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Mishmaydanchik of the Colorado Cockroach


Greetings to you, my dear readers. Those who have long been acquainted with me have already understood where I am now. And for those who came in for the first time, I’ll tell you history from childhood. I was such a little then. Puny. Inexperienced awful. And it was interesting to me all around. My grandfather always warned me that I would not die with my death and that my slippers were crying for me.

I had a strange feature. Even now I do not understand why. I loved all sorts of cans, bottles, buckets to climb. Because there are always a lot of sweets. Well, and periodically stuck. On the way back. My father called me “a stopper in every barrel”, and my grandfather in general called him insulting “awls… ny”.

In short, you realized that I was at home again. You can not miss such an event. True, how to call what I saw today, until I understood. Maidan? I do not know. I’ve here on purpose just watched a couple of selections from your political shows. You understand everything, but I do not. You are told that the homeless again gathered, and before my eyes were far from homeless. Okay, let's go in order.

In short, the events are such that the promises about Chernobyl can not yet be fulfilled. Break your own body will not give. Kiev today is more important. Yes, and you probably will be more interested in the opinion of the Cockroach to know about it. That's why I decided to drop everything and go back.

As I returned, I will not specifically describe. Odyssey of the Colorado Cockroach! For some reason, suddenly began to repair the railway Vinnitsa-Lviv. Trains began to cancel. And for the remaining people ... People almost cry. No tickets available. But we have no tickets. It is easier for us. Then I had to transfer to the car. I listened to people, saw the open trunk and ... The trip was like in the first class. Warm, dark, music plays. In the sea food package. To choose from.

But the truth is, happiness does not happen long. At the entrance to Kiev, we braked. In a sense, everything. I got out of the trunk and in the head of the column. And there all the cars and buses are the police and the National Guard. No, I think, if there are fools in Ukraine, it becomes less and less every day.

Find me will not find, but stand in line for a two-hour inspection dismiss. In short, I climbed into the bus, which was already inspected and arrived as a simple Ukrainian. At the bus station I learned that they were inspecting all the entrances to Kiev. All Or almost everyone.

By the way, they also drop in the city ...

Well, the lyrics and complaints about their own difficulties are over. I'll start my observations to tell you. I am a specific organism, therefore I will tell only what I personally saw. If this is not consistent with what you know, then ... I have an eye for more.

The first thing that I, as a veteran of the Maidan, wanted to see, is the Maidan itself. Rushed over. I wanted to listen to "shonevmerlu", SUHS ... But the hell to me. Nothing! Usual life. Invited to bus excursions. Gawners go. The exhibition is working. There is no angry people. Or, paraphrasing Lenin, the "lower classes" do not know about the revolution. I already sat right on the sidewalk in surprise.

Ugh, I think I will find this very revolution of what I have not yet invented. They say on the TV and on the radio they say there is. And for the local aborigine to find how to put two legs in a puddle. And you will not notice.

Of course, I found a revolution. Upstairs! At the very top, in the literal, in the figurative sense of the word. Well, you know already. Glad.

Nothing so revolution. Familiar, at least. Tents are. Field kitchens smoke. People roam with flags of various stripes. And the flags, except for this Rukh, are all very familiar to you and me.

And Mikhail Saakashvili behind the tents (for some reason) with his comrades ...

The only thing that cut eyes, the lack of tires and drums drums. Revolutionaries stand with pipes from field stoves and hollow them for anything. The sound, of course, is. But the sound has no charisma. Ideas.

Whether the case of an iron pipe and an empty iron barrel. Yes, a whole "orchestra." And in front of the "drummers" are the national guardsmen in full form. Carefully listen to the rhythm. Only the glasses on the helmets shine.

I stuck inside. Well, I think, now I will look, how people undress on inspection. Again, pierced. Very cultural police just ask to open the bag and that's it. Go revolutionary. Meet and demonstrate anything. And you know, revolutionaries with these satraps are talking quite peacefully. They ask who is where. Laugh even. Yes, louse you Zadar, on football cooler inspect. Or are we now Europeans?

I sat down inside the revolution and began to stare. First of all, food. A revolution is only worth something if it can feed revolutionaries! Grandmothers with knots, I did not notice. And small businessmen who brought expired sausage from their tents too. Do not come evil. But the field kitchen. noticed Tasty smelled very.

In today's revolutionary ration was millet porridge. With stew. It is with meat, but not with canned stew. And tea. Even with sugar. And sandwiches handed out. Not bad luck cookies, but normal bottles with quite normal sausage. And tomatoes.

Feel the money vpabahannye in this process, felt. And in the kitchens, and in brand new tents.

Although veterans are also present.

You, probably, are interested in my opinion on the number of revolutionaries. In my eyes, man is 500-700. Of these, people are 100 journalists. And yet, according to my calculations, people who are very similar to titushky, about 350-400 people. Judging by the pumped shoulders and specific gait, the guys are serious and capable of ... Well, you understand what. But, 400 vs. 3-3,5 thousand is not an option. Therefore, they roam like elephants in a zoo with a sad look.

More from the interesting. The camp of the revolutionaries is very similar to the chronicle of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. All pile up near the repeaters and listen to the live program from the Rada meeting hall. Commenting, moreover, sometimes not quite censored. And sometimes even so sincerely.

And wall propaganda is also missing. Against Poroshenko and for Saakashvili. In stock, as they say.

Well, quite a masterpiece of folk art. It is clear that a couple of letters had to be in order, but everyone understands that this is "o" and "b".

I can not vouch for the authenticity of the authorship, but it is not so badly stated, right?

I could not resist, asked the local cockroach, what's the matter. It turns out that revolutionaries have no plan for an uprising! The decision to activate their own actions depends on what they agree in the parliament.

And the peasant from those that stood with the shields, said that if there, in the Rada, they did not accept the demands, they would endure all of them.

I have already mentioned the composition of the protesters. Probably homeless too. But for the most part, they are very politically and legally trained people. Almost everyone will answer you with any sufficiently convincing questions.

The truth is to talk about Saakashvili. No, it is possible and about pensions, but in the end the conversation will still go to Mishiko’s person. Three minutes later. But they will clearly explain to you what reforms he carried out in Georgia. They will tell you what they did in Odessa. They will lay out on the shelves why he could not carry out his ideas to the logical end. Saakashvili is the king, god and military commander.

You begin to believe directly that no one here received a single hryvnia for loyalty to the ideals.

There are completely incomprehensible things for me. Not yet clear. I did not see the slogans, which simply could not be! Protesters do not care utility tariffs, small pensions, medical reform, the minimum wage. I specifically spoke with several of the revolutionaries.

Slogans from the series "I go nuts Klava"! "Remove immunity from deputies of all levels"! "Return the stolen money"! Here, however, nobody explained to me from whom it is necessary to select and to whom to return. We made a joint decision that we are returning to the state. Well and, "To appoint re-election of the president of Ukraine"!

And yet, I was whispered in secret that additional revolutionaries from Transcarpathia would arrive at night or in the morning. They are waiting for them here. And with additional requirements will come. I do not know, it's true, or fiction. Cockroaches are sneaks known, and they know a little more than others. I think when I can pass on this material to you, it will already be known whether you have arrived or not.

In the meantime, yelling. “Borotba until Kintsy! Borotba until Kintsy! ”. Whether the main, or just thinking, such a maydaunny fighter with experience, says: "Not to Kinza, but to peremoga!". And the whole gang begins to shout now "Borotba peremoga!".

A worthy grandfather of the curious remarks: "And so, and so well ..."

Well, the last. I, as a Kiyanin, are pleased that there are no countrymen among the next revolutionaries. Only such here are "pranks" like me. The rest of this revolution to the big tamtam. And I was still at home wondering why this Vyshivanok is sitting on a bench and the bacon with cracks is cracking. He is a professional in the revolution ...

This concludes my first report from the "nest of the next revolution" in Kiev. By the way, while the revolutionaries were writing something, they began to get silly. Guardsmen put helmets on their heads. We must do the legs. Something I do not like a sort of stirring.

It turned out that nothing was accepted in the Rada. Well, so slightly sulky. Mishiko broadcasts to the motherspinner, Bibizyans howl something unintelligible, concrete Banderlog begin to wear masks.

Calm guys on the other side just pulled in the visor and put such familiar balloons in the front rows. With gas. Not from the Russian pipe. And then I realized that really enough for today. Because there were more law enforcers than those who wanted to break it.

Tomorrow will be the day and will be Mishmaydan. Let's see how things will evolve.

Now, at least, everything looks quite civilized and decent. And absolutely frivolous. But in the same scenario, the first two Maidan began. And on this immediately from the grandmothers refused at the initial stage.

So there is something to think about.

But in general, the chances of development are not enough, in my humble opinion. Nobody will advance to the TOGO Maidan square. And if they give, then kicks, as they gave to those who wish to poorat at the residence of Poroshenko.

And, I note from the high of their life experience and the past evolution, for a long time these revolutionaries are definitely not enough. Do you know why? And because the empty belly to the Maidan is dull. And the cold is on our nose.

And the police and the National Guard under do not allow any firewood, or stoves, or insulation for tents inside the revolution. They organized a corral, like in a zoo, and that’s it. Feed ... strictly forbidden, along the way. No ads, but ...

So tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it will be possible to shout, but only on an empty belly and slightly dying.

I'm not sure, I’ll just say that it will be enough for a long time. Not that time. But - let's see, as they say.

And to you, dear friends of calm and mind. So that this cup may pass you. Ruin the country easily. But how we will restore - the question. I will go to make photos that not only clever thoughts, but also beautiful views were. Growing up if noticed. As a creative person of course.

By the way, there, readers, before my sudden departure, asked about Vatutin's monument. Reporting: walking by, standing. Everything is good. Here is the confirmation.

And here is some more video. There, one peasant from “Batkivshchyna” spoke well to the guys from some newspaper about why they were here. Sorry for the quality, but I didn’t succeed by your standards. But everything is audible. And as a peasant says, and as sharabanit.

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  1. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 20 October 2017 06: 45 New
    Thank you, cockroach .... Take care of yourself and remember the grandfather’s covenant about slippers ... an interesting story ... laughing
    1. svp67
      svp67 20 October 2017 07: 31 New
      Quote: Russian quilted jacket
      Thanks cockroach ....

      I join ...
      Interesting photos and observations. I’m full of the impression that this “unreasoned” is purely as simple as pressure on Poroshenko to achieve something and very much begins to resemble a coup in Turkey. When the dissent was simply torn to pieces by Erdogan.
      By the way, the photo shows the KP-125 army kitchen, designed to prepare three dishes for 125 people ... and 400-500 wander there, that is, they will feed, but not all. What is this "maidan"?
    2. nickname7
      nickname7 24 October 2017 17: 07 New
      The current government itself came with the help of the Maidan, therefore it knows and does not allow key things in organizing this action.
      Without firewood and fat, dumb Maidan.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 20 October 2017 07: 08 New
    Still, a cockroach is a professional Ukrainian. In Russian, a resident of Kiev is called "Kiev", "kiyan" - a purely local invention.
    And about the instructions for stalling from the Ruin: already volumes are written on this subject, not like instructions. I beg your pardon for the names of the works, but you won’t erase words from the song:
    1. domokl
      domokl 20 October 2017 07: 20 New
      laughing But I saw a different trend. with the advent of Mova, the process itself accelerated sharply in time ... The first four were still measured in years ... lol Russians still live north. Slower than Ukrainians
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 20 October 2017 07: 56 New
        The Russians have different traditions - to rebuild the country, and not to get rid of what was acquired by their ancestors.
        And Terran feasibly contributes to the restoration of the country, and not its collapse.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 20 October 2017 07: 58 New
    All previous Maidan born noobs .. here most likely a miscarriage will be ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 20 October 2017 08: 14 New
      God grant. Not yet evening. Just watched the broadcast. Already roaming zombies at the tents. It seems to me that they are now solving two problems. Wait for help and tire the soldiers and the police. They’re being held in a “black body” ...
      1. Kerensky
        Kerensky 20 October 2017 10: 28 New
        two tasks. Wait for help and tire the soldiers and the police.

        The idea, of course, is good, but with so many drugs you can easily organize several shifts. Conditions of rest at the police, everyone will be better.
        With ideas there is rather weak. On the previous Maidan (at the rumor level) the theme of “Euro salary of 5.000 euros” was constantly chased .... And here .... If only there was “take and divide”, otherwise it would be “taken away and returned to the state” so that tomorrow .
        Well, what kind of help is waiting? There seems to be about three battalions with Semenchenko at the head. No?
  4. AleBors
    AleBors 20 October 2017 09: 42 New
    Thanks for the info. It remains only to say, what kind of power is this and the Maidan ..
  5. BAI
    BAI 20 October 2017 10: 15 New
    No funding - no Maidan.
  6. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 20 October 2017 10: 23 New
    But the police and the National Guard do not let inside the revolution neither firewood, nor stoves, nor insulation for tents.
    As I always said ... strangling the Maidan is extremely simple. Do not let food inside, but those who want to go outside the perimeter "to see off to the bus ..." [6m27s]

  7. BAI
    BAI 20 October 2017 10: 25 New
    And why is the article still, at the same time, sitting in the "Politics" section?
  8. SevaNikolaev
    SevaNikolaev 20 October 2017 11: 10 New
    here after the Maidan jokes appear
    - Dity, A yak nation will sell both mats and tattoos for Chervonets .......
  9. iouris
    iouris 20 October 2017 15: 31 New
    So far, it is obvious that Poroshenko spent all of his efforts to use Saakashvili to solve some issues of strengthening the presidential branch of power, to dissolve the parliament at the right time and redistribute power in a narrow circle. Most likely, stabilization of the situation is needed for a short time before the onset of certain political events in the external political environment while conservative methods. In the future, before the collapse, the regime should force the APU to come into direct contact with the RF Armed Forces. The mildest version of the collapse of the regime is the flight to Hungary of areas claimed by Hungary.
    1. ilav50
      ilav50 21 October 2017 01: 15 New
      Foam always rises to the crest of the wave, but the Maidan as such is no longer needed, the very possibility of the Maidan scares this foam in the skin, but in general everything will be fine, no one said that everything at once. Fight and fight! and I wish you so ps war will not be
  10. ilav50
    ilav50 21 October 2017 01: 20 New
    svg and all autonomy
  11. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 21 October 2017 09: 19 New
    ... Well, the last. As a kiyan, I am pleased that there are no fellow countrymen among the next revolutionaries. Only such "dodgers" like me. The rest of this revolution to the great tom-tom. And I was still surprised at home why Vyshivanok is sitting on a bench and cracking fat with tsibule. He is a professional in revolutions ...

    Thank Okoloradsky, as always pleased! good There is only one question, do you write that it seems that there are no local-Kiev residents there, and then this, what kind of “maydanut” persons of retirement and pre-retirement age, who obviously did not come from Galitchina ??? For a complete revolutionary entourage, they only lack aluminum pots and garbage bins on their heads! lol
    Photo by RIA from 17.10.18. attach:
  12. xomaNN
    xomaNN 22 October 2017 17: 55 New
    Raging "pseudo-ideological" Makhnovists merged in 3 years request And the current oligarchs are in no hurry to invest heavily in the maydaunas. Is Americans interested in Trump? wassat
  13. Ace Tambourine
    Ace Tambourine 23 October 2017 06: 48 New
    Yeah .... not that non-Maidan went .... Navalny needs to be sent to Mishiko’s help, you look there and will stay, or bang ..
  14. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 23 October 2017 18: 43 New
    Paraphrasing Professor Preobrazhensky - "Maidan - he is in the minds". laughing

    If yelling, at least "Schaub ne vmerla ...“instead of working, there will be no progress. Actually, neither visa-free travel, nor association, nor sodomization will help here. am
  15. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 24 October 2017 14: 42 New
    Another "Anti-Maidan" style. There would be something on the topic of the site .....
  16. gm9019
    gm9019 24 October 2017 18: 36 New
    Thank you, Tarakasha, for a thorough analysis, for a lively interesting story, thank you for the photo and video!
    Take care, restless! Health to you!