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Results of the week. The third world will begin on the Euphrates

Tragedy in Syria

During takeoff, the Su-24 front bomber crashed. The plane was unable to gain altitude, going beyond the runway of the airfield. The aircraft broke off the front landing gear, fuel ignition occurred and detonation of ammunition. It is known that the crew members of the aircraft (the pilot and navigator) were killed.

We express our sincere condolences to the families of the dead pilots. We hope that the main defense department will provide all the necessary assistance to relatives and friends who are faced with incredible grief. The whole country is facing. It hurts very much when those for whom the duty of service and the honor of an officer are not empty sounds go.

Comments from our readers:

People and equipment for wear work. With such intensity of flight incidents, unfortunately, are inevitable. It is a pity that it all happened. Dangerous job, but necessary. Condolences to relatives, friends and colleagues.

Did not have time to eject, unfortunately.
The preliminary reason is a technical malfunction (Ministry of Defense).

While unofficially - after the separation, the console was formed, the small height, the lack of time, did not even have time to jump, by TV - the refusal on the run-up, rolled out. Eternal memory, I personally know one thing - 3-e kids in Chernyakhovsk left.

Well, for "Anadyr." Who said, "not clinking glasses"?

The overseas media paranoia in relation to Russia has reached such proportions that any sea transport towards Cuba from the Russian Federation is perceived, well, almost as a segment of the repetition of the operation “Anadyr” 55-year-old. Apparently, in the States, exaggerating as much as possible, they are trying to announce that Russia is not delivering humanitarian aid with the locomotives prescribed in contracts to Cuba, but at least Iskander, or even BZHRK at once.

Results of the week. The third world will begin on the Euphrates

Instead of locomotives, they whisper such a loud whisper in the American corners, the Russians are bringing to Cuba, only tsssss, “nuclear weapon". Ships with bombs that literally litter the lawn in front of the White House. And instead of humanitarian aid, do you know what these Russians have in cardboard boxes? - It is known that ... - acoustic simulators of cicadas and crickets in order to continue to frighten Russians with the whistling-hissing sounds of American diplomats peacefully grazing in Havana.

They swear to democracy ... Iraqi or Afghan ...

Well, just swear, then, therefore: for the "Anadyr 2.0." Who said no clinking glasses? Break down...

Comments from our readers:

Yes, in the days of "Anadyr" did not overload, and itched from port to port without overload. And now...

Same lech
And that the idea is good ... in the light of the beginning of the development of the United States of weapons of instant global strike and the deployment of US missile defense near our borders, I am only for such events near the United States.
Threats against RUSSIA are growing, and we already need to think about countermeasures to counter US hegemonism policy.

We must return to Cuba ... It is our vital necessity for our country to have greater confidence in its security. And it is not worth while to talk about the return of something deadly, such as missiles, but it is worth talking about expanding our capabilities for basing Navy ships, creating a full-fledged logistics support center. Our "peaceful seiners" are required to be in that region.

Imperial project?

The author of the article, Yury Podolyak: “President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree that stipulates the possibility of sending Russian foreign servicemen outside the country to participate in peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations. This decree fits well with the strategy of transforming the Russian state and specifically its armed forces into a new imperial project on the territory of the former USSR. And, if you turn to storiesthen it can be argued that it was inevitable ... "

Imperial armed forces? And what is the "non-imperial" armed forces in a state that occupies almost two continents, and in which when some are going to go to work / service on Monday, others are still checking weekends. Well, we are not Liechtenstein, not San Marino, to get by with an “army” of five postmen who “go” to this very army during the lunch break, and that is not always the case. Therefore, innovations can be called up as you please; in essence, this does not change the two main allies of Russia, despite the fact that they are constantly trying to stab Russia with “imperial” because of the cordon.

Comments from our readers:

Yuri, as always, gives vent to fantasy, but there is some rationality in his words.
Apparently, something like the Foreign Legion is being formed with similar functions - conducting operations outside the Russian Federation. That's why foreign citizens will be recruited there with the subsequent possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship.
And local territorial and national armed formations are not good, of which we have only Chechen battalions, but this is a necessary measure.

It is reasonable. You can conduct operations abroad and not be afraid of losses, no matter how cynical, but it is.

Afraid of losses should be. There will always be big losses: financial (from which sources will be the financing of this armed formation), Russia's image losses (many people in the world do not like "dogs of war", "wild geese", etc., "... It is curious that the international military law does not explicitly prohibit mercenary.Her mercenary is not a formal war crime - however, it denies the mercenaries the official status of a prisoner of war, capturing a mercenary captive party is free to do with it as he pleases. Interpol to the country of which the mercenary is a citizen for condemnation at home ... "
Mercenaries have no moral guidelines. Our country creates such forces. What is good? It is well known from the history of our Motherland that Russia has always achieved staggering military successes when the interests of the “elite” and the people coincided. These were always liberation wars.

Snail N9
Yes, he was directly "touched" by the author's "imperial" vision. Obviously, Georgians, Balts and other Limitrophs whose troops have long been involved in military operations in other countries have also turned their armies into "imperial" ...

No, they serve another empire - the United States.

And what's the point? ..

During the week, the Levada Center, a sociological monitoring service, published the results of a survey conducted in September of this year on future presidential elections in Russia. The leader, according to the survey, Vladimir Putin. And the question of who the respondents will vote for, if Putin does not stand as a candidate, brought unexpected results.

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev in the rating of "Levada Center" shot 8-percent and was the leader. And we thought. And what should Dmitry Anatolyevich as head of state do if he solved all the most important problems of Russia from 2008 to 2012? Reinforced concrete does not change the time, the militia has been renamed, democracy in Libya. So what is the point of presiding again? ..

Comments from our readers:

Nicholas C.
Oh how! The “Levada,” ie Soros, wants Medvedev at the head of Russia. We will know.

The rating, in my opinion, is very close to the truth. My wife and many acquaintances say: "We do not vote for Putin, but for stability!" And they are right in many ways. And I steadily, out of love for pluralism, vote either for Zyuganov or Zhirinovsky. What is not democracy for you? Is there a choice? There is. Vote for whom you want, no one obliges.

The one who is on TV more will win. Show Navalny 24 an hour a day, the main thing, as Putin - only from a positive side, and in a month Putin will have a 1 percentage, and Navalny will have a 50. Exaggerated of course, but true. TV today is all about us.

Chur, without Ukraine

How many naive appeals and hopes from the high-ranking officials of the foreign policy and other departments of the Russian Federation and LDNR regarding the so-called law “On the special status of Donbass” we have not heard in the last quarter!

Each meeting in Ukraine turns into food for reciprocal statements by Russian and Ukrainian experts. In Ukraine, we are sure that the meeting between Volker and Surkov “merges” the interests of Kiev, in Russia - on the contrary: “they leaked the Donbass”. The only thing that can be stated quite definitely is the fact that no one from the Kiev Kunstkamera is invited to such meetings. For on Fridays they do not serve ... Although on other days, apparently, too ...

Comments from our readers:

Again, everything is gone, again, Putin merged everything. Of course, the United States is ready to fight to the last Ukrainian, but they do not want to get rid of the soup. No one wants to subscribe for a deliberately loser. I remind you that quite recently, under Idlib, US units of their irregular troops ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation), etc. were broken to pieces. What was not shy about making a statement, our Ministry of Defense.
And about the troops, armored vehicles, etc. etc. they write every day and every day they write that they are about to attack the LDNR. How much can you hysteria?
It also touches me nagging about the fact that the "Minskin agreement" is not executed. Question: who are unprofitable "Minsk Agreement"? Us or the US, the EU and Ukraine? Opponents from Russia under these agreements, which side are you on? If we abandon our position, the United States, the EU and Ukraine will put forward their own, and we will remain completely out of position. In general, we will not be able to insist on anything.

The fact that the Minsk agreements were obviously losing, was clear even in 14, they gave the urine to restore its army and get stronger, now a quick defeat like in 14 will not work. And also with these agreements, the Russian Federation has driven itself into a certain framework, the observance of which is required of it.

Never in history have new state formations been formed according to the laws enacted by one of the opposing sides.
Contracts, etc. make out for the order already existing real state of affairs.
That is, as the leader of the world proletariat taught, when the tops of banderlogov cannot control the bottoms, which, in turn, cannot obey the tops as cannon fodder and source of income.
And in order for it to become so necessary, it is not laws at all, with powerful and high-precision strikes on punishers of the ATO, economic restrictions and effective counter-propaganda.
And the laws ... The laws will be rewritten as needed.

About how everything is bad, very bad with tank the future of Russia

4 in October, the international online edition of The Diplomat published an article by Franz Stefan Gadi on the current situation with Russian tanks and its possible development. The title of the “Russia's Russian Federation of the Future Armor Force Could Be in Trouble” immediately revealed the essence of the new material. The author reviewed the existing situation and came to not very positive conclusions.

When you read that another Western expert was worried about the future of the Russian army, the expression that is most relevant in this case: “Do not teach me how to live, help better financially.” Well, in fact, if the future of our tank component is “in danger”, then literally tears of emotion run down our cheeks from the sympathy of Western friends and partners. It will be necessary to convey to Dale Grybauskaite that with tanks we have “full seams” - even if we fall asleep calmly ...

Comments from our readers:

Touches the concern of Western journalists about our army. So a certain "Gadya Petrovich Khrenova" was noted.
If modernization costs less than the production of a new tank, then in conditions of a protracted crisis, it makes sense to follow the path of evolution rather than revolution. And why they all direct their eyes to us, there is no way to look at yourself. All American and German tanks of the latest modifications are nothing more than upgrading old cars. It is correct and economical. But at the same time, we are releasing the NEW T-90 and the newest T-14 tanks, which the bourgeois do not have, and that is good news.

"No one will wage war for years, everything will be decided within months ..."
Tell me, for how many months "everything was decided" in Syria?

Uncle lee
F.-S. Gadi believes that we will conquer him and he wants it to be done elegantly, on a new and beautiful Armata T-14 tank!

Andrei from Chelyabinsk
In fact, everything fits in one paragraph. Armata is more expensive than expected, and doesn’t reach the condition as quickly as desired. And with modern tanks in the country is very bad. Therefore, in parallel with the development of flavors, we are upgrading old equipment. I do not see any catastrophes at close range, if only they would modernize them in the mind.

Election Day

The current president of Kyrgyzstan Atambayev canceled his visit to the summit of the heads of the CIS countries in Sochi. The administration of the President of Kyrgyzstan reported on the identified facts of the preparation of mass riots in the republic. Against this background, Kazakhstani border guards announced the arrest of those who tried to carry ammunition across the border.

Today in Kyrgyzstan elections. The current president, Almazbek Atambayev, does not have the right to be re-elected under the constitution. But Almazbek Atambayev wants to quietly transfer power to a successor, but he is well aware of the Kyrgyz, so to speak, features of the “transfer” of the presidency. I myself participated ... In the neighboring Kazakhstan, the last thing they want is for Kyrgyzstan to start boiling again. And because the situation has turned into a rather nervous, but at the moment is quite controlled. Channel overseas cookies blocked, and this is now the main election in almost any post-Soviet republic ...

Comments from our readers:

Let me share it ... I live in 50 km from the border with Kazakhstan, and have repeatedly said that the Kazakhs are being prepared for the fate of Ukraine. Ask who? The answer is - Anunaki! Those from the planet Nibiru! Who set fire to Ukraine! The spirit of Russophobia soars in the fraternal republic, even in the Kostanay region (such as Donbass, in terms of the pro-Russian), this is noticeable. Plans for the transition to the Latin alphabet and the constant presence of NATO instructors in their exercises, as curators, does not add optimism, and all this against the background of aging and weakening of the positions of OUR Nursultan!

There is nothing without attendants. Elections are a good reason to shake things up. Someone did not recognize and went. But the people are tired of these revolutions. I do not think that something serious will be. But it is clear who can become troublemakers.
There, the people are "outraged" that the National Academy of Sciences has met with candidates for the presidency. Maybe that's why from the Kyrgyz side there are some misunderstandings that we want to push someone. But this is from the realm of fantasy, because One of the first visits will be to Astana due to regularly allocated assistance. For this year, an additional 60mln. on the laboratory for certification and verification of agricultural products. They are outraged that we do not miss such products (without San. Checks), so in terms of developing a common market at the beginning of the year, the money went. The general is like 100 million. And so, the intergovernmental commission meets: fuels and lubricants, flour, etc. At the end of the year, Bishkek gathers and decides how much and what is necessary.

there will be no major war, but disassembling the field of elections can begin! And the desire of Kazakhstan to strengthen the border is quite correct - it can be anything ...
And the cries of Bishkek, most likely for internal use, the same election!

Poroshenko and his stool

The camarilla from Kiev (although not all of it was complete) and the Balts and Georgians voted against the resolution. And all the old and wise Europe, with twice the large number of votes, voted for the sanctions against Russia ending at the end of the year not to be extended anymore.
Relevant documents before the end of the year will be prepared by the PACE Cabinet Committee. However, this is purely technical details. Those who decided the main - financial - question, the deputies dispersed, quite satisfied with each other.

It was the fourth year since the moment when Moscow began to beat the stools out from under the heavy body of the Ukrainian leader. But, here's a bad luck: whether Poroshenko is standing in the wings of a man who in a timely manner puts his stools under his fifth point, or Poroshenko has been sitting on the floor for a long time, and therefore there is nothing left to knock out from under him. So, without stools, and will reach the end of the presidential term - but at least by inertia ...

Comments from our readers:

Time is the best doctor. Heals everyone and everything. Here and Pace cured. I really want to see some kind of tough response to the removal of flags, and not a strong protest. Westerners understand only power. This is already an axiom and a theorem ...

But morning will come and PACE will appear in its repertoire. But - "Russia will not accept decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) if it cannot return to work in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), said Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matvienko (09.10.2017)." This can be understood as follows: Russia will recognize the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) if it can return to work in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Let me remind you, Matvienko is not seeds on the bench, this is the person whose promises are fulfilled by the state. Well, PACE will remove all its sanctions, allow Russia to the microphone, and what? Before the sanctions, we were not deprived of our vote, but the resolutions were still against us. We have one vote, and the EU puts all 28 votes of member countries. And the rest of Georgia, Azerbaijan, you think, will vote for us? Now, if all the subjects of the federation of the European part of Russia enter the Council of Europe, then YES, you can “butt” with the hope of success. They will let us go, we will begin to pay all the contributions, and we will also accept the decisions of the ECHR, and there are billions of claims to Russia. Will we pay? What are you happy about? Bought a "kiss"? It is necessary to pull from the Council of Europe, and the sooner the better ... Let there be Ukrainians with tusks with pots on their heads. We occupy half of Europe and rush into the hall in which countries the size of a "smoking-room" spit in our face with impunity! It is a shame, gentlemen, comrades !!! Let the PACE Poroshenko even put in a posture of broken birch, this is no reason to embrace with this assembly.

It is impossible to introduce Russian troops into Ukrostan. First, the world reaction will be negative even for our allies and friends, both overt and covert. And is it important. Moreover, our enemies most of the world's media. And not least, the Russian soldier is not obliged to save someone again. Especially those who are sitting on their own train .. evenly and think, who would spill blood for him, or my hut on the edge ... As much as you can - then we will again poke a finger at it. Secondly, as correctly noted, many Ukrostan citizens will consider this a direct act of aggression. Suppose now they are dunked in the neck, and it is getting higher, let many now hope for the Russian Federation, but then (years through 5-10) they or their children will blow that damned Russia stole their blue dream of a full life in the EU and millions Earnings ... It's like the young people who support Navalny, don't know, or don't remember what happened in 90 and what they owe to damned Putin.

In Ukrostan, the people are inert and the majority already do not care. The most initiative have gone away, who in the Russian Federation, who in the EU for earnings or permanent residency. Those who remained on their own will either be kept by families, old people ... And the top will never give up power. It can only be shifted by force. Through LDNR. It is the matter of time. It will come .. Just need to complete large-scale projects in the Russian Federation such as the Kerch Bridge, the Turkish and Northern streams, ports on the Black and Baltic Seas. This is the end of the 2019-20 years. So we are dragging the time and closely monitoring the Americans - they are not fools and will try to force things ...

About normal relations and the abolition of sanctions

Alexander Rahr, a participant in the German-Russian Forum, believes that the “American hysteria” concerning “Russian intervention” in the Western elections did not affect the elections to the Bundestag. Rahr is convinced that the majority of German citizens are in favor of normalizing relations with the Russian Federation. The image of an enemy that some politicians imposed on the Germans in the election campaign is unacceptable for them.

In the meantime, the European edition of the European Truth reported on the upcoming Zrade in the Council of Europe. The submission states that a draft resolution was prepared in the PACE camp, providing for measures to lift the sanctions on the Russian Federation (this is about deprivation of voting rights in PACE). The resolution is co-authored by the head of the Socialist faction in PACE, Michele Nicoletti, who will be included in the leadership of the organization. The document allegedly contains norms that can lead to the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions.

Paper can endure. In reality, hardly anyone will lift the sanctions.

There is a real war of sanctions unleashed by the United States against Russia. The allies of the United States — European states — were drawn into this war. Germany, which is very concerned about energy projects with Moscow, seems to have come to its senses, and too late: the situation has reached the level of "hopeless". This is recognized by those people in Germany who think about the need to lift the sanctions.

In fact, the entire EU has become a hostage of the new cold war. Wars are more economic than political. And the United States is unlikely to give up this war in the coming years: in the future, gentlemen, the US congressmen are set only to strengthen the sanctions. Well, Mr. Trump together with them is set to trade gas in Europe. American gas, which, according to the plans of the White House strategists, will force out Russian gas. What kind of cancellation of sanctions!

Comments from our readers:

You Vlad
After World War II, there were two superpowers who divided Mother Earth into zones of influence and subordination! The Soviet Union collapsed, only the United States remained, that the United States tightly controls Europe, you have no doubt! Therefore, Europe sometimes acts not in its own interests, but as ordered from there!

The Europeans thought that the US was allies, and in fact they were leading an economic war against them. Migratory influx, for example, did not arise spontaneously.

It is not necessary to be conducted at all on the tricks of this PACE. This is about the abolition of the "right to vote." We, therefore, will make a monetary contribution to this cunning organization, and only raise our voice, so we can again be deprived of our rights.

Line dodgers

The cold war continues. The diplomatic exchange of "courtesies" is entering a new stage. In Moscow, they can answer the White House: a new expulsion of diplomats from Russia is not excluded. However, some experts believe that the Russian Foreign Ministry is characterized by the line "all the time to evade, retreat, maneuver."

In an interview with the Free Press, Doctor of Political Sciences Mikhail Alexandrov, a leading expert at the Center for Military-Political Research at MGIMO, said that the brazen actions of the Americans became possible because of the specific line of the Russian Foreign Ministry: “But I repeat, if we answered mirror from the very beginning, and even with pre-emption, the Americans would not be so brazen. It is the current line of the Foreign Ministry - all the time to dodge, retreat, tack, - led to the fact that the enemy bit the bit. ”

The "deviant" Moscow left two ways out of the protracted diplomatic conflict, in which the Kremlin only reacts, and the White House is actively advancing and has already entered into a rage.

One option depends entirely on the manifestation of the goodwill of the two states: the initiator of rapprochement is a meeting at which the parties officially move from the Cold War to the friendship of peoples. About such a policy led by Comrade Gorbachev. Gorbachev's similar policy came as a complete surprise to the United States: at first, the general secretary abroad was not believed, they were looking for a catch. Today, friendship proposals should not be expected either from the Russian side or the American one: Putin is not at all Gorbachev, and Trump is not a supporter of the so-called de-escalation, but an arms race and an offensive on all fronts.

The second option: the resolution of the conflict. Mr. Trump does not always occupy the Oval Office, and the hawk congressmen who occupied Capitol Hill and living in 1970-1980-s patterns, almost all are deeply old (remember McCain). Politics change over the years. It is hard to imagine that Washington is heading towards the friendship of nations, and yet you can: there is no “communism” on the planet (if not counting the country of Kim Jong-un), the USSR is not there either, there is nothing ideologically to divide the USA and Russia, and the world is becoming multi-polar.

Probably, in striving for an independent “resorption” of the conflict, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation conducts a policy that the expert very accurately characterized with the verbs “to evade, retreat, maneuver.”

Comments from our readers:

Tired already this maneuvering, retreat and evasion, so you can reach Moscow as in 1941 year.
"Approximately such a policy was led by Comrade Gorbachev."
Yeah, I happened to sell the power.

Same lech
And we have already retreated to Moscow ... The United States is already brazenly building up its forces in Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, consider it at our borders ... And here we are talking about good will and turnip scratching ourselves: what other pig will they throw to us ... Yes, how can something ...

And it seems to me that the Americans do this business only because they get away with it.
Even the expulsion of US diplomats, and it was overdue. Neither the Soviet Union nor RUSSIA have not conducted and are not conducting parliamentary hearings on either the genocide of the Indians, nor on racial segregation, nor on the military incursions of the United States and their accomplices.
Even today, when it is clear that the United States is squeezing the property of RUSSIA, and then some unintelligible appeal to an American court, with the prospect of many years of proceedings.
C. Čapek has a story about how diplomats judge a felon. It is very similar to the actions of Russian diplomats who are so afraid to hurt the subtle spiritual nature of the United States that they are ready to tolerate both rudeness and outright provocation, whatever, in the spirit of Kozyrev.

Turn up the scrap metal

The unique operational-tactical and technological features of the long-range Tu-22М3-X-32 shock tandems, according to Evgeny Damantsev, open up unprecedented horizons for Russian videoconferencing. In particular, during the use of the Anadyr airfield, Tu-22М3 can “turn into a mountain of scrap metal and dust without any American naval strike force in the northern part of the APR, but also deprive the United States of anti-missile capabilities in the Alaska region and northern Canada.”

The transfer of these aircraft to Anadyr is an excellent countermeasure for the frequent flights of Rivet Joint near Kaliningrad and Global Hawk in the Kuban region.

Comments from our readers:

The meaning of the article is clear: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It seems to me that in our General Staff they don’t eat bread for nothing, plans have been developed for various possible situations. And the Russian army today is not an 90's army.

Definitely correct. We will not act - will eat

This is all, of course, cool, but there is always a "but." The 22s are quite small in number, their relocation is always monitored. The very moment of departure may even yawn, but arriving at the threatened site will be spotted. There are not so many sites for their base. Now we need a light missile that can be carried by any VKS aircraft with a range of 1000 km. So far JASSM-ER, of which any aircraft can take up to 4 units, and bombers - dozens. A very big problem and we do not have a similar rocket on TTX.

Nobel Prize for Americans

In recent years, the decisions of the Nobel Committee often cause controversy, said Gennady Granovsky. The prejudice of the performers of Nobel's will becomes obvious to the world community. For example, when awarding prizes in the field of exact sciences, the committee manages to ignore the pioneers of those discoveries that are now consecrated with a prestigious prize.

It happened today with a prize in physics. Three American scientists became its laureates “for their significant contribution to the LIGO detector and observation of gravitational waves.” This news surprised President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev. According to Interfax, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that among the Nobel laureates for detecting gravitational waves, of course, should be our famous academician who is now alive Vladislav Pustovoit.

The awarding of the Nobel Prizes is gradually becoming a thing in itself, serving a parallel political world, more focused on receiving awards than on solving global problems of humanity. And it reduces the value of the most prestigious international award.

Comments from our readers:

Well, if you think about where and to whom money for dynamite can go. It would be strange if they (money, bonuses) went for good purposes, etc.

Same lech
I am not surprised by this ... The Anglo-Saxons are famous crooks and fraudsters in the field of science ... More than once they were caught in plagiarism and using the works of foreign scientists. For me, the Nobel Prize has long been compromised by the scam of those who dispose of it.

All the “greatness” of the Nobel Prize is only in the fact that in the ballet the prizes are awarded to the first members of the royal house, and, of course, in the amount paid. Royal piarazm at the height, from here and so steadfast attention to the ceremonial itself, but not to a real science.
The award ceremony is very similar to the “Merleson Ballet” from the film, where Tobakov portrayed license Louis. The only difference in the Swedish ballet is that the extras are bigger and all have “scientific” faces.

Lieberman told about the success of Hezbollah

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced the transfer of the Lebanese Armed Forces to Hezbollah’s control, as REGNUM writes with reference to the Associated Press. As Yevgeny Damantsev believes, for Russia this news “absolutely does not bear any negative information load, because Hezbollah is one of the main components of the fight against IG” (prohibited in Russia). Consequently, the subordination of the Lebanese army to this organization (if it is a fact) does not pose any threat to either the CAA or the Russian contingent in Syria. But for Israel, the observer notes, this situation "is catastrophic: after all, this organization was able to give a fitting rebuff to the IDF armored and infantry units that are launching an offensive during the Second Lebanon War." Today, after incessant clashes with IS militants, Hezbollah’s fighters are even more tactically literate and motivated than 11 years ago.

As the main ally in the fight against Hezbollah and the Lebanese army subordinate to it, Tel Aviv may designate a Syrian free army, a decent group of which is currently located east of the Golan Heights. Somewhere near Tasil or Tafas, the Israeli military can set up a training center for training SSA fighters, whose attacks against the Syrian and Hezbollah forces, Damantsy believes, will be carried out under the cover of tactical fighters and UAV Khel Haavir.

Comments from our readers:

Kedmi explained everything: "Israel and Russia have an understanding of mutual interests."

Apparently, even when they squeeze ISIS (those who do not have time to destroy it) from the territory of Syria, there everything just “interesting” will begin. Too many eaters with large spoons stand in line, despite the fact that these eaters made almost no contribution to the fight against terrorists, but, on the contrary, helped them.

It is highly doubtful that ours will be drawn into a new war with Hezbollah. This is fraught with very serious losses in all areas, especially in the economic. Over the 11 years, Hezbollah has become even stronger and more experienced, 2006 will seem like a cakewalk. So, they will, as always, fly, bomb in some places, maybe artillery strikes, wherever it is advisable and where they will get, to heal nits (again, the same rake) from the SSA and their ilk. But somehow they will not be able to drastically affect the situation. We'll have to accept, Asad won.

More precisely and more correctly it will be: Assad led to victory, one might say, it was pulled by the ears.

Rejection of "historical dependence"?

King Salman’s visit to Russia means that the Saudi monarch intends to strengthen ties between the two largest oil producers in the world, who previously coordinated efforts to stabilize oil prices, boost their economies and end the war in Syria. This visit underscores the efforts of King Salman, who occupied the throne in 2015, to abandon his country's “historical dependence” on the United States. The king intends to "diversify his international partnerships," analysts say.

It became known that Saudi Arabia intends to buy, and Russia agrees to sell four C-400 divisional sets for 2 billion dollars.

It is curious that the US government immediately approved the sale of Saudi Arabia to the THAAD air defense system.

Politics in the Middle East spun into such a tight knot that it would be unthinkable without Moscow. Victories in the Syrian war over the terrorists beyond the actions of Russian videoconferencing can not be imagined. Relations with Tehran are viewed in the region through the “prism” of the Kremlin: the visit of the Saudi king is a bit more confirmation of this. Turkey, like Saudi Arabia, is also not eager to overthrow Assad, although more recently Erdogan has been insulting him. Iraq and Russia in the summer of 2017 signed a contract for the supply of tanks, because the T-90 is well established in Syria.

If Mr. Trump flies to Riyadh, then the Saudi king flies to Moscow.

Comments from our readers:

In my opinion, the whole thing is not in rockets, but in general, so to speak, trends. Russia took the right position over the confrontation in the Middle East. It is optimal to have business relations with all major centers of power, and let them go to Moscow and complain about each other. Both the oil market and the final reconciliation in Syria still depend on the Saudis. Well, replenish the treasury)

So far all these contracts, that with Saudi Arabia, that with Turkey, - more speculative Wishka. And the desire to cause "jealousy" in the United States. So far, there have been no export shipments even to China, which was the first to come.

From Russia, Saud buy C-400 and machines for an amount less than 2 billion. $. Almost immediately, THAAD is being bought from the USA for 15 billion.
Moreover, the sequence of transactions shows that the Saud, most likely, blackmailed the United States with a deal with Russia, so that the Americans would give them missiles for this price.
So in vain, the author writes that Putin beat Saud off Trump. However, this result is also not bad. For Russia, these 2 billion mean more than 15 billion for the United States.

East market

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt авavusoglu gave an interview to the newspaper Akşam. This interview was a kind of policy statement and turned out to be a “bomb” for the Russian media.

From the statements of the Minister, it is possible to clarify the following: Ankara may refuse to acquire from Moscow the C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Moscow has only one way to deal: conclude an agreement on joint production with Ankara. The secret of this minister did not.

Mevljuta Cavusoglu quotes Tass:

“We did not receive any official refusal on this topic. Putin himself told us that we can take steps for joint production. Therefore, the technology will be relevant. But if Russia has a negative attitude to this, then we can conclude an agreement with another country. ”

In addition to a harsh statement about “another country,” Ankara was noted by another high-profile performance. This time the speech was made by President Erdogan himself.

The President of the Republic of Turkey stated that Turkey does not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea. R.T. Erdogan reported this at a joint press conference with President Poroshenko in Kiev. “We did not recognize and do not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea. We are very pleased with the support that Ukraine provides to the Crimean Tatars, who have proved loyalty to their country, ”said Erdogan.

How many times at the highest level did they talk about “stabs in the back”? Here are two more blows, two more knives. There is already no living space on the back.

As for C-400, then, in general, everything is clear. Ankara plays in competition.

At the same time, it turned out that Turkey is interested in buying Patriot systems from the USA. This was reported by the newspaper "Daily Sabah", citing a source in the Turkish government.

The source confirmed the publication of the interest of the republic in the American systems. And the main condition (attention!) For the purchase of a Patriot missile defense system is the transfer of technology and co-production.

Obviously, the Turks want and technology, and local production, and the pliability of the "partners".

And which of the competitors will falter first?

Comments from our readers:

Everything is trying to sit on a few chairs. It can be seen, the Russian ban is not enlightened.

the most important
They spat, sneezed and farting at our inhibitions. This is Turkey!! We will never be friends. They will always try to do stuff for Russia. The only way out can only be the dismemberment of Turkey and the withdrawal of its disputed territories to its neighbors (Syria, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, the straits - Russia) and the creation of Kurdistan. And from Turkey should remain a small territory, unable to revive the Ottoman Empire. The only way! The world is cruel: either we ... or us!

Absolutely agree. I will say more, I would not be surprised if the order for technology was initiated not by the Turks themselves, but by their partners in the NATO bloc. Sultan Erdogan sleeps and sees the restoration of the Ottoman Empire, in this connection it is clear that in the near future, the Turks will have territorial claims to all the states bordering on them. To be honest, I didn’t understand the logic of this treaty between Russia and Turkey. Turkey and Russia have never been and will not be allies. The difference of mentality, duplicity and imperial habits of the Sultan will bring down this alliance as soon as the Turks want to begin expansion. By the way, the war in Syria and the suppression of the Kurds is a very good reason for this. In addition, do you really think that the Turks will liberate all the territories they control in Syria or the territories that they allegedly use to help Syria out of the Barmalei? You do not need to be a super-analytic to, after reading and reviewing the messages and speeches of the ruling Turkish establishment, to understand that the Turks feel that they are the most powerful army in Europe and in the Middle East. If the Turks give up the slack, the war with the bogemies may seem like a weak cartoon.

Let Erdogan ask for technology on weapons from his host in NATO, and not stupidly buy from him what he is caught up with.

The third world will begin on the Euphrates

Foreign journalists specializing in the Middle East constantly write about events that may become a prologue to the war between Russia and the United States. There is such an opinion: the Russian Federation and the United States in Syria are already in confrontation, and the intersection of Russian units of the Euphrates looks like a “declaration of war to America”.

Curiously, we note that officials in the United States deny the very possibility of such a struggle. For example, the representative of the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mackenzie, noted that the priority for the United States is to defeat the IS in the Euphrates Valley. And it is not so important who exactly will do it: “Priority is the completion of the complete destruction of ISIS in the Euphrates valley. I think we are neutral about who will do it while this process continues, and in an effective manner. ”

Moscow has a different opinion about this. Representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Konashenkov, noted that the main obstacle for defeating IS in Syria is the support of terrorists by the United States: .

Thus, it is at least naive to deny the political opposition of the United States and the Russian Federation in Syria and make statements in the spirit of General Mackenzie or the US Secretary of Defense (he authored the phrase “I don’t worry”, which didn’t reach Chernomyrdin’s aphorisms). The only question is whether the political rivalry in Syria of the two powers will result in military rivalry.

Comments from our readers:

I do not think that the American special forces will wait until the stray bullet bangs some "cat" or "ranger." Since even the hottest daredevils understand that this is meaningless, since the turning point in military and political terms has long come.

Not only wait, but already waited. Direct clashes have already taken place. And then do not even have to be a rocket scientist. Taking into account the statements of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation that the US intelligence services initiated an offensive with the aim of capturing our servicemen at Idlib, it is completely logical that the instructor and the US military were among the attackers.
I remind you that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has also taken pictures of the positions of US units among terrorists. Plus, who should be taken out through the positions of ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation), and who should be brought. That is, they have a harmonious and unified interaction there.
Well, the fact that they otgrebli so much during the attempt to capture our guys, is a good lesson that it is more expensive to fight with the Russians. What are the losses of terrorists? 850 or more (more likely) plus equipment and infrastructure. Yes, and for whom we worked with “Calibras” and “Dryers”, we are completely unknown to us, especially considering the mixing of the positions of terrorists and US units. And the murder of General Asapov - revenge by the Amer. There is information that mortar shelling was going on laser flare.
So ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation) is an irregular US army.

Since the days of the Second World War, we are in opposition with varying degrees of heat. It will not lead to a full-scale war, but local clashes have happened before, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, and in many other places, well, here we are talking too much ... Geopolitical competition is a continuous process!

Hmm ... We have been in confrontation since the immemorial years ... From the time of the Russian-Japanese war, after the 1917 year (intervention in the north of Russia, and presence in the Far East, albeit limited) ...
And, surprisingly, all the time they managed to enchant Russian rulers and make them pull hot chestnuts out of the fire for the Yankees ...

This is just not surprising! We Russians (not as a nation, but as a people, I am a Tatar, but Russian) are very trusting. This can be seen even by the way of life, how many percent of newlyweds enter into marriage contracts, but we all have our word for it! And the Americans - the descendants of adventurers and crooks from around the world, they have in their genes podlorivanie.
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 15 October 2017 05: 53 New
    The third world will begin on the Euphrates
    probably the fourth ... 3rd - plastsyats with might and main, in a new look.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 15 October 2017 06: 02 New
      I agree, it’s coming, and will not stop until there are stubborn Amerz sheep with a herd of hangers-on .... Or Russia will not bow its head to this cattle. What can’t be allowed in any way.
      Quote: Dead Day
      The third world will begin on the Euphrates
      probably the fourth ... 3rd - plastsyats with might and main, in a new look.
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 15 October 2017 06: 31 New
        210ox Today, 06:02. Or Russia will not bow its head before this cattle. What can not be allowed in any way.

        ... apparently, as they did not quite correctly express their idea ... request
        1. 97110
          97110 15 October 2017 14: 13 New
          Quote: aszzz888
          as it is not quite correctly expressed their thoughts ..

          Yes, something like Gorbachev ...
      2. Zloyxirurg
        Zloyxirurg 15 October 2017 19: 56 New
        agree with you.
        war is already on.
    2. 79807420129
      79807420129 15 October 2017 07: 09 New
      If Mr. Trump flies to Riyadh, then the Saudi king flies to Moscow.

      And this isolation is such. laughing
      Thanks to the authors for the review.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 15 October 2017 10: 51 New
        Thanks to the authors for the review!
        But in Ukraine everything is still the same - with "success" they find the guilty smile :
        1. The comment was deleted.
    3. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter 15 October 2017 17: 47 New
      "the fourth probably ... 3rd - plastically in full, in a new guise."
      According to intelligence, the third world ended in the '90s. We lost. Today, "to the fullest" the fourth spits. Loaf or not, time will tell. But to play such games, I only trust Vladimir Vladimirovich. More worthy candidates (sorry) do not watch.
      1. Zloyxirurg
        Zloyxirurg 15 October 2017 19: 57 New
        I agree too.
        other than GDP there are no decent
  2. 210ox
    210ox 15 October 2017 05: 58 New
    I express my condolences to the relatives and friends, fellow soldiers of the deceased pilots ... Land in peace! Regarding the Donbass .. The Minsk agreements are not feasible. And this must be recognized by our leadership. Is it only profitable for him? Only OUR peacekeepers can save the situation and stop shelling. And God forbid ! The haberdasher will confirm. Regarding PACE .. And whether to send them "on." in general. Only our officials need a note for excuses and service trips .. Regarding the Turks and C400 .. Yes, you go! You don’t want to be naughty, buy decommissioned from the Petriota SA. They are “verified” in the case of intercepting Yemeni missiles. .Something like this. hi
  3. seregina68
    seregina68 15 October 2017 06: 02 New
    Thank. As always, talented, concise, intelligible!
  4. Knowing
    Knowing 15 October 2017 06: 20 New
    Zanavalny I want to say, or rather for his minor "electorate" ..,
    Do you know that : The teachers are sounding the alarm - young revolutionaries returning from police dungeons are constantly eager for the blackboard, as it pains them to sit. Examinations in school medical rooms revealed a striking fact - relief images of Soviet five-pointed stars, anchors, the inscriptions "levis", "riefl", "harley davidson" and even the outline of ducklings were clearly visible on the soft buttocks of the fighters with the regime. The revolutionaries answered in the same way to all the medical inquiries: “Some kind of fine was sent to Papa, and he was very surprised,” after which they burst into tears.. laughing
    1. 210ox
      210ox 15 October 2017 06: 29 New
      And if not in jest, then teachers at universities such stopped taking a bribe wassat Motivating to fight corruption crying And accordingly, they tear from these halfwits in three skins for not attending (due to very important events in the streets) and ignorance of the subject
      Quote: Knowing
      Zanavalny I want to say, or rather for his minor "electorate" ..,
      Do you know that : The teachers are sounding the alarm - young revolutionaries returning from police dungeons are constantly eager for the blackboard, as it pains them to sit. Examinations in school medical rooms revealed a striking fact - relief images of Soviet five-pointed stars, anchors, the inscriptions "levis", "riefl", "harley davidson" and even the outline of ducklings were clearly visible on the soft buttocks of the fighters with the regime. The revolutionaries answered in the same way to all the medical inquiries: “Some kind of fine was sent to Papa, and he was very surprised,” after which they burst into tears.. laughing
      1. Knowing
        Knowing 15 October 2017 06: 41 New
        Quote: 210ox
        And if not in jest, then teachers at universities such stopped taking a bribe

        Ha, bulk still fights corruption .. laughing Although it is unlikely that his fans will say thanks for this ... laughing .
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 October 2017 06: 28 New
    ... and again we "knock out" the results ... the results of the week, which kindly provided us with the permanent Alexei and Oleg ...
    Tu-22M3 can "without question turn into a mountain of scrap metal and dust not only any American naval strike force in the northern part of the Asia-Pacific Region, but also deprive the United States of its anti-ballistic missile capabilities in the region of Alaska and northern Canada."

    ... to put it mildly, all this looks a little bit capricious ... maybe remember the end of the 30s of the last century, where we did not intend to fight on our territory, and the song was like that ... it’s better to imagine the enemy as he is there is actually ... sad
  6. Knowing
    Knowing 15 October 2017 06: 32 New
    By the way, remember, I’m sure that the Great Ukrainians dug up the Black Sea, speaking in a mov, which is of ancient Latin and other languages, at the same time feeding the pharaohs from the palm of your hand ... So it is known for certain that:Ukrainian people has a divine origin and participated in creating the Earth’s magnetic field.- no more no less... wassat All this was clarified with the help of spiritualistic sessions, which, incidentally, as they began in 1991, still take place in / on Urin ...
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 October 2017 06: 44 New
    “The main obstacle to completing the defeat of ISIS in Syria is not the terrorist combat effectiveness, but support and flirting with them American colleagues».

    It is strange that even when stating the fact that the Americans supported the terrorists, our representative calls them "colleagues." In my opinion, this appeal is not appropriate in this situation. Since our “colleagues” mean we support terrorists and help them?
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 15 October 2017 06: 46 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Since our "colleagues" means we ...

      ... no-e-eh ... This is a trolling in its purest form laughing
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 15 October 2017 06: 50 New
        I don’t see trolling, but I’m not justifying excessive politeness and diplomacy. "Colleagues" in a sweat are harming the Russian group in Syria, and we are all "you, you" with them.
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 15 October 2017 07: 05 New
          Quote: rotmistr60
          "Colleagues" in a sweat are harming the Russian group in Syria, and we are all "you, you" with them.

          What do you think should be done? Is it dirty to swear? Something will change from this, do you think?
          For some reason, I’m not sure ... I’ll say so.
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 15 October 2017 09: 22 New
      rotmistr60 Today, 06:44 Since our “colleagues” mean we support terrorists and help them?

      . hi ! .... everything is right and right ... neither what they are not "colleagues" to us, but the most enemies. angry it’s just that our leadership, and of course the media, are not yet ready to call a spade a spade, so as not to disturb the society, but it’s time to put the presumptuous in place ... angry
    3. 97110
      97110 15 October 2017 21: 36 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Since our “colleagues” mean we support terrorists and help them?

      Does Tregeris acquire our selected leadership? Acquires, in amounts sufficient for American assistance to the public, which we, as colleagues, do not like. Which allows our leadership to call their colleagues gentlemen who help the public that we don’t like.
  8. izya top
    izya top 15 October 2017 06: 49 New
    German soldiers from the NATO mission, intoxicated, had a fight in one of the bars in the Lithuanian city of Rukla, Sputnik Deutschland reports.
    At about two in the morning, drunken NATO soldiers began a debate that turned into a fight. The police intervened in the conflict.
    One of the servicemen was hospitalized with injuries, others were returned to the barracks.
    heh, advocates of democracy fellow
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 15 October 2017 15: 37 New
      Quote: iza top
      heh, advocates of democracy

      You were missing there wink . You would definitely defend democracy .. lol
      1. izya top
        izya top 15 October 2017 16: 18 New
        Quote: wicked partisan
        You were missing there. You would definitely defend democracy.

        soooo ... are you determined to be rude today?
  9. thinker
    thinker 15 October 2017 08: 21 New
    The current president of Kyrgyzstan, Atambayev, canceled his visit to the summit of the CIS heads of state in Sochi.

    The meeting has already passed, forgot to edit.
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 15 October 2017 08: 40 New
      Quote: thinker
      The meeting has already passed, forgot to edit.

      And who said that the meeting did not pass? In the "Results of the week" and considered everything that happened / passed a week.
    DEPARTMENT 15 October 2017 09: 31 New
    Oh, I love reading the results, I always look forward to them .. Everything is short and with humor, well done guys!
    And also the iconic news, this is the main Saudi ride to Moscow! He feels that the fried smell .. hehe
    And the eyes are cunning cunning, like the devil ..
  11. Esoteric
    Esoteric 15 October 2017 10: 29 New
    Thanks to the authors of the article for their work. I am very grateful to users for the wit and sincerity in the comments.
    Last week brought more disappointments: the continuation of World War III - the beginning of IV; crash of the Su-24; constant upheavals with the removal (tearing) of the tricolor ... I can’t understand why they did not note the construction of the road arch of the Kerch bridge? A very nice message, especially regarding the promises of the builders to cut off the deadlines ... good
    I can not agree that the Tu-22M3 will be able to bring rustle to the American squadron ... yes Yes, only who will send him to accomplish such a feat? ... no There is no doubt that sooner or later (sooner or later sooner) answers will follow both diplomatic showdowns, economic sanctions, and interventions in the course of the liberation of Syria from ISIS, and will create conditions for scolding and cursing Kiev and its power a resident of Ukraine will be more useful than spitting in the direction of Russia, and the Poles will be told where they should put the American missiles and the remnants of the Tu-154 after the apples, and ... It remains to wait until there will be more positive in the weekly news than a showdown, squabble and exchange measurement results m already primary sexual characteristics ...
    And in the weekly comments I liked the question about the owners of the site ... Very interesting ... good
  12. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 15 October 2017 10: 41 New
    Well, what is the Third World, gentlemen? If the Americans were confident in their impunity, then they would have long ago started the war, back in 1947 - 1948. Too many assets have accumulated since the time of Carthage and the Crusades to lose all this overnight.
  13. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 15 October 2017 10: 59 New
    The theme of Elections is gradually coming to the fore! And on this subject, the people are ready to gossip with new enthusiasm.
  14. nikvic46
    nikvic46 15 October 2017 11: 04 New
    The Russian people do not want war at all. And if danger comes to Russia, the people will not fight for some Euphrates, but
    for their homeland. Hefty Syrian men abandoned their country or do housework in liberated areas. The author remembered Chernomyrdin, and I remembered one of his words, “If you wanted to scratch in
    one place, then scratch where it itches. "
    1. 97110
      97110 15 October 2017 21: 43 New
      Quote: nikvic46
      The Russian people do not want war at all.

      And who cares?
  15. The comment was deleted.