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The engine for IL-112В opens up new opportunities for the Salyut plant

On Thursday, tests of the new Russian engine TV7-117CT, currently installed on the IL-76 flying laboratory and designed specifically for the Il-112В light aircraft, began PolitRussia with reference to the channel "Star".

The engine for IL-112В opens up new opportunities for the Salyut plant

The TV7-117CT gas turbine engine is rightly regarded as one of the advantages of the new aircraft. The power of the new engine will be 3000 horsepower at maximum take-off mode.

The assembly of the engine is carried out at the Moscow machine-building enterprise them. Chernyshev, and the Moscow engine-building plant "Salyut" is one of the main suppliers of components for the engine.

“For TV7-117CT, the Salute produces oil system aggregates (by now, seven sets have already been delivered), in the future, production of all the parts from which the engine will be fully assembled at Chernyshevsky MMP”.

According to the general director of the enterprise Vitaly Klochkov, “these works are planned for the next year, in the future, and a new level of production will be achieved, which will ensure stable development and open up new opportunities for the plant.” Earlier, developers have announced that they plan to master the technique of 3D-printing.

Уже сейчас «Салют» является одним из лидеров по производству aviation двигателей и комплектующих – «на одном только МиГ-25 и его модификациях установлено больше 20 мировых рекордов, большая часть которых до сих пор никем не побита», отмечает издание.

Perhaps, the plant’s main pride is the AL-31F turbojet engine, “for more than thirty years now, allowing Russian pilots to literally violate all the laws of gravity,” the article says. And now the company hopes that the new TV7-117CT engine will also be able to become the hallmark of the plant.
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  1. IL-18
    IL-18 19 October 2017 14: 02 New
    This is a blow under the breath for Motorsich, Antonov Design Bureau, Kharkov Aircraft Plant. Although, the independence is to blame.
    1. maxim947
      maxim947 19 October 2017 14: 51 New
      An improved version of the TV7-117CM, Developed since 2014 by the Klimov company[i] [/ i] judging by the timing, and given the complexity, the work is going on quite energetically.)
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 19 October 2017 14: 07 New
    Just for starters, they first need to be done for their needs, and not driven for sale over a hill!
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 19 October 2017 14: 18 New
      When there will be airplanes with our engines, then we will say what our fellows are.
      There are too many conversations, promises ... in fact, I don’t want to say sales, in which or in what place we are !!! And this is after what the USSR did / produced !!!
  3. Rash
    Rash 19 October 2017 14: 20 New
    Perhaps the main pride of the plant is the AL-31F turbojet engine

    In fact, these engines were collected all their lives at UMPO in Ufa. hi
    About the products of the plant can be found here:
  4. Kurare
    Kurare 19 October 2017 14: 38 New
    The TV7-117 engine is a backlog of the Soviet era. One can and should be proud of this and the fact that now almost all of it is produced in Russia and on Russian components.

    And now you need to bring it to the level of world standards in terms of service life and fuel consumption. This has always been a problem. After all, this engine is also needed for IL-114. And commercial organizations need an economical and durable engine.
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 19 October 2017 16: 59 New
    On this engine there were problems on a resource ... very small.
  6. Guillon
    Guillon 20 October 2017 08: 28 New
    We have long needed a modern, economical and with a long resource new engine, even for domestic consumption! Not all comrades at once, not all ... hi