Military Review

Mi-26: The Ultimate Giant

Mi-xnumx. The largest, most capacious, most powerful and most lifting helicopter in the world. This time - it is he who is the protagonist of the program "Military Acceptance". This machine - the owner of dozens of world records, he simply has no competitors. It is easy, like toys, carries, construction equipment, other helicopters, airplanes, even yachts! Moreover, only Mi-26 is able to lift into the air another Mi-26! But at the same time - it is a very accurate, maneuverable and controlled machine. It would seem that there is nothing more that this air atlas cannot cope with, but Military Acceptance has prepared a special test for it. So its capabilities have not yet been tested!

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  1. gromoboj
    gromoboj 15 October 2017 21: 05 New
    Good helicopter.
    How many units were put into the troops this year?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    HEATHER 16 October 2017 08: 45 New
    Every three months we will draw articles about Bucephalus? Got bored! am Let's talk about the Mi-8T! About Tu-160 M2, TU-22M3M, IL-114? Alas. I am not a member of those structures. And to write about cars is demanding! I always loved ILs. For the fuselage’s breadth, the cabin and cabin space. Antonovs are too inferior in this. The only thing the IL-14 didn’t like was its piston engines. On the decline, it was not only that the ears were planted, but the head went. then it was. Now I understand. 12 meters per second at Ilyukha (lowering), against 5 meters at the 24th. The 14th fell like a stone! 30 meters brought to the horizon! Tank flying! It’s a pity that there is no monument to him. Although DS-but ours. Reliable pepelats was ...