Military Review

The results of the operation of the VKS RF in Syria for two years. Infographics

September 30 has been two years since the start of the Russian counterterrorist operation in Syria. When this operation was just beginning, the BBC, a British television broadcasting corporation, exclaimed with skepticism: “Syria: What can Russia's military do?” (“Syria: what can the Russian army do?”)

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  1. corporal
    corporal 20 October 2017 08: 17
    If we were to be objective, then we had to indicate our losses. And then the picture is incomplete. IMHO of course.
    1. Talgat
      Talgat 21 October 2017 09: 25
      Quote: Corporal
      If we were to be objective, then we had to indicate our losses. And then the picture is incomplete. IMHO of course.

      here, after all, they fought in a bunch - the Iranians are the Xer and Syrians, and also the Hezbollah. which even Israel bombed

      Losses need to be shown cumulative since the war everything is coordinated and the Russian VKS covered friends - and they aimed at the targets - and also cleared the populated areas, etc.
      1. corporal
        corporal 21 October 2017 10: 05
        Quote: Talgat
        Total losses must be shown

        But infographics are only about our strengths. Therefore, it would be logical to show only our losses.
  2. bald
    bald 20 October 2017 08: 53
    Clear and understandable by comparing the results of the table. Although of course a lot is not reflected - a lot. But on the whole it’s normal, and the shortcomings themselves are documented.
  3. evgenii67
    evgenii67 20 October 2017 10: 00
    Who are these numbers designed for ????
    So let's figure it out, destroyed:
    illegal oil pumping plants -3000;
    strong points - 17 194;
    command posts -8 332;
    training camps -970.
    TOTAL -29 objects.
    destroyed militants -53
    it turns out that for every destroyed object it has to be DESTROYED less than 2 fighters (1.8chl)
    and if we take into account that the attacks were carried out on fuel trucks and other vehicles outside the objects of the militants, we get that for one destroyed object there is a maximum of one killed militant, so prepared statistics.
    1. YakimovSS
      YakimovSS 20 October 2017 12: 15
      It should always be kept in mind that according to Russian practice, confirmed goals are stated, and according to the European methodology, one plane can be counted for 4. And since no one considered corpses under the ruins and then did not analyze the causes of his death, they do not fall into the reports of the Russian Federation.