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Crypto-ruble and cryptalogues: drive a bear into a den?

About the upcoming release of "crypto" they started talking at the very top. And then they rushed to add about the tax on these same virtual rubles. Income. Got somewhere "crypto" - share with the state! Experts believe that the government does not understand the very essence of cryptocurrency, and all the “regulations” of the Ministry of Finance simply fail.

Recently it was reported that the basics of regulating the emissions and circulation of the Russian cryptocurrency will be supposedly worked out by the end of this year. The Ministry of Finance hopes to proceed with the regulation of cryptocurrency from the beginning of next year.

The second high-profile news from the future market of cryptocurrencies was the statement of the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov. He promised that Russia will release a crypto-ruble. This decision, according to Nikiforov, was adopted by the Russian president, who announced this at a closed meeting with members of the Moscow Capital Club.

Speaking about the crypto-ruble, Nikiforov referred to the government resolution with the regulations. “I confidently declare that we will launch a crypto-ruble, for one simple reason: if we don’t do this, then in two months our neighbors in EurAsEC will do it,” the minister said. "Arguments and Facts".

According to Nikiforov, its cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation will appear very soon.

The Minister stopped on the issue of taxes. According to him, for the effectiveness of crypto rubles it is planned to streamline the payment of personal income tax: in cases where the owner can not explain the appearance of his crypto rubles, the tax will be 13% of the total volume (when converting cryptocurrency into traditional Russian rubles). When buying and selling a crypto-ruble, the amount of personal income tax will be 13% of the earned difference.

Nikiforov also explained that Russian cryptography should be used in a crypto-ruble. And crypto-ruble is not the same as Bitcoin: it will be impossible to “mine”. According to Nikiforov, this will most likely be some kind of closed cryptocurrency model with a given volume of output.

The “quick” decision on the introduction of cryptocurrency is opposed by the well-known expert, former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. The head of the supervisory board of the Moscow Stock Exchange does not think that it should work at an accelerated pace and speaks of several years.

Developing standards for regulating the production and circulation of cryptocurrencies will take three to four years, the former Russian Finance Minister said. "Another 3-4 of the year to develop standards for this to become a civilized market is my optimistic forecasts, so the regulation that will now take place will most likely be in the form of restrictions, as long as there is no confidence in the protection of citizens", - quotes him opinion expressed at the Moscow Exchange Forum in New York, RIA News".

On the topic of a possible ban on mining, cryptocurrency in Russia also has an opinion. More precisely, a number of opinions. Opposite.

Yana Pureskin, director of the financial policy department at the Ministry of Finance, said that the ministry proposes to allow mining only to legal entities and entrepreneurs: this way you can resist money laundering and terrorist financing in Russia. Platforms where they exchange cryptocurrency should receive licenses. And even the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, the Ministry of Finance is reticent, "rather on the positions of the ban for today."

Earlier, a member of the working group under the president for the development of the Internet, Ilya Massukh, said that in Russia they may prohibit the installation of farms for the "mining" of cryptocurrency in residential premises (mining). The ban can be justified by large energy costs of mining farms, increasing the load on the grid. Massuh believes that all this may be unsafe for other tenants.

However, such and other prohibitions would not be easy for the Russian authorities. And even implement the idea of ​​allowing mining only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs would be extremely difficult. So say the experts interviewed RIA News".

According to Andrei Koptelov, director of the Center for Economic Research at Synergy University, the Russian authorities will sooner or later try to legitimize both cryptocurrency and mining. “It is perfectly logical that the state is trying to control the use of cryptocurrency, as they violate the state’s monopoly on the“ seal ”of money,” he noted. However, it will be “not easy” to “control” virtual cryptocurrencies, because “on cryptocurrency exchanges, calculations can be made anonymously.”

“The measures proposed by the Ministry of Finance to control mining and the use of cryptocurrencies go against the very idea of ​​cryptocurrencies, and therefore they will be difficult to put into practice, because these systems are global in nature. Restrictive measures by one state will not be sufficiently effective and will require blocking exchanges located on foreign hosting, while the majority of users are already circumventing existing bans. ”

According to the expert, bans in the field of cryptocurrency are useless. On the contrary, these currencies are “legalized” abroad: “Bans on cryptocurrency and their mining are useless, so the only option for states is to increase the transparency of this area by participating in international initiatives to register cryptocurrency exchanges and monitor their work. Japan has already legalized Bitcoin, and the Singapore authorities have decided to urgently legalize cryptocurrencies, and therefore legalizing cryptocurrencies in Russia is no more than a matter of time. ”

Other experts hint that the government’s ideas are connected with the desire to collect taxes. No wonder the other day, the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov said that the Russian authorities, by the end of 2017, could work out basic positions on regulating the issue and circulation of cryptocurrencies.

“The Ministry of Finance once again stands for control over the mining and cryptocurrency market. It is easier to control legal entities, in particular, to collect taxes on them. Recall another initiative of the Ministry of Finance - the recognition of the cryptocurrency asset and the introduction of income tax for them, ”- says Art. Alpari analyst Roman Tkachuk.

The most difficult question is to understand how the government intends to implement a ban for individuals: “How to understand that this individual is engaged in mining? Not all miners are engaged in money laundering and terrorist financing. It is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. One of the features of cryptocurrency is anonymity and lack of regulation, therefore the implementation of such initiatives will face noticeable difficulties. ”

Expert opinion: expect the adoption of the relevant bill in the near future is not worth it; The government will continue to discuss the regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

Finally, Evgeny Gordeyev, the founder of the portal DeCenter, directly stated in an interview that "the Ministry of Finance does not fully understand the essence of mining."

“He does not understand the nature of this phenomenon and does not understand, in principle, why mining, blockchain and cryptocurrency were created. They were created so that each person has the right, mathematically drawn, to extract cryptocurrencies, and for this he does not need any regulations and permits of any organs. If you have a computer, which is partly an extension of you, your brain, because you control it, press buttons and say what to do, then this computer can produce some storiesAnd in this case they are not drawings, not programs, but cryptocurrencies specifically. Therefore, no regulation is needed here. ”

And also “no regulation is needed from the Russian Ministry of Finance specifically,” because there are already “international Visa and MasterCard bank cards that allow you to convert Bitcoin and the broadcast into dollars, and with this card you can pay in the store and anywhere with electronic money.” “Attempts to ban this whole thing are attempts to drive the bear back into the den,” the expert concluded.

Even in the State Duma, they do not think exclusively in prohibitive categories.

As stated by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in an interview with Russia 24, it is impossible to be guided solely by prohibitive measures in the development of standards for the regulation of cryptocurrency.

“Hurry up here would be wrong, you can make a mistake here, and this mistake will be very expensive,” he quotes. TASS. “But one cannot be guided by purely prohibitive measures: there must be a weighted effective solution.”

Finally, a petition from the so-called Russian business community is known.

As reported on October 16 RIA News", the business community asked the Federation Council and the State Duma to legally allow only domestic cryptocurrency in Russia.

“In the context of global opposition from competitors in the geopolitical arena, the issue and circulation of foreign cryptocurrency on the territory of the Russian Federation may entail irreversible negative consequences both in the field of economic development of our country and its political stability,” the Association of Entrepreneurs “AVANTI” patriotism addressed to the speakers of the Council and the State Duma.

Businessmen asked the parliament to consider the issue of amending the legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of state regulation of the issue and circulation of cryptocurrencies. “Considering the above, as well as the complex geopolitical situation and the special social significance of the issue, we suggest banning the production and circulation of foreign cryptocurrency on the territory of the Russian Federation, focus on the development of the domestic virtual currency,” the document says.

The letter's authors refer to successful examples of Russian cryptocurrencies: the most popular is RuCoin, developed by the Research Institute of Innovative Technologies.

* * *

The cryptocurrency passion, we recall, flared up in Russia on October 10, when the president made another statement.

On that day, Vladimir Putin held a meeting on cryptocurrency “problems.” The head of state is convinced that the circulation of digital money carries serious risks. Presidential Aide Andrei Belousov, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, and General Director of Qiwi Sergey Solonin participated in the meeting.

The position of the Central Bank in this issue is unchanged. E. Nabiullina more than once claimedthat the position of the regulator in relation to cryptocurrency is one: the Central Bank does not support the legalization of cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment. At the same time, the Central Bank sees prospects in the blockchain technology itself.

Thus, there are so many disputes and opinions on the issue of domestic cryptocurrency, as well as on the issue of circulation of bitcoins in Russia, that hardly in a short time, as other officials promise, these issues will be resolved at the level of the government and the president. Rather, Kudrin is right who pushes the decision on 3-4 of the year into the future. Those who offer a start to look at foreign successful experience with Bitcoin are right, before filling themselves with bumps on the invention of a bicycle in Russia.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 17 October 2017 07: 13 New
    If the introduction of crypto ruble will contribute to the fall of $, then I am FOR. A little amateur question: can I buy real sausage using a virtual currency?
    1. Megatron
      Megatron 17 October 2017 08: 27 New
      I speak as a person who is a little engaged in mining. Why such a “crypto ruble” if it cannot be mined? According to rumors, his release will be given again to Rostec and Vrottenberham, as usual through one place everything in our country.
      1. your1970
        your1970 17 October 2017 11: 17 New
        after all, this is a pyramid - a huge financial pyramid and someday it will collapse .....
        1. jjj
          jjj 17 October 2017 11: 29 New
          First, according to Kudrin. As a great financier / economist. Yesterday at RBC it was reported that he personally got fired on the problem with the Discovery. He participated in a fund that lost money.
          Regarding mining. It is more successful where electricity is cheaper. So, in Kamchatka there is a working hydroelectric station, to which power lines are not connected. It produces electricity in the void. The production for which it was built did not appear. This station was shown in a report on a rally in Siberia and the Far East on an automobile television channel: either Drive or Auto Plus
        2. YUG64
          YUG64 17 October 2017 11: 49 New
          It will collapse only with the Internet, computers and, consequently, civilization ... Although many factors influence the course of the same bitcoin, and it can rise and fall, even significantly - only a universal ban on their use can kill cryptocurrencies. In the modern world, this is hardly possible ..
        3. iConst
          iConst 17 October 2017 13: 41 New
          Quote: your1970
          after all, this is a pyramid - a huge financial pyramid and someday it will collapse .....

          belay laughing
          I’ll make one more assumption: this is an alien virus that reptilians introduce to enslave us!

          Seriously, very few people understand what cryptocurrency is. The main goals that were pursued in the same bitcoin are to deprive a certain subject of the right to issue this bitcoin. Otherwise, sooner or later, the owner of the "printing press" will want to "steer" and guess whose benefit. This is a time.
          The second is the very blockchain. In fact, the history of the "coin" by which you can track its entire path from the "birth". In Bitcoin, only wallets are anonymous - everything else is easily visible.

          I believe that there should be a state cryptocurrency. But with protection from the above negative factors. In particular, the presence of blockchain can make corruption difficult by orders of magnitude. For example, if "marked" amounts are allocated for financing projects - one hundred thousand for concrete, two hundred for brick. And that’s it - it will be impossible to spend “concrete” money on black caviar.
          That is how it should be.
        4. savage1976
          savage1976 18 October 2017 06: 26 New
          The whole world, our entire civilization is in essence one big pyramid and whether it will collapse or not depends on civilization itself and other factors beyond our control, such as a flash in the sun, a supernova explosion, a meteorite fall.
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 19 October 2017 12: 43 New
      Buy a taste of sausage, virtually.
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 19 October 2017 21: 50 New

      First petrodollar almost history. But they will not kill the dollar. Russia and China buried petrodollar without much pomp. Saudi Arabia came to the funeral, and Qatar will be later.

      About cryptocurrencies.

      Are clowns in government?

      The only and lasting need for cryptocurrency is the financial regulator of the issue of the dollar (petrodollar). It is possible to withdraw taxes from nothing only if these taxes are immediately destroyed.

      I will explain on the fingers.

      Capitalism is a system where added value is glued to production products in order to obtain goods and sell this goods on the market. As a result of making a profit.

      Thus, for every dollar of production, about 30 cents of profit is obtained. These 30 cents are taken out of the pockets of consumers. As a result, the consumer cannot pay for the purchase.

      The consumer is offered a loan, where there is also added value. Loans are fake unsecured material assets.

      The consumer will remain in debt, and the recipient will profit with money that he does not know where to go.

      For these wealthy, they came up with a rise in the price of real estate, gold, currency baskets, and now cryptocurrency.

      Cryptocurrency is zero, extra dollars are zero. Multiply zero by zero is zero.

      The results are a way out of the crisis of capitalism.
  2. Sars
    Sars 17 October 2017 07: 17 New
    Ours have stirred. Trump threatens to “Russian” -politicians to circumcise - to confiscate all acquired by overwork. Now the wives of the ministers will not be dollar billionaires, but betcoin.
  3. Stas157
    Stas157 17 October 2017 07: 43 New
    . I am so confident that we will launch a crypto ruble
    How to replace the ruble? What is the purpose of this cryptocurrency for our authorities is completely incomprehensible.
    . And crypto ruble is not the same as bitcoin: it will not be possible to “mine” it. According to Nikiforov, it will most likely be some kind of closed cryptocurrency model with a given volume of output.
    Well, no one will need this crypto ruble! There are many other cryptocurrencies that no Ministry of Finance can control in any way. The whole point of cryptocurrencies is the impossibility of controlling them by banks or some states. And everyone will simply bypass this controlled crypto ruble using other tools. Our Ministry of Finance will not be able to forbid the circulation of other cryptocurrencies, it is generally impossible to do. In general, this is a very strange undertaking with this crypto ruble. What role will he play? And why cannot the simple ruble fulfill this very role!
    1. telobezumnoe
      telobezumnoe 17 October 2017 13: 27 New
      you need to print a simple ruble, but if you use its electronic counterpart, you’ll also need a visa, unfasten the master card, or intermediary banks .. they don’t need crypto rubles, the blockchain technology itself allows you to track all the transactions that have occurred since the issue. it is not a replacement for cue ball or ether, it is a replacement for the ordinary ruble .. but bitcoins, etc. these currencies are supported only by the growing demand for them, firstly due to the fact that they can buy something illegal, then they want to be in the trend and as a way of investment, when it began to grow rapidly in person .. money is the equivalent of a commodity if the ruble is like that confirmed, then the cue ball of pure water is fiction, confirmed only by the demand for these limited virtual numbers .. as soon as demand will fall, then. but while on them you can buy drugs, etc. demand for it will be
  4. SMP
    SMP 17 October 2017 07: 46 New
    According to Andrei Koptelov, director of the Center for Economic Research at Synergy University, the Russian authorities will sooner or later try to legitimize both cryptocurrencies and mining. “It is completely logical that the state is trying to take control of the use of cryptocurrencies, since they violate the state’s monopoly on the“ printing ”of money,” he said.

    Naturally, the monopoly of money must belong to the state, otherwise what kind of financial independence can be discussed.
    And also “no regulation is needed from the Russian Ministry of Finance specifically,” because there are already “international Visa and MasterCard bank cards that allow you to convert Bitcoin and the broadcast into dollars, and with this card you can pay in the store and anywhere with electronic money.” “Attempts to ban this whole thing are attempts to drive the bear back into the den,” the expert concluded.

    Bitcoin and ether conversion is an ideal and non-RF controlled way of financing NPOs.

    In 1958, Bank of America issued a blue-white-gold BankAmericard card.
    The name BankAmericard could limit the further development of this payment system. The name was not popular on the East Coast of the United States, in Canada, in the UK and Mexico. Reasons: it contained the name of the largest bank in the world at that time, US unpopularity overseas due to Vietnam war. In these countries, banks used local brands. PTherefore, it was decided to find a more suitable namethat meets the following criteria: short, convenient for graphic processing, memorable, equally sounding in all languages, having no other meanings in any language, allowing the registration of a trade name. As a result, the word VISA was chosen. The first transaction with a card with a new logo was carried out on July 26, 1976. Local names ceased to be used: - BankAmericard, Chargex, Carte Bleue, Bank Union, Banco Credito and Sumitomo Card, which simplified marketing communication. The name "BankAmerican" remained only as the name of the cards "Bank of America" ​​[8].
    In October 2007, Visa Inc. [9] was established as a separate legal entity, and Visa USA, Visa International, Visa Canada and Inovant became direct or indirect subsidiaries of the company.

    The same thing with payment systems, in the Russian Federation, only the Mir payment system is required, and this is the same state monopoly, outside the Russian Federation, naturally, in the territory of the Russian Federation there is only a monopoly of the World system, otherwise deoffshorization cannot be done in principle.
    Not when the Americans will not provide any information on bank transfers abroad, citing bank secrecy.
    1. Anton Capucin
      Anton Capucin 17 October 2017 19: 11 New
      That is, you want to hand over all the reins of government to officials and those in power. At the same time, retaining the power of Capital or not? If so, then we are simply encouraging slavery, only more sophisticated. If you are in the position of leftist ideas, then yes, it is just the variety that will only interfere. As always, a double edged sword.
  5. Enoch
    Enoch 17 October 2017 08: 36 New
    Then there will be a world crypto state.
  6. LYON
    LYON 17 October 2017 09: 54 New
    the puzzle asks: how many doctoral crypto sausages are weighed per crypto ruble?
    1. Anton Capucin
      Anton Capucin 17 October 2017 19: 13 New
      This is how many crypto resources the crypto owner will have. Demand offer, all things))
  7. alma
    alma 17 October 2017 10: 14 New
    crypto ruble is not the same as bitcoin: it will not be possible to “mine”

    Interesting, but how then will they create it? And bitcoins are mined in a predetermined amount.
  8. Rostislav
    Rostislav 17 October 2017 11: 10 New
    And this crypto ruble will be used for payments throughout Siberia, the North and the markets of the Caucasus.
    1. user
      user 17 October 2017 11: 57 New
      And this crypto ruble will be used for payments throughout Siberia, the North and the markets of the Caucasus.

      Everyone will cease to humor when that bitcoin suddenly collapses.
      After all, whatever you say, but this is one of the economic instruments that is not backed up by anything, it is not clear what its volatility depends on, who is behind its creation and most importantly, who controls it and will bear legal and other risks. Indeed, for example, the dollar and the ruble have owners, but here?
      I'm sorry, maybe I’ll freeze stupidity, but in my bitcoin they are trying to replace the dollar, so such mystery. No one is responsible for anything, no one is responsible to anyone and at the same time manages world finances. In the words of one character, "this is not a trifle for you to rub on feeds."

      I think in a simplified version something like this.
      1. Sharansky
        Sharansky 17 October 2017 16: 59 New
        Quote: user
        No one is responsible for anything, no one is responsible to anyone and at the same time manages world finances.

        and who was responsible for the double fall of the ruble?
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 17 October 2017 17: 24 New
        You guessed.

        Bitcoin wants to blow off the American debt bubble.

        The value of bitcoin is only in the effectiveness of advertising. Those. in the level of trust supported by the media.
      3. Anton Capucin
        Anton Capucin 17 October 2017 19: 30 New
        Well, if we delve into history, money is also a kind of social contract, that this paper costs so much, and that red one is 5 times more. And the money is not backed up by anything now. Bitcoin was created just like money without a state. Another thing is that cryptocurrencies themselves have a limit on the number, it is more difficult to mine them every year. Demand spawned a quick take-off and it continues. At one time, due to lack of funds, I did not have time to buy, when it cost less than $ 10, after takeoff I have no desire to get into it. The cryptocurrency market is very wild, the swings are huge. Everyone who wants fast money is climbing into the market, but as a result they increase demand and leave their own. The idea was great, but as a result, we received shares of a certain enterprise. In fact, you are trading part of your package. The fact that cryptocurrency is used not for legitimate purposes is also understandable. Again, start trading in the darknet with prohibited goods in other currencies, then we will get a drop in cue ball and a rise in another currency. The state wants its own piece, they are ready to take a tax on everything, so that later they squander it on state needs, and I'm not talking about the army, science, or social support. Just keep the officials who are becoming more. Parkinson’s law is not begging)
  9. Freeman
    Freeman 17 October 2017 13: 40 New
    loud news from the future cryptocurrency market was the statement of the Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov. He promised that Russia will release a crypto ruble. Such a decision, according to Nikiforov, was made by the Russian president, who announced this at a private meeting with members of the Moscow Capital Club.

    I heard (it seems on Vesti FM) the opinion of one economist that under the big name "crypto ruble" they want to tighten control over the "cashless ruble", like the Soviet one - when the "cashless" can not be easily "cashed".

    << Today we live in the realm of a "market economy" and observe an almost unlimited convertibility of money from cash to non-cash and vice versa.
    Only when a few billion rubles are cashed in through some Russian bank, does the Bank of Russia make a fuss and the performance begins to deprive the bank of its license.
    Valentin Katasonov "Ruble: cash and cashless"
    eznalichnyj_492.htm >>

    Speaking of crypto ruble, Nikiforov referred to a government decree with regulations. “I so confidently declare that we will launch the crypto-ruble for one simple reason: if we do not, then in two months our EurAsEC neighbors will do it”

    And in this case, they recalled the so-called "transfer ruble", which was used for settlements between the CMEA countries. And in this case it is necessary to hurry up, because the issuer of the “common currency” receives undeniable economic advantages within the framework of the EurAsEC.
  10. gladcu2
    gladcu2 17 October 2017 16: 03 New
    Let's think logically.

    Who needs it?

    Capitalism is not viable. This is an artificially supported system. Capitalism always leads to a crisis.
    It is necessary to overcome the crisis.
    The question is how!


    It is necessary to find a way to control the money supply.

    In the case when the interest rate is closer to zero, and the economy does not receive a turn. That brewing need to print money. But there is a risk of inflation.

    Futures used to be regulators. Real estate financial bubbles, too.

    Today, cryptocurrency is introduced. Which is designed to withdraw from circulation the existing excess mass of money, and acts as a regulator.

    Do this through advertisements. Really, this currency is zero. Zero multiplied by zero is zero. For this, you need to multiply the extra money by zero.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 17 October 2017 19: 49 New
      Cryptocurrency is a financial regulator.

      What is a financial regulator.?

      Capitalism comes to a systemic crisis that requires resolution.

      What is a crisis of capitalism?

      Here you have created a candle. Cost of candles, includes salaries, development, etc. Conditionally one dollar. But you sell a candle with a surplus value of 20% to make a profit.

      A candle is bought by a speculator who takes a loan from a bank. The speculator makes a surplus value of conditionally another 20%.

      Thus, money, 40% went away from needs. And the consumer cannot buy a candle.

      This is called the systemic crisis of capitalism.

      Which exit?.

      You need to print extra money. But so that there is no depreciation of money, you need financial regulators.

      This is where those who earn money on speculation will invest. And of course, the state will always print extra money to move the economy a couple of turns.

      This is a debt system, real estate market, gold, currencies, and cryptocurrency.

      Thus, through such a system, it is possible to preserve Capitalism, which has an owner.

      And so the market is planned. Which of course is nonsense. Duck and Capitalism with their antitrust laws are also nonsense.
  11. Olfred
    Olfred 17 October 2017 16: 22 New
    And here we got the shaggy, raking hands of those in power ... But what’s great was invented - real taxes on virtual money. As usual, eat a fish and don’t choke on a bone.
    The ban can be justified by the large energy costs of mining farms, increasing the load on the power grid.
    Well, yes, yes, old cables are the legacy of RAO EU? wassat But nothing that the electricity bill also increases (profit)
    Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Bank of Russia Chairman Elvira Nabiullina and Qiwi CEO Sergey Solonin.
    oh damn gang-watering d̶e̶f̶e̶k̶t̶i̶v̶n̶y̶kh̶ effective managers, they don’t rush about anything, but all the same, it’s better to get into the economy. hi
  12. viktorch
    viktorch 17 October 2017 17: 51 New
    full P, an article of heresy, but the real intentions of government oligarchs are very clearly visible.
    no crypto ruble will be released
    our oligarchs want to make a suction cup on existing cryptocurrencies, and throw small dudes out of mining, in short, they again want them to be carried grandmothers for no reason, in other words, they will again rob.
    the humor is that they will rob small miners, mining will be bent, the oligarchs who in fact share one-time grandmothers, and that's it, game over.
    here it is the real level of government and all their megaplanes, rob and plunder, and then just look for another topic for robbery, the usual murmur.
  13. Eurodav
    Eurodav 17 October 2017 20: 00 New
    Quote: SarS
    Ours have stirred. Trump threatens to “Russian” -politicians to circumcise - to confiscate all acquired by overwork. Now the wives of the ministers will not be dollar billionaires, but betcoin.

    We will do the circumcision ourselves, whomever we want! Jews are not concerned, they are already offended by nature! So Trump should have less thumping with his son-in-law ...
  14. LCA
    LCA 17 October 2017 22: 36 New
    Cryptocurrency, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital economy, gold standard, energy security standard for a monetary unit. How are these concepts related?

    Explaining in simple terms how the blockchain works, experts compare each transaction with a microscopic DNA molecule containing information about the whole living organism. Due to this, unauthorized data modification is impossible - the system does not coordinate and rejects the operation, as the body rejects foreign cells and tissues.

    Thus, the blockchain technology makes it possible to store data on financial transactions, legal obligations, property rights, providing complete transparency and universal access for review, but at the same time reliably protecting it from any forgery, hacking, and so on.

    The potential scope of blockchain is incomparably wider - this technology can be used to create a huge variety of databases, registers, books of inventory, services for business. And including - new payment systems that operate legally (controlled by state authorities).

    The negative attitude to the blockchain is most often caused by the use of this system for bitcoin calculations. This cryptocurrency is actively used for the illegal trade in weapons, drugs, stolen confidential data, etc.

    That is, blockchain is technology, and bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies. At present, the dollar, ruble and other currencies do not have metrological support (i.e., there is no unit of measure in the global economy). Previously, the dollar had such a unit of measurement - the gold standard.
    Therefore, the formation of a new fair world order will necessitate this. At the transition stage, there will be a return to the gold standard of security of the monetary unit.

    The task of the New York \ Beijing couple is not the victory of the financial capital of the Wall Street interest bank investment banks, not the retention of the old currency world, but a worthy strategic departure with the preservation of the dollar as a separate contour of international payments and a parallel new contour of payments in the world economy with the gold standard.
    The strategic withdrawal of the US dollar into a separate contour of financial capital with “face preservation” is ensured by the escalation of military tension on the Korean peninsula. For in order to enter the New Currency World with effort, players need a push of force majeure (force majeure), which removes responsibility from decision-makers and releases all parties from earlier obligations. The Korean regime of the eastern despotism of the Kim dynasty will be blamed.

    But the transition to cryptocurrencies in international trade is possible only with the introduction of instead of the "gold standard" the energy standard for the security of the monetary unit (kW. Hour). To embark on a reform of the global financial and monetary system in the interests of sustainable economic development of both the world and all national economies. It is for such a transition that artificial intelligence is needed. Why?

    Exemption from the vices of the liberal market economic model requires the implementation of the following principles in practical policy:

    • Organization of a system of state planning for biosphere-socio-economic development based on objective laws. Reliance on them is a means of resolving both internal social and environmental problems; both on a national scale and on a global scale.

    • Construction of a three-circuit credit and financial system in the state:
    - the first circuit should serve the consumption of products by households;
    - the second circuit - the scope of production;
    - The third circuit is foreign trade.

    Opportunities for interstate economic cooperation are connected with the problem of fears of the loss of sovereignty by member states, and above all financial and economic sovereignty. In the past, there were two options for organizing international trade:

    1. The construction of the national currency of the most powerful state in the rank of international means of payment. This gave rise to claims against the state issuing this currency, since its issue is the unearned income of this state, while other states participating in the international trade system must sell something in order to create their foreign exchange reserves.
    2. Direct currency conversion in mutual trade between the two states. In this case, problems arise as a result of exchange games in the foreign exchange markets.

    A third option is possible that does not threaten the sovereignty of any of the participants in the system and protects all of them from games in the foreign exchange markets. International trade is served by a currency that does not belong to any of the states participating in the system - a trans-state payment unit (this is where blockchain technology and cryptocurrency based on it are useful).

    The payment units of each state (cryptocurrency) exclusively serve its internal trade. If you need to buy something abroad, your own payment unit is converted into a transstate at the first stage, and at the second stage the transstate is converted into a payment unit of the state of the system’s participant in which it is supposed to make purchases.

    In order to exclude speculation in currencies (cryptocurrencies) and thereby ensure the stability of the real sector of the economy of the member states, the conversion of state payment units into trans-state and vice-versa into state ones can be carried out at a fixed rate established based on a comparison of ENERGY STANDARDS for the security of convertible payment units.

    The price list invariant (kW. Hour) is a commodity product participating in a product exchange along with other products, the quantity of which calculates the prices of all other goods and all costs (the price of an invariant is always equal to one) - hence the name of the term.

    Payment unit energy standard = annual electricity production (total capacity of existing power plants) / money supply in circulation.

    The price list base is primary energy carriers, tariffs for energy consumption, transport tariffs ... It is necessary that the price list base be determined by its composition, and the prices for the products included in it should be fixed.

    Making the energy standard de jure is possible, but it determines the transformation of the trans-regional banking system (in essence of its activity) into a global “Gosplan” and a center for managing the distribution of energy resources (primarily electricity: something like a global main switchboard - the main distribution panel).

    But this is possible on ethical principles that openly deny the double moral standards of the Bible: at the level of consciousness for the crowd (working “cattle") - the commandment of Moses - do not steal; at the subconscious level for the crowd of “God chosen” through the doctrine of “Deuteronomy - Isaiah” - steal everything, but gently and culturally through the legalized loan interest; and for the inter-regional “elite”, but already at the level of consciousness, do what you want, all the others are a working “” to satisfy your whims and needs.

    The institute of credit is a means of control when it is in the hands of society itself or its state, and a generalized weapon when it is in the hands of an anti-national internationalist mafia. In the Euro-American conglomerate, this weapon (fourth priority) is in the hands of Zionist internationalism.
    The requirement of non-interference by the state in economic activity is the requirement of the MAFII to provide it with freedom of interference in the management of both the nation-wide economy in each state and the global economy of all mankind.
    That is, one moneylender is a gesheftmakher, and the moneylender in the law of allegedly Moses is already an interregional system of structureless economic management of unsuspected "free" private entrepreneurs about this and the army leading the ECONOMIC GENOCIDE in relation to entire nations.

    The absolute exchange rate of a monetary unit is:

    - the standard of its energy supply;
    - The concept of state energy potential management (technologies, production spectra);
    - quality management by this concept.

    And artificial (or other) intelligence can be controlled only by the real economy. This global artificial economy driven by artificial intelligence according to the demographically determined needs of humanity can be called - this is a digital economy.
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 17 October 2017 23: 06 New
      Quote: LCA

      A link to the place from where you copied, do not bring?
      I want to see the original. Bullshit, naturally, but kind of ... um, funny.
    2. Olfred
      Olfred 18 October 2017 12: 38 New
      +! that rare case when the comment is more interesting than the article. Informatively, if you yourself wrote - respect, if not, then proof in the studio fellow Oh, it's time to invent crypto officials and ministers, virtual managers who do not need money and fame, only give power (dreams, dreams) hi
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 18 October 2017 20: 55 New
      Not bad ... But the main thing is right.
  15. algonquin
    algonquin 18 October 2017 05: 28 New
    Here is a simple payment system - transmitting the readings of a housing and communal services meter and an automatic accounting of the amounts on receipt.
    The accountant only drives the tags, but all the same, I have incorrect (old) readings and the amounts I also calculate manually.
    And how can trust AI (artificial intelligence), digital and online payments for more significant amounts after such a point?
    Well, withdrawal / debiting from cards.
    Charge-off money from mobile operators is also a typical “digit” disease. Someone unilaterally introduced something, for example, automatic payment for access to the network, until you ask for a detailed statement - to hell you know that the money is running away.
    First, make guaranteed 0, okay, 5% of threats or 100% -99% protection against sudden crashes of terminals, equipment, hacker attacks and the detection of "vulnerabilities" and the fact that the programs will not be updated every six months with data loss. And that a series of hurricanes will not cut down the light for a day and a half, that automation will not turn off the hydroelectric power station / nuclear power plant, as has happened twice recently.
    In the meantime, I will carry a bag with stone rubles. They hit on the head with more weight.
  16. algonquin
    algonquin 18 October 2017 05: 43 New
    In general, now threats from physical / real are shifting more towards “virtual” / intangible / non-physical, including financial fraud, cybercrime, and all kinds of “medical technologies” - management methods and personal growth trainings.

    At first, Reiki, Trainings, NLP, cryptocurrency, cashless payments, credit cards are actively PR, now here is RESTRUCTURING OF DEBTS / LOANS in an alpha bank and some other, Home loan or something.
    Everyone trains / heals, they buy shungite bracelets, and then, through the peak of consumer demand, “research” suddenly appears, Kaspersky Lab declares ...
    This scheme is described in the stories of O. Henry, as it was with the shares of the railway company or something else.
    only in stories Oh.Henry said bluntly: we are swindlers and are thinking of how to still lure money from gullible simpletons
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 19 October 2017 12: 45 New
      And these read everything between the lines.
  17. NordUral
    NordUral 19 October 2017 12: 45 New
    Instead of creating an independent financial and payment system, "our" government makes a fool of itself and us.
  18. NordUral
    NordUral 19 October 2017 12: 47 New
    Cryptocurrencies are a scam of Western liberals and their servants are Moscow liberals.