Military Review

Bullets against brake discs

Matt with the “Destructive Ranch” nadybal old brake discs and tests their strength standard for the ranch way.


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  1. 32363
    32363 24 October 2017 11: 00
    I envy their freedom in handling weapons.
    according to the test, you should take a new disc and compare with the same used one, since during wear the discs are hardened because of this and can withstand everything except the large caliber.
    1. Small Saturn
      Small Saturn 26 October 2017 21: 12
      I think the comparison is not quite true, the old wheels are thinner than new ones due to wear, and they won’t pick up temperatures for “hardening” if the brakes work normally, they will be well cooled by the surrounding air.
  2. Rock616
    Rock616 7 November 2017 02: 59
    Trudge from this vet good