Khatyn tragedy in March 1943 of the year - Who is to blame?

History The Great Patriotic War keeps many secrets, one of which today continues to be the destruction of the Belarusian village of Khatyn. Modern youth is not interested in the past of their own country, the majority of citizens do not know about the bloody crimes of the German invaders. Today in the educational program there are no lessons devoted to the shameful betrayal and aiding the invaders. On the fertile soil of ignorance, propaganda is growing, striving to defame the victor country and put it on a par with the fascists. These views are gradually developing into Russophobia, which is promoted by some politicians who recognize reliable military facts as fabricated. In Europe, the nationalist movement is increasingly flourishing. The fact that a few decades ago seemed impossible, today occurs almost every year. Parades of Soviet veterans are replaced by a solemn procession of criminals, supporters and accomplices of fascism.

Khatyn tragedy in March 1943 of the year - Who is to blame?

Belarus during the occupation period turned into a single partisan country, small detachments inflicted, albeit pinpoint, but very painful blows in the rear of the enemy. The fascists not only severely punished the local population in response, but also carried out intimidating executions of defenseless villagers. Official Soviet history believes that something similar happened in Khatyn in 1943. However, around this tragic event today, more and more controversy is burning. There were even opinions that the bloody action was carried out by the NKVD. The Soviet archives keep a lot of documents under the “secret” stamp indicating the terrible reprisals and other crimes of the party leadership, but much of it is falsified today. What are the basis of such rumors, try to find out in this publication.

Documentary films exposing not only German criminals, but also their Ukrainian accomplices are dedicated to the tragedies in a small Belarusian village of twenty-six houses. Partially, the villains were convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal and the Soviet court 1973 of the year, and a monument to the victims was erected at the site of the burnt down settlement. In the people, the blessed memory of innocently burned and shot Belarusians is expressed in songs, poems and books. However, in 1995, a book was published that honored the memory and their executioners. The creation, which insulted the memory of not only veterans of the Great Patriotic War, but also of its victims, was written by one of the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist movement.

From the pages of textbooks, we know that the village and almost all its inhabitants were destroyed by the Nazis. However, there are in this tragedy and white spots, little studied in the Soviet era. The tabloid historians believe that the workers of the NKVD who were thrown from the air into the territory of Belarus were the killers of 147 people. The version is absurd, although it is very beneficial modern Eastern Europe. If you carefully examine the documents stored in the Minsk archive, it becomes clear that the Nazi troops, which included Nazis from the western regions of Ukraine, burned Khatyn. Sadly, today a number of nationalist organizations are honored in Western Ukraine, honoring the bloody murderers as heroes. They even erected a monument in Chernivtsi, and the obvious facts of atrocities are simply not taken into account or recognized as falsified. The sculpture in memory of the “heroes” of the Bukovina kuren, as if mocked by millions of victims, is decorated with the wings of a German eagle. Through the efforts of anti-Soviet views, legends about the insidious plans of the NKVD, provoking the "noble" invaders, are being created.

Several people miraculously survived, among them Viktor Zhelobkovich and Anton Borovkovsky, testify that the village was destroyed by Ukrainian policemen in Latvian uniform and Germans. None of the witnesses even mention any employees of the NKVD, so the legends and rumors that are actively spreading in the breeding grounds of neo-Nazism are untenable.

There were about a hundred people among the infamous 118 squad, the remaining 200 Wehrmacht soldiers were policemen drawn from Western Ukraine. The Nazis themselves called this squad Bukovina smoking, as it was formed from convinced nationalists in the city of Chernivtsi. Former soldiers and officers of the Red Army hoped that the German allies would provide Ukraine with independence. The policemen were distinguished by wearing the Latvian form and broken German. Today, Ukraine denies this fact, but all the same archival documents, as well as materials of the investigation indicate that Ukrainian traitors were killing the Belarusian population. One of the punishers is a Canadian citizen, Katryuk, who has not yet been punished for his atrocities. They are trying to justify ardent nationalists, saying that all the accusations were fabricated. However, Katryuk is denounced by the testimony of his accomplices, convicted by the criminal court 1973 of the year.

The punitive commander Vasyur, who had held the position of deputy director in one of the Kiev collective farms, did not suffer punishment until 1986 of the year. In peacetime, he was distinguished by cruel methods, but the investigation was not able to find strong evidence of involvement in the massacres in Belarus. Only nearly half a century later, justice triumphed, and Vasyura was tried. His testimony is cynical, he speaks of his accomplices with contempt, calling them bastards. Vasura did not repent sincerely of his crime.

All of the same materials of interrogation of criminals know that 22 March 1943, 118-th detachment invaded the territory of the village. The action was punitive in nature for the actions of the partisans who committed an attack on the German squad in the morning on the same day at 6. As a result of the attack, the guerrillas killed Hans Welke, who became the first Olympic champion in Germany. The value of the personality Velke for the Third Reich was that he was a confirmation of the theory of the superiority of the white race over blacks and Asians. The death of the athlete caused rabies from the party leadership, as well as ordinary Germans.

The guilt of the Soviet partisans was the ill-considered consequences of the attack. The punitive operation was a response to the murder of such a distinguished German. In a fury of 118, a detachment led by a former Red Army officer G. Vasuroy arrested and killed part of a group of lumberjacks, and the survivors followed the partisans to the nearby Khatyn. By order of Kerner, people together with young children, who were 147 among 75 residents, were driven into a wooden shed, covered with dry straw, poured over with fuel and set on fire. People were choking in the smoke, their clothes and hair caught fire on them, panic began. The walls of a dilapidated collective-farm building, thrown by fire, could not stand it and collapsed. The unfortunate tried to escape, but they were covered with a gunfire. Only few were rescued from the inhabitants, and the village was obliterated. The youngest resident who died in the fire was only seven weeks old. The massacre was carried out in the framework of the anti-partisan special operation under the beautiful German name “Winterzauber”, meaning “Winter Magic” in translation. Such actions were typical of the Wehrmacht, although they fundamentally violated all international acts and customs of civilized warfare.

In contrast to the Ukrainian members of the Bukovinsky Kuren, many of the former Wehrmacht warriors repented of their atrocities, some are ashamed only of belonging to the military forces of the Third Reich. Khatyn today is a visited place, and former employees of the 118 squad came here. As proof of their repentance and grief, they walked six miles to the village. Can this action smooth their guilt? Of course not. However, the former fascists publicly recognize and realize the abomination and inhumanity of this episode of the war, they do not seek to justify their crimes. The nationalists of Western Ukraine, contrary to all norms of morality, preach outrageous ideas, and the authorities indulge in offensive propaganda.

So, the unfortunate Khatyn people could not die at the hands of the Soviet partisans, or the NKVD employees, too much evidence suggests otherwise. It remains to find out why the Soviet leadership tried to hide information about the crimes of the 118 squad. The answer is quite simple: the majority of policemen who ruthlessly killed one and a half hundred civilians were former Red Army men. Captive Soviet soldiers were often asked to side with the invaders, few accepted this offer. The Bukovinsky Kuren was made up predominantly of traitors who exterminated the brotherly people, cowardly saving their lives in this way. View information about each of the criminals meant to recognize the fact of mass betrayal, including for ideological reasons in the midst of a glorious Soviet army. Apparently, the government has not decided on this.
Shameful secret Khatyn

Presenter Vladimir Tuz investigates the tragedy that broke out on 22 March 1943 in the village of Khatyn, Logoisk district. 147 people, of whom 75 children were burned alive. The main question is who were the punishers? Germans, Lithuanians, Ukrainians? Or maybe partisans or special forces of the NKVD?

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  1. +9
    29 March 2012 08: 52
    Yes, it is beneficial for someone to rewrite history, and our politicians help them by changing their homeland for money
    1. +5
      29 March 2012 09: 32
      Who's guilty? The second world is to blame! Adolf is to blame!
      And enough already to make the guilty of the Soviet people! Millions have died! But for some reason no one reacts to it so fervently!
      1. Altergo
        29 March 2012 09: 38
        These are the double standards of our "friends", and the Poles in particular.
      2. +5
        29 March 2012 13: 07
        ... World War II is to blame! Adolf is to blame! ....
        Why only Adolf? (I don’t block Adolf!) Adolf is a consequence, and the reason is England and the USA .....
  2. Brother Sarych
    29 March 2012 09: 41
    Some strange article - as if a bad translation!
    Of course, in Soviet times they didn’t try to publicize the fact of the destruction of the peaceful Belarusian population by Ukrainian traitors - a very foul-smelling story turned out, although it’s a bitter truth ...
    1. dmb
      29 March 2012 10: 37
      Read all the previous "creations" of this lady. With rare exceptions, their meaning is the same: “The accursed Soviet regime created all the prerequisites and conditions for the extermination of its own people and actively wished for this. And later those who repented (the Germans or the Americans, it doesn't matter) were forced to exterminate the civilian population. Sometimes it seems that Gordeeva is the pseudonym of Novodvorskaya.
    2. Chern
      29 March 2012 23: 40
      The article is really some ... in the style of soviet political information.
  3. schta
    29 March 2012 09: 42
    Patreigenosse Goebbels said: "Do you want to fuck the nation? - take history from them! PROFIT !! 11"
  4. +6
    29 March 2012 11: 27
    Everything seems to be correct and with indignation, but try it differently, but there are inserts throughout the article: former Red Army soldiers "" mass betrayal "for ideological reasons. The number of SS formations and policemen never did not exceed 1% percent of the number of prisoners of war, and if we exclude the Baltic formations, then even less. What mass? It smells bad from the seemingly correct article angry
  5. Igor77
    29 March 2012 12: 18
    Whoever remembers the old is over. Winners are not judged. Whoever comes to us with a sword will perish by the sword! And most importantly, we have always defended ourselves against aggression from other states. What is it about? They always came out victorious. Envy is Enough!
  6. George IV
    29 March 2012 12: 30
    Well, what is it guys?
    It’s good that even now the West Ukrainian Nazis are in a minority.
    Let yourself scream. The main thing is that this is no longer state policy as under Yushchenko. Therefore, the younger generation is not so muddled.
    All the same, history will not be rewritten now in 50-100 years.
    The main thing is to distinguish between good and bad.
  7. +5
    29 March 2012 12: 42
    ... Something is not visible to our Bandera ... ... will now wake up and "convincingly" prove that all the crimes during the Second World War were committed by the NKVD and the pits ... and the SS division "Galicia" or "Nachtigall" were peace-loving, friendly liberators from the Russian invaders ...
    1. freedom
      30 March 2012 00: 08
      Have these kept their awards, or issued duplicates in our time? If issued, then WHO ???
      1. +2
        15 May 2014 15: 41
        Quote: freedom
        Have these kept their awards, or issued duplicates in our time? If issued, then WHO ???
        This is the question that has always interested me: where did these cho ... ydoks retain their shape, insignia and awards? It seems that all the years of "independence" in Galicia and Volhynia, the local Bandera funded the state money (obtained by the blood and corns of miners and metallurgists of Donbass) to revive fascism. And with the complete connivance of the authorities.
  8. +10
    29 March 2012 14: 42
    Reading such publications, and also when I see former policemen and SS men on TV, I am very sorry that Stalin was not such a bloody executioner as he is presented. Most of the "former" policemen, SS men and other accomplices of the fascists got off with short camps or even exile. HE forgave them, believing that they repented and could live in Soviet society. How interesting Stalin would have acted if he knew that he would be considered a "bloody executioner" who destroyed millions. Probably Stalin was too mild, I would have shot all these non-humans in his place so that they would not poison the Earth with their stench !!!
    1. +2
      15 May 2014 15: 43
      Quote: saruman
      I would be in his place all these nonhumans - shot so that they do not poison the Earth with their stench !!!
      And I would not only them, but also all their children and parents - then, look, there was no today's rampant fascism in Ukraine.
  9. Hauptmannzimermann
    29 March 2012 22: 01
    This bastard still has the strength to pass the "solemn march". Our veterans are almost gone, and these are like "lively". Saruman is right, all this scum had to be shot then.
    1. BAT
      29 March 2012 23: 11
      All is correct. Our veterans fought on all fronts with the Nazi invaders. They were frozen in the trenches, malnourished, lacked sleep, fought with a very strong, well-armed, well-trained enemy. The whole of Europe worked for the Hitler Wehrmacht. But still - in these inhuman conditions, our grandfathers and fathers survived, showing miracles of courage and heroism.
      And these scum just knew how to burn villages and shoot civilians. The Germans themselves despised them and did not consider them normal soldiers. Traitors, they are traitors ... How many years have sat along their holes, trembling like mice. And now they climbed into the white light. Sewed some ridiculous uniforms of some nonexistent army. But during the war they proudly wore an SS uniform. I hate these nonhumans and their last.
  10. +5
    30 March 2012 00: 21
    -And this is not one village. More than three hundred such villages burnt to ashes in Belarus alone ... and many now don’t even know about them!
  11. Bretwald
    30 March 2012 00: 30
    Well, apparently the same thing, the nakhtagal worked there only if they looked on their part, they did not betray the Kremlin, think that you did sovlast power for 2 years on the memory that they treated it like that there. and here’s pure infa for thought - in the 90s, my friend’s grandfather died, the NKVD major general and then the secretary of the Cherkasy regional party committee for many years, he died for a long time and terribly, and before his death Lyokha said, among other things, he says they don’t say everywhere, Soviet the partisans were NKVD saboteurs, the same Dima Medvedev was a captain to make the Germans angry, because from the beginning of the occupation they had not treated the Slavic population severely enough. I know right now they will start to howl, but I promise to give the name (security officer) who does not believe.
    1. Chern
      30 March 2012 00: 56
      I don't know what the NKVD Major General said there, but the partisans were really different. Who cares - read "Three Years Without Stalin", I do not remember the author, the book is in the tyrnet. Tedious, for it is documentary and written by a historian.
      1. skychnii
        April 3 2012 21: 08
        There is such a thing as a "false partisan detachment" it was used by the Germans to go out to the partisans and to destroy them, then ours used to destroy any "brothers" and OUN members.
      2. +2
        15 May 2014 15: 47
        Quote: Chern
        I don't know what the NKVD Major General said there, but the partisans were really different. Who cares - read "Three Years Without Stalin", I do not remember the author, the book is in the tyrnet. Tedious, for it is documentary and written by a historian.
        I don’t know what you read there, but you are clearly not familiar with the history and structure of the partisan movement. It is not appropriate to give lectures to ignoramuses here, I will limit myself only to a minus. If you want to change the color of epaulettes - learn the materiel and change life guidelines.
  12. +2
    31 March 2012 14: 36
    1. skychnii
      April 3 2012 21: 21
      There is not any pain there is only a living ...... benefit from whom you can rip off the grandmother on that and climb.
  13. +2
    15 May 2014 16: 00
    Some article was built: it seems that both the facts are given and the conclusions are drawn, but there are more questions than before. Not with the one who burned Khatyn - this is not a secret. But these little things.
    The policemen were distinguished by wearing the Latvian uniform
    Why Latvian? What, the other was not? And why would Ukrainian nationalists be given exactly the Latvian uniform, since at that time there was already a uniform of the Ukrainian-German police and an approved uniform for eastern punitive formations? And did the Belarusian peasants know what the Latvian military uniform looks like? I would understand if Lithuanian were neighbors, after all.

    Among the notorious 118 detachment, there were about a hundred Germans, the rest of the 200 Wehrmacht soldiers turned out to be policemen drawn from Western Ukraine. The Nazis themselves called this detachment Bukovinsky Kuren, since it was formed from convinced nationalists in the city of Chernivtsi. Former soldiers and officers of the Red Army hoped that the German allies would ensure independence for Ukraine.
    Also not clear. If the name is only at the place of formation, then why are these punishers called precisely Ukrainian nationalists? Or were Ukrainians selected from former prisoners of war? And the rest of the bastards who agreed to kill civilians were denied such highly moral and responsible activities? And what, among them were only prisoners of war? And the thugs who expressed a desire to be executioners in private, also turn from the gate? Or just a desire to muddy the soldiers of the Red Army, as well as an obsessive repetition of the abbreviation of the NKVD?