
        Ty3uk 27 March 2012 11: 50
        Yes, they happily drank billions on these stealth technologies, and the hamsters haw and sing that they have the most advanced invisible aircraft. Ugh.
        I am sure that if they are now given such technical documentation, even with the stamp "unpromising", they will still master it with pleasure.
        The offices like Lockheed live on that.
      3. sasha.28blaga
        sasha.28blaga 27 March 2012 11: 54
        There was information according to which our designer (on TV showed) explained that the stealth system was useless, that the stealth aircraft that exist on our radars take even widely advertised American models.
        1. viruskvartirus
          viruskvartirus 27 March 2012 15: 21
          all the same, the direction of reduced visibility is right ... at least it should reduce the detection distance as much as possible and make missile guidance more difficult ...
    3. alexng
      alexng 27 March 2012 14: 30
      Yes, amers flew in with their stealth so that now they hide them so that no one sees their "worthlessness." My son is an aviator, or rather an aircraft manufacturer, and he said that in the circle of aviators, the F-22 is called a flying frying pan, afraid of moisture and corrosion. In-about where the dough was cut. Ours to learn and learn. And about the fact that we are arming, so let the uncle "NATO general secretary" put it in a rag. We know that at any moment yellow water can hit our sworn friends in the head and they will trample them with their charter into our monasteries. Nope. Enough.
    4. Ascetic
      Ascetic 27 March 2012 16: 48
      Quote: esaul
      Americans, brave guys, are not tired of emphasizing now. how hard Russia is arming itself and, just as hard, they are calling for a peaceful dialogue

      Valery welcome! It only means that our creation of a DEFENSE air defense system of our own borders should in no way be harnessed by them in terms of a peaceful dialogue with us .. Let us better emphasize in our plans while virtually downed planes and destroyed missiles to aching joints, and also do not forget while in addition to defensive weapons, we also have SHOCK-OFFENSIVE weapons in terms of a peaceful dialogue on the ruins of the Pentagon ..
    5. APASUS
      APASUS 27 March 2012 21: 24
      Quote: esaul
      Americans, brave guys, are not tired of emphasizing now. how hard Russia is arming itself

      This concern may have a completely different side! US cuts Pentagon finances as much as possible and why not
      to use the old horror story ?? What can scare the American man in the street more than "Russian bear
      with a rocket "
  2. YARY
    YARY 27 March 2012 09: 40
    Read about this some time ago. The military-industrial complex has been concerned with this topic since the beginning of the Stealth program. There are developments and, like any countermeasure weapon, requires an integrated approach.
    But the most interesting thing is that, as soon as information about this leaked to the "probable enemy", several "topics" under the "Stealth" program were closed. and THIS SIGN
    1. sasha.28blaga
      sasha.28blaga 27 March 2012 11: 56
      Our radar, according to the same designer, was ready to accept stealth aircraft even before the creation of these aircraft.
  3. Sarus
    Sarus 27 March 2012 09: 43
    Finally, they began to do more and air shield ..
    Air defense is the first sign of state independence in the 21st century.
    And the stronger and more modern the air defense, the more chances there are for an independent and independent policy.
    The world hears only Strength. Yugoslavia and Iraq, I am sure it can confirm.
  4. patriot2
    patriot2 27 March 2012 09: 47
    It’s good that the Yankees know something about something. And it’s very good that they now know that we have combat-ready Air Force and Air Defense. And they only realize that they don’t know everything about new developments. This makes them sober when adopting their far-reaching missile defense plans. angry
  5. Ziksura
    Ziksura 27 March 2012 10: 22
    It was pleasant to read a similar article performed by experts of the most likely friends. I especially liked: "The delays in the adoption of the F-35 gave Russia more than 20 years to prepare for its appearance." Those. while here we "fell through" from 35m in Russia we managed to do a lot.
    Well, just like a vacation went.
  6. Art111
    Art111 27 March 2012 10: 44
    And where are the holy fools who scream that everything is falling down and nothing is being done!?!? This is written about us by an authoritative publication of a likely adversary, so that not everyone saws and not everyone knocks. It is clear that with a creak, everything has been rusting for so many years, for so many years they are used to stealing. GO RUSSIA!!!
  7. anfreezer
    anfreezer 27 March 2012 11: 03
    An article on the topic: Russia is developing, modernizing something, in their design bureaus there seems to be some rustling, the designation numbers are changing, but even the devil will break his leg, and we, experts, have broken all our bones! At this point, the (Russian) President probably does not know everything, but you .... eh, just like children. Go, "brother" Carlo and "brother" Bill better to the bar, have a beer. tongue
  8. B_KypTke
    B_KypTke 27 March 2012 11: 08
    Is the existing T-50 configuration final or will it be finalized?
    This is what these experts drew attention to. I would like to think that after all flight tests in which everyone and sundry could irradiate the aircraft for signature and visibility in the IR range, the aircraft will gain a combat configuration.
    One thing but ... it’s not entirely clear what will happen to the engine blades viewed by 25% when viewed from the front? what
    1. Ty3uk
      Ty3uk 27 March 2012 11: 53
      Do not worry, these shoulder blades do not glow.
      1. B_KypTke
        B_KypTke 27 March 2012 11: 57
        Well, okay ...
  9. Ty3uk
    Ty3uk 27 March 2012 11: 09
    Carlo Kopp (one of the authors of this article) is generally our person smile He F-35 at every opportunity dips in the toilet.
  10. DEfindER
    DEfindER 27 March 2012 11: 55
    By the way, it was correctly noted by T-50 that the blades are poorly hidden and the nozzles are not covered at all, it would be better to make them square, covering the radiation with the side walls .. maybe ours generally decided not to bother with radio visibility ..
    1. Muxalet
      Muxalet 27 March 2012 12: 47
      Now the airframe is being tested on the T-50 and the designer is racking their brains about what and how to cram into it ... then they will tie the "crammed" to the avionics and only after everything is assembled, they will start the engines ... and in general, there will be other power plants ... but for now it flies on what is ... And if a solid degree of invisibility has really been achieved there, then it is necessary to follow the ground radar during the flight :)
      1. viruskvartirus
        viruskvartirus 27 March 2012 16: 46
        According to the SU, judging from "open sources" you are right ... the engines are on the way ...
    2. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 27 March 2012 15: 28
      Well, yes ... why are they hiding weapons? All finalize ....
      1. Muxalet
        Muxalet 27 March 2012 17: 26
        All that can be hidden will be hidden in the fuselage, so that it does not shine and does not fonil
  11. 755962
    755962 27 March 2012 12: 06
    Dr. Kopp: From the point of view of a Western military analyst, I can say that the less Russia produces Triumph systems, the better, and their export will become a strategic problem for us. Countries like Iran and Venezuela, having received systems like the S-400, can cause us serious trouble.

    Selling S-400 to Belarus may be attractive from a commercial point of view. But it will not improve Moscow’s relations with the European Union, since the S-400, located near the western borders, will cover half of the territory of Poland and will not allow Polish aviation to calmly use the airspace of their own country. Strategically, such actions can be called provocative and destabilizing.

    Whether exporting S-400 is profitable or not depends on the specific consequences. For example, the sale of the S-300 to Cyprus created political turmoil in the Aegean region. Similar consequences can be expected in any other place where the S-400 will be exported. This is a powerful and strategically significant weapon that can neutralize any air force in the arsenal of which there are no F-22 fighters.
    Russian industry, unlike Western industry, is not afraid to experiment with new ideas and solutions, since in the West, experiments are limited by the need to finance them from company profits.

    The independence of the Russian military industry from the former Soviet republics is also an interesting question. The severance of relations with Ukraine in 2004-2005 rendered your defense industry a bad service, since many key design bureaus and enterprises remained in Ukraine. Moreover, many Ukrainian companies were either liquidated or began to compete with Russian, selling spare parts, repairing and modernizing Soviet-made weapons. Relations between Russia and Ukraine have been difficult since tsarist times, and today Russia pays for it in a political sense.

    However, very few Western countries today can claim that their war industry is completely independent of the global market. The Americans are trying to maintain their independence, but even now they have to buy part of their defense products abroad, for example, computer chips and materials from Japan and China. In the context of globalization, it is too difficult to rely solely on one's own strength.
    1. DEfindER
      DEfindER 27 March 2012 12: 17
      I like their reaction - the availability of air defense systems in the country is a provocation and destabilizes the situation in the region.
      Listen to amers and do the opposite! Just the availability of such funds among states is the basis of stability and security throughout the world! It’s like in nature, those animals that have protective equipment survive, they eat others .. and humanity has not gone far from this yet ..
  12. Nechai
    Nechai 27 March 2012 13: 03
    Quote: esaul
    This would be a complete waste of Russian funds on an artificial enemy. "------ Well, how can a hand be raised against such a caring and benevolent uncle?

    At the last get-together in Seoul, the uncles have already started talking about our tactical missiles and TNW. "Well, you can't afford all this. And it really bothers us."
    Quote: Ziksura
    ... democracy ... Probably still a different meaning with the word democracy.

    Naturally, Andrey! Compare one with the other ... Well, you understand. Ladies are present on the forum.
    Quote: Kasym
    In the 70s, our counter-spies planted technical documentation on stealth for our scientists to the Americans. Only one inscription was removed: "Unpromising"

    Well, they also "threw" a shot, very offended by such a conclusion. The story repeated itself with the "very promising" rocket fuel. The Amers tried to carry out similar operations - they did not pretend to our agents to take out ALL the documentation on the Ogayo class nuclear submarine. Where is the volume of a railway carriage. - The Russians start copying and will be tortured to swallow dust. Yeah, so they rushed. Brezhnev then said - They have Trident, and we have Typhoon.
    Quote: Ziksura
    I especially liked: "The delays in the adoption of the F-35 gave Russia more than 20 years to prepare for its appearance."

    The disaster with the “Challenger” gave a similar head start to make up for the gap.
    Quote: DEfindER
    maybe ours generally decided not to bother with radio visibility .. the availability of air defense systems in the country is a provocation and destabilizes the situation in the region.

    Russian stealth technologies operate on different physical principles. Well, the presence of at least some kind of "shield" at all times, the attacker stale pumpkin scratching in thought.
  13. Odinplys
    Odinplys 27 March 2012 15: 33
    About how they discuss ...
    Probably rejoice for Russia ...
    We have another new development ... S600PP- (pi ... the Pentagon is called.) ..
  14. welder
    welder 27 March 2012 18: 00
    Art111- (if you are talking about me) I personally am pleased that they (NATO) are so worried, maybe they should be happy about something, but I always keep my ears sharp and not indulge in a nap !!! I am one of those (how said Zadornov) -who scolds his government, but as soon as a foreigner begins to assent and teach me how to live, I’m personally ready to give him a face !!! And the thoughts of all experts may be another portion of soothing vigilance, as well as with Iran !!! But many were led already
  15. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 27 March 2012 20: 57
    A good positive article, I gladly put a plus, Russian designers, no matter what they forge weapons of victory, honor and glory to them.
  16. Uralm
    Uralm 27 March 2012 23: 59
    Carlo Kopp (Carlo Kopp) and Bill Sweetman (Bill Sweetman) frightening "Democrats" are trying to lobby for the interests of the military-industrial complex of America. They are already used to it, the more horror stories, the more money for the military-industrial complex