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Egypt received the second diesel-electric submarines from Germany and the head corvette from France

The second submarine Type-209 / 1400 (S42), built in Germany, and the head corvette "El Fateh" class "Govind-2500", built in France, arrived in the main naval base of Egypt, reports TSAMTO with reference to Naval Today.

Egypt received the second diesel-electric submarines from Germany and the head corvette from France

According to the resource, "arrived in Alexandria, diesel-electric submarines and the corvette of October 21 will take part in the celebration of the Day of the Naval Forces of Egypt, which is celebrated since 1973 of the year."

The agreement to build the first pair of Type-209 / 1400 submarines was signed in December 2011. The construction of the head submarine, designated S41, began at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) in July 2012. Launching took place in October 2015. The boat arrived in Egypt in April of this year. The value of the transaction is not reported.

The contract for the supply of the Egyptian Navy 4-s corvettes class "Govind-2500" was signed in June 2014 year. The agreement provided for the construction during 29 of the lead ship in France and another three at the shipyard in Alexandria. The transaction value is estimated at 1 billion euros.

Construction of the ship led the French company Naval Group (formerly DCNS). The Corvette was laid in April 2015, launched in September 2016.

It is also reported that “within the framework of contractual obligations, DCNS provided all the technical documentation and sent its specialists to Alexandria to assist in the construction of the next ships of the series”.
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  1. dsm100
    dsm100 20 October 2017 13: 39
    And where were we with our Varshavyanka ?!
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 20 October 2017 13: 53
      Quote: dsm100
      And where were we with our Varshavyanka ?!

      In the same place as now!
      But then there was 2012 year, and VNEU was only among the Germans. Today is 2017 in the yard, but our aerobic engine is still gone ... NAPL will not be bought without VNEU anymore, well, except for the poorest ... and that is the question.
      1. jjj
        jjj 20 October 2017 16: 10
        Greetings, Alexander! It turns out old 209-th project is tenacious as ever. And he is a typical mazutnik. In general, judging by the complete collapse of the 212 project, VNEU did not really go with the Germans. I think we realized before. Although we have "grenades of the wrong system." And one more moment. In the south, for some reason, it is small boats that are fond of. - single hull. Yes, and the displacement here is half of our diesel
      2. ver_
        ver_ 21 October 2017 10: 02
        ..and hell knows - Dushenov seems to have grit chi, but small ones are sabotage and very scary, Frets are being built, it seems like the suit went ..
  2. Alekseits
    Alekseits 21 October 2017 20: 38
    But what about the Germans themselves? So, a shoemaker without boots?
    === Germany was left without combat-ready submarines ===