Military Review

Satanovsky: If Russia does not want to talk normally, then other measures will be taken

Yevgeny Satanovsky, President of the Institute of the Middle East, believes that it is vital for Russia to return to a “normal” policy.

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  1. Dream of the Gods
    Dream of the Gods 20 October 2017 20: 31 New
    Jews, Jews, all around Jews
    1. Zlat070
      Zlat070 15 November 2017 07: 36 New
      Such Jews are better than friends like you!
  2. sekirbaschka
    sekirbaschka 22 October 2017 13: 48 New
    this rude satan must be driven by a filthy broom
    1. Alexey Kashirtsev
      Alexey Kashirtsev 23 October 2017 21: 13 New
      That is, there are no arguments ...
  3. Grazhdan
    Grazhdan 22 October 2017 16: 21 New
    There is a time for everything, including tough moves. Of course, to communicate with "partners" who constantly lie and shit - you need angelic patience. I would not be able to, would be the president - probably there would already be a radioactive desert everywhere.
    I respect Putin and his team very much for their consistency, strategic approach and the obvious achievements of the past, especially those years.
  4. Gamer
    Gamer 10 November 2017 14: 35 New
    there are people who watch talk shows from start to finish and all day long, uzhos wassat
    1. Rostislav
      Rostislav 13 November 2017 13: 54 New
      but there are people who skipped Russian classes at school.