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Ukraine intimidates Europe with American lethal weapons

Ukraine intimidates Europe with American lethal weapons

Ukrainian authorities are making new enemies for themselves. Recently, the authorities of Hungary, Poland, Romania and Moldova spoke out with harsh criticism of the Ukrainian government. The subject of criticism was the new Ukrainian law on education, according to which education in the country will be conducted only in the Ukrainian language. Ukraine’s neighbors condemn this initiative and believe that such a law infringes upon the rights of all national minorities living in Ukraine.

However, instead of listening to the opinion of their European neighbors and settling the conflict, the Ukrainian authorities chose to intimidate all those who disagree with their policies. They decided to scare the American lethal defensive weapons, large-scale deliveries of which to Ukraine will nevertheless take place. This was told by a well-known political commentator in Ukraine, close to the upper political circles, Oleg Ponomar. It turned out that the Ukrainian authorities are going to use the lethal weapon received from the USA against anyone who encroaches on the security and integrity of Ukraine. And if earlier only Russia fit under this description, then now the once-friendly western neighbors, whom Mr. Ponomar proposes to think about the correctness of their judgments or simply intimidate, are coming under attack.

It seems that the Ukrainian authorities believed in the infinity of their capabilities and believe that they are entitled to do whatever they want. It is obvious that behind such bold statements by Kiev is the all-round support from the United States, in whose person the Ukrainian authorities have found a patron. The similar position of the United States in relation to Ukraine is simply amazing. It is no secret to anyone that the American leadership is arming its European ally in order to pacify Russia first. However, it is important to remember that giving such a dangerous toy as a lethal weapon is not dangerous for the most obedient and educated child (Ukraine): judging by the events in Vinnitsa, the Ukrainian military is not very good at handling such toys. Apparently, the White House administration doesn’t realize that the aggressively-minded Ukrainian authorities can use the provided military aid not only against the original goal, but also against other, in their opinion, unfriendly states. Thus, the United States threatens the security of the entire European continent.
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  1. Catherine II
    Catherine II 17 October 2017 15: 25 New
    Before the events of 2014 - sharp floats with Romania (environmental wars), Hungary (the same community and the distribution of passports), Poland disputes of nationalists (east creases)
    The Russian Federation did not smell there. So this is not bullying. And the rattling of the nationalists. For me, a stable economy and a reasonable linguistic and cultural policy with proper response to military attempts (hybrid wars) are quite adequate steps.
  2. martin-159
    martin-159 17 October 2017 15: 54 New
    A photo with pneumatics spoils everything.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 17 October 2017 16: 06 New
      Quote: martin-159
      A photo with pneumatics spoils everything.

      On the contrary, it’s very symbolic))) They have a lot of such comrades who, having picked up a Makarov pistol, imagine themselves Rambo. So here, having received a batch of “something”, they believe that they can break the world, including nuclear countries, only on the basis that the United States will subscribe for them. Naive .....
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 17 October 2017 19: 37 New
    Yes, the United States wanted to cheat on the security of Europe from a high bell tower. For the States, the worse the world, the more profitable they are!
    1. Lganhi
      Lganhi 18 October 2017 12: 23 New
      The US economy is a competitor to the United States. And competitors are being destroyed. Ideally for the USA, these are only the USA and Canada are developed countries, and all the rest are countries of the Somali level.
  4. ML-334
    ML-334 18 October 2017 05: 06 New
    Will they give them the Tamahawks?
    1. 18 October 2017 06: 17 New
      Yes, they will go on reservations, collect hatchets and send them to Ukraine !!!! Moreover, they will also require payment for delivery !!
  5. notingem
    notingem 18 October 2017 08: 38 New
    Hitler also began under the silly giggles of the guarantors of Western democracy
  6. The poor man
    The poor man 20 October 2017 17: 43 New
    To protect the DPR and LPR from shelling of the Armed Forces, you must place the appropriate electronic warfare devices: on all street lights; masts tele, radio and mobile communications, etc. In response to the supply of lethal weapons from Ukraine to Ukraine, Russia needs to supply, as humanitarian assistance to the LPR and DPR, protective equipment, in the form of special electronic warfare devices, for the civil defense of the population of these republics. And in the future to establish the production of similar equipment in these republics. This will be a fair, legal and effective response to all the machinations of Americans and will help to advance in fulfilling the conditions of the Minsk agreements.