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Ship artillery complex А-192 "Armat". Infographics

The Armat-Puma A-192-5П-10Е is a 130-mm universal ship-based artillery system designed to increase the firepower of ships by replacing the X-NUMX-mm artillery complex AK-100-MR-100.

The A-192 is a lightweight modification of the 130-mm AK-130 artillery to arm ships with a displacement of two thousand tons. In terms of its tactical and technical characteristics, it fully meets the tasks that artillery means of fire support and protection of promising Navy ships of medium and small displacement face.

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  1. Popovich
    Popovich 16 October 2017 08: 40 New
    shot in two minutes, and then what?
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 16 October 2017 09: 13 New
      And then reload. This is a quick-firing gun, half of the AK-130 double-barreled assault rifle.
      1. tlauicol
        tlauicol 16 October 2017 09: 38 New
        ammunition 60 rounds
      2. pacific
        pacific 17 October 2017 00: 35 New
        Not certainly in that way.
        The AK-130 has a rate of fire of 45 rounds / min per barrel or 90 per installation.
        By the range and height of the fire, as well as by the unitary, everything is exactly the same.
        Ammunition? I understand that 60 shells - this is the number in the turret compartment, which is part of the design of the gun mount. And how many will be in the cellar - this is how they will be built.
  2. Firework
    Firework 16 October 2017 09: 55 New
    Why is the response time to a sea target 3 times longer?
  3. YakimovSS
    YakimovSS 16 October 2017 14: 58 New
    Quote: Popovich
    shot in two minutes, and then what?

    Russia has just over 1000 nuclear warheads, let’s release everything, and then what?