US and DPRK delegations will not meet at a conference in Moscow

At the International Conference on Nonproliferation weapons mass destruction taking place in Moscow, the head of the North Korean delegation Choi Son Hee commented on the question of possible plans for a meeting with a representative of the US delegation. According to Ms. Tsoi, representing the Directorate of the North American Department of the DPRK MFA, such a meeting does not appear on her calendar.

Photos from the military parade in the DPRK

According to Choi Son-hee, there are no plans in her meeting with representatives of the South Korean delegation who are at a conference in the capital of Russia.
In turn, to the question of journalists about the plans for the meeting, negatively answered in the American delegation.

Such questions to the delegations of the US and DPRK delegations appeared after yesterday’s material published by the South Korean news agency Ronhap. The submission stated that it is highly likely that a meeting of representatives of the delegation of the DPRK and the United States can occur precisely at the Moscow Conference.

Recall that the US delegation arrived in Russia to discuss the issue of the so-called Iranian nuclear program. The representative of Iran said that Tehran currently does not implement any nuclear program, as evidenced by the results of the last eight inspections by commissions from the IAEA representatives.
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  1. 0
    October 20 2017
    Of course they will not meet. They have fundamentally opposite positions.
    DPRK wants the United States to not exist at all. But the United States wants North Korea to be gone. So they don’t agree.
    1. +5
      October 20 2017
      Yes, even if they would meet, then what would it change? what In the DPRK, Kim decides, and in the USA laughing whether trump, or trump control.
  2. +3
    October 20 2017
    Hmm .... Kindergarten ... but called international diplomacy ... what
    1. +1
      October 20 2017
      Not yet evening.
    2. +7
      October 20 2017
      Quote: NIKNN
      called international diplomacy ...

      she is so
  3. 0
    October 20 2017
    I’m certainly not Wang, but I'm afraid China will still crawl out to our side ... not now .. when the mattresses collapse
    1. 0
      October 20 2017
      But if these same mattresses collapse in a collision with the DPRK. That will be business !!!!! Immediately, the ambassadors will all be visiting them. They will talk about "the unique genius and heroism of the great Korean people .." Who will be interesting ahead of the rest.? I recall Chukovsky 2 .. a sparrow flies from far from the fields. Once and pecked a cockroach. So there is no giant. The cockroach got it right and the mustache was gone ... "Read the Cockroach. This is a masterpiece. Just about the USA and the DPRK. And the rest are like animals" .... and in the ditch the elephants buried themselves. Just hear the teeth chattering ... "As they write here, I wang.
  4. 0
    October 20 2017
    Northern people perceive everything correctly. There is nothing to talk about with terrorists!
  5. 0
    October 22 2017
    Well, as they say in the places of drugs: man, no one pulled you by the tongue. Once again, the Americans "offended", choosing their opponent in strength, specifically declaring their "level"

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