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Escalating the cold war?

The Russian Ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, announced an increase in Russophobic attitudes in Swedish society. He wrote about this in the article “Russia and Sweden it’s time to establish peace”, published in the Swedish newspaper DagensIndustri.

The head of the diplomatic mission in Stockholm said that in Sweden they demonized Russia and inflated the “Russian threat”. The fear of Russians among the Swedes arose three centuries ago, and there were reasons for that. However, Viktor Tatarintsev noted for good reason that the world on the battlefield has long been established, but not in his head. The wars with Sweden and the cold war are long over, the Russian Empire and the USSR collapsed, the world has changed dramatically, but the Swedes are still scaring their children with the KGB and the Russians.

Knowledge of the Swedes of Russia is small, they remember only the old grievances. The prejudiced attitude towards Russians is largely shaped by the Swedes over the past decades under the influence of the media, which cover only negative events, forming gloomy stereotypes about the “enemy Russia”. Journalists are seeing the Russian submarine, the spies. It is obvious that journalists act according to the strategy worked out during the Cold War, while articles and news are negatively evaluative.

As the Russian ambassador to Sweden noted, Russophobia has never been at such a high level as today. It is easy to guess that the rising hysteria about the "Russian threat" is needed in order to push the society of Sweden under the protection of NATO from the "evil Russia". And now militarily neutral, Sweden is already conducting on its territory large-scale international military training "Aurora-17" in conjunction with NATO member countries. According to the legend, the exercises on “neutral” Sweden are attacked from the east by two countries, naturally on the map these countries are located on the territory of Russia.

Sweden - a rich country, which in exchange for protection from an artificially fictitious enemy, will allocate funds for the maintenance of NATO and will allow to deploy weapons, sending a barrel towards Russia. And he will take Finland with the Alliance.

Sweden and Finland have always been interested in NATO because of its proximity to the borders of Russia. 1 July 2016, NATO has made its move towards Russia in the north. The Swedish parliament ratified the treaty with NATO. According to this treaty, Sweden undertakes to provide its territory for military exercises and to accept the NATO response force. Despite the protest of deputies from the Left Party, this decision was made.

Representatives of the ruling Social Democratic Labor Party also oppose joining NATO. At the party congress, deputies confirmed the course towards non-alignment of the country to military alliances. The party’s program has a new provision on security policy that sounds like “we say NATO is not.”

However, NATO’s alliance of opposition parties, the Center Party, the Moderate Coalition Party, the People’s Party and the Christian Democratic Party, says yes to NATO. Probably, NATO will make efforts to win this alliance in the elections in 2018. Viktor Tatarintsev, for good reason, expressed the wish that “the upcoming Swedish election campaign should not be subject to infamous external influence and be honest”. But the immense Russia with its wealth does not give rest to the West.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 20 October 2017 16: 09 New
    Here are these Russian saints wassat And especially their king Peter ... Twentied for twenty years .. and bent .. for three centuries ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Komsomol
    Komsomol 20 October 2017 16: 39 New
    But the vast Russia with its wealth does not give rest to the West.
    good The author correctly summed up his article ... hi
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 20 October 2017 16: 46 New
      "It is not fair that Russia alone owns all of Siberia": some kind of Agalitsky king.
      1. Elevator in the building
        Elevator in the building 20 October 2017 17: 22 New
        and not Thatcher and Albright clucked like that ..? however, everything is one, there will be no peace between us until either they bury someone, or the "planets" arrive, but do not remind us - we are all earthlings ..
  3. knn54
    knn54 20 October 2017 16: 56 New
    - announced the growth of Russophobic sentiment in Swedish society.
    Rapid self-reproduction of infection in places "fertilized" by the Yankees and Co.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 20 October 2017 17: 48 New
      geopolitics is only, our positions in the Baltic are weakening and NATO has already taken the place.
      After the coup on the outskirts and Belarus and Kaliningrad in the rear of NATO
      it is much worse than at the World Cup. We will fix it very hard and for a long time
  4. samarin1969
    samarin1969 20 October 2017 19: 46 New
    Russophobic mood of the Swedes? This should be their problem. It should be pointedly restricting the right of Swedish citizens to conduct business in Russia and declare SCANIA vehicles not complying with the standards of the Eurasian Economic Community.
  5. andrew xnumx
    andrew xnumx 20 October 2017 19: 54 New
    Sweden and Finland cannot be allowed to join NATO.
    1. Elevator in the building
      Elevator in the building 20 October 2017 21: 40 New
      And how do you propose to do this? It is easier (and cheaper) in this case to build up the Baltic armed forces, and only then to begin the "peace process" + integration :) Sorry, just IMHO.
  6. Dmitry Khromkov
    Dmitry Khromkov 21 October 2017 10: 46 New
    But why then did the West not master Siberia before? The gut is weak. They just preferred to rob the neighbors. To rob and declare that they say that we’re the Great ones.