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Falcons of Russia at the air base in Krymsk

An interesting event happened with us the other day. In connection with the holding of the International Festival of Youth, it suddenly became clear that the performance of the aerobatic team Falcons of Russia is planned over the city of Sochi.

And what is even more interesting, the performance will be on local machines, to hold a rehearsal on which flyers arrived in advance. Is it possible to miss this? no case.

So we transfer the fifth point to one of the airfields of the 4-th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense in the city of Krymsk, where on this day the usual scheduled flights

In the parking lot, an ordinary preflight routine. (By the way, for fans of pokleit planes airplanes: it is this 51 that the Zvezda releases on the 72 scale)

Take off a pair.

But not all as usual. Pilots of the aerobatic team are preparing for departure

Something like a warm-up before taking a seat in the cabin. Still, overloads are not quite regular.

The band is not located in the best way for midday shooting - perpendicular to the movement of the sun in the sky. Well, fortunately, it’s hard to spoil such handsome men with an unsuccessful light)

Let's go!

Passage from the chassis

The group consists of three Su-30М2 and one Su-27СМ

Air battle

Single aerobatics Su-30M2

Moon in exhaust

Lower passages

... and landing

A small duck brood basking in the sun

Time to go home. And the flights continue ....

Pilotage performed by Sokolov as always captures, and the weather did not let us down this time. By the way, for some reason I noted such a pattern: with the weather when shooting Sokolov, I’m almost always lucky, in contrast to the Strizhes for example.
The performance in Sochi was already postponed due to the weather. Let's hope that it will take place.

Well, the bonus is a small video of its own production:

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