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Training of personnel for the winter period has begun in the Central Military District

In the Central Military District, preparations began for the military for the winter period, reports RIA News message of the press service of the Central Military District.

In the military units and formations of the Central Military District began active training of personnel for the winter period. In medical facilities, military personnel are vaccinated to prevent the seasonal incidence of influenza. For these purposes, hospitals were replenished with more than 100 thousands of doses of vaccines,
says release.

Some changes have occurred in the menu of military personnel.

According to the press service, the diet "added more calorie foods, which compensate for vitamin deficiencies, enhance immunity and help the body quickly adapt to the winter period." Among them are canned vegetables, lard and fish dishes.

In addition, heating stations will be deployed at training grounds during training, where hot tea, bread, lard, onions and garlic will be provided to servicemen.
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  1. klaus16
    klaus16 19 October 2017 10: 33 New
    They will give out hats, and it’s cold to the ears.
    1. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 19 October 2017 10: 59 New
      Will give) and woolen cools)
      1. klaus16
        klaus16 19 October 2017 11: 01 New
        it will be warm for the boys)))
  2. Glory1974
    Glory1974 19 October 2017 20: 46 New
    The military will be provided with hot tea, bread, lard, onions and garlic.

    And Muslim soldiers will also give fat? belay
    1. Alex 2016
      Alex 2016 20 October 2017 10: 38 New
      Of course! There will be truth at night and under the roof. Whatever Allah sees. Repeatedly encountered this). Guys like prayers and prayers kept, and they ate fat.