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Crete today or once they worshiped a bull ...

And now your attention, dear visitors of the VO website, will be offered a story about what it is - Crete of today. It is clear that from the ancient Minoans there remained only the ruins of ancient palaces and museums. However, if you are seduced by the stories about Crete’s past, decide to go there today (of course, the “Krymnash” is great, but it will remain forever now, while the “abroad” can at any moment be covered with a “copper basin”). him history with my own eyes, some information of the person who was there, you will not interfere. And my daughter Svetlana literally just visited there, and here is her story in my literary work ...

You swim from the sea to the island of Crete and the first thing ... you are met by some Venetian fortress. Which is not surprising, since the Venetians owned the island from 1204 to 1669 year!

To begin with, when to go to Crete. In the summer there, as in Cyprus, is very hot, so those who have heart problems, it is best to go in August and September. The sea is warm - 24-25 degrees, and the same in the air. True, warm to 17.00. Then a cool breeze starts blowing and you need to wear something on top of a t-shirt. On the southern side of the island, naturally (beyond the mountains), is warmer than on the north. Palm trees are even growing in the south, and it was there, and not on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that they used to shoot the familiar “Bounty” advertisement “Paradise delight”.

And there are many different fortresses there. Lots of! So a lover of medieval defense architecture go there to write a book about the fortresses of Crete for the English publishing house Osprey. If you take - the trip will pay off completely!

There is, however, one problem. Local people by this time already "tired" from the influx of tourists. This may affect the menu in the restaurant of your hotel (it may not be as diverse as in July), but here everyone chooses himself.

That's just with the shadow there is bad. Therefore, walking on hot stones, when there is not a cloud in the sky, it is just hot.

Well, the “little things” of staying abroad are well-known to everyone: the hotel should be left with one euro of a maid (some of our tourists even boast of not leaving, but then for some reason wondering why Russians don't like it anywhere), leave a trifle with a ticket for the bus driver (and do not pick it up when leaving, if the driver is looking the other way at that time!), in a word, behave as befits. Here you can be drunk in an inappropriate way! This is normal. So the Germans and the British drink, and then they brag about how well they rested on Crete - well, God help them!

Although many of the fortress preserved very well! This one, for example. Gates, anyway.

Then you need to imagine that no one there is particularly eager to deceive you (as some imagine it). The most important "cheater" there will be ... your own tour operator, which will bring you to Cyprus. After all, he is Russian! So, the very next day after arrival you will be offered a package of excursions around the island "from the firm" and you ... in no case should not be allowed to persuade yourself and agree on their prices. Because the price of a tour of “our” operator will be 65 euros, but if you leave the hotel and walk through the city, you will easily find a travel agency where this same tour will cost ... 35! And with a Russian guide, mind you! Not all, of course, speak Russian. But there you do not need, go ahead. Finally you found what you need and ... bargain! For some reason, our people believe that if they care about their money, they will think about it, that they are poor, and that is embarrassing. So - it's not shame to be economical, it's a shame to be a fool and overpay where you can not overpay. Bargain, call the price in 25, and then you will be told: “Okay, neither you nor us - 26!” But where it’s not necessary to save - you don’t need to save! One euro per maid. You will not enrich!

And this gate too ...

Crete itself is a place ... where people, firstly, practically don’t work (and if they work, they don’t work), and secondly, where no one is in a hurry! Like you, for example, this is the schedule: Monday is “a hard day,” so everyone only works until 14.00. On Tuesday, they work full time. But from 14.00 to 17.00 siesta, so everything is closed both at this time, and the employees are “refining” later. On Wednesday - "this is the middle of the week" all work again until 14.00. Thursday and Friday are “full working days”, and on Saturday - again until 14.00. Well, Sunday - 100% output, you do not buy water in Heraklion, that's how! Of course, this rule is valid everywhere except in the tourist area. There is a cafe that works on Sundays. But they are full, because they are few !!! And where the Cretans themselves actually live, the above rule is strictly followed. And we are talking about a crisis in Greece, huge debts, “impoverishment of the masses”. In fact, as they "worked in Greek", so they work - that's what.

And this is the gate in the wall surrounding the capital of Crete Heraklion! Impressive, isn't it?

Well, those who are not working ... spend time in a cafe. The impression is, by the way, that the entire population of the island spend time there. Sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and ... slumber (those who are older), communicate (those who are a little younger), and discuss football (young). Sit and men and women. Right on the street. In Paris, too, both in Prague and Meissen ... but there, mostly foreigners are sitting in these street cafes. They join, so to speak, traditions. Here - sit local.

Another gate in this wall. The thickness of its 6-8 meters. In some places next to it lie the stone cores, which they shot at her. So they are like an elephant's pellet!

Russians are treated very well. One local said that he was a communist, and in confirmation showed a red tattoo in the shape of a star and a sickle with a hammer on his left wrist. He said that he loved Che Guevara, he loved the USSR, he loved the Russians, and for some reason, for some reason, Bandera Rosa sang - Avanti popolo, Alla riscomes ... My daughter picked up and ... received the goods with a big discount! So before the trip it makes sense to recall the repertoire of old revolutionary songs. Suddenly you will also meet this uncle, and you will be able to recognize him by the tattoo on his left hand!

The little churches in Crete are mostly like that. And they hang state flags. Interestingly, and on our churches, they also appear someday?

How to relax? As you like, of course, especially if you have “all-inclusive”, but remember - here, unlike in Spain, there is no set of “with you” (“picnic”) instead of lunch. Your lunch is missing due to the fact that you were late for it - these are your difficulties! In any case, try to take the car and drive it. Then it will be the most exciting adventure in your life. This is riding on a mountain serpentine among olive groves, and the species, one more beautiful than the other. And then you will be able to go down to a small cozy cove with pure white sand, where nobody except you is there and ... swim in whatever mother gave birth to and just simply forget about civilization.

But this car, on which my daughter has traveled, well, not all of Crete, is an exaggeration, but a significant part of it, both in the north and in the south. It is convenient to ride on such.

Car rental - subcompact, of course, and it is on such cars that all local and most of the tourists drive Crete (if you see a huge and expensive car, in 99% of cases, the driver will be Russian, and not the richest!) - 30- 35 euro per day, but this is with insurance for the full category. But without gasoline. And he is on the island dear - 1,5 euro. Therefore, the love of small car is understandable. As for local farmers, they drive small Japanese trucks. At the double open car of my daughter in Crete, I met only ... a Negro from the USA, whom she and her husband had to ask for the way in the mountains! Not a single Greek would hire such a car even under the threat of being shot. You can only rent a car if you are eligible for more than four years. Will give and in the event that your driving experience is less. But without insurance. From the word "absolutely." So think about your possibilities. On the other hand, and especially not to be afraid. After all, Crete is an island where no one is in a hurry. That is, on the highway you can easily meet cars with locals, trailing at a speed of 40 km / h. Speed ​​60 km / h - this is a fast ride. And with the speed of 90 km / h only one "crazy Russian" drive. The fact that “they (that is, we) go wrong” is known to all Greeks, and it is a real pleasure for them to communicate with such reckless people at rental offices. "Well, now and it will be impossible to drink!" - It was expressed some regret at checkout. And the answer was: “Why not? A small glass of brandy can be! ”Such here in Crete ...“ rules on the roads. ”

The streets in Heraklion are like this, although not all. I do not like “tourist photos” with sweaty bodies on the beach and photos like “me and the bush”, “me and a piece of the old house” (there are many faces and very few houses, you could not go anywhere to remove the corner of the house from peeling stonework!), but in this case this man is standing here for scale. Growth in it 1.80 m.

There is one more important circumstance. We used to ride on signs. There are practically no signs on the roads. That is, of course, there is, but very little. Therefore, getting lost and “not turning there” is easier than the easy one. Therefore, it is necessary to drive either on the road map, or on the navigator. Otherwise ... otherwise you will just stray! And there is no guarantee that you will also meet an English-speaking Negro who is captivated by your fellow traveler - a blonde in a wide-brimmed straw hat, sunglasses and a dress spreading in pineapples.

But if you are not a driver, you should not be upset either. Crete has an excellent bus service. Only in Heraklion there are three bus stations, from which you can reach any point of the island. But the city is also driven by double-decker English tourist buses. I sat down, paid 16 euros, and they will take you all over the city and they will show it all. And it is especially interesting to look at ... the huge fortress wall of Heraklion, which surrounds the city from all sides. In its wall niches there are small museums, and in general this in itself is something ... It is also easy to get to the ruins of the Palace of Knossos. The place is beautiful! Stone placers on the background of pines and mountains, turning blue in the distance. If everything was the same here during the Minoans, it is not surprising that they lived here for thousands of years and even the Achaeans did not raise a hand to destroy this palace. It is clear that the palace is a remake (there are no photos of it here, since they were all given in previous materials). It is clear that in his small rooms, illuminated from above by light wells, only copies of ancient frescoes hang, and also finished in places where they have not been preserved. And at UNESCO, the Greeks are being scolded for all this. But ... but here you seem to be transferred to “that time,” and looking into the dungeon, you constantly expect a terrible Minotaur to jump out.

Then you can walk around the city itself. Look at the Venetian fountains (still working!), Ancient churches and mosques next to them, wander through very narrow streets. By the way, at the same time, you can also increase your appetite. Because the smells from behind the walls of these medieval houses are still those. Cretan cuisine is very spicy, spicy and ... expensive. You can have breakfast in a cafe for 3-5 euros, but if you want to choose something local, mouzaka, for example, one dish will pass you already in 10-12 euros, but a real fresh lobster (live will bring and show how he moves claws, then taken to the kitchen!), coated with any food on a platter - already in 80! So, on Crete, rest can be very budget, much cheaper than in our south, including flights (!!!), and very expensive.

Finds there at every turn. You go, you go - and here, against the background of a house of cast concrete, this Venetian fountain stands and works!

A very interesting service is the “trip on a yacht”. Yachts are different and operators, luring tourists to them, say something like this: “Our yacht today is 35 euro, but this one is tomorrow by 25. But why do you need tomorrow when you can today! ”In principle, you can also take 25 ... then your“ company ”in 5-6 will be rolled on the open sea, taken to a chic beach in a secluded bay for a swim, and even fed with delicious, immediately cooked meat , the freshest fruit, and they will drink from a large cauldron of ice with local rakia - I don’t want to drink. Europeans-tourists - they require some mineral water, they say, “it’s not over yet”, well, and ours are right to the cauldron - that it’s day and night, the difference is not great!

But this is just a mountain covered with bushes ... Just Crete and that's it!

So this is also entertainment (besides all the others!) And very pleasant, but it is best not to get into pitching after all these tastings. By the way, Cyprus is very tasty honey. And what is interesting is that in Abkhazia we also see everywhere announcements: “mountain honey”, “mountain honey”, but for some reason, the hives are nowhere to be seen. In Crete, especially when you go to the mountains, beehives are at every turn.

By the way, there is simply nothing to bring from Crete as memorable souvenirs. Of course, there is enough of “antique shit” there, but everything is so coarse ... bl-r! There is good soap in olive oil, there is good chocolate (in olive oil - a joke!), There is Metaks cognac (who likes it), there is brandy and anise vodka (this is generally ... who oh-oh-ry like it!), There is olive butter. And so - everything!

And here at every step there are olive trees, a gift from Athena Pallas. And the rule is this: do not buy olive oil in the tourist area! If you have a car, then go somewhere in the mountains, far away, to the village, and there immediately buy a can of liters for five not less. This will be the most authentic Cretan olive oil and the best memory of the island of Crete. Perhaps this is all!

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  1. Amurets
    Amurets 27 October 2017 06: 40 New
    Finally you find what you need and ... bargain! For some reason, our people believe that if they care about their money, then they will think about them that they are poor, and this is a shame. So - it’s not a shame to be economical, it’s a shame to be a fool and overpay where you can not overpay.

    Correctly. The Chinese accustomed the Far East to this. There is nothing shameful in this, but you can overpay a lot.
    "Finally, you have found what you need and ... bargain! For some reason, our people think that if they care about their money, they will think about them that they are poor, and that’s embarrassing. So - being economical is not embarrassing, embarrassing be a fool and overpay where you can’t overpay. "
    Patricia Grasso on the Oriental Bazaar.
    “Will you teach me how to fool the merchants?” Mihrima was visibly embarrassed.
    - I do not understand what you mean.
    “I want to learn how to get around the merchants, as you did today. Khalid choked on a chuckle.
    A very interesting service is a "trip on a yacht." The yachts are different and the operators, attracting tourists to them, say something like this: “Our yacht today is at 35 euros, but that one is tomorrow at 25. But why do you need tomorrow, when you can today!” In principle, it’s possible for 25 ... then your "company" of 5-6 people will ride in the open sea, taken to a gorgeous beach in a secluded bay to swim,
    And not to fall into similar situations I remembered reading somewhere, on one tavern there was an announcement: "Today for money, and tomorrow for it." The success at the tavern was deafening. But I had to pay today.
    Thanks again, especially for how to spend your holidays there and for the photos.
  2. Avenich
    Avenich 27 October 2017 06: 50 New
    I have been to Crete twice. Beautiful island. By the way, about the "abduction of Europe", with the permission of the author, I will add one more modern interpretation of such a popular plot. This sculpture is also in Crete, on the promenade of the town of Agios Nikalaos.
  3. ICT
    ICT 27 October 2017 07: 44 New
    somewhere in the same place
    1. kalibr
      27 October 2017 07: 56 New
      I liked the Greek blond woman!
      1. XII Legion
        XII Legion 27 October 2017 08: 13 New
        Yes, the girl is super!
  4. XII Legion
    XII Legion 27 October 2017 07: 48 New
    I was not in Crete
    Thanks for the interesting tour!
    1. kalibr
      27 October 2017 07: 59 New
      So still you will visit! It's worth it! In September - this is 22.000 p. per person "all inclusive" with a flight for 10 days. True, the "voucher is burning," and the wine at the 3 hotel is bad. But ... go to the mountains in the village, try and buy ... charm.
      1. XII Legion
        XII Legion 27 October 2017 08: 12 New
        Thank you for your suggestions and recommendations. hi
  5. Rotmistr
    Rotmistr 27 October 2017 08: 10 New
    at every step are olive trees, a gift from Athena Pallas

    No wonder she won an argument with Poseidon
    ATP to the author
  6. ruskih
    ruskih 27 October 2017 09: 28 New
    Wonderful trip, thanks! love
  7. Eight
    Eight 27 October 2017 10: 08 New
    "Car rental - a small car, of course, namely, all the locals and most of the tourists drive in Crete (if you see a large and expensive car, in 99% of cases it will be Russian, and not the richest one!) - costs 30 -35 euros per day, but this is with full insurance. "
    There are also nuances here. You can rent a car at Hertz or Avis, or at a local branch such as Rental Center Crete. Prices will differ significantly. In addition, they can rent a motorcycle and even a scooter. If you know how to ride them - interesting enough.
    Yes, the season also affects rental prices.
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 27 October 2017 23: 51 New
      Again there are nuances. No Russian travel company will take responsibility for your insurance if you rent a quadric, scooter or motorcycle, much less in Greece.
  8. OAV09081974
    OAV09081974 27 October 2017 11: 44 New
    Wonderful places.
    Crete is the second (in addition to Spain) case in world history when it was possible to conquer territories from the Arabs. Reconquista - then Byzantine. Several Cretan expeditions (911, 949, 960, 964-65), in which the Rus participated. In 949, the Russian ships immediately 7.
    Places of military glory of the Greeks and Russian.
    Thanks to the author for a richly illustrated and informative series of articles, valuable practical recommendations (applied to today's article).
    When history touches modern reality, it’s beautiful hi
  9. Mikado
    Mikado 27 October 2017 13: 09 New
    oh, Svetlana tried, thanks to her for the photo! good
    there is Metax brandy (who likes it), there is rakia and anise vodka (it's generally ... who likes it soooooo!)

    here he somehow remembered the phrase from Pikulevsky's “To each his own” - they say, Moreau drank vodka-aguardient in Spanish taverns and ate peasant poulero soup. I have a customer who constantly travels to Italy and Spain. Well, and somehow in a conversation I mentioned this vodka. In less than a month, she is on the verge: "Nikolay, here they say, to you!" love I am like this: "Yes, Elena Ivanovna, yes, right, it wasn’t worth it ..." what in general, I took it, and thank her very much for that! I tried .. well, how to say .. like vodka, but the taste and smell resemble cognac. Personally, I can’t drink a lot .. what For an amateur! request to each his own! drinks
    1. Eight
      Eight 27 October 2017 13: 18 New
      If the taste and smell resemble cognac, it is most likely a nut - a Galician type of aguardiente, made from pressed grapes. That is, an alcoholic drink based on, like cognac, grape spirit, but from waste. Then it is aged, like cognac, in oak barrels. Hence the similarities.
      In general, a wide variety of raw materials can be used as the basis for the production of aguardiente, and therefore, in a sense, this drink can be compared with moonshine. Aguardiente can be made from pressed grape berries (the juice of which went to grape wine), grape meal, various fruits (oranges, bananas), crops (millet, rice, barley), vegetables (beets, cassava or potatoes), sugar cane and even some varieties of bamboo.
      The recipe is relatively straightforward and consists of the stages of wort fermentation, subsequent distillation and, in some cases, even aging (noticeably softens the taste, but increases the price) in oak barrels.
      1. Mikado
        Mikado 27 October 2017 13: 24 New
        It was written - aguardiente. Compared to what my co-worker brewed moonshine .. winked and what fat did .. mmm .. winked Bullshit, in short. drinks
        1. Eight
          Eight 27 October 2017 13: 38 New
          It's all for everybody. Once upon a time at Mercier they gave me a bottle of grape, which has not been known for how many years, a bottle in a cobweb, to use by dropping into an eye with a pipette. The three of us and my brothers drank this bottle (1l) for a week. Finished out of principle.
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 27 October 2017 13: 51 New
            Finished out of principle.

            drank up, sir, digging in? belay
            1. Eight
              Eight 27 October 2017 13: 56 New
              Seriously, what brought the French to ecstasy was, to our taste, a classic dental elixir of the 60s of the last century, which I was forced to use as a child.
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 27 October 2017 14: 00 New
                Seriously, what brought the French to ecstasy was, to our taste, a classic dental elixir of the 60s of the last century, which I was forced to use as a child.

                non-Russians, what to take from them! am they eat frogs, and do not eat brains and black bread belay it is tempting - in the USSR there was an opportunity to accustom you to high drinks, but you, sir, apparently, in your infancy, did not realize that if you drip quietly from the grandfather of grandfather’s moonshine into a tooth elixir, then you will get grape, which has not been known for how many years. wink drinks
                1. Eight
                  Eight 27 October 2017 14: 11 New
                  Yes, I grew up with my grandmother, my grandfather died in 1938. And the production of moonshine in those years was very fraught. The state strictly guarded its monopoly.
                  By the way, under yesterday’s article, Caliber and I argue about the merits of a British historical school. Join now.
                  And more about the brains that the French eat. Remember, in Gogol, in “Dead Souls” Sobakevich Chichikov treats him with a “nanny”. A nanny is being prepared from a lamb stomach, which is stuffed with buckwheat porridge, as well as meat from the head, legs and lamb brains.
                  1. Mikado
                    Mikado 27 October 2017 14: 32 New
                    A nanny is being prepared from a lamb stomach, which is stuffed with buckwheat porridge, as well as meat from the head, legs and lamb brains.

                    Yes, I remember the nanny, as well as the opinion of Sobakevich about her. To each his own, one more time. I'm afraid to get into your argument about scientists, because I consider myself an amateur in this. hi
                    in general, my favorite moment of describing cooking is in the “Missing Letter”, where my grandfather is trying to eat with the devils. laughing
                    1. Eight
                      Eight 27 October 2017 14: 34 New
                      Yes, I am also so, to refresh the mental apparatus.
                  2. kalibr
                    27 October 2017 15: 51 New
                    I still eat brains: chickens, ducks, rabbits, nutria, rams and cows. Pork-no. And fried in breadcrumbs, and fried in batter, and cutlets from the brain. What Gogol was eating, then we can! And do not argue about the British school. I have a doctoral theme “English-language historiography of knightly armament” of 560 pages. There is little that I wouldn’t know in this area, and I talked with both Terbul and Nikol. I will not give the cover of a monograph published in Germany, and then in Russia, okay?
                    1. Eight
                      Eight 27 October 2017 16: 32 New
                      So are we arguing about a British historical school in general or about British historians in the field of knight armament? These, as they say in Odessa, are two big differences.
                      1. Mikado
                        Mikado 27 October 2017 16: 40 New
                        argue about cooking better. laughing then Mordvin will come, connect. drinks
                      2. kalibr
                        27 October 2017 18: 19 New
                        British historians of knightly armament is a particular of the general, of course. But I am also familiar with the works of David Fletcher "on tanks" and a number of other, broader plans. In particular, according to medieval times in general, the history of Japan. And in general, wherever you look, it is their work that determines a lot. And the quality as a whole is not comparable!
                  3. hohol95
                    hohol95 27 October 2017 16: 27 New
                    Good RECEPT ...
                    Dead souls were on the program, but the "collapse" was already beginning - 1991-1993 and I DO NOT REMEMBER this recipe - I DID NOT READ this work!
  10. Des10
    Des10 27 October 2017 13: 42 New
    Yeah ...
    Thank you, I directly touched the Cretan attitude.
    Dream. )
  11. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 27 October 2017 14: 29 New
    Carpet rental wink
    Thanks for the articles.
    Nice, easy to read.
    Without bending under an idea (somehow somewhere)
    Sense and pictures - to the place
    There was once at home a brandy - Bulgarian. He left a little unfinished and the bottle cap open. It evaporated at the moment - and the fragrance was like in the garden. Our cognac will stand for a year - it will not evaporate
    Life article
    Traveled good
  12. hohol95
    hohol95 27 October 2017 14: 47 New
    As a person who has never traveled outside the homeland, I have a question - ONE EURO DAY or ...?
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 27 October 2017 15: 18 New
      and for triplets you will still sing and dance! wink drinks
      By the way, about the "glasses at the wheel" (which I do not advise anyone, of course! stop ) In the Dominican Republic, a Russian guide told us how she was initially shocked by bus drivers. Here, this black man is riding, which means that right in motion he takes out a glass and a bottle of rum from the armrest, clap a quarter cup - and goes on! laughing and they ... it's okay! Moreover, they have three main traffic violations - they don’t fasten their seatbelt, talk on their cell phones and, if you are a motorcyclist, if they don’t have a helmet. request
      1. kalibr
        27 October 2017 16: 03 New
        That's why they are blacks! Mine in Crete at the wheel also did not drink, of course. But they could ...
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 27 October 2017 16: 13 New
          blacks there are exactly those Negrosthat work on reed plantations. Often - migrant workers from Haiti (there is generally darkness, they say). Three tons are paid per ton of reed. The Negro’s daily output should be three tons. At least that's what they told us. hi
      2. hohol95
        hohol95 27 October 2017 16: 30 New
        Laughter - IT'S HUMOR! So ONE EURO for - WHAT ??? Day? Or is it ALL STAY?
    2. kalibr
      27 October 2017 16: 02 New
      What is the question ... did not understand? Well, one euro, so what? This year, a pensioner and a pensioner (from different cities) were traveling with me on the bus, my peers receiving a pension of 7 thousand rubles. + 800 "alms" from But ... saved up and let's go! Taking advantage of the fact that everyone is in a hurry at the hotel during breakfast in the morning, and the buffet is very rich, they gathered with them sandwiches, and grilled sausages and orcs with raisins. Then I look, they sit on a bench and have a bite. Like so many! But they sit and have a snack in Brno, and in Dresden.
      1. hohol95
        hohol95 27 October 2017 16: 36 New
        1. Days
          Days 27 October 2017 17: 19 New
          When you cross, then you can give. But in general I hear about 1 euro per day for the first time. But in a cafe, if you tip the coins in advance into a jar on the bar, then they will be much more friendly.
        2. Eight
          Eight 27 October 2017 17: 29 New
          Tipping - the amount of money voluntarily given to the maintenance staff of hotels, catering establishments, hairdressers, taxi drivers, etc., over and above the bill - “for tea”. Tips are paid according to tradition and make up a significant (and sometimes the main) part of the personnel income. However, in many institutions, staff are required to take all tips to the administration. By definition, staff cannot be asked to tip or ask to be paid more than the guest (visitor) decided. Nevertheless, in some cases, refusal to tip or “forgetfulness” of a guest in this regard is regarded as a violation of etiquette or even as unethical behavior.
          Great Britain is considered the "homeland" of tips: it was here that at the beginning of the XNUMXth century receptions were arranged in gardens with tea. And to rush the waiters, the English ladies and gentlemen gave them a coin "to insure prompt" - "for quick service." In the future, this phrase in English was reduced to the abbreviation "tip", which is still used today.
          In resort towns in the south of France, there are institutions where the waiters do not receive a salary at all, but live solely on the "donations" of tourists.
          In general, on the tip culture, you can write an article.
        3. 3x3zsave
          3x3zsave 28 October 2017 00: 08 New
          Alexei, really, you can not give anything at all. There are generally accepted standards, but you are not required to comply with them. It all depends on your personal impressions of the hotel.
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 28 October 2017 13: 01 New
            Anton, tip culture - yes, you can not match. It is customary to give, as far as I remember, when visiting a restaurant, 10% of the amount eaten. Some restaurants immediately write in the bill these 10%, as a service, as a separate item. In my experience: when I was in the Dominican Republic, we were warned that all sorts of mulattos and blacks who work as porters and delivery drivers across the vast territory of the hotel complex should be given some, otherwise he will not drop your bags, but will drop it (conditionally ) Everyone loves money there, and for everything. We arrived, we wanted a better room (in fact, we went to scandal, because the number given to us was with fallen ceiling panels). We went to the reception, and with the manager, a cunning mulatto, sooooo much like Barack Husseinovich Obama personally, distorting the English-German speech, we agreed for $ 100 to move us to the ocean. By the way, in that new building everything was given to the Americans! With the exception of one couple living in our Vsevolozhsk. wink Separately, it should be said about the nasty beach merchants. A Negro (or mulatto) comes to meet you, carries his bag with all sorts of trifles, tinsel, amulets, all other rubbish. Immediately to you. He holds out a black idol cut from a tree on a rope right away - this, they say, is already for you! (trick, taught to lure in sales training, it’s more difficult to refuse). I called these idols "kukumba" (from the English "cucumber"), and we had five or six of them accumulated at the end of the trip. It is clear that you didn’t choose anything from all his tinsel, but again, a sense of conscience forces me to give this Negro at least a little. request but then he gave away these "kukumb"! laughing drinks
            1. 3x3zsave
              3x3zsave 29 October 2017 20: 25 New
              Nikolay, my deep inner conviction that gratuities are voluntary, and the desire to leave them is created by the atmosphere of the place and the friendliness of the host country. In Catalonia, he left about 200 euro tips per circle. On Rhodes, he left in only three places, including a small cafe in the center of the island (they were very welcoming). In St. Petersburg - everything is clear, both they will service and be rewarded, from 0 to 200 rubles.
        4. kalibr
          28 October 2017 07: 58 New
  13. Days
    Days 27 October 2017 17: 23 New
    Crete - directly spilled Cyprus. Not for nothing that the author sealed once, calling Crete Cyprus.

    Only Cyprus is slightly larger in area and population, and in terms of multiculturalism.

    Well, there are much more Russian-speakers in Cyprus, there are Russian shops everywhere, often there are inscriptions in three languages ​​- English, Greek and Russian, and Greek Cypriots specially learn our language.
    1. kalibr
      27 October 2017 18: 22 New
      An article on Cyprus will also be already being written ...
    2. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 28 October 2017 00: 10 New
      So, damn it, offshore! Topics and grow!
  14. serge siberian
    serge siberian 27 October 2017 18: 30 New
    Pleasant and informative. Thanks to the author. Capacitively and introductory. wink yes But it is only a dream and a joy for others.
  15. Eight
    Eight 28 October 2017 01: 21 New
    Yes, Anglomania, the thing is quite old, and not only Russian. Prussia, and she suffered from this hobby.
    1. kalibr
      28 October 2017 07: 56 New
      In journalism, the main thing is to have interesting sources of information (and in science too!). And it’s best to work as a switchman - from there the most interesting thing is here, from here to there. This practice has never failed me. It is used by other authors of VO. Neither Poland, nor Germany, nor even the USA give such opportunities as England. And it would be strange not to use this circumstance, would it? This is, firstly, and secondly, under the Pareto law, national property is usually divided in the proportion of 80 and 20. That is, 20% of the population have 80% of wealth. It is clear that there is Burundi, where 99% and 1%. But on average ... And only in England, this figure is 70 and 30. And that is a huge difference. This says that their ruling elite is smarter than in other countries, but the people are also smarter and significant. And with whom should one communicate and from whom should one learn first? Smart and healthy, not stupid and sick. And here is Anglo-Mania? The usual sober calculation!
      1. Eight
        Eight 28 October 2017 13: 38 New
        "And only in England, this figure is 70 and 30."
        In relation to the division of the "national treasure" this is called the Gini coefficient.
        In Great Britain he is really one of the "best" in the world - 35. However, in Germany he is 30, and in Denmark in general 25.

        As you can see, Britain is not in the first place in the distribution of national wealth.
        This says that their ruling elite is smarter than in other countries, but the people are also smarter and significant.
        While in England, I did not communicate with the queen, of course, but I had to communicate with serious enough people. The British people are interesting and peculiar, but I did not see any differences in terms of "intelligence and ingenuity."
        However, if you are comfortable and productively working precisely with English historiography - what could be the objection. The main thing is to be productive.
  16. kalibr
    28 October 2017 15: 30 New
    Quote: Eight
    While in England, I did not communicate with the queen, of course, but I had to communicate with serious enough people. The British people are interesting and peculiar, but I did not see any differences in terms of "intelligence and ingenuity."

    I haven’t been there, but in letters, by phone and on the Internet I communicate with many there. These are curators of museums, scientific historians. Magazine editors. I don’t know others, I can’t say anything. These are very worthy people.
    1. Eight
      Eight 28 October 2017 18: 03 New
      "These are curators of museums, scientific historians. Editors of magazines." In England, I communicated with the techies, but in France, I had a chance to communicate with museum workers and historians. Believe me, in France these are also worthy people! And how we talked! Nice to remember!
      1. kalibr
        28 October 2017 19: 00 New
        I believe. Willingly I believe. But I do not know French and German. Therefore, for me they are "tabua rasa."
  17. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 29 October 2017 11: 50 New
    "Crete itself is a place ... where people, first of all, practically do not work (and if they work, then a little)," ///

    Almost all of Greece (at least - island, tourist) - so.
    Season - 7-8 months. Then almost all restaurants, hotels are closed. And all the waiters, workers
    hotels sit on unemployment benefits.
    I once arrived in Rhodes a long time ago in late March and early April. He rented an apartment. I almost died of starvation:
    restaurants, cafes, foodstuffs are closed. Fortunately, I found a small hotel where the British “off-season” were taken.
    I ate there.

    But in Rhodes there is no cardiologist. They do not have heart attacks. Do not worry about anything. fellow
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 29 October 2017 20: 12 New
      Good afternoon, Alex! That is, my impression of the Greeks: "they are greedy and lazy" is not alone? And this national feature is not a consequence of the economic pit? Was in Rhodes in the 15th.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 29 October 2017 23: 16 New
        About the "greedy" - I did not get that impression. About the "lazy" - perhaps yes.
        I easily tip, smile, relationships are getting better right away.
        And I love Greece, for an inexpensive relaxing holiday - that's it.