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Punitive psychiatry - the French did everything for us

Punitive psychiatry - the French did everything for us

The whole freedom-loving and progressive public admires the courage and "unbeatable" steadfastness of Peter Pavlensky. He sewed his mouth and wrapped himself from head to foot in barbed wire, nailed precious genitals to the pavement. Supporting the progressive armed coup d'état in Kiev, our Russian perfectionist co-comrades burned 23 in February 2014 of the year of the tire next to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg.

Pavlensky subsequently (when he was embroiled) narrated about his wired mouth: "Sewing up his mouth against the background of the Kazan Cathedral, I wanted to show the position of the contemporary artist in Russia: a ban on publicity." Then his compassionate police officers were taken to a psychiatrist, who made a cruel (as it now turned out) decision: “Healthy.”

What did he not do during the last 4 years. Oh yeah - did not work. But genius is not appropriate.

The cruelty of the regime knew no bounds. Even after Pavlensky was sitting naked on the fence of the Serbsky Psychiatric Hospital naked, a Russian court refused to send Peter Pavlensky to an inpatient psychiatric examination. He refused, despite the fact that Pavlensky cut off the lobe of his right ear with a knife.

After that, with his unwired mouth, the “revolution songbook” said what acquired unprecedented relevance today: “The concrete wall of psychiatry separates reasonable society from insane patients. Returning the use of psychiatry for political purposes - the police apparatus regains the power to determine the threshold between reason and madness. Arming with psychiatric diagnoses, a white-coat bureaucrat cuts off pieces from society that prevent him from establishing a monolithic dictate of a single standard for everyone and a binding standard for each. "

Remember these great words.

In an outburst of unparalleled heroism, Pavlensky even set fire to the underworld. Not less than 128 figures — artists, art historians, art critics, curators, museum workers and gallery owners — signed this “diploma” about this action. They wrote that "the definition of" vandalism "does not correspond to the nature and status of the artistic project, artistic gesture, as well as the motives of its author, an action artist, and not a vandal."

Europe was delighted. Reuters in 2013 found a photo of Pavlensky with a mouth sewn of one of the best 2012 photos of the year. in 2016, in Vilnius, in front of the building of the former KGB, a bust of a hero appeared with a mouth sewn up and the signature “I am an ideal citizen”. In Germany, they even shot and released the film “Man and Power” (Der Mensch und die Macht), which enthusiastically described the accomplishments of the “avant-garde revolutionary”.

Therefore, when the walls of the hateful prison of nations became too small for him, Peter almost Apostle transferred his body directly to the center of democracy and freedom - to Paris. Which is worth not only the Mass, but also his genius. Transferred in order to "kindle the fire of revolution around the world."

Starting with France, which gave Petr Pavlensky political asylum. Apparently because he left Russia without paying a penalty for the damage caused by the burning of the doors of a historic 19th century building on Lubyanka.

But the “bloody hand of totalitarian Mordor” reached out to the city of Paris. After the "actionist" set fire to two windows of the Bank of France branch in the Place de la Bastille, he was tied up and taken from the police prison to the very mental hospital he had long dreamed of.

Pavlensky's words were prophetic. Remember, "Returning the use of psychiatry for political purposes - the police apparatus regains its power"?

France, the ancestral home of the revolution and freedom so beloved by him, repressively rolled along the mouthpiece of this very freedom. Instantly proving with the example of Peter Pavlensky that it is possible and necessary to set fire to government institutions in Kiev and Moscow, but not in the capital of “enlightened” Europe.

Pavlensky was not destined to burn tires on Montmartre for exactly the same reason that the EU is ready to admire him and similar "revolutionary avant-gardists" exactly as long as they organize coup in Ukraine or go against the authorities in Moscow. But as soon as individually, like Pavlensky, or right along with the territory, as Ukraine tried to do, someone rushes to the “civilized Europe” with tires and their own ideas, the barrier is lowered, and those mistakenly inward turn into an insane asylum .

Tellingly, in Russia all 128 (or how many were there) the signatories are silent and do not buzz. Like everyone else in the EU, in Russia. No one not only tries to tell that the arson of the Bank of France is not vandalism, but an act of high art, but also in every way deny Pavlensky as if it were abnormal.

Therefore, we all should be grateful not so much to French punitive psychiatry, but to Pavlensky. On the example of which the double standards of Europe are clearly visible, and that insanity. in which all our Russian, bohemian parties, giving out their inadequacy and inferiority for a certain "protest" dwell.

PS And the Kiev Kastrolegolovym French Themis showed a real attitude towards them in the EU. They will be admired and even helped only as long as they destroy their own zoo.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. The point
    The point 19 October 2017 15: 22 New
    Before arson, he forgot to beat his eggs to the door. Doesn’t. Let it repeat.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 19 October 2017 15: 51 New
      Before arson, he forgot to beat his eggs to the door.

      Eggs ... eggs and why does he need them ??? ...
      if you want to get rid of them, buy a can of sulfuric acid and put your eggs there ... what
      And arson is an artistic performance of this fruit in a modern way ... an artist will play out with his own arts ... someone in revenge would like to photograph the performance on a smartphone on it ... the world is full of such crazies.
    2. Primoos
      Primoos 22 October 2017 21: 18 New
      Let it burn Europa! Freedom to Pavlensky! Do not pinch art! Shame on French punitive psychiatry! Freedom to a freaking fucker!
  3. bk316
    bk316 19 October 2017 15: 45 New
    But still, Europe is the cradle of freedom, they took them out with batons and a nuthouse. Now either a haloperidol or a dozen to the Bastille. And in a famous country behind a puddle, they would simply shoot on the spot.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 19 October 2017 18: 24 New
      sorry Solzhycinin left for the USA, did not live in Paris
  4. trophy
    trophy 19 October 2017 15: 45 New
    He was a moron in France as a stupid person. And to the paddlers and other Europeans, science will be. They’ve arranged a kunstkamera from their countries, so now let them shovel these poopers, but they’ll stick them in the corners. But we don’t need this back for nothing. If something, then we can throw it up.
  5. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 19 October 2017 16: 11 New
    Deprive citizenship and forget.
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 19 October 2017 20: 11 New
      Deprive citizenship and forget.

      I agree completely. hi It is high time. and not only him. negative
  6. iouris
    iouris 19 October 2017 17: 21 New
    Now let him ride to Wall Street. And street racers there too.
  7. 34 region
    34 region 19 October 2017 17: 23 New
    What !? Okay so! Totalitarianism in Russia! In Europe, freedom! It would be necessary to send all the non-free in Russia to where freedom is and let them live there freely! wassat I can’t laugh at such thinkers of freedom! wassat May Europe tolerate happy art! wassat Here is the gloating that rushes from me! bully
  8. kaplei
    kaplei 19 October 2017 17: 46 New
    For the sake of curiosity, I’ve read about several "artists" out of those 128 "artists" who wrote in defense of the mentally ill Pavlensky ... My God. I had such a feeling after a brief acquaintance that I got into a vomit ... Just an abomination. The funny thing is that all these fellow citizens live and "create" here, with us. Our art began to play completely. The question arises why such people cannot be sent without citizenship in the light of democracy and tolerance?
    1. ilimnoz
      ilimnoz 19 October 2017 18: 11 New
      send these signatories to Paris so that the artist does not get bored.
    2. bk316
      bk316 19 October 2017 18: 17 New
      For the sake of curiosity, I’ve read about several "artists" now

      Well, you and the masochist bully , You would still go to a meeting of Anal .....
  9. bober1982
    bober1982 19 October 2017 17: 48 New
    There is such a famous saying - there are no former, all former in Paris , to rephrase, we can say that there are no former fighters with the bloody GEB-her -They are all in Paris.
  10. pokemon57
    pokemon57 19 October 2017 19: 44 New
    And could continue to continue. Got an artist, sorry!
  11. Dart2027
    Dart2027 19 October 2017 19: 45 New
    The main thing is not to come back.
  12. Cetron
    Cetron 19 October 2017 22: 41 New
    Quote: Razvedka_Boem
    Deprive citizenship and forget.

    I agree! And add those 128.
  13. Arkady Gaidar
    Arkady Gaidar 19 October 2017 23: 41 New
    "... and that insanity. in which all of our, Russian, bohemian parties are present, pretending to be inadequacy and inferiority for some kind of" protest "."
    In general, there is no insanity. All their capital there, villas there and asses they lick there too. In order not to be driven away and not left with a nose. So they dance here to be "forgiven" there. And note that most of the sanctions imposed against Russian elites are clearly personal. That is, restrictions are introduced on the use of what was stolen here and taken there))
    Europe, in its relation to other countries and peoples, does not change. Just now the robbery methods have changed. Now, instead of open colonization, dusting of brains and tying of the capitals of local elites to Europe and the USA are applied. The focus is simple))
  14. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 20 October 2017 04: 41 New
    What a shame for the fifth republic ... Do not see the new Robespierre, Danton and Bonaparte in Pavlensky in addition ... Sapsem amphibian amateurs have beguiled ... And our liberals are good, did not tell the presumptuous treasurers of their mistakes ...... wassat This is how it was necessary to believe in yourself in order to encroach on the holy light elves ... angry Namely, to their BABGS ... And Mr. Aktivist didn’t receive any support from colleagues on the shop .... Sorry ... I would be interested to see how our wise liberals would talk about the incomprehensible soul of the artist in the French newspapers. am
  15. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 20 October 2017 05: 27 New
    neighing))) first behind bars, then into the fool, then again behind bars))) the main thing is not to be sent back. let yourself understand this creator)))
  16. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 20 October 2017 09: 49 New
    For all the attacks of the geyrops towards Russia, we have something to give them as an example about their lying essence, lies, dirty tricks, cynicism, double approaches, etc. It is amazing that our power, instead of poking them in the greedy face with thousands of examples of their dirty-fascist essence, against their machinations and lies, only wraps around and slurredly excuses itself. When will we begin to officially, openly, loudly and systematically blame the West for all its atrocities over the past 300 years? Smaller and weaker countries do not hesitate to do this openly, but why do our "rulers" have their tongues sore to their throats?
  17. iouris
    iouris 20 October 2017 15: 12 New
    In order to judge the (suspected) offender, you need the sanction of France. No way without it. If the trial takes place in Moscow, the same French will organize a company to protect a politician. And the rest will connect.
  18. jhltyjyjctw
    jhltyjyjctw 20 October 2017 18: 23 New
    And I think that it was an elegant multi-way operational combination of the Russian special services. Pavlensky not. This is a Trojan horse, almost Danko. We bend our fingers: showed the whole world how humane and patient our state is; how stupid and cowardly our "elite" is (its very bottom is 128, the rest are smarter), how cruel and unfair is Western society to geniuses. Vile! And finally, you want to get to Europe without being an Arab - ask yourself something ... Surely, in the French fool, he will now be a resident.
  19. Aspid 57
    Aspid 57 21 October 2017 18: 50 New
    Actually, our psychiatrists watched it. He’s not crazy at all! Just a rare greyhound! By the way, for the rape, the corresponding term is short! These are no longer nailed eggs and not arson of the door! It's all serious!
  20. APASUS
    APASUS 22 October 2017 09: 59 New
    What Pavlensky didn’t understand was that he was an art house artist only in Russia, they would quickly put him to the West. There was an interview with Vorotnikov (the leader of the art group “War”) who had fled from Russia, so they were very surprised that he is nobody in the West. His speeches are needed only in the direction of protest against Russia, and Europe his opinions, and even more so "his art" on the drum!
  21. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 22 October 2017 10: 02 New
    Over all "wrestlers"let go abroad. And on the contrary, all oligarchs can be deported back. It is possible in exchange. laughing
    1. Seamaster
      Seamaster 22 October 2017 10: 54 New
      So he is not the first such. Older colleagues may remember the Ukrainian dissident Ivy, the forerunner of the current puppies.
      "The Great Mathematician" (taught arithmetic at school), hanging out with Solzhenitsyn and Co. in the 60s.
      He was treated in Durkee with us, and in the West he was considered a bright victim of "punitive psychiatry"
      Then they gave him the opportunity to go to France. On the third day of his stay in the free world, he already crushed a little girl in a Parisian fool.
      Although it didn’t set fire to anything, it was so clear.