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The French company presented a crawler boat

According to the portal, at the international exhibition of weapons BIDEC 2017, held these days in Bahrain, was presented the military version of the amphibian boat Iguana Pro of the French company Iguana Yachts

The Iguana Pro boat, equipped with a retractable tracked chassis, was designed for emergency services so that rescuers could quickly navigate the water and, if necessary, go ashore or overcome shallows without leaving the transport.

The French company presented a crawler boat

At the exhibition BIDEC 2017, the company presented a modification of the boat Iguana Pro, created for the army. The key distinction of the military amphibian boat from the civilian version is the Ullman Patrol Jockey seats, which are designed to absorb strikes against waves and allow the landing force and crew to perform combat missions for a long time without harm to health.

Iguana Pro can reach speeds up to 75 km / h. When you press a special button, the boat releases a pair of tracked chassis and can continue to move along the ground. The developers do not indicate the speed of the boat’s movement over land, it’s only known that the transition from the floating mode to the ground mode and back takes only 8 seconds.

The company Iguana Yachts declares that its new development can be an alternative to high-speed amphibious assault boats, which are equipped with almost all types of warships and some types of boats. According to the developers, the crawler chassis designed by them is reliable, unpretentious to maintain and can be used both on sand or on the ground and on the rocky shore, reports "Warspot".
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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto 18 October 2017 11: 57
    Well what can I say ..... An interesting nonsense right after all ...

    perform combat missions for a long time without harm to health

    And this is straight about the French ..khkhhhh)))))
    I wonder if you can cross the river without soaking your feet? The French will find a solution. )))
    1. PAM
      PAM 18 October 2017 16: 36
      for shallow water, it is easier for the boat to become a glider - making a propeller is easier than caterpillars and conjuring with the bottom to become flat (for example: inflatable).
      I wonder what weight the boat has, and whether there is enough gusli to drag along a muddy bottom.
  2. NIKNN
    NIKNN 18 October 2017 11: 57
    And we will make a walking helicopter ... tongue
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 18 October 2017 12: 12
      Quote: NIKNN
      And we will make a walking helicopter ... tongue

      Our answer to the French is a tractor with a screw!
      The tractor can not only walk on water at a speed of 30 knots but also take off to overcome obstacles such as Everest, Atlantic and so on. laughing
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 18 October 2017 12: 21
        Quote: Scoun
        Our answer to the French is a tractor with a screw!

  3. Komsomol
    Komsomol 18 October 2017 11: 58
    That only Smart People can’t come up with ... That’s why weapons wouldn’t come up with a deadly one - enough already ... feel
  4. svp67
    svp67 18 October 2017 11: 59
    A boat on caterpillars, that’s what the Swedes have been looking for so long .... The French were all asleep.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 October 2017 12: 00
    ... crossed a snake and a hedgehog ... wassat you’ll have to come up with some kind of excavator crawling like a plow, or a diving tractor ... bully
    HEATHER 18 October 2017 12: 01
    The French company presented a crawler boat Yes, even on fins! Everyone, for no reason!
  7. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 18 October 2017 12: 05
    And hovercraft is not destiny to do?
    Tracked boat with a speed of 3km / h by land. In my opinion, she will not develop it on such tracks anymore.
  8. san4es
    san4es 18 October 2017 12: 15
    crawler boat

    ... Something caterpillar base is short ... Wheel will be more stable soldier
    1. Dedall
      Dedall 18 October 2017 22: 37
      Something like that one craftsman did about the year in the 76th. It was described in a magazine like "Technique-Youth". The wheels were dutiks from the An-2 and spun hydromotors from the engine in the hull. The front forks were from the "ant."
    XXXIII 18 October 2017 13: 34
    The French company presented a crawler boat
    Not clear feelings .... laughing
  10. ASDik37
    ASDik37 18 October 2017 14: 36
    It looks somehow awkward and not reliable. It is unlikely that by land it will move quickly. As noted here - it’s better to hover an all-terrain vehicle. And so, when reading the headline, I immediately remembered the Italian “Cricket” from the time of the 1st World War.