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The Russians will strike NATO’s “enhanced defense capability”

About how the Russian army will pierce the "defense capability" of NATO, despite the adoption by the Alliance of measures to "strengthen deterrence", the so-called secret report says. The document surfaced in the German press.

NATO will not be able to repel a strike by the Russian army if it undertakes an offensive against Eastern Europe. This is stated in a secret document called “Fortschrittsbericht über das verstärkte Abschreckungs- und Verteidigungsdispositiv der Allianz” (him), which means “Report on enhanced deterrence and defense capability of the alliance”. The secret document was edited by the German Spiegel. How did he get there? Probably Putin threw up.

If we forget about the jokes, then the press has another and almost official confirmation that NATO does not believe in the possibility of the alliance states to protect themselves. From whom? All from the same Russian, who do not attack.

The “Secret Report” challenges the ability of NATO to protect itself, according to a German publication.

What to do if Russia attacks any NATO country? The Alliance will not be able to cope with the enemy in a military conflict. According to Spiegel, this conclusion was made by experts who compiled the secret NATO report.

The Brussels report notes that the alliance is not able to "prevent an attack from Russia." This is due to the fact that the structure of the alliance command is outdated since the Cold War.

The authors of the classified NATO document directly write: "You can not even rely on the rapid reaction force." At present, work is under way to clarify the areas of responsibility of the NATO commander in Europe, but to this day “there is not enough confidence that even the operational forces of NATO will be able to quickly respond if necessary.”

Alliance states, primarily the Baltic republics and the Scandinavian countries, feel “threatened by Russia,” later indicated in the journal. These countries urge the alliance to eliminate the shortage of power as soon as possible.

“We know that it is necessary to adapt and modernize the alliance and its command structures,” the Norwegian Defense Minister told Spiegel.

The new structure should support NATO in “vulnerable regions, such as the Baltic states,” echoes R. Karoblis from Lithuania.

Danish Minister K. H. Frederiksen argues that "Russia is violating international law," and NATO needs to revise its structures. However, this politician is prone to optimism regarding the alliance: "NATO is the strongest defense alliance in the world, because for more than seventy years it has been constantly adapting to new challenges."

The main reasons for the degradation of NATO, according to a secret document, are the lack of efficiency in responding to challenges, weaknesses in overseas and local logistics (special emphasis is placed on the lack of bridges and crossings for heavy equipment) and the inadequacy of headquarters personnel.

The following incident is pointed out: the expensive military equipment that the alliance has may simply turn out to be a mountain of useless rubbish, because the military will not be able to deliver “insanely expensive combat systems” to the necessary territory.

As the RIA News", NATO spokesman Oana Lungescu refused to both confirm and refute the information of the German edition. Like Mr. Frederiksen, she is optimistic and insists that "alliance forces are on alert and can redeploy much faster than ever."

What do Russian politicians and experts think about the report that suddenly appeared in the European press?

Yury Shvytkin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, commented "RT" Post German journal, noting in the first place that Russia is not an aggressor country.

“I want to repeat once again that Russia was not an aggressor and never will be. But at the same time we, unfortunately, see the concentration of forces and means on the western direction from the countries of NATO and the USA, which is unacceptable. Taking this into account, we pay even more attention to strengthening our defense potential, which, of course, is able, if necessary, to adequately respond to existing threats. ”

Andrei Manoilo, doctor of political sciences, professor of Moscow State University, member of the scientific council at the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said "Free Press"that behind the relevant publications is a specific goal - to promote the introduction of "military Schengen." This topic was raised by Dalia Grybauskaite, the President of Lithuania. According to Grybauskaite, who spoke on October 19 at the EU summit, the issue of the simplified movement of NATO military equipment between European countries should be resolved.

In Russia, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Franz Klintsevich, responded to this statement. According to him, such an initiative would turn Lithuania into a springboard for attacking the North Atlantic Alliance against Russia.

A. Manoilo does not think that NATO actually has major problems with the deployment of troops and prompt response to threats. “I don’t think that now NATO does have big problems with the deployment of troops and rapid response,” he told the publication. - The reason for the appearance of such publications is that the alliance wants to create a kind of military Schengen, but a number of countries strongly oppose this. Without this “military Schengen”, today the inconvenience arises when NATO contingents are transferred from one country to another, because the military must issue individual visas. ”

Hence the publication that NATO will not be able to protect its eastern frontier: the initiative on the military Schengen is being pressed through at the legislative level: “They say that while the military waits for a visa to the same Baltic states, Russia will wipe it off the face of the earth. This is a purely psychological measure of influence on the political elites and the population of those countries that are on the eastern borders of NATO. Everything is simple, like a penny. "

As to the difficulties with the operational deployment of the alliance, the expert recalled that in the Baltic States, NATO just already contains a large number of military warehouses, where “an enormous amount of equipment, small weapons, ammunition. And in the case of the threat of weapons near Tallinn, “enough for a full-fledged rifle corps.” The same thing is in Lithuania and Latvia: having a living force, the NATO members will place guns in each country under the gun. There remains only the question of transfer. And here, NATO members "would like their fighters to be able to walk around Europe without difficulty, regardless of borders, instead of all documents showing a sewn chevron."

“A number of countries, as I said, are opposed to this. Not because they have something against NATO. They just reasonably suspect that if NATO members are given a military Schengen, not only will they roam unhindered across Europe, they can cover up this colossal smuggling on their overlooked trucks, and are not ready for this in many countries. ”

Expert opinion seems to be quite reasonable. Following the transatlantic course of Trump's hawk, a big fan of Reagan, European hardliners are inventing new methods to “contain” Russia and turn Europe into a natural military camp and the patrimony of NATO. The patrimony of the alliance, in which Washington sets the tone.

With the arrival of Trump, the military component in European politics is only increasing: the overseas president not only enforces the doctrine of Obama's predecessor, who, despite budget cuts, decided to increase the number of military forces in Europe, but also unleash an arms race, which will be paid by European Union. The reason for militarizing Europe is the same one that was involved during the USSR: “the Russian threat”.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 25 October 2017 06: 51 New
    Another horror story .. Live there calmly and do not twitch .. To the east. yes
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 25 October 2017 06: 59 New
      Another horror story .. Live there calmly and do not twitch .. To the east.

      The horror story has an obvious goal ... to get as much money as possible into NATO's military budget.
      In addition, the phrases amaze me ...
      Scandinavian countries feel the “threat from Russia”

      you should always answer this as follows ...

      NATO approached the borders of RUSSIA thus creating a threat to its security ... and RUSSIA has the legal right to take all measures to ensure its security ...

      and do not care what they think after that in this NATO, Washington and Brussels ... your own skin is more expensive than yours.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 25 October 2017 08: 09 New
        Quote: The same Lech
        to ensure their safety ...

        And to say that the Iskanders are aimed at missile defense facilities in Romania and Poland. And let them think!
        1. vlad48
          vlad48 25 October 2017 20: 47 New
          And here and say nothing. It is clear to every sane person, and even more so to the military, that our Iskanders and other Caliber, as well as ICBMs, are indeed aimed at NATO and US facilities and bases throughout Europe, the USA, Alaska and the entire Pacific theater of operations. Objects in Romania, Poland and Germany are, of course, the primary goals.
      2. Romario_Argo
        Romario_Argo 25 October 2017 14: 56 New
        The horror story has an obvious goal ... to get as much money as possible into NATO's military budget

        this is an understandable reaction, only to the creation of the 1-th Tank Army
        BUT (!) 1-I Assault Tank Army created from district subordination units
        and we have such units, still on the 4 Army
        for NATO it’s utopia
    2. Mikhail Zubkov
      Mikhail Zubkov 27 October 2017 07: 24 New
      We need to get scared and urgently form a Separate Baltic Shock Army and the North-West Headquarters near St. Petersburg. And urgently re-open airfields for the deployment of a separate North-West Air Army.
  2. grandfather Mih
    grandfather Mih 25 October 2017 08: 29 New
    North Korean threat. They are afraid! And strengthen defense. And Russia is the occasion. Interfere. Defend oneself. How to transport tanks against North Korean predators? Here. Establish democracy with the help of Ksenia, alter the gauge to the European standard .... And this is a lot of money, a lot, a lot of money. Russians do not understand? Nobody shakes.
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 25 October 2017 08: 33 New
    I’m still waiting for their ministers to start throwing themselves out of the windows of the skyscrapers, not for a long time left insanity grows stronger, there is still popcorn!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 October 2017 08: 46 New
    in the so-called secret report. The document surfaced in the German press

    The West sometimes surprises itself. "Secret reports" pop up in the media and the question immediately arises - is it worth secret what you yourself want to merge into the press? If this happens, then someone really needs it. But the United States needs Europe to pay 2% without tricks for its “security”, which is promised only in words and that the American military-industrial complex flourishes.
  5. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 25 October 2017 08: 54 New
    In the case of serious kneading, who will the gentlemen of NATO allow you to move freely from country to country, or do you think how 1941 Russia will wait when you accumulate near the borders ??? I think you're mistaken, everything will be very quickly and severely suppressed, Russia with modern weapons (including missile systems of different classes) will quickly restore order in Europe.
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 25 October 2017 13: 50 New
      We will not be able to stop them when they begin to move very quickly to the side and away from our borders.
      1. Mikhail Zubkov
        Mikhail Zubkov 27 October 2017 07: 32 New
        Bridges and hydroelectric power stations along all rivers from the Western Dvina and to the west will have to be destroyed - let them run to the Elbe, but without armored vehicles and artillery. Through our barrage.
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 27 October 2017 07: 37 New
          Quote: Mikhail Zubkov
          ... let them run to Elba, but without armored vehicles and artillery. Through our barrage

          Barrage - a kind of artillery fire, used to repel enemy attacks and counterattacks at predetermined and, as a rule, targeted lines (sections)

          Now please explain how through “barrage fire” you can “escape to Elba”.
          Quote: Alice in Wonderland, L. Carroll
          Girl, never say a word just because they are long and beautiful ...
  6. shinobi
    shinobi 25 October 2017 10: 38 New
    Anyone who has a thinking head understands what this whole booth is for. They will be squeezed out by a military Schengen and Europe will lose the last vestiges of independence. This is called "creeping expansion." The United States should be reformed, preferably zero.
  7. SMP
    SMP 25 October 2017 12: 14 New
    What to do if Russia attacks any NATO country? The Alliance will not be able to cope with the enemy in a military conflict. According to Spiegel, this conclusion was made by experts who compiled the secret NATO report.
    The authors of the secret NATO document directly write: ..............................................

    NATO is not going to defend eastern European countries at all, which means completely.
    The most interesting thing is that the USA as the main force of NATO is not going to defend even Germany.
    American corporations (arms lobby) we need new over-large orders, but without nuclear war, otherwise in the USA there is a second great depression.
    Most likely, as soon as Germany closes all nuclear power plants and removes all radioactive materials,
    try to fancy something, and millions of refugees were somehow strange at the right time in the right place, soon relatives from ISIS to Europe will catch up.

    Everything is as old as the world, the Anglo-Saxons of a large island beyond the Atlantic plan with Russia to crank the horse, which they pulled with the Germans by 1939.
    Pushing Hitler to capture Poland, which was an ally of England and France,
    it’s like NATO now, after which World War II began on September 1.
    The fact is that Germany was the first to attack and it was an aggressor in front of all progressive humanity, although everyone was preparing for the war, and since they were intensively preparing, the war was inevitable, all that was needed was a noble occasion for its peoples. (USA turned out to be no less beautiful with Pearl Harbor and Japan in 1941.)

    Now they are trying to push Russia to attack, just as Germany used to be (all the more so, it was the Americans who brought Hitler to power) and now Shpigel is printing the conclusions of some experts there ???? To be honest, I am even sorry for the Germans.
    Apparently the Bologna education system has knocked out the Germans desire to learn history, which means that the people do not know it and you can print such a blizzard. Is the whole European press ill with jaundice?
    If the end is not fatal. laughing
  8. JonnyT
    JonnyT 25 October 2017 12: 15 New
    the old NATO zombie was falling apart and rotting before our eyes, either the hand or the leg would fall off. But the “merciful” ministers carefully sew everything back with the thread “Russian threat”.

    So yes, they can’t keep the Russian army. In the event of an attack on us, NATO will get the most tomatoes even with Schengen, though without it. So, in principle, it’s not going to attack NATO yet, but it’s going to carry human organs, drugs and weapons across Europe - here in Ukraine, they prepared the next batch of donors, ISIL’s weapons are running out, and in Afghanistan the heroin overproduction is rotting in warehouses - merciful ministers they can’t leave it all - what a loss!
  9. Rock616
    Rock616 25 October 2017 12: 31 New
    Germans, what did Dalia bite? From tribales, I regularly hear this, but where are the Germans ....? belay
  10. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 25 October 2017 12: 59 New
    Like it or not, and fights probably can not be avoided.
  11. San Sanych
    San Sanych 25 October 2017 14: 19 New
    Here are downs, they themselves locked themselves in the Baltic states, and now they themselves are afraid laughing If new countries were not accepted into NATO after 1991, then all these fears would not have existed.
  12. Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov 25 October 2017 15: 30 New
    I believe that our military doctrine should be partially declassified. Every country and every NATO city must know exactly which nuclear missiles will fly at them in the event of a retaliatory strike.
    Our only enemy that we must destroy is the United States. The remaining members of NATO are weak puppets. We must destroy with nuclear weapons everything connected with the United States. On the territory of other NATO countries, only missile defense and military bases where there are missile weapons and aircraft — aerodromes, aircraft carriers, and missile carriers — need to be destroyed by missiles with nuclear shells. NATO countries that do not threaten us with a global nuclear strike do not need to be bombed. Let them live, although this is hardly possible, because the radioactive clouds will still reach them. The bulk of the missiles with nuclear warheads need to be sent to US cities. But the Indians on the reservations do not need to bomb. Even when delivering a nuclear strike against the United States, humanity must be shown.
  13. turbris
    turbris 25 October 2017 15: 40 New
    Another horror story about the “military threat” to Russia, before that there was “interference in the US elections”, “annexation of Crimea”, “attack on Ukraine”, etc. Who screams the most - Poland, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, the USA and NATO, each has its own goals - to get dough, to increase the contribution to NATO, to cut the budget for military spending. Russia, it seems, has nothing to do with it, but you need to take money for using the brand as an advertisement.
  14. Victor-M
    Victor-M 25 October 2017 18: 18 New
    The best way to “protect” against the Russians is to stop plotting against them and enter into a military alliance with them. laughing
  15. Alexander Krylov
    Alexander Krylov 25 October 2017 19: 13 New
    The states really want the Russian Federation to pile on someone, at least to the same Ukraine ... This will be a surge and replenishment of the NATO budget, and it will not protect anyone. The best defense for European countries is to remove all NATO bases and have an armed forces only for internal problems and commensurate with their neighbors. If there is a threat, then most likely it comes from the United States - you can expect anything from them, and it is beneficial for them to have Europe helpless ...
    1. Anti-fascist
      Anti-fascist 25 October 2017 19: 31 New
      The best defense for European countries is to remove all NATO bases and have an armed forces only for internal problems

      Ukraine had even less.
  16. nomad62
    nomad62 25 October 2017 19: 42 New
    Secret reports do not leak into the press - for that they are secret.
    Another fake for heating the Cold War, i.e. for an arms race, i.e. for hundreds of billions of bucks arrived
  17. Малый
    Малый 25 October 2017 20: 27 New
    They surround us from all sides ... and like we are threatening .... The hysteria of the press in occupied Europe ... Hope to stay overseas ??? Dunce said: we’ll bring down two stopud rockets !! ???? (A woman with a weak ancestor) .... So (a female dog) nor a (male organ) give life to the people .... here are these (non-traditional) ... are going to play war games? !!!
  18. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 25 October 2017 21: 22 New
    And the goal is, like Hitler's, the complete subordination of the economies of European countries to the goals of the SGA under the guise of NATO.
  19. St54
    St54 26 October 2017 05: 52 New
    I really want to eat ...
  20. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 28 October 2017 07: 13 New
    "Suddenly a weak mania of arms, he moved the shelves on the Russians". laughing
  21. complete zero
    complete zero 28 October 2017 07: 43 New
    Quote: grandfather Mih
    North Korean threat. They are afraid! And strengthen defense. And Russia is the occasion. Interfere. Defend oneself. How to transport tanks against North Korean predators? Here. Establish democracy with the help of Ksenia, alter the gauge to the European standard .... And this is a lot of money, a lot, a lot of money. Russians do not understand? Nobody shakes.

    Ksenia will not work that much (she will erase the gums)