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Zeppelta thrown to the Chinese front

An implacable fighter against such world-wide evil as the use of doping, the German journalist Hejo Zeppelt decided that the attention to his person and his publications had significantly decreased. Speech about that Mr. Zeppelte from ARD TV channel which in the German press declared allegedly existing in Russia "the state system of support of athletes intake of prohibited drugs".
His film, as is known, was based on the testimony of the Russian athlete Yulia Stepanova, who was previously suspended from the competition.

The athlete was suspended from competition in the 2013 year on the grounds that traces of the use of illicit drugs were found in her doping samples. It is noteworthy that the anti-doping commission VFLA (All-Russian Track and Field Athletics Federation) disqualified Stepanova (before marriage to Rusanov). After some time, ARAF was suspended from the possibility of sending athletes to international competitions. After leaving abroad, Stepanova turned out to be the main heroine of the doping “blockbuster” Zeppelt, in which she accused Russia of the fact that almost every Russian athlete “sits” on doping.

Then there was the report of McLaren, statements about the scratched test tubes, the hole in the laboratory wall for the study of doping samples, the involvement of Russian intelligence services in urine frauds, McLaren's cross-references to ARD and ARD to McLaren and other heresy, which eventually led to indescribable pleased customers “linden” Hayo Zeppelta. Namely, to the removal of the majority of Russian athletes from participation in the Olympic Games and other international tournaments, to the requirements to perform under the "neutral" flags.

However, after a report was made in WADA on removing suspicion of doping with dozens of Russian athletes for lack of real evidence, Heyo Zeppelt went into the shadows. What is called, the moor did his job, the moor can leave. But the "moor" does not go away. Mr. Zeppelt clearly received a new command “face” and began to look for a new reason for the development of international “glory”. Something to re-talk about FSB secret agents and test-tube scratches is unlikely to impress anyone even in the West, and therefore the new path for Zeppelt is not Russia. The order for the pseudo-debtor, and in fact for an individual who openly publishes defamation, went in the Chinese direction.

This time, the heroine of the new epic Zeppelta is an athlete who is not suspended for doping, but a doctor from the People's Republic of China, Xue Yingxian. It is noted that this woman in 80-90-ies served as one of the doctors of the Chinese national team at the Olympic Games, and now decided to open the world the "truth" about the state system to support the use of doping in China.

What unites Stepanov and Xue Yingxian? At least that both of them asked for political asylum in Germany. And it is necessary for this to happen - both expressed an overwhelming desire to give "exposing" interviews to the same person - Heyo Zeppelt.

The Zeppelt film, in which the former doctor of the Chinese Olympic team "reveals", was released on ARD (and where else ...) over the weekend. And the film literally repeats everything that was in the film with Yulia Stepanova frame by frame. Repeats up to statements in the style of "I am not guilty, it was a whole state program."

Here are some quotes from Xue Yingxian:
We were told that those who take such drugs act in the interests of the country. And who refuses to do this, that enemy. And the enemy must go to jail.

In China, 80-90-ies encouraged the adoption of doping by athletes in virtually every sport.

Even very young athletes have taken doping since the age of 11. Those who refused to take doping were excluded from the national teams.

For reference: Xue Yingxian herself worked in the PRC Olympic team until 1988. After that, she went to work in regional sports teams as a medical worker. In 1998, the Chinese woman retired. Now she claims that in 1988, she was left behind by the Chinese Olympic team, allegedly because she refused to give doping to one of the Chinese athletes. This is a gymnast whose name has not yet sounded.

Next, Xue Yingxian switched to heartbreaking history how the government bodies of the PRC literally for decades have not allowed her to speak out. According to a Chinese woman who fled to Germany (to Zeppelt’s gentle hands), the Chinese authorities “exerted unprecedented pressure” not only on her, but also on her family members, so that none of them let it slip about “state support for doping in China” .

After the restoration of many previously excluded Russian athletes in their rights, and after the statement by WADA officials that there was no real evidence of the system of their use of doping, Zeppelt's fake comet film could be ignored. But in fact, the attention here will not be superfluous. After all, in fact, the film of the German “journalist” demonstrates, firstly, a frank third-party order, since it is based on the same templates as the film with Stepanova in the lead role. Secondly, Zeppelt’s desire to throw in material appears, but at the same time to protect himself from lawsuits from China. After all, that Chinese doctor who retired exactly one year before the World Anti-Doping Association was created was deliberately invited on the air. They say that China also conducted state support for “dope-eating”, but WADA could not refute this, since the organization did not exist at that time. But in the end everything will come down to the “Powell test tube” variant and to the girl who “saw Saddam’s soldiers with their own eyes pierced Kuwaiti babies with bayonets”. There is no evidence, and can not be by definition, and the disinformation carousel with links to a Chinese pensioner-refugee, is still spinning.

Zeppelta thrown to the Chinese front

The most interesting thing is that WADA immediately began an investigation of doping in China. Immediately! .. Amazing quickness, isn't it ... Especially considering the fact that they are investigating the period when, as already noted, WADA itself was not there ...

It is a pity that Zeppelt does not respond to appeals. And it’s clear why ... And appeals to ARD were extremely laconic: when we see the series of Hayo’s film about how WADA pursued a policy of issuing certificates of “disease” to American, German, British and other athletes to legalize their use of doping? When will the Williams sisters or gymnast Biles appear on the air with a story about such a “monstrous head cold” that WADA allowed them to use the psychostimulant methylphenidate, dexamphetamine, hydromorphone and even methylprednisolone? We are waiting, Hayo, we are definitely waiting ... Go to the end ...
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 24 October 2017 06: 23 New
    It seems that the time for the BRIGS countries to create their own Olympic Committee and conduct parallel Olympic games.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 24 October 2017 07: 59 New
      It seems like it's time for the BRIGS countries to create their own Olympic Committee
      And in parallel to investigate the use of doping by athletes in the United States, England, Canada, Australia ... i.e. Anglo-Saxons ... isn't it time to launch a counterattack together with the Chinese on this front against the Anglo-Saxons.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 24 October 2017 08: 34 New
        everything is easier - you can stay in one Olympic Committee.
        ONLY adidas and cougar lose market share, Chinese and others climb (learned to work for Western outfitters over 30 years) - and the profits remain in Asia, 4 billion people buy cross-country shirts and it, and Germany has a quiet province of China.
        The EU does not have enough money to support eastern and southern Europe; bankers demand markets and increase capital flows.
        And the EVIL CHINESE DRAGON ALREADY SPARS FIRE FROM THE MAST. have not yet eaten the EU, but showed teeth.
        According to the number of Olympic medals, advertising contracts will be concluded and the alignment is no longer in favor of the West
    2. CONTROL
      CONTROL 24 October 2017 10: 10 New
      Quote: siberalt
      it's time to create your own Olympic Committee and hold parallel Olympic games.

      Better - perpendicular!
      So somewhere - yes intersect ...
      1. jjj
        jjj 24 October 2017 11: 12 New
        This began preparations for the Winter Olympics in China in 2022
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 October 2017 08: 58 New
    German journalist Hayo Zeppelt

    Engaged, ready to sell for money a mother is still in demand among the Americans? Strange, but understandable - according to the American athletes who were ahead of the rest on the doping investigation was not! If we compare how much shit Germans and Americans poured on Russia and other countries that do not fall into their “handshake,” it turns out that it is on an equal footing. With all due respect to ordinary Germans, their policies as they were fascists remained.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 24 October 2017 09: 17 New
      The Germans were Nazis. And yes, all the upbringing of the Germans is still only about the superiority of the Germans. If something decent happens somewhere in the world, it’s only because the Germans led it. It turns out very funny. especially when the Germans drown and start about their own greatness.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 24 October 2017 09: 29 New
        when the Germans drown and start about their own greatness.

        When the GSVG was (was present), for some reason they were silent about their greatness. And even very actively went to cooperation, which the Stasi welcomed.
  3. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 24 October 2017 09: 18 New
    Here is a strange coincidence ... am All real US competitors for the championship in the medal standings suddenly turn out to be doping dice.

    I hope that the cunning and evil China will react differently to attacks; not like Russia. Curious result: McLaren's report is disavowed; the athletes are justified - by WADA itself, but where is the compensation for the damage, the annulment of the results of the Olympics, repentance and apology from the exposed vile people? am

    In Russia - silence, as if everything is in order. Just think, they spat on some Russians, declared them drug addicts, suspended them, and persecuted us, but we have a wide soul. am
    1. LAWNER
      LAWNER 24 October 2017 10: 25 New
      High Achievement Sport implies that the end justifies the means. But in those sports that require reaction, accuracy and endurance, the use of such means will not only not help but will lead to the opposite result ..... skazhisty, cycling, marathon, many
    2. passing
      passing 26 October 2017 07: 33 New
      In Russia - silence, as if everything is in order. Just think, they spat on some Russians, declared them drug addicts, suspended them, and persecuted us, but we have a wide soul.

      the matter is not in the soul, but in officials who are afraid to blather, and suddenly they will not be allowed to go abroad later. But what about trips abroad at the expense of the state? And warm places for relatives in the legal department of sports committees? You have to sit quietly and not shine
    CONTROL 24 October 2017 10: 22 New
    After all these stories about “test tubes”, “scratches” and how the American cleaning lady dropped (flicked a rag ...) several shelves with “test tubes” with samples of urine from US athletes ... and they all crashed ... that's it. .. I was shown these "test tubes"!
    It’s, in fact, a plastic thick-walled vial (dear, dog ...) with such a cunning plug, a “one-time” screw-up - you can’t unscrew it, just break it and take a portion for analysis ... Break it - well, even stomping your feet problematic ... and with a hammer - not at once ... Such a ma-and-a-lazy sledgehammer for 1,5-2 kg is suitable ... that's it! compact - and, quite a "thieves" tool ... a kit for the "crowbar" ... From the manufacturer - WADA !!!
    1. Des10
      Des10 24 October 2017 14: 20 New
      yes, but regret), --- nevertheless --- they crashed.
  5. zoolu350
    zoolu350 24 October 2017 10: 23 New
    The CCP is not the oligarchy of the Russian Federation, the Chinese are quickly breaking off this Zippelt and WADA horns.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 October 2017 12: 06 New
    German journalist Hajo Zeppelt decided that attention to his person and his publications had significantly decreased.

    ... and still have not known you for a thousand years, bully HiLo nipple ... bully
  7. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 24 October 2017 13: 35 New
    Zeppelt laughing on the Chinese front
    Why not the Jordan and Gaza Strip?
  8. Des10
    Des10 24 October 2017 14: 19 New
    Who dances --- attacks --- and he has. They are attacking this topic.