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Russian TCP in Syria once again confirmed their reliability

The floating transporters (PTS) of the Syrian army continue to transfer personnel and equipment across the Euphrates River. Despite its age, these machines demonstrate high performance in overcoming water obstacles, unpretentiousness and reliability, writes Messenger of Mordovia.

Russian TCP in Syria once again confirmed their reliability

On the Internet there was a photo of this car with a UAZ on board. The transporter is able to transfer even heavier vehicles, such as the ZIL-131, Ural-4320, and others with a total weight of up to 10 t. The Soviet designers have built up in the conveyors an enormous potential that will allow them to successfully complete their combat missions for a long time.

The machine is equipped with an 350 horsepower engine, its speed on the water surface is up to 11 km / h, over land - up to 42 km / h. PTS mass is about 17 tons.

Currently, Omsk designers have developed amphibian PTS-4. “The new machine is better protected, has a booking office division. Now, the fighters will not need to reinforce the front of the machine with sandbags, which should protect them from bullets and shrapnel, ”notes the author of the material, Lev Romanov.

There is also a 12,7-mm machine gun with a remote control. Ammunition - 400 ammo. The engine power of the new machine has increased to 840 hp, weight has also increased to 33 tons. Water speed was up to 15 km / h, over land - up to 60 km / h.
Photos used:
"Courage2004", "Messenger of Mordovia"
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  1. Coconut
    Coconut 20 October 2017 12: 35
    what does it mean again ?? .. our weapons have long been buying half the world
    1. zivXP
      zivXP 20 October 2017 13: 13
      Oh, again, again, many, many times ...
  2. pjastolov
    pjastolov 20 October 2017 12: 35
    The transporter can transfer heavier vehicles like ZiL-131, Ural-4320 and others with a total weight of up to 10 tons. Soviet designers laid huge potential in the transporters, which will allow them to successfully carry out their combat missions for a long time.
    work guys hi
  3. parma
    parma 20 October 2017 12: 46
    Here is the question, what is the article about? That the machine created for the transportation of goods of a certain mass and size fulfilled its tasks? It would be strange if it hadn’t fulfilled ... And tomorrow they will write that in Syria with a bayonet-knife, a SAA fighter killed a babakh and this proves his lack of analogues in the world? .... Is it direct zrad ... or overthinking? ... neighbors already, by golly ....
  4. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 20 October 2017 13: 11
    Not only tanks and missiles work for the result, but also all possible means of support. And do not belittle their role. Tell us more about the work experience of the rear, psychological support, and the work of doctors.
    1. stolz
      stolz 20 October 2017 13: 27
      A very correct decision to send PTSs to Syria, they have been in service since 1962, it will then be possible to give this junk to the Syrians - let them drive through the desert.
  5. gukoyan
    gukoyan 20 October 2017 13: 28
    It would be possible to put remote machine guns on our T-72 ....
  6. Cetron
    Cetron 20 October 2017 16: 51
    The news is normal. Any obstacle wider than 3m and deeper than 1,5m for a tank and other military equipment cannot be overcome unless they are waterfowl. Snorkel is suitable for tanks if the bottom of the river is solid and there is a gentle slope into the river, so without engineering support tanks, artillery and everything else are nothing more than toys for the landfill - scare the journalist of a likely enemy. In any TD there is PMP, bridge layers, demolition vehicles, track layers (armored bulldozers), mine clearing machines, technical assistance. There are no fewer than military vehicles.