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Acceptance of the next Mi-26 for an air connection in the Khabarovsk Territory has been completed

At Rostvertol JSC, the acceptance of the Mi-26T transport helicopter for connecting the army has been completed aviation, based in the Khabarovsk Territory, reports press office Eastern District.

It is reported that "in the near future, the world's largest commercially produced helicopter will fly to a permanently based airfield."

The Mi-26T helicopter is capable of carrying up to 20 tons of cargo, including bulky cargo on an external sling or in a cargo cabin. Today it remains the champion in terms of carrying capacity. The helicopter is built according to a uniaxial scheme with eight-blade main and five-blade tail rotors, two engines 11400 l / s each,
says release.

The press service noted that the pilots of the army aviation compound carry out regular duty in the Arctic area of ​​responsibility of the district. The crew of the Mi-26 "make flights with a range of over four thousand kilometers from Khabarovsk to the airfield of Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous Region) with several landings on the islands of the Kuril ridge."

For several months, Mi-26 has been carrying out tasks for the delivery of personnel and cargo of various purposes to Wrangel Island and Cape Schmidt.

Bmpd blog comment: “So we are talking about entering the newly formed 18 th brigade of army aviation of the 11 th Red Banner Army Air Force and Air Defense Military Air Force at the Khabarovsk airfield of another new Mi-26 transport helicopter built by Rostvertol JSC (Rostov- on-don) This helicopter with a tail number "12 blue" is the third Mi-26, built on the "Rostvertol" in the 2017 year for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. "
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  1. Signal
    Signal 18 October 2017 12: 55 New
    PJSC Rostvertol. Recently, named after B.N. Of the mussel.
  2. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 18 October 2017 15: 56 New
    I’ll clarify. It takes 15 tons to the suspension. And that's right. I had to work with them a few years ago. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. infantryman2020
    infantryman2020 18 October 2017 21: 44 New
    Yes ..... well, if the delivery of a single sample of weapons or several pieces is presented with enthusiasm as an achievement, then there will be no end to a series of joyful events in our army ...
    1. BIP PS FSB RF
      BIP PS FSB RF 19 October 2017 07: 13 New
      This is not a banal pinwheel like mi-8/17, but rather a piece of equipment for certain tasks. And the article states that this is the third helicopter in 2017:
      This helicopter with hull number "12 blue" is the third Mi-26 built on Rostvertol in 2017 for the Russian Ministry of Defense
  4. Dedall
    Dedall 18 October 2017 22: 11 New
    Interestingly, the Kumu then have those “zero” helicopters that pass over my house almost every day. I say so, because we have the track of the test "triangle". Once such a whopper hung right over the house for half an hour. So someone from the KP of our division then said that he had a communication failure and in such cases they are forbidden to fly on.
  5. infantryman2020
    infantryman2020 19 October 2017 19: 15 New
    Again from the category of "Russia - the birthplace of elephants."
    Well, yes, the largest in the world ... Cool ... I do not argue. You can be proud.
    Do not exaggerate. Everything is relative.
    "Piece" - this is when, any, an elite car (for example, Rolls-Royce) is assembled by hand and put a personal brand of quality.
    And this is just a heavy transport SERIAL helicopter. For banal transport tasks.
    And compare the pace of supply of such equipment with the United States or China.
    1. SerB60
      SerB60 19 October 2017 19: 37 New
      And would it be not the third, but the thirtieth or three hundredth in a year, would a squeal and a squeak about a shortage of money for pensioners and medicine with education rise at once?