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In the animal world: armed monkeys in Syria kill themselves

For more than six years of “glorious deeds” that terrorists have been doing in the Syrian Arab Republic, the militant field commanders have not learned how to properly use the human resource they have been given.

Radicals who imagined themselves to be lions defending the ideas of the Islamic caliphate are not capable of ensuring their own safety and the safety of their subordinates. The mindless actions of commanders give reason to compare them with other representatives of the fauna, which is more likely to hold a banana in his hand, rather than a grenade.

A resident of the village of Biret al-Jerd (Latakia province) Jumana Khmeira tells how in 2013, armed to the teeth primates came to her house. Jumana recalls with horror: “Terrorists fired several times at our village with mortars. 14 August 2013, one of the mines exploded next to my husband Ali Suleiman Genam. He died on the spot. " The woman says that the radicals hosted two weeks in Biret al-Djerd, after which extremists ousted the forces of the government from the village.

As Jumana tells, in order to intimidate the residents, the terrorists shot a lot, and as a result several of her fellow villagers were injured. Also, before the withdrawal, the militants mined the road, while a part of the Islamists, without receiving a command to withdraw, remained in the village. When the Syrian army came close, abandoned radicals were forced to undermine the mines laid by their fellow militants. A resident does not know why the field commander left some of her subordinates trapped. It is likely that the "suicide bombers" delayed the offensive of government forces.

This example is not the only one when terrorism is destroyed by the hands of its perpetrators. Frequent conflicts caused by the depressed state of extremists and inability to use weapons- quite frequent reasons when international evil kills itself. As a rule, self-destruction and "shooting" of associates occurs after a sufficient amount of alcohol is drunk or you manage to catch the buzz from the next portion of keptagon.

Nevertheless, the main non-combat losses of terrorists are the work of field commanders who make rash decisions. Indicative in this case are the incessant bickering between the tribes of ISIL and Dzhebhat-en-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation) in the north of the province of Hama.

Earlier, the igilovtsy took control of several localities (Abu-Laffi, Umm-Myal, Abu-El-Garr) near the city of Rahadzhana. Understanding the inevitability of retreat, nusrovtsy mined the roads, and also laid a lot of "surprises" in dilapidated buildings for ISIS. It is noteworthy in this situation that the abandonment of settlements was a temporary measure. According to information from social networks, several “Nusrov” gangs are formed in Idlib, which will squeeze igilovtsev from the captured area. In other words, additional difficulty for the impending offensive by the militants will be created by landmines and mines, which they recently laid with their own hands.

If we draw analogies with the animal world, it will become clear: the militants, who throw each other and themselves with grenades, are not much different from primates. In this situation, it only pleases that the military operation in Syria is coming to an end, and the humanoid animals from ISIS and Nusra will soon be recorded in an endangered species.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 21 October 2017 05: 57 New
    Lack of meaning - causes dullness of consciousness.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 October 2017 06: 24 New
    In this situation, it is only pleasing that the military operation in Syria is coming to an end, and the human-like animals from ISIS and Nusra will soon be recorded in an endangered form.

    ... how much grief and misfortune have these "primates" brought up with "green bananas" from the merikatosia?!? ... angry
  3. Stoler
    Stoler 21 October 2017 10: 14 New
    Unfortunately, while the monkeys are fed, they will not die out sad
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 21 October 2017 11: 42 New
      Quote: Stoler
      Unfortunately, while the monkeys are fed, they will not die out sad

      Somehow it's hard to argue. wink However, developing the idea, when they were feeding themselves, it was not necessary to recruit to the zoo (the national state fun), but to preserve the reserve, which, in general, Gaddafi did not cope badly. And now they’ll go to another territory where they feed bananas, they themselves will not be able to collect .... request
  4. eleronn
    eleronn 21 October 2017 10: 41 New
    What are the "field commanders" ?! What are the "fighters" ??? !!! Gangsters and Heads of Gangsters!
  5. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 21 October 2017 15: 03 New
    No need to insult monkeys with such comparisons. They will be offended, they will perform poorly in the circus.
  6. dDYHA
    dDYHA 21 October 2017 18: 25 New
    Something really very long fighting ends. Already three months have come to an end. And all do not fit.