What will fill the void?

What will fill the void?In the previous article “Party Life in the Virtual Dimension,” I expressed my vision of the situation with the party system in Russia. Rather, with the real absence of this system. And he finished with an obvious conclusion - nature does not tolerate emptiness, and the resulting vacuum is already filling. I want to dwell on this in detail, because here, in my opinion, is the key to understanding what is happening. And, perhaps, to what is still waiting for us ahead.

I emphasize one historical nuance. Twenty years separate us from how the Soviet Union ended its existence. On a historical scale, seconds. But over this period, a whole generation has grown up in the country, which did not feel the “charms” of Soviet life. Repression of the Stalinist regime for them is a distant and irreversible story. They do not know what life is in constant fear. They don’t know how they arrested them for expressing their own opinion, especially on political issues; as forbidden not only to generate any creativity that runs counter to the communist ideology, but also to show interest in it. How the churches and temples were destroyed, how many people died at construction sites, and how amicably the press monopolized the regime in silence about all this. Even the bloody 90s of the youth do not cause scary associations with shooting on the streets and miners on rails: they were not directly affected by these events, they do not remember and do not know the truth of those days. Their parents are used to protesting in silence: do not go to the polls at all or in protest to vote for anyone, but not for power. Because they no longer believe any power.

The new generation (due to the reasons sounded above) will not be content with the freedoms available. From birth, they are accustomed to say what they think in full voice. But how can they do this? They might have come to the existing party structures, but those that have already discredited themselves sufficiently. Who is frank conformism, who is directly cooperating with the authorities, turning political activity into a profitable business, and many others, which is unacceptable for people who feel themselves citizens, and not a faceless population. And since there were no other parties, the citizens went to the square. This was at a certain point filling the vacuum created in the party system of the country.

And since the party system is a segment of the country's overall political system, it is difficult to underestimate the danger of the current situation. The reforms announced by the authorities in December of last years were not proposed from a good life - the threat of possible social upheavals was hanging. And the Russian government, which is not very characteristic of it, heard public signals. The Law on Political Parties adopted by the State Duma appears as never before. It can even be considered to be somewhat liberal at the present stage of Russia's historical development. But whether the initiated political reforms will lead to success, no one will predict today. And that's why.

Yes, some groups of citizens who realize that, having formed into an officially registered party, they will have the opportunity of a direct dialogue with the authorities, and even through an elective mechanism will participate in its formation, will try to achieve party status. And there will be many such groups. About seventy applications have already been submitted to the Ministry of Justice. Soon, in all likelihood, there will be even more. It seems that everything is fine: democracy is sweeping the country, realizing the civil rights of Russians declared by the constitution. And by and large this is a catastrophe for party building, the development of which has been artificially held back for decades. The stream of dozens of social structures that are far from the image of the ideal understanding and purpose of the parties, will “smear” the unsettled and not fortified party glade and turn it into one big swamp. Maybe there is nothing bad here, and those who claim that these are the costs of the political process are right. Most of the weak will drown, and the 3-5 parties will remain, which will form the backbone of the system. But how long will it take? And who will remain is also a question.

There is one trick here. A party is a structure that reflects the interests of a group of people. These can be groups that unite large parts of the country’s citizens who share strategic ideas on the development of the country in all aspects. And there may be groups that unite a small number of people on the basis of various kinds of narrow interests. For example, territorial, national, economic. In what chaos something similar turns into a political field, we have already seen in the mid-nineties of the last century. Of course, chaos can be controlled, but is it necessary to follow this path of development in the 21st century?

They say that history repeats itself twice: once in the form of a tragedy, the other - in the form of a farce. In the nineties, Russia experienced a tragedy. I do not want the current liberal political reforms turned into a farce. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that the vacuum in the party niche of the general political system of Russia be filled under close and vigilant attention by both the authorities and society.
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  1. +3
    27 March 2012 08: 33
    A rather serious article ... parties can be created and will be created .. and what the author offers for modern democracy is not acceptable already ... If the party is small-town or on the principle of neighing, then it will die by itself .. If it violates the law, you need to apply legal sanctions, and we have them ... And close attention is nothing more than control over the social movement ..
    1. +1
      27 March 2012 09: 17
      Quote: domokl
      .If the party is small-town or on the principle of neighing, then it itself will die ..

      There is some logic in this, but the party of beer lovers has already announced that it will revive under the new conditions, and a party of "love" is being created. There are very tenacious nasty things and now it is an integral part of our social and political life.
      1. +2
        27 March 2012 09: 32
        Ziksura: "There are very tenacious nasty things ..." and add that no one knew about it and did not guess, or pretended to be a simpleton when he demanded simplification in the registration of parties! Well, let them register. And who to stay for a long time and do business is up to us. Nothing, the slurry will bubble up, it will precipitate!
        And for the article a confident "-", for whining that they did not do what they wanted again.
    2. Sergh
      27 March 2012 10: 39
      These groups of people of 500 people cannot be called a party, and one should not go to extremes, let alone go about the corner around the marshland!
      1. Churchill
        27 March 2012 11: 08
        Don’t worry, nothing will change for the people! Show me a person who is ready to vote for a beer or a love?! But for the bronzed parties that exist due to protest votes, the moment of truth will come! Most likely, many of them are kirdyk! ..
  2. predator
    27 March 2012 08: 38
    Well, the author bent! "... They do not know what life in constant fear is. They do not know how they were arrested for expressing their own opinion, especially on political issues ..." I don’t remember something, that I or someone else was shaking with fear of authorities, the article is complete nonsense!
    1. +2
      27 March 2012 08: 46
      The author, it seems, did not live in the Union. Therefore, he believes that there the informer was sitting on the informer, and the unshaven executioners were driving everyone with a "LivorVER" in their hands.
      Tired of this superficial verbiage.
      What is fundamentally different now than in the Union? A lot of parties? Is that all?
      And the talkers - then they planted .. now they are from behind a hillock - they pay money.

      The nature of emptiness does not tolerate - more French scientists have issued.
      Filling the void with all kinds of boor is not the best way.
      And why should you bother with this? Yes, so - what articles do you have to write?

      Time, the course of life, the rise of the economy will put everything in its place.
      Will arrange correctly.
      1. +6
        27 March 2012 09: 11
        Guys, you saw not at all what the author wanted to say! Fears about the Union, this is like an addition with a deepening into not distant history. The main message is a warning that the game of libeoism is fraught with the fact that the "swamp monster" will grow to the size of the whole country, if he does not shorten the limbs at the initial stage, i.e. - in the bud. And this silly law is for us as a parting gift from those party leaders of the United Russia Party, to whom Putin's victory canceled the opportunity to "creatively" plunge the country into a swamp now and quickly. Here, many Duma members worked according to the principle - "After us, even a flood." I think the sobering will come in 3-4 years and everything will return to square one provided. that the people, if by that time the numerous parties of Love and Beer don’t shake their heads, they themselves will come to what they are now turning away with such pleasure.
        1. Brother Sarych
          27 March 2012 09: 20
          Where to dip in the swamp? The country is there a long time ago ...
          A penny is a batch price. which does not seek to seize power in the country - if not seizure of power, then why is it needed? Such a party has an ideology, according to which it chooses goals and means ...
          In the current conditions, there are no parties in real life, only fictions, and frictions to rivet the brains of the population ...
          It’s clear that if a party announces that their main goal is to seize power in the country, then we will never hear about it again, because it will immediately come into great conflict with the current legislation ...
          So we admire the clowns on the screen, sorry, media characters ...
          1. +2
            27 March 2012 16: 27
            Quote: Brother Sarich
            A penny is a batch price. which does not seek to seize power in the country - if not seizure of power, then why is it needed? Such a party has an ideology, according to which it chooses goals and means ...

            In society, ideas (realistic or illusory - it does not matter) about an alternative way of life should be widespread, and they should have the status of a dream about a bright future. And in order for the former way of life to collapse and the construction of an alternative way of life begin, an instrument is needed that organizes and directs the “revolutionary creativity of the masses”.
            Such an instrument can be a political party, who “knows how to live” (or is unreasonably convinced that she knows). But in this case, the word "party" does not mean a political party in the parliamentary legal sense of the term. In this case, the word “party” refers to a community of like-minded people who maintain regular contacts with each other and show political activity not only in anti-government conversations.
            There is no party in Russia that meets these criteria,
            therefore, society places all its social expectations on individual leaders and not on "parliamentary" or orchestrated and far-fetched parties and movements. Look how many people go to the presidential and parliamentary elections in absolute numbers, the difference is significant.
            As for the seizure of power by the party (let's say it was created, there is a leader, a clear idea, etc.), here we need to recall Lenin's teaching about the revolutionary situation, since life has not yet refuted these theses of the revolution "from below" (we do not take into account revolutions from the outside, Different things).
            Previously, in order to throw slogans into the previously ideogized crowd, to start it emotionally and direct it to the solution of certain tasks, such "tribune people" as Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler were needed. Now there is no need for such "speakers". Moreover, their vulnerability (for example, L.Ya. Rokhlin, A.I. Lebed) can frustrate the implementation of quite workable political scenarios by themselves. They may well be replaced by Livejournal, Twitter, a small group of decoy controlled bloggers or authorities on Internet forums. That is, success or failure in bringing a revolutionary situation to a successful coup d'état is determined not by the availability of Internet access and mobile telephony for potential revolutionaries, but by three "Leninist" conditions: (I will quote in my own words, it was a case and was taught by heart)

            1. The "tops" cannot rule in their usual way.

            2. "Bottoms" do not want such a life.

            3. In society, ideas (realistic or illusory - it does not matter) about an alternative way of life are quite widespread, and they have the status of a dream about a bright future.

            If we talk about parties as an instrument of seizing power, all the same, without these "Leninist" conditions, nothing will work out until they coincide (the fourth condition for the presence of a "revolutionary party" is ideally present, let's say we created it with worthy leaders, etc. )
            If we relate to this, so far Russia has only the second.
            As for the first one, the "top" can lead their usual way of life or attempts are made to take control "over themselves" by individual representatives of the ruling clan, who understand that the second condition of the revolution has already matured and something needs to be done while infringing on the interests of the "elite as little as possible. "because in reality the country is partly under control from the outside, and partly on autopilot, because these" elites "are engaged not in politics, but in a" squabble "disguised as politicking.
            As for the second, the “lower classes” really for the most part do not want such a life.

            As for the third, the dream of the vast majority - so that it doesn’t get worse than it is, and this is not the idea with which they go to the barricades. Even the deterioration of the economic situation does not lead to the emergence of an ideology directed towards the future.
            If we are talking about a revolution, then with the current lack of ideology of the masses, even the presence of Twitter, Livejournal, blogs, the Internet and mobile telephony in the country does not really matter, since there is no third component of the revolutionary situation - the revolutionary class that carries the dream for which it would be ready lie down on the embrasure and lead a politicized mass. The maximum that can be organized with the help of these technical innovations is a micro-campaign of civil disobedience, which will absorb only a known inadequate (like Kasparov, Nemtsov, etc.), and then the media will present the footage as supposedly massive - almost popular protest.

            So you have to put up with, cultivate and spread the dream, for the realization of which you can give your life or hope, as always, for the dictator-patriot of the good and rightful tsar-father. There is another way - the formation or cultivation of large nationally oriented capital (the national Putilov bourgeoisie, Morozov, Tretyakov), which will form the will of the captive, a highly organized class of educated hired workers and employees who, as a class, can create their own real revolutionary party when the conditions ripen for this in capitalist society. Now the working class has partially degraded or turned into small artisans and co-workers, and the large the national bourgeoisie is absent crushed by compradors. Therefore, in these conditions only "revolution from above" or attempts to "orange scenario from outside"
        2. +2
          27 March 2012 09: 21
          I agree, Valery.
          Sobering will come. That's for sure.
          I drive here and constantly see the news - The Russian Pensioners Party. Every time I am surprised - it is not visible and not heard. And soon he himself will have to become a member.
          Yes figs with them, all sorts of beer lover and poses "Krevedko". Whatever the child is amused - just not to hang.
          Just think - a normal, reasonable approach to life will prevail. Calm.
        3. +4
          27 March 2012 10: 07

          Guys, like me, saw what was written in the article.
          The article has two topics. The first - what a terrible time it was under the USSR - superficial, one-sided, evil rubbish, there’s nothing to comment on it.
          The second topic is the draft law "On political parties".

          And the essence of the draft law (500 people and the party is ready) is to muddle the brains, to mislead, seasoning all this with beautiful words about openness. Notice how quickly legal force is given - from the moment of publication! Why is it so rushed? They have been mussing over the necessary laws for years, they DON'T WANT to adopt DECADES, but here - bam, there is no half a year, the law is ready. Not alert?

          As the military do when destroying the enemy - dismember the army into parts and finish off, or maybe they themselves will churn out. A cheap but deadly move for everyone dissatisfied with the policies of Medvedev and Putin. Just do not think that the "disaffected" are the so-called "orange" or "BOLOTO". It's just that the Russians, who are tired of theft at the state level, who do not need Gaster in any quantity, do not need the WTO and "police" instead of "militia". This is briefly.

          A bill is a surefire way to divide, breed for small interests. A party of beer, motorists, retirees, fagots (you see, there will also be one), housewives, insect lovers, all make up for politics and ... pop up.
          All of them will be distracted from the main idea - the fall of statehood, sovereignty, interests, not of "Russians", but of the Russian people.
          And many will take this "beautiful" bait.
          Our "great" - + ...: (((
          1. +1
            27 March 2012 10: 26
            Quote: Z.A.M.
            And the essence of the draft law (500 people and the party is ready) is to muddle the brains, to mislead, seasoning all this with beautiful words about openness.

            The same cucumber, only a side view.
            1. +2
              27 March 2012 11: 03

              I have a "cucumber" - a side view, and yours - along.
              "And this silly law is for us as a parting gift from those party leaders of the United Russia ..." - your words.
              And HTO was headed by them, who pushed the law so quickly? What prevented Medvedev and Putin (they decide) from raising the threshold of votes to 10.000? And why 500, not 50? Here again, nothing, no one needs to explain, why? Wanted a lot of parties - get, frolic.
            2. Churchill
              27 March 2012 11: 16
              And let the dogs bresh, and the caravan will go forward!
        4. Bat1stuta
          27 March 2012 14: 53
          Quote: esaul
          playing libeoism is fraught with the fact that the "swamp monster" will grow to the size of the whole country

          very accurate wording. I would send it out of general expense. because of some gatherings of degenerates in the capital, all of Russia may suffer ... they went through this, remember ... am
    2. Churchill
      27 March 2012 11: 12
      I have the feeling that at least Solzhenitsyn wrote the first part of the article !!!
  3. raptor_fallout
    27 March 2012 08: 46
    I agree that parties cannot and should not be formed on a national basis, but what happens is a party of Bashkirs, Chechens, etc., etc., and then what everyone will understand perfectly well. In the 90s, was, if I’m not mistaken about 450, correct it if I’m wrong, and something good came of it? As they say, nothing good can come out of one place! Each party in the 90s wanted to have time to snatch a piece of cake from a country called Russia.
  4. A word
    27 March 2012 09: 04
    The first lines of the author touched for some kind of pride, chtoli, it was not pleasant to read about the "bloody regime, repressions" and the hedgehog with them ..... he himself did not live there, however ...
    For the rest, I agree with the author that there is not a good bunch of scattered parties of 500 people each. There is such a term. as vices of democracy (if I’m not mistaken), the more parties and people voting for them, the fewer people will represent the party that wins the election. Democracy is the power of the majority, but in fact the opposite.
    Democracy is generally a very complicated thing ... wait and see what comes of it.
    1. Brother Sarych
      27 March 2012 09: 21
      Democracy is generally a fiction, there is no democracy, there was not and will not be ...
      1. A word
        27 March 2012 10: 16
        Well then, democracy as a term and utopia was and will be))
        Well, I think you wanted to say something like this: "This magician does not have any magic wand and top hat, all this is just a deception for those who want to be deceived."
    2. +5
      27 March 2012 09: 29
      Yes, Ilya, yes. Pride takes.
      For 1991 I was 32.
      Imagine - of these, I have been rummaging through prisons and sharagami for 30 years. Around me - solid informers, rumors, henchmen, executioners - and all to my liking. And they all pinched my mouth. They do not give breath. The current is poured - drink, drink. Sabaki ... and constantly - PPR lead (PPR - this is part-watered work ... there is another name - they sat, squealed, parted).
      Cool, yeah????

      Normal life was. Throughout the Union, fly, ride, go - no one will say anything (except for special zones). I went to sea. And even the thought of screwing was not.
      The pig, as it is basking, will find dirt everywhere. Man is constantly missing something. One freedom, another - to limit this very .... freedom.

      I liked your comment.
      1. Churchill
        27 March 2012 11: 20
        Igarr, this agitator did not live in the Soviet Union! He only saw him in Hollywood films! ..
      2. +3
        27 March 2012 11: 38
        For words about the Soviet Union, he would gladly give the author a snout. Those values ​​that were in the USSR far outweighed its shortcomings.
        And what values ​​the author can be proud of now, population decline, pedophilia, drug addiction, alcoholism, rampant crime, corruption, etc. These are truly democratic values ​​.......
    3. Shuriken
      27 March 2012 13: 52
      Classical democracy implies:
      1. Personal acquaintance with the elected ruler.
      2. The presence of the land allotment by the voter (in our time, you can keep in mind quite serious property)
      3. Voting of the weapon by the voter, and, as a result, readiness to defend democracy (and, first of all, his property)
      So it was in the homeland of democracy, in the Greek city-states.
      Tell me, what kind of "democracy" in the world now meets at least one criterion?
      What is now, not democracy, but POLIARCHY, that is, POWER OF MANY. And that, basically, does not meet the definition, because in the heap of countries just a bunch of rich people rule, which in the same Dr. Greece was called simply-OLIGARCHY !. ........ Only no one will ever say that to you ..........
  5. 0
    27 March 2012 09: 09
    for parties to form, people with stable outlooks on development and life must be formed, this is a process of decades of ups and downs, but unlike the previous ones, now at this time they can think about their possibilities to change something, it remains only to find the source of the dough
    following the reform, the parties will most likely not have power, power will be concentrated in closed clans
  6. patriot2
    27 March 2012 09: 12
    I think that a vinaigrette will emerge from small parties, which will still unite into larger parties to achieve their goals. An ordinary citizen who voted, for example, for a "party of beer", shines a victory for his party + the party of the National Bolsheviks, with whom they are allied at local or higher rounds of elections. Voter deception will become more sophisticated and veiled, although it seems that the voter voted for freedom to drink beer where and when he wants. And it turns out that he will drink beer under the Limonov authorities. Here is such a compote shines for all of us. recourse
  7. lars
    27 March 2012 09: 27
    "The law "On Political Parties" adopted by the State Duma appears on time as never before".
    Actually, Federal Law No. 95-FZ "On Political Parties" appeared on July 11.07.2001, XNUMX. Now we are only talking about making changes to it smile
  8. Opertak
    27 March 2012 10: 13
    - the author did not read the law :))
    "Or there may be groups that unite a small number of people on the basis of various kinds of narrow interests. For example, territorial, national, economic" - prohibited by law.
    "... And since the party system is a segment of the general political system of the country ..." - what SEGMENT ?! What is it, where does it come from?
    "... Everything seems to be fine: democracy is marching around the country, realizing the civil rights of Russians declared by the constitution. But by and large, this is a disaster for party building, the development of which has been artificially restrained for decades ..." - in the USA about 200 parties. Author, please give examples of the disaster of party building in America :))
    1. A word
      27 March 2012 10: 25
      Maybe I don’t understand something, but nevertheless, Vladimir, if some conditional deputy from Tatarstan (Bashkiria, Tuva) creates a conditional party “Yulaevtsy”, “AkBarsovtsy” or something with a different name, the presidium of this party will definitely be guys of our taken conditional nationality, respectively, nobody's interests will be so interesting to them (sorry for the tautology) as their own. By analogy, another classification can be invented. And in the charter you can prescribe a lot of things and be clean before the law.
      I’ll clarify again, this is not a statement, but a question that needs clarification.
      1. Opertak
        28 March 2012 07: 43
        Quote: Slovo
        And in the charter you can write a lot of things and be clean before the law.

        NOT. The slightest deviation from the Charter, the goals and objectives of the party leads to a written warning to it. After the second warning, a lawsuit is filed with the court to suspend the activities of the party (its separation) or its liquidation. Chapter 9 of the Law ...
  9. +3
    27 March 2012 11: 39
    Something these amendments remind me very much of the American strategy for splitting large states into smaller ones. In addition, the law provides for the possibility of denial of registration to individual parties at the discretion of the Ministry of Justice. Principle - divide and conquer. The party in power will always be larger, accordingly, small fragmented parties will not be able to really solve anything, and it will not be easy for them to unite. The analogy is annoying.

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