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Thor-M2. In pursuit of the elusive

The new issue of “Military Acceptance” is dedicated to the Tor-М2 anti-aircraft missile system. He is at full speed can destroy 50 air targets! And not just enemy planes or helicopters, but the most dangerous enemy - cruise missiles, flying only 3-4 meters above ground. The film crew will conduct an unusual experiment: it will raise the editorial quadcopter to the same height and check if the Torah radars will see it. Indeed, for most radars and air defense systems, such a goal is a real invisibility. In addition, for the first time on the air, we will show the latest Arctic version of the "Torah". Also, the audience of the "Military Acceptance" will visit the company, where they release this unique air defense system and its "electronic eyes" - a phased antenna array. And you are waiting for a test of the sea version of the "Torah": the anti-aircraft missile system will fire at cruise missiles from the frigate Admiral Grigorovich.

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  1. ism_ek
    ism_ek 15 November 2017 18: 07
    We are armed with 120 Tor systems of various modifications. In the best years, we produced 6 ... 7 complexes per year. And Americans do 500 Tomahawks per year without straining ....