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Why is Putin "not worried" by NATO and is "everything under control" really?

The other day, when asked whether the build-up of NATO's military presence poses a threat to the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin replied: "We are analyzing it, carefully watching. We know every step, we understand it. It does not bother us. Let them train. Everything is under control." President's statement and the current state of affairs in the defense industry comments Colonel General Dr. historical Sci. Leonid Ivashov.

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  1. George Davydov
    George Davydov 24 October 2017 09: 28 New
    In anticipation of the centenary of WOSR, a contradiction between the people and the liberal government is shown. On the other hand, the contradictions between the leadership of the state and the liberals are also shown, which suggests that the situation is forcing the progressive part of the leadership to switch to the position of the interests of the people against all its enemies - internal and external. True, the government must show what and how it understands the interests of the people, and whether it is ready to make the people free and prosperous, providing it with natural rights and freedoms for them to work creatively, ensuring their well-being. At the same time, it is necessary to indicate what kind of people we are talking about, since there are a working people, and there are also parasitic peoples.