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Agent A / 201. Our man in the Gestapo

Two years ago, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia declassified the archive materials of the Breitenbach case. Under this pseudonym, one of the most valuable agents of Soviet intelligence, Willy Lehman, worked in Germany.

The hero Julian Semenov had a real prototype: SS Hauptsturmführer, Willy Lehmann, chief of the general counterintelligence of the Gestapo. Purebred German, he served in the police counterintelligence during World War I and 20. Even then, Lehman extremely negative attitude towards Hitler's thugs, but this was manifested only in his statements in a narrow friendly circle. It is known from the documents of the former INO OGPU that the best friend of Lehmann, Ernst Kour, told an employee of the Soviet residency about his moods. Chur was dismissed from the police without the right to a pension, which led him to the Soviet embassy with a proposal for cooperation. He was recruited, and he received the agent number A-70 and the alias Raupe. It was Chur who brought Willy Lehman to the Soviet station in Berlin. In the autumn of 1929, Moscow installed the agent number A-201 and the alias Breitenbach for Willy Lehmann.

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  1. Monarchist
    Monarchist 21 October 2017 15: 36 New
    The author, thanks for this story: interesting, but not enough. I haven’t eaten up
    1. newcomer
      newcomer 22 October 2017 06: 07 New
      I agree with you. I was tuned in to a serious reading, here and the end. but the author is definitely grateful.
  2. the monastery
    the monastery 21 October 2017 17: 53 New
    I agree. it would be nice to see the further development of the plot!