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The ground phase of the repair of the atomic submarine "Verkhoturye" is completed

The ground phase of the repair of the atomic submarine "Verkhoturye" is completed

RIA News. The Severodvinsk Ship Repair Center "Zvezdochka", part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, removed the strategic submarine Verkhoturye from the boathouse after repair, reports RIA correspondent on Saturday News.

The strategic submarine missile cruiser Verkhoturye, the lead ship of the 667BDRM project, was laid on the Sevmash slipway in February 1981. In December 1984, the naval flag was raised on the missile carrier, and the submarine became part of the Navy. In August 2010, after the turnaround time, the missile carrier was transferred to Severodvinsk to restore technical readiness and extend service life at the shipyard of CS Zvezdochka.

"This type of repair does not imply the unloading of all equipment and its testing, it is a partial repair, due to the fact that the service life is extended. After this repair, we give the service life of the 3,5 boat of the year. We will extend the next boat of this project for five years," Director General of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center Vladimir Nikitin.

According to him, by the time of withdrawal from the slipway on the ship, work was done to repair the hull, outboard systems, survivability systems, mechanisms and equipment of the steam generating plant, and other shipboard systems. The final completion of the work will be carried out afloat at the wall of the outbuilding embankment.

“Repair of the Verkhoturie cruiser is the beginning of a cycle of second factory repairs of the nuclear submarine of the 667BDRM project. By doing this work, Zvezdochka provides long service lives of strategic missile carriers, which today are the main element of the naval component of nuclear deterrence forces,” added Nikitin.

In June, the 2012 of the year the Zvezdochka will take to restore technical readiness the next submarine of the 667BDRM project - the nuclear rocket carrier Ekaterinburg.
Strategic missile submarines of project 667BDRM - NATO classification - "Delta-IV" - are the basis of the Russian naval nuclear deterrence forces. Their construction began in 1981 at Sevmash. In total, from 1984 to 1990, the fleet received seven cruisers of this type. Currently composed fleet there are six such boats. In the period from 1999 to 2012, the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center carried out average repairs with modernizations of all the missile carriers of this project.

According to open sources, the submarines of the 667BDRM project have a length of 167 and a width of 12 meters, the displacement is about 12 thousand tons. The maximum depth of the dive is 400 meters, the cruising speed under water is up to 24 nodes, the crew is 140 people. The missile carriers armed 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles "Sinev".
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  1. YARY
    YARY 25 March 2012 08: 04
    Good news, against the general background!
    1. beech
      beech 25 March 2012 10: 23
      In total, from 1984 to 1990, the fleet received seven cruisers of this type. Cool, right? in six years, seven such submarines. And right now, for these periods, I suppose a couple of frigates will be made !!!
    2. VAF
      VAF 25 March 2012 11: 32
      Quote: Ardent
      Good news

      I agree! +!
      A "prolongation" made on time is just as good!
      But it would not hurt to carry out a partial modernization of equipment and apparatus, but I hope this is done, but not covered!

      And the time would be reduced by "prolongation", then in general there would be beauty, but it's not bad either !!!
      1. El13
        El13 25 March 2012 13: 08
        After this repair, we give a boat service life of 3,5 years.

        I just didn’t understand why, after a two-year repair, is the service life of everything so small or is this a mistake in the news?
        1. CC-18a
          CC-18a 26 March 2012 09: 56
          3.5 years due to the fact that the company does not want to take risks due to the fact that in the 90s the repair of this boat was made so that they were not repaired. Then the usual repair lasted over 5 years.

          Now 2 years the repair period was related:
          1. In order to restore those readiness at first (usually this procedure is for boats that have been in reserve for a long time, in general for those which still need to be brought to mind before repair)
          2. After restoration, financing for repairs was not received, so somewhere around half a year - a year the boat was waiting in line.
          3. Well, when the money arrived, the boat was repaired.

          Why the current of 5 years is given a period, there are several types of repair, if simple, it’s ordinary and capital, capital is when they repair everything and everything, including unloading and replacement of the reactor (fuel). The reactor has its own life, that is, no one will give a guarantee beyond the life of the reactor, that is, a boat of the 80s, apparently by 2017 it is time to change the fuel in the reactor) and what good repair is not to be done in 2012, anyway, the limit will be 2017. Well, I as I understand it)))

          On August 23, 2010, it docked at the berth of Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center OJSC, “to undergo repairs in the technical readiness restoration mode." [2] The ship will undergo factory repair, after which the terms of its operation will be extended by 5 years [3]. But work was delayed until funding began. [2]

          When carrying out repairs in 2011, a large amount of equipment was rejected. This was due to the fact that the previous repair took place under conditions of chronic underfunding and instead of new equipment, old equipment was installed from the submarines that came to be disposed of. [4] The planned deadline is December 2012. [4]

          By the way, since 2000 the Russian Federation has to upgrade and repair all boats ALL! because nobody did this in the 90s, and it so happens that over the past 10 years they have been working on the volume of the past 20 years. Hence the turn and delays of the campaign. From 2000 to 2011, 31 nuclear submarines and 8 nuclear submarines underwent repair and modernization, some several times, that is, the rate of 4-6 nuclear submarines / submarines per year

          yeah put trolls pin boards minuses))) you are directly hung from the truth as I look)
          1. El13
            El13 26 March 2012 15: 59
            Thank you, very clear answer.
    3. Alexmos
      Alexmos 25 March 2012 13: 12
      I just can’t understand how Blary is the first to post all shit, with his fagot pseudo-patriotic nature smile Whoever puts a "+" to him is ... am
      1. 755962
        755962 25 March 2012 17: 44
        Well, why not be so indignant, you will be the first to post to you I will personally put the pluses. "Whoever got up first, and sneakers." wink
        Quote: AlexMos
        post all crap

        This is not shit at all, as you put it, but quite a serious matter in my opinion. A peaceful dream of the country's citizens, if you want ..
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 25 March 2012 08: 13
    Good news! Another boat in operation, the power of the Navy is increasing! fellow
    1. YARY
      YARY 25 March 2012 08: 18
      Not yet operational. Now something like PPR afloat.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 25 March 2012 09: 03
        In June 2012, Zvezdochka will take over the next nuclear submarine to restore technical readiness ...

        Well, sort of judging by this date, it will pop up in three months. Well, how powerful it is, a whopper is simply surprised at the scope ...
        1. tronin.maxim
          tronin.maxim 25 March 2012 09: 10
          Well, right, if you do so on a grand scale! smile
  3. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 25 March 2012 08: 26
    Definitely, a normal picture is drawn.
    1. alexng
      alexng 25 March 2012 21: 16
      Russia is already on its feet, and someone does not like it much. Like - do not like it is their problem. In the West, let them clean their brains of the heavy burdens of the past and get used to the current realities.
  4. Sarus
    Sarus 25 March 2012 08: 53
    A handsome missile carrier .. It’s not for nothing that the United States is always glad that the Russian Federation would drank its entire submarine fleet ... I think that this is all in the past. Enough is already a democratic way to go. Russia has its own path in history ...
    1. ward
      ward 25 March 2012 09: 37
      a plus....................
    2. 755962
      755962 25 March 2012 17: 48
      Quote: Sarus
      Russia has its own path in history ..

      And these boats will make sure that this path is straight and even wink
  5. Igor Alekseevich
    Igor Alekseevich 25 March 2012 08: 56
    Not only repair and upgrade, but also build new boats and ships! In general, an increasing number of such news pleases every Russian person.
  6. patriot2
    patriot2 25 March 2012 09: 01
    The news is very good - our military-industrial complex is alive, working and maintaining the combat effectiveness of the submarine fleet in good condition. wink
    1. ward
      ward 25 March 2012 09: 36
      A plus............
  7. Igorboss16
    Igorboss16 25 March 2012 09: 28
    not compare of course with the results that were in the USSR but now this news is a joy
  8. ward
    ward 25 March 2012 09: 36
    The joke is that the reactor control system is assembled on a relay ... The consequence is absolute reliability ... Yes, and it weighs three times less than a microprocessor analogue ... Troubleshooting a song ... one look at the rack and everything is clear ... After implementation systems of a single incident ... not to mention the incident ...
  9. Tersky
    Tersky 25 March 2012 09: 40
    Pleases !!! Another "sweet" hello to Russia from NATO wink
  10. flukked
    flukked 25 March 2012 11: 00
    Repairs. Not a modernization. So, the boat remained at the level of the late 80s.
    1. El13
      El13 25 March 2012 13: 07
      The classics do not grow old, and a club with age only grows stronger and stiffens.
    2. Selevc
      Selevc 25 March 2012 14: 19
      The armament of the late 80s and so anyone will be successfully and guaranteed to be erased from the face of the earth - I think there is no one who wants to check it !!! :)))
    3. CC-18a
      CC-18a 26 March 2012 10: 01
      All weapons that are now in the army are from the 80s. You can’t know this shkolota of any kind who play war games at home in kalofudi or whatever it is!
      Abrams - 80s.
      all nuclear submarines of the 70-80s.
      ALL weapons that are used by the United States 80s.

      Regarding this submarine, its technique of the 80s is able to carry the United States into the Stone Age no worse than modern Borey with a boulder, and if you can’t see the difference ....
  11. Sapper
    Sapper 25 March 2012 13: 27
    And we are doing new things and repairing what we have.
  12. suharev - 52
    suharev - 52 25 March 2012 15: 04
    So far, so good. The main thing is not to stop. Too many problems have accumulated over 20 years. And the submarine is BEAUTY. As long as they exist - no one dares to speak in Russia. Still would clean the command at the top and everything would be fine. Keep it up guys. Sincerely.
  13. Odinplys
    Odinplys 25 March 2012 17: 24
    This is the Right Democratic path of development of Russia ...
  14. ikrut
    ikrut 25 March 2012 18: 51
    This is very good news. The boats of this series are by far the most powerful in the world in terms of the ratio - "power-throw distance". They must be and will be one of Russia's main strategic weapons for a long time to come. A volley of only one such beauty (and she knows how to shoot in one volley) is able to calm down any potential enemy forever.
  15. VadimSt
    VadimSt 25 March 2012 21: 57
    What to say? From such news, we live more calmly, and "world democrats - gendarmes" are deprived of peace. What brightens up today and the future!