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US military base on Guam received a large batch of ammunition

The largest US strategic base in the Pacific received a large batch of ammunition. According to the portal, the US Armed Forces sent 816 393 bombs and shells to Guam Island.

A new supply of ammunition ensures that the necessary weapons at the right time will be available in the Pacific theater of operations to protect national interests. In addition, additional ammunition will allow for more active training and training.
- said Major Eric Schmid, commander of the 36 th wing of the US Air Force.

US military base on Guam received a large batch of ammunition

The supply of ammunition was carried out from the end of August - over 800 000 new bombs and shells by 10% increased stocks of the Anderson military base, located in Guam. The total cost of a new batch of ammunition is estimated at $ 95 million.

The territory of Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean that has the status of unincorporated organized territory of the United States (not part of the United States, but their possession). The United States conquered the island during the Spanish-American War in 1898. In 1941, Guam was attacked by imperial Japan and was beaten by the Americans only on July 21 of the year 1944. Today, Guam is the largest US strategic military base in the Pacific. US servicemen are concentrated mainly at Andersen airbase and Apra Harbor naval base, reports "Warspot"
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  1. hrych
    hrych 23 October 2017 10: 41
    Preparing for a New Korean War
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 23 October 2017 10: 43
      Or pretend that they are preparing. wink
      1. 210ox
        210ox 23 October 2017 10: 45
        But let's see whose Faberge is stronger .. Or just cheap show-offs.
        Quote: Jedi
        Or pretend that they are preparing. wink
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 23 October 2017 12: 55
          Quote: Jedi
          Or pretend that they are preparing. wink

          over 800 new bombs and shells increased stocks of the military base by 000%

          This means based on more than 8 million bombs. If one bomb per hectare - it is possible to plow 80 thousand square kilometers. North Korea has a total of 120 thousand sq. Km.
          Add to this the stock of ammunition on the ships - enough to plow all of the DPRK. The United States knows how to count money, and without the need for such reserves would not have done. Add to this the last military draft of retired pilots.
          No, REALLY prepare for war.
          1. raw174
            raw174 24 October 2017 08: 34
            Quote: Shurik70
            The United States knows how to count money

            Therefore, they will not start this war. The reasons I have called more than once:
            1. There are no those whose hands to fight (semi-wild Basurman, ISIS, Alkaida, etc.), and the southerners are not rams and, by the command of the shepherd, will not rush into battle. They are well-fed and satisfied, produce consumer goods, build an economy, the war is not at hand for them ...
            2. S. Koreans will lower the entire army to the southerners (including not a peaceful atom), and there the US base, their business interests, losses will be huge! They can thin out Japan, there are also a lot of Yankees ...
            3. What if Kim’s rocket reaches the United States? no protection guarantees ...
            This is a continuation of puffing out cheeks and a show of strength. A game of nerves and rattling weapons ...
            1. Shurik70
              Shurik70 24 October 2017 10: 36
              You are mistaken in thinking that the United States is a nation in which the government cares about the people.
              The United States is a few oligarchic clans that govern the electorate. The President, the media and the Senate are puppets.
              It is beneficial for these clans to periodically shake the electorate with “terrible tragedy”. How many have died in the staged CIA terrorist attack 11/9? Less than 3 thousand people. And the revenues of the CIA and defense-order firms have increased for many years. Now the army is crying again that they are cutting their budget. So, sacrifices are needed, the more, the better that everyone would be horrified. Optimal - a nuclear bomb in a major US city. Half a century after that it will be possible to cash in on the defense order. Koreans, Japan and the American base are also great victims.
              As for "there are no people to fight," the Americans adapted to bomb with rockets without risking their lives.
      2. andre
        andre 23 October 2017 10: 56
        HM interesting. This hour themselves kaaak crave, but dumped on the Sevkars? No wonder they recently said that they are cooking on December 11 !!!
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 23 October 2017 11: 07
          This option is not excluded, knowing the "decency" of the United States.
    2. stolz
      stolz 23 October 2017 11: 23
      They beg for a few "quiet, kind" words of Comrade. Kim Jong-un, and maybe action, he has long been promising.
    3. mvg
      mvg 23 October 2017 19: 08
      95 million, translated into the WTO - this is a penny ... fifty axes .. for example.
  2. NIKNN
    NIKNN 23 October 2017 10: 42
    Well, Eun has a chance ... Don't miss ...
  3. Iskander Sh
    Iskander Sh 23 October 2017 10: 42
    The Pentagon has thrown tank divisions into the ports of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and now they are loading onto military transport ships. Already happened, a blogger who monitors the transfer of weapons, posted amateur photos and videos on Twitter as trains with hundreds of tanks, self-propelled howitzers and auxiliary equipment are heading west and east of the United States.

    One of the trains arrived at the Texas port of Beaumont on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. In the video, you can count about 150 self-propelled howitzers M109A6 Paladin.

    The photographs from the port itself show that they also brought in Hummer tanks and armored vehicles and loading is carried out in Cape Victory, a carrier with a carrying capacity of 22 thousand tons. One self-propelled howitzer weighs about 24 tons.

    “The transfer of US military equipment occurs every day, it is difficult to say where it will be sent, there are many directions. It remains to wait for the departure of the ship, ”said the blogger Already happened. According to the navigation portal, the Cape Trinity and Cape Taylor military transport vessels are also located in the port of Beaumont. The carrying capacity of each is 21 thousand tons.

    At the end of July, the Green Ridge freighter left Port Arthur, near Beaumont. In May, he delivered military equipment to Lithuanian Klaipeda. Then, as the American specialized publication Defense News reported, the ship's captain complained about the dangerous approach of the Russian ship and helicopters to him. This time, the route of the American truck lay in the Spanish Company. According to media reports, there were about 300 pieces of equipment on board, including tanks. Now, according to Marinetraffic, Green Ridge is heading back to the US - Charleston.
    Recall that previously, from the ports of the eastern coast of the United States, the Pentagon made large-scale transfers of heavy equipment to Europe to strengthen NATO and to Jordan - to the border with Syria. Moreover, the supply of tanks and self-propelled howitzers was then more modest. For example, in January the 3rd Armored Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division from Colorado was transferred to the German port of Bremerhaven. And this is about 3500 soldiers, 87 tanks, 18 Paladin self-propelled gun mounts, 419 HMMWV armored vehicles and 144 Bradley combat vehicles. Less than 100 units of heavy equipment were delivered to Jordan in May by Liberty Passion.

    Another destination where tanks and self-propelled howitzers deliver to the USA, Los Angeles. A convoy with hundreds of M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers came to the west coast.

    Where he is heading for sure is unknown. However, the Long Beach port is nearby, where the USNS John Glenn expeditionary cargo dock (ESD) with a carrying capacity of 58 thousand tons is now moored.
    “ESD is designed as a semi-submersible platform, which enables the delivery of machinery and equipment by sea directly to the shore. It significantly reduces dependence on foreign ports and provides off-shore unloading - right to the shore, ”Already happened blogger and added that the final delivery point for self-propelled howitzers is unknown, but we can say for sure:“ The United States is preparing another major maritime operation from the west coast country". Recall that it is from this side that the United States is conducting military supplies to South Korea against the DPRK.

    According to Lucas Tomlinson, a correspondent for Fox News, on a Twitter account, a high-ranking American general arrived in South Korea the other day. “Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had previously visited Japan,” the journalist said.
    A few days ago, after Pyongyang’s threat to launch a missile attack on the US Air Force base on the island of Guam in the Pacific, Donald Trump said: “If Kim Jong-un threatens us again or does anything about Guam or any other place in the United States, either of our allies, he really will regret it, and he will regret it very soon. ” The US president also announced his readiness for military action against the DPRK: “Military means of solution are in place and fully prepared for battle in case North Korea behaves unreasonably.” +

    In April, the Pentagon installed the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, and in June the United States sent two aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson from Japan to the Korean Peninsula. Also in social networks appeared photos and videos from South Korea about the transfer of tanks and self-propelled howitzers on their own and to the north of the country to the border with the DPRK.
  4. Egorovich
    Egorovich 23 October 2017 10: 48
    The mattress continues its “games”. YNA doesn’t intimidate with this.
  5. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 23 October 2017 11: 21
    Quote: hrych
    Preparing for a New Korean War

    Come on, they’re getting ready ... It was squeezed from the back, inspections were carried out in warehouses, it turned out that half were sold, half had rusted, and there they were changing each other's floor, prickling up, there was no one to follow the equipment!
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 23 October 2017 11: 25
      "it turned out that half were sold, half rusted," ///

      You are writing about Russia.
      In American warehouses, storage is perfect.
      And 40 years ago planes are being removed from conservation
      take off.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 23 October 2017 11: 43
        You write about Russia

        No, Hurricane70, not without reason, wrote specifically about the US warehouses. There were few cases when arms and ammunition from American warehouses were traded for personal gain? In addition, I want to note that in today's Russia, weapons in warehouses do not rust. Do not confuse with Ukrainian warehouses.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 23 October 2017 11: 48
          "there were few cases when arms and ammunition from American warehouses were traded for personal gain?" ///

          Again you measure "by yourself." This is not Russia.
          For Americans, logistics is the strongest point. Everything is always delivered on time.
          And this is achieved by accurate accounting and discipline in warehouses. (In Israel, this is much worse, discipline is lower, and the Bedouins are tying)
          1. rotmistr60
            rotmistr60 23 October 2017 11: 53
            Again you measure "by yourself." This is not Russia.

            Correctly not Russia. In the United States, a mother will be sold for a dollar. And as for logistics, do not exaggerate, there are drawbacks in any country.
            1. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 23 October 2017 12: 09
              "In the United States, a native mother will be sold for a dollar" ///

              Salaries are so high in the US that risking your job, reputation, and retirement
              no one will. Therefore, bribes are not rolled and there is no theft.
              1. rotmistr60
                rotmistr60 23 October 2017 12: 15
                Therefore, bribes are not rolled and there is no theft.

                Some babbling. You take an interest in mass media about kickbacks to the generals, about theft of military property and weapons ...
                1. Topgun
                  Topgun 23 October 2017 14: 37
                  can you bring at least one fact that a military is being stolen from US military depots?
              2. ochakow703
                ochakow703 23 October 2017 19: 34
                Well, everything is just perfect! It remains only to admire and take an example from them ... and the sidekick in Germany at Amer a couple of army radio stations for fishing for a bottle of Scottish traded. Probably just lucky.
  6. corporal
    corporal 23 October 2017 12: 09
    800 new bombs and shells increased stocks of the military base by 000%

    Thumbs up 800 = 000%. And this is on one base. Is it not redundant for one S. Korea?
    1. spirit
      spirit 23 October 2017 12: 50
      You will recall Linebacker II at 72. If I am not mistaken there, in one operation, 20000 tons of bombs in 1 operation were thrown off, the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Then if the mess will be thrown 3 times more. Throw to the grandmother)
  7. sauvage
    sauvage 23 October 2017 12: 17
    Either Trump is stupid, or the globalists are too smart that they cleverly turned everything up - he now has only two ways, to start a war with S. Korea or with Iran.
  8. bsk_una
    bsk_una 23 October 2017 12: 21
    Yankees, give Guam to the Spaniards, this is their island !!
  9. Wolka
    Wolka 23 October 2017 15: 01
    oh, it’s nice to get banged if some racket gets into place ...
  10. Ace Tambourine
    Ace Tambourine 23 October 2017 21: 22
    Well, to be more precise, they are preparing to grab the lyuley .... Yes, it would not be a pity ..
  11. Normal ok
    Normal ok 23 October 2017 23: 21
    Soon, the furry northern animal to Eun will sneak up unnoticed)))