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As the Lithuanian historians, the facts of the "savage work" of the NKVD / MGB searched ...

Lithuanian state authorities commissioned historians to “carefully study the archives”. The task previously assigned to historians is the need to discover "additional facts of the savage work of the NKVD / MGB during the Soviet period." This work, according to the Baltic portal BaltNewsengaged in the Institute stories Lithuania.

As the Lithuanian historians, the facts of the "savage work" of the NKVD / MGB searched ...

Recall that earlier in the Lithuanian Seimas, most parliamentarians opposed the opening of all Lithuanian archives, citing the fact that such actions "can lead to political provocations during the pre-election period." In fact, this is evidence that among the current Lithuanian politicians there are many who, during the Soviet era, actively cooperated with the special services themselves.

Now, Lithuanian historians have been demanded to find the “new facts of the fanaticism” of the NKVD and the MGB - in previously opened archives. These are archives from 1944 to 1953 - the Stalin period.

The material states that all available archival documents by Lithuanian historians have studied and found reports on the mood of the local population, on the identification of anti-state activities, on criminal and economic crimes.

From the material:
In the course of a painstaking analysis of cases mass atrocities in relation to the local population, its oppression on a national basis not identified. The exceptions were several cases of looting, petty theft and sexual offenses.

Moreover, Lithuanian historians have recognized that the security organs during the time of the existence of the Lithuanian SSR revealed all the crimes committed and sent the perpetrators to the dock. All criminals from the members of the NKVD / MGB were deprived of titles and awards and sentenced to various sentences.

The publication of these facts in modern Lithuania is a real blow to those who are trying to expose the Soviet period as a time of "occupation and rampant crime" by the Soviet military and security forces.
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  1. Berber
    Berber 16 October 2017 13: 31
    How can you do without the Solzhenitsyn? Some dissident writer is urgently needed. The legend is crumbling.
    1. Monos
      Monos 16 October 2017 13: 39
      Ruta Vanagait and her book "Ours". A brave and honest woman spoke about the role of Lithuanians in the crimes of the Nazis.
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto 16 October 2017 13: 41
        Here !! And this is you in the topic dear, just recently listened to this lady. I was stunned by what I heard, I did not read or hear this before, well done she, a brave woman. Who cares, do not be lazy, listen while you wipe the dust. (I'm talking about the fact that there’s no need to watch, you can do something, but listen MANDATORY) I was fucking .....
    2. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 16 October 2017 13: 39
      Quote: BerBer
      The legend is crumbling.
      - Now, if you fence yourself off from them deafly, you will die from yearning, masochists! They will remember nothing more than about the Soviet occupation.
    3. Jedi
      Jedi 16 October 2017 13: 40
      Quote: BerBer
      Some dissident writer is urgently needed. The legend is crumbling.

      Big Brother will help and find more than one such scribbler.
      1. Svarog51
        Svarog51 16 October 2017 14: 42
        Maxim, welcome hi Yes, Big Brother will help them ... continue to slip into the gap. One is glad that not all of them are looking into this "Brother" in the mouth, there are still people living by their own mind.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 16 October 2017 14: 46
          Good day, Sergey! hi Sane there, of course, remained. But they prefer to call them "dissidents" with all the ensuing consequences.
          1. Svarog51
            Svarog51 16 October 2017 15: 09
            Max, as in the cartoon about Uncle Fedor: "They go crazy alone, it’s only that they get the flu together." So this statement does not work for them, and not only for them. And this, in turn, leads to a very bad thought, but are they being tested with some kind of psychotronic or psychotropic weapon? And what can this lead to further? negative
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 16 October 2017 15: 27
              Given their infinite "value" for the United States - psychotropics and psychotronic weapons are not excluded. And then - the bolt knows it ...
              1. Svarog51
                Svarog51 16 October 2017 15: 37
                God be with them, with all this mosquito. Max, congratulations on the lieutenant general. drinks drinks drinks Nevertheless, Master Yoda on an avatar is better combined with a nickname. wink
                1. Jedi
                  Jedi 16 October 2017 15: 43
                  Thank you, Sergey! drinks And I just noticed ... repeat
                  1. Svarog51
                    Svarog51 16 October 2017 16: 02
                    Max, I myself just noticed, there wasn’t in the last comment. So this, tovo, I ran to wipe a glass? drinks drinks drinks Traditions must not be broken repeat
                    1. Jedi
                      Jedi 16 October 2017 16: 07
                      Tradition is holy! So that drinks drinks drinks
                      1. Svarog51
                        Svarog51 16 October 2017 19: 25
                        Well, so that they are worn and not worn out and that the third does not linger. drinks drinks drinks
    4. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 16 October 2017 13: 46
      My dear, have you read Solzhenitsyn? Or just blame?
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 16 October 2017 13: 51
        Quote: Captain Nemo
        My dear, have you read Solzhenitsyn? Or just blame?

        The dearest were read and condemned, and even searched in Rybinsk where, according to him, he was sitting, they were not found. So, not only the Baltic mouse, but also your idol distorts the story. wink
        1. oldzek
          oldzek 16 October 2017 14: 33
          here’s a gorgeous woman! Ruta isn’t far-off Dalia. and the captain is dumb, I will say this: Solzhenitsyn needs to read in the brain not emotional centers, but turn on the logic. with which Isaevich is not good.
      2. Berber
        Berber 16 October 2017 14: 29
        I read, my friend. There is definitely literary talent, but the facts that he sets forth are literary fiction. The scale of the victims of the Gulag is greatly exaggerated. I emphasize that something of what he described has a foundation, but nothing more.
      3. LeonidL
        LeonidL 17 October 2017 06: 38
        If you, dear Captain Nemo, really read the entire Sozhenitsyn and read carefully, making extracts, then you would find a lot of very interesting information. First of all, what catches your eye is heroization, even admiration for Bandera, Chechens who served on the Germans, Vlasovs. It comes to the point that when a Jewish doctor who saved the life of cancer Solzhenitsyn was cut by Bandera, he did not even sympathize, not to mention help. Secondly, read carefully what Solzhenitsyn was planted for and how much. He on the train provoked officers with statements against Stalin. The officers did not surrender it and sat on their quarters with a trip to the sunny Kolyma. The provocateur himself received a ridiculous time and served it at construction sites in Moscow and in sharashka. The third. To which of the junior officers did the orderlies take their wife to the front? Which of the junior officers and for what kind of feats did he get vacation just like that? Especially since serving in the thieves division of the Republic of Tatarstan there are army (front?) Subordination units, the equipment of which was cherished like the apple of an eye! Fourth. Even Solzhenitsyn himself, between things, reported that they said hee-hi recruited and recruited ... pseudo gave Bystrov-Vetrov and so on. Fifth - which of the Zek could record in the volume of the Gulag and not burn out? probably only the face of the bodies known and not indifferent. You can go on ad infinitum. Solzhenitsyn is a muddy person. By the way, many wrote about this, including such an anti-adviser as the writer Voinovich, the author of Chonkin. And as a novelist, Isaevich is close to zero. His first things were successful only thanks to a fair editorial work of the magazine, where Twardowski published it. I don’t know people who could master his opuses like “Red Wheel” - the language is a pseudo-Russian clumsy plot - nonsense. Morally not clean. What did you do with your first wife? Read. Yes, still interesting zholizny pulp fiction - his letter to our dear Mikita ... when I begged the Lenin Prize. In foreign countries, too, it was lit not very decently ... So it’s not worth breathing about Solzhenitsyn, he’s not worth it.
    5. 79807420129
      79807420129 16 October 2017 13: 56
      We will remind that earlier in the Lithuanian Seimas the majority of parliamentarians opposed the opening of all Lithuanian archives

      And it would be necessary to demand from them, let them open, we would read a lot of interesting things. laughing
      1. BMP-2
        BMP-2 16 October 2017 14: 44
        Well, the NKVD and the MGB oppressed the criminals from the NKVD and the MGB - what other evidence of the savagery of the NKVD and the MGB is needed? laughing This is enough for the Lithuanian government! laughing laughing laughing
  2. Warrior with machine gun
    Warrior with machine gun 16 October 2017 13: 34
    poor pigs did not find dirt, no where to lie))
    1. Galleon
      Galleon 16 October 2017 14: 03
      Very figuratively! +1
  3. volodya
    volodya 16 October 2017 13: 34
    Nedo states always seek to blame someone for the fact that they are! At the same time, try to get the money, succeed or not, the main thing is to try!
  4. Dezinto
    Dezinto 16 October 2017 13: 36
    Oh yes let it roll at all! Voot so flag in hand and a drum on a neck! They shed everything they could, the youth left, the plants stood. What else remains - but rather to thump and write idiotic articles. Forward and with the song, let them rejoice over the dominance of the guys from Nevada in bars))))))) SUGS)))))
    More precisely SLS ..... ahem ....)
  5. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 16 October 2017 13: 44
    Oops, something went wrong
  6. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 16 October 2017 13: 46
    The struggle of the Nanai boys with the dead Stalin continues.
    1. San Sanych
      San Sanych 16 October 2017 14: 41
      Not long before his death, Churchill said: "Khrushchev is the only politician in the world who declared war on the deceased, but not only that, he managed to lose it." Nothing history teaches these flawed singing uncles of Sam.
  7. knn54
    knn54 16 October 2017 13: 47
    Well, if you "heroize" the "forest brothers" and volunteers from the SS legions, then ...
  8. izya top
    izya top 16 October 2017 14: 04
    [quote] Lithuanian Institute of History [/ quote
  9. Akaki Akakevich
    Akaki Akakevich 16 October 2017 15: 50
    Claiming Lithuanian "historians" is just as offended by Goebbels's bias
  10. LeonidL
    LeonidL 17 October 2017 06: 26
    For that fought for it and ran! The beauty!
  11. Evgeny Strygin
    Evgeny Strygin 17 October 2017 08: 29
    not what a mess! They had something to write in the bastard? !!
    There in the Russian Federation they compose and carry it through the central channels! Central politicians! And to these awesome Lithuanian scientists in the bastard! Not good! You have to be more flexible; you cannot raise money for honesty.