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Create group "A": the history of the best special forces in the world

From 1979 to 1991, the “golden” period in stories "Alpha". Many operations, among which the most unique, hundreds of people saved, combat missions to Afghanistan, and during this time, no one was killed.

The professionalism of the group was admirable. But at the end of the 80s, the division began to use not as an anti-terrorism, and in Vilnius, after many years of victories and achievements, a tragedy. Killed young employee Victor Shatskikh. Two years later, another "political" loss. During the operation at the White House in October of 1993, "Alpha" lost officer Sergeev.

In 1997, a unique person who has served in Alpha since the first days of its existence, Anatoly Saveliev, passed away. He was going to celebrate 25 years of service in the group and retire. He did not have one and a half years. He himself traded for a captured employee of the Swedish Embassy. After two hours at gunpoint in the car, Anatoly Savelyev’s heart could not stand.

They and other deceased employees of Group A will forever remain in the history of the legendary anti-terrorism unit.

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  1. A.V.S.
    A.V.S. 23 October 2017 18: 57 New
    Wonderful professionals. They started their activity by killing the leader of an ally country. The legends are pretty dirty. Well, now the employees of Group A are training Chechen fighters.
    1. datur
      datur 23 October 2017 21: 39 New
  2. Borgeze
    Borgeze 4 November 2017 15: 30 New
    And now they are doing it.
    For the squint of a sniper)!
  3. Whitesnow
    Whitesnow 15 November 2017 19: 10 New
    Special Forces is a division of the GRU GSH.