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Russian atom conquers the world

The position that Russia is totally lagging behind in technological terms from the leading European and world powers has become almost an axiom. “We are lagging behind, lagging behind, lagging behind ...” “There are no technologies, no, no ...” “We need foreign technological ideas and innovations for want of our own ...”

Moreover, any noticeable success in the technoplan is not accepted for certain categories of citizens. They say, "the country of the gas station, thoroughly affected by corruption and hopelessness," should not, by definition, declare their success. Any success is subject to obstruction, any attempt to expand the markets is declared either by brutal expansion, or by “economic occupation” altogether. The topic of how Russia “holds Europe on the oil and gas needle” has become a real bestseller in the Western media, but such that in some countries (for example, the Baltic countries) they are ready to buy energy carriers even on Mars in 100 more expensive than just to touch (fashionable now the word) "toxic" Russia.

Should I pay any special attention to all these moans? Is it worth it to somehow reflex? The answer is simple: if everything is reduced to emotions and to the fact that we have to do everything so that in the Western media sounded only praise in our address, the result will be the one that Russia faced - 90. The very 90s in which, as President Vladimir Putin noted the other day, we too trusted Western “partners”, and these same partners took this trust for Russia's weakness.

Now the level of trust has sharply declined for objective reasons. And they try to reduce partner activity to the concept voiced in the same West: “we have no permanent friends, there are permanent interests”. Winning new markets? “So these are the problems of someone who makes this fact hard for them, but not the problem of Russia.

Within the framework of Russian interests, there is an expansion of such a high-tech industry as nuclear power. The main competitors of Russia in this field in recent years are faced with the need to make room even seemingly on their traditional markets. And taking into account the serious problems of Western companies related to the nuclear industry, Russia's share in the global market of the peaceful atom came to steady growth, as economists say.

The statistics of “Rosatom” indicates that today it is Russian high technologies in the nuclear industry that occupy leading positions. Russia has a huge portfolio of overseas orders in this area - about 133 billion dollars. This significantly exceeds the order book in the field of armaments. Over the entire contract period, the portfolio is currently approaching $ 300 billion (according to company head Alexei Likhachev). ROSATOM's projects at 2017 year are implemented for 34 units in 12 countries. 8 power units are being built in Russia itself.

For comparison: if in the 2013 year Russia was conducting trade and economic relations in the field of peaceful atom with 28 states of the world, the data for 2016 year indicate that the number of such countries has reached the value of 44. Global technological presence is extended to such countries as India, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Finland, South Africa, etc.

Russian atom conquers the world

Construction of the Hanhikivi-1 NPP in Finland

The international network in the field of nuclear energy is also being implemented with the help of subsidiaries opened outside Russia and regional (plus so-called country) centers (RC and SC) of Rosatom. These are RC and SC in Beijing, Astana, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Paris, Mumbai, Washington, Dubai, Budapest. Such a center, despite the cries of the Ukrainian radicals, continues to operate in Kiev.

It should be noted that the activity of the Kiev center is growing due to the fact that 4 nuclear power plants with 15 units are in operation in Ukraine, some of which have Ukrainian “partners” trying to conduct experiments on the use of American fuel assemblies. The number of emergencies in connection with this at Ukrainian NPPs over the past 5 years has grown (attention!) By 78%.

Against this background, the Ukrainian Prime Minister continues to make statements that Ukraine intends to implement the project of an “energy bridge” connecting the Independent Square with the European Union. For this, Ukraine is going to return to the project of completion of two power units of the Khmelnitsky NPP by 2021 year. Despite the fact that Kiev promises to think about the project itself tomorrow, the Ukrainian Cabinet is waiting for money from the EU now. Declare that "while it was enough was 243,5 million dollars." Then there are statements in Ostap Bender’s style of “grandmaster” about New Vasyuki: by 2035, the Ukrainian NPPs will provide about 50% of the country's internal electricity needs, and the export of “Ukrainian” electricity from NPPs to the European Union countries will be “stable and competitive”.

Returning to Russian nuclear technologies, one cannot but touch upon the issue of anti-Russian sanctions. Surprisingly, it was during the years of the restrictive measures in force against Russia that the number of international contacts began to grow at a truly impressive pace. One example is the expansion of the machine-building industry along the line of nuclear energy. Thus, a memorandum of understanding was concluded between the Russian JSC Atomenergomash and the Netherlands company Heatmaster, which is one of the largest manufacturers of boiler equipment for ships of the sea and ocean classes. The Dutch have expressed interest in participating in the Leader project for the creation of the passenger liner PV300VD, the solemn laying ceremony of which took place last August. Completion is scheduled for 2019 year. It is worth noting that vessels of this class were not built in our country since the 50-s of the last century.

Ранее меморандумы о взаимопонимании «Атомэнергомаш» подписал и с другими компаниями из Нидерландов, включая Coops & Nieborg BV и Machine- en Lierenfabriek C. Kraaijeveld BV.

Among the rapidly developing areas of cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign countries is the profitable industry in training specialists for the future operation of nuclear power plants built with the participation of Rosatom abroad. During one of the events of the International Festival and students held in Russia, Vladislav Smolsky, head of the foreign projects management department of the Technical Academy of Rosatom, spoke out:
Today, the Rosatom Technical Academy is faced with a large-scale task of training several thousand highly qualified specialists and managers for recipient countries of Russian nuclear technologies. Responding to this challenge, we are not just reforming the sectoral system of personnel training, but also solving strategic tasks in developing new areas and reducing costs by optimizing the processes and replicating the developed training programs. Another possible solution could be the formation of our own training programs for nuclear power specialists. Thus, the development of training materials for partner countries on domestic technologies, the development of national faculty competencies and the introduction of new programs in national universities can significantly reduce the costs of our partners. Thus, we are ready to offer our partners the most suitable solutions for each specific case, while maintaining the highest standards of quality education.

At the same time, the head of the company, Alexei Likhachev, noted that the sanctions in general made it difficult for the dialogue with a number of foreign partners, but in general had no effect on the activities of the Russian nuclear giant either in Russia or abroad.


The Russian nuclear power industry is gaining momentum in directions that seem to be far from the industry, such as medicine and even agriculture. In particular, Russia represents a truly breakthrough project for the use of new technologies for water purification, which in the future can provide invaluable assistance to countries facing a growing number of diseases due to the use of dirty water by the population.

The conclusion is simple: daily systematic work without caps and moods and setting a priori impossible tasks leads to a positive result. And this result on the example of the field of nuclear energy is such that it can be stated: the Russian atom conquers the world, whether someone likes it or not.
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  1. Login_Off
    Login_Off 23 October 2017 07: 09 New
    What is there with a floating nuclear power plant? It seems that it should have been put into operation already.
    1. Vladimir Smirnov_3
      Vladimir Smirnov_3 23 October 2017 11: 47 New
      Everything is in order with the floating nuclear power plant, in Pevek, where it will operate, coastal structures are being built with might and main, the FNPP itself is ready for fuel loading and physical start-up, which will happen in the near future.
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 23 October 2017 16: 19 New
        Quote: Vladimir Smirnov_3
        Everything is in order with the floating nuclear power plant, in Pevek, where it will operate, coastal structures are being built with might and main, the FNPP itself is ready for fuel loading and physical start-up, which will happen in the near future.

        Pleased. !!! good
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 23 October 2017 07: 43 New
    “We lag behind, lag behind, lag behind ...” “There is no technology, no, no ...” “We need foreign technological ideas and innovations for lack of our own ...”

    ... we have such opuses "pro-Westerners" singing ... "the mustache is gone, the mustache is bad, we have to crawl to the west on the crustaceans to apologize, etc. ..... angry
    1. Ulan
      Ulan 23 October 2017 11: 54 New
      Atomprom is just one example. We also have other high-tech industries where Russia looks pretty good.
      Locomotive engineering for example. Perhaps with the exception of high-speed, but here with the appropriate financial support, I think you can succeed.
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 23 October 2017 18: 24 New
        Dear, you simply are not able to evaluate WHAT is Atomprom tongue . These are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people. A huge number of industries, with anything much more important, in many completely different industries. These are: metallurgy, and besides the "ordinary cast iron" and complex alloys (just believe me); chemistry, while also often highly pure and highly complex, software - here I just have to keep silent repeat ; construction technologies - well, it’s clear what kind of “pyramids” they are building; electrical equipment; enrichment will go as a separate line; this is generally our World Achievement and no one is even nearby either in terms of manufacturability or cost-effectiveness good ; Well, about shipbuilding, and in particular, icebreakers have already been said.
        So let it seem like “think one small industry, but the Americans make iPhones,” but you can’t “eat up an iPhone,” but Atomprom’s product in the form of electricity is how you can gobble up it. Though in the form of heating in the winter or conditioning in the summer, and literally in the form of grown in greenhouses even beyond the Arctic Circle. good And if the combination of desalination plant with PAES is cranked up, for Arabia or Africa, then it will be possible to “drink”. good
        And mattresses even do not know how to enrich uranium tongue let them "eat" their iPhones.
        1. Topgun
          Topgun 24 October 2017 12: 23 New
          throw hats again ...
          google which country has the most nuclear power plants ...
          and where does the fuel come from for all that cloud of nuclear power plants?
          yes, centrifuges in Russia are cooler than among Americans, but for now, that's all ...
          in the west, “uranium is fading” due to hellish high cost, you ask how high the cost is, because everyone knows that nuclear energy is the cheapest, and then use all the “good” to dispose of it?
  3. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 23 October 2017 08: 50 New
    The greatest atomic power of all time is the USSR.
    The greatest of the existing is Russia. No one is even nearby.
    1. Advanced enrichment technology is Russia. As well as enrichment volumes.
    2. Production of equipment for enrichment - this is Russia. Nobody can make such productive and economical gas centrifuges anywhere.
    3. Technology of fast neutron reactors is Russia. There is no one else.
    4. The technology of compact transport reactors on a liquid metal coolant is Russia.
    5. The full fuel cycle is Russia.
    6. SNF reprocessing (though not all reactors yet) - this is Russia.
    7. The production technology of MOX fuel - of course, Russia.
    8. Nuclear-powered icebreakers, floating nuclear power plants, space nuclear reactors - this is Russia.
    9. Radiochemistry and isotope production is Russia. Thanks to Russia for exploring Pluto, Uranus, since RTGs operate on Russian (still Soviet) plutonium. laughing A third of US nuclear power plants use Russian lithium-7. Without Russia, there will be no electricity in the United States. laughing
    10. Even after the US eltsinoid donation of 500 tons of enriched uranium, the reserves of undivided weapons-grade uranium in Russia are three times greater than in the United States, and plutonium is doubled. laughing
    11. No one wondered why Westinghouse TVELs bend and swell in Soviet reactors? Because Soviet-Russian reactors use a denser arrangement of fuel assemblies in the reactor volume. American crafts do not withstand extreme neutron fields. laughing

    Russia is a peaceful and military atom. And the US invented the iPhone. laughing
    1. Yarhann
      Yarhann 23 October 2017 09: 21 New
      France as if advanced
      1. CT-55_11-9009
        CT-55_11-9009 23 October 2017 10: 16 New
        France WAS the forefront - it is a fact. But now it only supports its nuclear power plants, correct, if it is not so. With plans (distant, but still) to "increase the environmental friendliness" of the energy sector (read, by closing the nuclear power plant).
        1. Vladimir Smirnov_3
          Vladimir Smirnov_3 23 October 2017 11: 49 New
          Yes, yes, that's it. Areva was blown away, there is no one to design new ones and build, and the "green" ones are crushing, there is one too. So there are not so many real competitors at Rosatom, but so far they are lagging behind.
          1. NIKNN
            NIKNN 23 October 2017 16: 21 New
            Цитата: Владимир Смирнов_3
            So there are not so many real competitors at Rosatom, but so far they are lagging behind.

            And again pleased ... smile
        2. Yarhann
          Yarhann 23 October 2017 20: 30 New
          Well, now there is no more serious competitor in the world than France. Just do not forget that nuclear energy is a dead end branch of development - that is, we are much closer to the end than many others - you know how the development of automotive ICE piston engines they have almost reached the limit and experiment with them individual automakers - such as ICE with a variable compression ratio, etc. .
          It’s just that Rosatom and its projects, and these are 3 ++ generation stations, are now in the world of out-of-competition safety and timing of commissioning. Moreover, the projects are developed completely to the requirements of the customer - that is, this is the supply and disposal of fuel, as well as the decommissioning of units and dismantling of the station.
          In terms of safety, it is now the Russian 3 ++ generation blocks in the world that are out of competition - this is like Volvo in terms of safety among cars.
          France also does not stand still - although Areva's latest project in Finland is of course tin so tighten the pillar.
      2. Gormenghast
        Gormenghast 23 October 2017 10: 28 New
        France is the EU; this "green"snakes. laughing

        Solar clowns and wind creatures cannot be leaders. The future of world energy is the nuclear power plant, because thermonuclear is not known when it will be. Hydroelectric power stations have nowhere to expand extensively. TPPs are widely condemned, and rightly so. And in order to power a sufficiently large country with solar or wind electricity, it is necessary to build an SES the size of the Sahara, or to wind up entire seas with windmills.

        And not a single green vomit even hinted - but what about the climate change inevitably following the massive change in the reflectivity of the earth's surface (solar concentrators) and how to ensure the stability of wind electricity?
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 23 October 2017 18: 42 New
      On point 11: I'm sorry, but you confuse cause and effect. The “curvature” of the fuel rod of the mattresses in our reactors is not due to the reason for other conditions of the reactor. The point is not what conditions they have for us, the point is who managed to make the fuel elements suitable for such conditions, and who failed. It’s like a consequence, but the reason is that the mattresses have lost the scientific and technological ability to “study the conditions and change for them.” belay The country "iPhone field" (I'm not talking about your mobile phones is a collective image) is rapidly degrading both scientifically and purposefully. Our experts received fuel requirements for "American reactors", counted, and now make TWO types of fuel rods, one for our reactors, the other for THEM. The Americans got the requirements for our III reactors (?) - made an iPhone. At first there was an “iPhone” in the Czech Republic, then now for the umpteenth time in Ukraine, the Bulgarians for so many “iPhones” - they immediately said the mattress "go, go VNA ......" laughing .
      Moreover, the mattresses had “fragile” reactors and they introduced some isotopes in the fuel requirements. Yes, they are "not good", but our reactors work quite well with these ones (there are just a few of them), but the mattresses rested on the horn and demanded from us that "we want it to be" (that is, there were NOT these isotopes). Ours said "dung question" and removed this small "garbage" too. That is, for our Atoprom any task is on the shoulder - if it is technologically solvable.
      And the iPhone field? And they - closed their last enrichment plant, the last reactor was built when, and indeed, thanks to the "ban on nuclear testing" no one knows for certain whether they have at least one working nuclear device (warhead) or they already have all of them. request
      I’m not joking, both with them and with us, the average “warranty period” of a warhead is about 30 years. According to some open sources, it turns out that Americans have already launched more than 30 ALL enrichment only on fuel, and this, taking into account purchased abroad. So they just had NOT ON WHAT to enrich new portions of uranium (or something else). As you all understand, “military uranium” you simply cannot physically buy from anyone in the world, from the word Absolutely. Certainly, the "expiration date" of nuclear weapons is even greater (no one has verified), but the fact that the American has nowhere to get new uranium for nuclear weapons from is now an undeniable fact. Yes, yes there is a "thermonuclear", but it seems like they will not work without a highly enriched one. tongue
      1. Topgun
        Topgun 24 October 2017 12: 38 New
        what nonsense ...
        there is your nonsense, but there is a reality where in America on AES electricity is 4 times (Carl is 4 times) more produced than in Russia, there is a cloud of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers ...
        Well, they pressed a little green in the West commercial nuclear energy, but this is no reason to write such nonsense ...
    3. Topgun
      Topgun 24 October 2017 12: 27 New
      Which country has the most nuclear power plants?
      all of a sudden, Russia is only in 4th place in the development of nuclear power ...
    4. GIN
      GIN 27 October 2017 17: 31 New
      yeah, the fuel assemblies are distorted, depending on the packing density, having completely blacked out Chernobyl and there are an operator who blew up a nuclear power plant until its death believed that everything was right
  4. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 23 October 2017 10: 22 New
    Not for nothing that Kiriyenko is premiered in the premieres. They say that he did not work badly in this area.
    1. Ren
      Ren 23 October 2017 10: 56 New
      Quote: vladimirvn
      Not for nothing that Kiriyenko is premiered in the premieres. They say that he did not work badly in this area.

      Thank you, remember, was already with EBNe. stop
      Everyone remembers how his premiership ended. fool
      1. Ulan
        Ulan 23 October 2017 11: 52 New
        Well, why so soon fool , who is least guilty of default is Kiriyenko.
        I remember how sorry he was, many immediately realized that the guy was simply framed to get Chernomyrdin out of attack.
        One must still remember how events developed at that time.
        The GKO pyramid was not launched by Kiriyenko and developed long before it.
        The fact that it will collapse was warned by many economists, and when the hour approached, Chernomyrdin was taken aside and framed by Kiriyenko.
        In general, Vladilenich played the role of vice chairman.
        Remember that after all the bumps took on Kiriyenko, Yeltsin tried again to return Chernomyrdin to the post of prime minister.
        But then the Duma suddenly bucked and the combination of the Kremlin failed.
        Prime Minister was Primakov, who, together with Maslyukov, pulled the country out of the default pit.
        So it was a combination played by the Kremlin and, in fact, many understood it then.
        Blaming the default on Kiriyenko is unfair.
        I hope that over the past time he has become wiser.
        But anyway, in the premieres I would like to see someone else. Here in place of the Ministry of Economic Development, perhaps it would be useful.
        1. Ren
          Ren 23 October 2017 11: 59 New
          You are right, everything looked from the outside as an obvious setup of Kiriyenko. hi
          But the sediment from his premiership remained. what
          1. Ulan
            Ulan 23 October 2017 12: 39 New
            Of course I stayed. Here I completely agree with you.
            And how could he not have stayed when the whole population came around and a bunch of crooks got rich.
            1. pRaff
              pRaff 23 October 2017 13: 08 New
              For the first time in many years, I read a sane opinion about the default, moreover, from ordinary users, and not from spread-out financialisers. Bravo!
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 23 October 2017 18: 46 New
      God forbid stop he was nicknamed "kinder surprise" and believe me not in vain. Unlike Shoigu, who saved the Army, the impression is that Kiriyenko does not “interfere” with all those who really understand the “atom”. But even to the "provinces" its "achievements" in the form of "action motivation to increase productivity" am where only the bottom is required from the lecturer - FAST to run !! Otherwise, they will drown him “quietly” in a sump for fuel elements.
  5. SMP
    SMP 23 October 2017 10: 55 New
    The conclusion is simple: daily systematic work without moods and setting a priori impossible tasks leads to a positive result.

    You won’t heat the house with an iPhone in Siberia, what else can I add ..................
    1. CT-55_11-9009
      CT-55_11-9009 23 October 2017 17: 03 New
      Well, why so. It is possible, albeit not for long. But for a few seconds - completely. When the battery explodes ...
  6. pRaff
    pRaff 23 October 2017 13: 18 New
    Russia will seriously and permanently pave the way for future energy. In this regard, the development of MOX fuel and BN-type breeders are the greatest achievements of Russian science and technology, and the guarantee of its future energy independence.
    All that remains is to increase the number of powerful pumped storage stations, which make it possible to ensure daily uneven production / consumption of electricity. In this regard, the achievements of the Ukrainian power engineers, who commissioned the first stage of the Dniester PSP, are very significant.
  7. shoemaker
    shoemaker 23 October 2017 20: 54 New
    Interesting article.
    [/ quote] Rosatom projects for 2017 are being implemented in respect of 34 blocks in 12 countries. 8 power units are being built in Russia itself. [Quote]
    Here is a link to power units under construction in Russia
    hiesya-aes /
    A little sad that the Russian government plans to build nuclear power plants abroad at our expense
  8. nikvic46
    nikvic46 23 October 2017 22: 44 New
    Quote: aszzz888
    “We lag behind, lag behind, lag behind ...” “There is no technology, no, no ...” “We need foreign technological ideas and innovations for lack of our own ...”

    ... we have such opuses "pro-Westerners" singing ... "the mustache is gone, the mustache is bad, we have to crawl to the west on the crustaceans to apologize, etc. ..... angry

    Well, why so rude. Learning to work with foreigners is not a shame. Russian rich send their children to study abroad. Just what do they learn? In order to take the place of the pope then, and according to normal, they should bring knowledge to the country,
    that would move the country forward.
  9. nikvic46
    nikvic46 23 October 2017 22: 54 New
    Everyone understands that Russia has built and created a lot lately. And do not be offended by people who
    these successes are criticized. For the majority grumbles from resentment that we are starting from a toothbrush and ending with household appliances
    use purchased over the hill.