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Nobel Committee again surprised by their strange decisions

The 116-Nobel Week has gone out of the table, presenting to humanity the authors of outstanding scientific discoveries in physics, chemistry, economics, physiology and medicine, advances in literature and the promotion of world peace. Everything, as bequeathed by the great Alfred Nobel. The blissful picture has already been spoiled by the obvious commitment of the Nobel Committee awarding international prizes. He once again noted his political predilections, somewhat distorting the scientific and humanitarian picture of the world.

Disputes in which scientific truth is not born

In recent years, the decisions of the Nobel Committee often cause controversy. The prejudice of the performers of Nobel's will becomes obvious to the world community. It manifests itself in different ways. For example, when awarding prizes in the field of exact sciences, where, it seems, there can be no different interpretations, the committee manages to ignore the pioneers of those discoveries that are now consecrated with a prestigious prize.

It happened today with a prize in physics. Three American scientists became its laureates “for their significant contribution to the LIGO detector and observation of gravitational waves.” This news surprised President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev. According to Interfax, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that among the Nobel laureates for detecting gravitational waves, of course, should be our famous academician who is now alive Vladislav Pustovoit.

The fact is that even in 1962, the scientific work of the Soviet scientists Pustovoit and Herzenshteyn was first described how to detect gravitational waves with a laser. Americans, on the basis of the already accessible scientific community to the principle formulated by Soviet physicists, built an observatory of the LIGO project.

Moreover, two Russian institutions took part in the LIGO project - the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Lomonosov Moscow State University. However, the prize was awarded only to three scientists from the United States. Academician Sergeev believes that Americans deserve the prize. But their work was largely provided by Russian scientists. They said “the first word”, how an installation should be organized for detecting gravitational waves using light, and even helped with the implementation of the LIGO project.

This is not the first case of the “inattention” of the Nobel Committee to the works of Russian scientists. Noticeable, however, only to people immersed in science. The general public follows the prizes in the field of economics, literature and promoting peace more. With the economy, everything is clear.

This award was attached to the "Nobel" in 1969 year at the initiative of the Bank of Sweden. Officially, it is called the Alfred Nobel Prize in Economics. In fact, this nomination stimulates global economic initiatives. It is not by chance that American economists of very different directions have long and firmly straddled it.

This year, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to the professor of the University of Chicago Richard Thaler. Thaler is one of the founders of a new popular trend in economic theory - behavioral economics. In this theory, more psychology than the economy itself.

It is often and deservedly criticized. Nevertheless, the Nobel Committee considered the theoretical work of Richard Thaler worthy of a high international award. He may have succumbed to the influence of the columnist Bloomberg Kass Sunstein, popularizing behavioral economics. Surprisingly, many people found the connection between Thaler’s ideas and the activities of government officials around the world.

According to the columnist Bloomberg, the authorities "use his (Thaler - Ed.) Discoveries to increase pension savings, reduce poverty, increase employment, make roads safer and improve people's health." Examples of the practical value of the theory of Thaler Sainstein did not cite. It remains to believe the word, which, apparently, did the Nobel Committee.

Let's leave out the review literature premium. In Russia, a quite definite opinion was formed about her, after this award was awarded to our compatriots, who were marked not so much by literary talent, as by a critical pro-Western view of their country. Let's talk about the Nobel Peace Prize.

When the goal of the activity is to receive a peace prize

Philanthropist Alfred Nobel put the world ministry on a par with the most outstanding scientific discoveries. The Nobel Committee on this nomination has its own opinion. His position led to the fact that in recent years there has not been a single laureate of an award who has received the recognition of a peacemaker from most of the world community.

Suffice it to recall the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to United States President Barack Obama. His “peacemaking” activity is still haunting the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and other hitherto hot spots on our planet.

Last year, the Nobel Committee among the main nominees for the Peace Prize included White Helmets, positioning themselves as an organization for the protection and rescue of civilians in Syria, providing them with emergency medical care. In the West, this message of “helmets” was accepted and unconditionally recorded by them to the peacekeepers.

The local media like to publish information about the rescue of tens of thousands of peaceful Syrians from the "barbaric bombings" of the Russian HVAC distributed by the "White Helmets". Actually, the “helmets” became more active when Russia came to the aid of Syria from the threat of Islamic terrorists.

At this time, "White Helmets" became famous for staged photo and video materials, exposing the terrible consequences of the Russian bombing. Soon, some of these materials were recognized as fake, speaking in Russian, - outright lies. The other part - did not carry evidence that the source of the Syrians' suffering was the Russian aviation.

But it turned out that the "White Helmets" actively cooperate with terrorists from the Al-Qaida Syrian branch of the "Front al-Nusra". It got to the point that in eastern Aleppo the headquarters of the "helmets" was in the same building as the headquarters of "al-Nusra." This allowed the experts to call the “White Helmets” the PR department of the “Al Nusra Front”.

In the end, the Nobel Committee faltered and left the "helmet" without a prestigious award. However, he retained them among the nominees-favorites for 2017 year. Only the yard has already blown other winds. The sick Syrian theme was overshadowed by the nuclear ambitions of the North Koreans and the response aggressiveness of US President Donald Trump.

New political trends have shifted the attention of the Nobel Committee to anti-war organizations. On Friday, he announced that the Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to the International Company for Waiver of Nuclear weapons (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, ICAN).

An explanation to the press was given by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Berit Reuss-Andersen. According to her, the award was awarded to ICAN "for the work of drawing attention to the catastrophic consequences of any use of nuclear weapons, as well as for innovative approaches to achieving a ban on such weapons on the basis of treaties."

ICAN was created in 2007 year. For ten years, conferences were organized at the Geneva headquarters of the organization, appeals were being prepared and calls for the creation of a global legal base for the complete prohibition of nuclear weapons. This work has led to the unification of the ICAN anti-war organizations around the world.

Members of the association did not conceal that they could repeat the example of the International Movement for the Prohibition of Anti-personnel Mines (ICBL). This organization manifested itself in the nineties of the last century. For five years, it has formed an international platform to discuss the mine action theme. The ICBL has even attracted the Government of Canada to its orbit.

With it, at the end of 1997, the Ottawa Treaty on the prohibition of anti-personnel mines was signed. For this, the ICBL received the Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, the contract was broken. It was not signed by 35 of large states, including India, China, Russia and the USA. According to experts, a real reduction in the number of victims of anti-personnel mines was not achieved. After receiving the award, the ICBL sharply reduced its activity.

Now the company has taken the same path to abandon nuclear weapons. ICAN was able to enlist the support of not only international organizations, but also prominent public figures. Among them - the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Dalai Lama XIV, South African human rights activist Desmond Tutu and other significant figures.

On their initiative, last November, the UN created an ad hoc working group on the preparation of a treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons (JNW). Now, at the end of September, it has been opened for signature. In two weeks, 53 states joined the treaty, and three (the Vatican, Guyana and Thailand) had already ratified it.

Outwardly, it seems that the global coalition of civil society has made a breakthrough on the most important issue of international security. Just something cautious experts. They consider the actions of the Nobel Committee and the ICAN itself as a political conjuncture.

The official structures of the leading states of the world could not refrain from sharp assessments. The US Department of State, for example, called the JANO agreement worked out with the participation of ICAN as "irresponsible" and "counterproductive." Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Assistant Secretary of State Anita Friedt noted that the situation around the DPRK nuclear missile program shows the need for a nuclear deterrent tool.

The Russian position in an interview with RVC was outlined by Mikhail Ulyanov, Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Nonproliferation Department. According to him, the ZNO does not meet the interests of the national security of Russia, as it may be detrimental to the work on controlling nuclear non-proliferation.

Experts explain the situation with the ZNO more readily: "Today, nuclear weapons are the last factor in deterring the world war, much more ambitious than the first and second world wars." This opinion is shared, in particular, by the chairman of the editorial board of the journal Russia in Global Affairs, a world-class international scholar, Sergey Karaganov.

“Nuclear weapons are terrible,” Karaganov said at a meeting at MK. “However, people who kill without any nuclear weapons are even worse.” Meanwhile, this is exactly what happened in the recent past, when the nuclear deterrence factor has weakened. ”
Sergey Karaganov cited the example of 1990's experience — the beginning of 2000's, when reducing “the threat of using nuclear weapons as a deterrent factor in the rivalry between the two leading world superpowers ... led to a whole series of military conflicts resulting in massive human casualties.”

Such a unity of assessments of experts and officials shows that awarding the Nobel Peace Prizes is gradually becoming a thing in itself, serving the parallel political world, more focused on receiving awards than on solving global problems of mankind. And this does not add credibility, but, most likely, reduces the significance of the most prestigious international award.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 13 October 2017 07: 02
    However, the prize was awarded only to three scientists from the United States.

    I am not surprised at this ... the Anglo-Saxons are famous crooks and scammers in the field of science ... more than once they were caught using plagiarism and using the works of foreign scientists.
    For me, the Nobel Prize has long been compromised by the scam of those who dispose of it.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 13 October 2017 08: 20
      All the * greatness * of the Nobel Prize is only in the fact that in the award ballet in the first roles are members of the royal house and of course in the amount that they pay. Royal PR is at its best, hence the close attention to the ceremonial itself, and not to real science.
      The award ceremony is very similar to the * Merlezonsky ballet * from the film, where Tabakov portrayed Louis license plate. The only difference in the Swedish ballet is that the crowd is bigger and everyone has * scientific * faces.
      1. Olfred
        Olfred 13 October 2017 08: 33
        in in! read the statistics of the awarded - some P.I.d.o.s.s ... the "smartest" nation in the world is direct, but only in reality the opposite is true hi
        1. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 08: 49
          And of course you are for nationally proportional representation. Or for the decision of the party committee.
          1. rotmistr60
            rotmistr60 13 October 2017 10: 09
            And here is the party? There should be objectivity, not political engagement. Or isn’t it?
            1. Kenxnumx
              Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 12: 14
              As I understand it, you are ready to replace the Nobel Committee. Obviously, you are an academician or a very significant scientific value once you know better where to spend other people's money.
              1. rotmistr60
                rotmistr60 13 October 2017 12: 28
                Who are you talking to? If to me, then read my comment.
                As I understand it, you are ready to replace the Nobel Committee
                Neither to the village, nor to the city.
                1. Kenxnumx
                  Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 12: 34
                  Your comment contains an allegation of political bias. That is, you allow yourself to question precisely the scientific basis for the distribution of premiums. And if so, then you better than the Nobel Committee know better who is worthy and who is not. So you are a large scientific quantity.
                  1. rotmistr60
                    rotmistr60 13 October 2017 12: 41
                    you allow yourself to question the scientific basis for the distribution of premiums

                    You can read the press after each award, and not only the Russian one, where academics and writers and just people without ranks express their indignation. In your opinion, the prize is awarded only for discoveries in science? For some reason, you have lost a number of Nobel Prizes where politics is visible with the naked eye.
                    1. Kenxnumx
                      Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 12: 58
                      And your eye is armed. Of course, the Russian press is the truth. And the fact that not receiving the award is just stupidly insulting. And not all people know how to survive defeat. And for me, the Swedes have the right to give their prize to those whom they considered worthy. It is they and not you.
                  2. Fedalex
                    Fedalex 13 October 2017 15: 45
                    Do you agree with the Nobel Committee ?! Undoubtedly, you are a great scientific QUANTITY! lol
                    1. Kenxnumx
                      Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 19: 52
                      I am due to the fact that just a Ph.D. I do not presume to challenge the scientific component of the decisions. And since their money is all other reasons.
      2. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 13 October 2017 11: 46
        And why didn’t Kim Jong-un join the World Prize laureates? !!!! He prevented the war on the Korean peninsula! I will not let her be unleashed by the Anglo-Saxons, in particular the SGA! Una laureates of the Peace Prize !!!!!!!!
        1. Blackmokona
          Blackmokona 13 October 2017 13: 04
          Kim Jong-un broke the truce between the DPRK and the UN. Officially loud and to the whole world.
          1. Setrac
            Setrac 14 October 2017 00: 00
            DPRK fought with the UN?
            1. Blackmokona
              Blackmokona 14 October 2017 09: 43
              And now he is fighting legally, at the end of the Korean War, a truce was signed, which Eun tore.
              After the DPRK attacked the Republic of Kazakhstan
              The UN Security Council was convened in New York on June 25, with the Korean question on its agenda. The original resolution proposed by the Americans was adopted with nine votes in the absence of “against”

              This resolution activated the outbreak of war between the UN and the DPRK.
              Therefore, in most sources of power opposing the DPRK are indicated as the UN.
              Other Western powers sided with the United States and provided military assistance to the US troops, which were sent to help South Korea. However, by August, Allied forces were driven far south to the Busan area. Despite the assistance that arrived from the UN, the American and South Korean forces could not get out of the encirclement known as the Busan perimeter, they were only able to stabilize the front line along the Naktang River. It seemed that the DPRK troops would not have difficulty over time occupying the entire Korean peninsula. However, the Allied forces managed to go on the offensive by fall.

    2. Alex
      Alex 13 October 2017 12: 24
      National academies are nominating candidates for the Nobel Prize. One of the reasons (in addition to the political commitment of the Nobel Committee) is that there are so few Soviet and Russian laureates that because of internal squabbles, many were simply not nominated. And the fact that Americans prevail among the laureates, it’s just that the states, like a vacuum cleaner, collect the best brains from all over the planet because no one can compete with them in financing basic science.
    3. vlad_vlad
      vlad_vlad 13 October 2017 13: 08
      what is fuss about?

      if you do not respect the Nobel Committee and its decisions - then why are you so outraged by its decisions?

      "I ran after you 3 blocks to tell you how indifferent you are to me!"
    4. krops777
      krops777 13 October 2017 14: 13
      I want to turn to Russian scientists, but you beat the Nobel, take an example from Perelman, for the discoveries you already entered your name in history.
      1. Kenxnumx
        Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 19: 52
        The main thing is that the Nobel did not score on them.
  2. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 07: 20
    Their loot. How they want and share. If I had so much, I would leave everything to myself. ;)
    1. odometer
      odometer 13 October 2017 07: 23
      And starving children in Africa? smile
    2. free
      free 13 October 2017 08: 15
      Quote: Ken71
      Their loot. How they want and share. If I had so much, I would leave everything to myself. ;)

  3. antivirus
    antivirus 13 October 2017 08: 01
    Now the company has taken the same path to abandon nuclear weapons. ICAN managed to enlist the support of not only international organizations, but also prominent public figures.

    "day of protection of geese from people"
  4. free
    free 13 October 2017 08: 15
    what else can you expect from lousy dogs? and you have to fight for prizes for your own.
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 08: 21
      Following the example of Barclay, to introduce troops in the vicinity of Stockholm.
    2. Max otto
      Max otto 13 October 2017 09: 20
      You have to give your own prizes, and not fight for others.
  5. Karen
    Karen 13 October 2017 08: 34
    Somehow, the old nobelians of our schools stopped by to enlighten us ... Medical students asked: "Are there too many Jewish names on the list of awarded people?"
    The answer was honest: “if the award were issued by an Armenian, then there would be many of yours there” :)
  6. Sinbad
    Sinbad 13 October 2017 09: 31
    Well, if you think about where and to whom money for dynamite can go. It would be strange if they (money, bonuses) went for good purposes, etc.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 October 2017 10: 14
    decisions of the Nobel Committee often cause controversy

    Surprise on the verge of not understanding whom and for what, which translates into complete denial. But the Americans are happy - the number of their laureates is growing by leaps and bounds.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 13 October 2017 11: 49
      And the title of the Nobel laureate is becoming increasingly devalued!
      1. Kenxnumx
        Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 12: 36
        You still say that this title is shy. For sufferers there is a Shnobel Prize.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
    2. GAF
      GAF 13 October 2017 13: 07
      Quote: rotmistr60
      But the Americans are happy - the number of their laureates is growing by leaps and bounds.

      Yes sir! Not so long ago, a group of artists "White Helmets" in full force in Idlib received their award. So to speak, at the crime scene. Apparently she knew too much, which was not for the ears of others.
    3. gridasov
      gridasov 13 October 2017 15: 12
      The development of science and technology depends on real scientific and technical solutions, and not on the number of laureates, and even more so the decisions of competitions or Nobel Prizes. Enthusiasts promote science for which the main priority is the comprehension of truths. Nothing beats the feeling of understanding the process that a scientist or engineer or a simple person is considering. Therefore, Americans simply cover up useless financial expenses with premiums. This proves once again. that not days determine fundamental discoveries. Money affects the process of the next stage after opening.
  8. gridasov
    gridasov 13 October 2017 10: 55
    The whole nonsense is that the discovery itself or the invention of the detection of gravitational waves gives absolutely nothing. There is no technology for using the potential of gravitational el. magnetic forces. Moreover, it is completely obvious that technologies are possible to create conditions for the use of the so-called "negative voltage" in the circuit. Then it is not at all difficult to create the ability to control the current (of natural origin) in the circuit. Therefore, just as Tesla was deciding in his time on his Tower, any well drilled in depth can also be used as a power plant. The essence of the technology for creating a "negative voltage" is that it is necessary to use all the magnetic flux vectors, which means that the work in the circuit or in any material that goes to heat can always be transformed into active work in the direction of the magnetic flux vector the direction that will not contribute to resistance. Therefore, for the sake of objectivity, all these scientists are not worth the awards that they themselves award. They don’t even have a program to develop their own and “discoveries” and what could be called applied technology.
  9. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 13 October 2017 11: 17
    The economics laureate explained why Poland buys American LNG instead of cheap Russian pipe. Anyone understands that this has nothing to do with economics at all. From the word at all.

    Moreover, the behavioral economy itself is based on the ideology of consumerism, the value of which has not been proved in itself. am

    Award for "nuclear ban"awarded, but weapons are not prohibited; not a single warhead has been disposed of anywhere. laughing

    It remains to give a prize for the propaganda of the ideology of sodomy, which, of course, leads to universal love laughing
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 13 October 2017 12: 40
      Quote: Gormengast
      Anyone understands that this has nothing to do with economics at all. From the word at all.
      By the way, not many people understand that a new concept has appeared in the psychology of the masses, when in huge flows of information, many people are not able to select the optimal correct logical conclusions. And it is precisely people who suffer from this ailment whose authority includes the adoption of socially important decisions. Therefore, the problem in physics is that there are no methods in which many physical phenomena must be considered as algorithmic stages of the same phenomenon but at different levels of their dynamic state.
  10. Zounds
    Zounds 13 October 2017 11: 28
    This happened today with the prize in the field of physics. Three American scientists "for their significant contribution to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves" became its laureates. This news surprised the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeyev. According to Interfax, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that among the Nobel laureates for the detection of gravitational waves, of course, should be our famous academician, now alive Vladislav Pustovoit.

    And who prevented the construction of such a facility in Russia? LIGO cost $ 620 lyam, and the Sochi Olympics is $ 50 billion. By the way, the LHC cost only $ 10 billion. It was possible to build 5 LHCs)))
    1. Dedrusav
      Dedrusav 13 October 2017 11: 38
      What are lamas? Sub-currency currency?
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 13 October 2017 11: 54
      But nothing that for the money raised ALL infrastructure. Did you fix the old, build roads, a city, stadiums, sports palaces and other ski slopes? Apparently, you don’t care, just to crow, how bad. Give ALL your money to the construction fund of the LHC in Yakutsk! And you will be happy in Olkhon. Immediately life will improve and you will become the benefactor of all of Russia.
      1. Kenxnumx
        Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 12: 53
        But isn’t Sochi happy with so much happiness. Moreover, all these stadiums are already idle.
    3. Setrac
      Setrac 14 October 2017 00: 07
      To prove that gravity is not needed installation for 600 million dollars, Newton proved with the help of one apple.
  11. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 13 October 2017 12: 02
    Again, our leader was swept with a Nobel Prize, and the author is indignant).
    Create your prize and reward whom you consider worthy, because your West has created and is not steamed.
  12. Berg berg
    Berg berg 13 October 2017 12: 13
    The Shnobel Prize has long compromised itself when it presented the Peace Prize - to the world killer mBarak obama. And the issuance of other awards to those who did not deserve them, but served on the State Department and there is nothing to say!
  13. wei
    wei 13 October 2017 12: 40
    I don’t know what some expect.
    who the girl dines with her and dances
    the personality of the founder is very ambiguous
  14. konus
    konus 13 October 2017 12: 54
    And what's new in the activities of the Nobel Committee? It is enough to recall the refusal of this committee to nominate D.I. Mendeleev for his discovery of the "Periodic System of Elements". And at the same time, the awarding of the title of laureate of this prize to another chemist for the discovery of the next chemical element predicted by this particular periodic system. There is nothing to be surprised at!
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 13 October 2017 13: 06
      The Nobel Prize is not awarded posthumously, and Mendeleev died even before the foundation of the prize. There the bureaucracy lasted a long plus.
      according to Nobel’s will, the prize should be awarded for discoveries, inventions and achievements made in the year of award.

      Only then did they begin to ignore this point.
  15. high
    high 13 October 2017 19: 05
    Quote: OlfRed
    in in! read the statistics of the awarded - some P.I.d.o.s.s ... the "smartest" nation in the world is direct, but only in reality the opposite is true hi

    Why write this nonsense?
    In science, the United States invests 405 billion dollars, and Russia - 33 billion dollars .... therefore, the Nobel laureates there the most.
    Alas, US universities are ranked first according to the ranking, and Moscow University is only 95th ...
    We all use US developments: the Internet, tablets, computers, flash drives, phones, microprocessors, software ...
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 14 October 2017 00: 13
      No billions will make a professor out of a consumer, such is the nature of things, all of the things you listed were not invented by Americans.
      1. Blackmokona
        Blackmokona 14 October 2017 09: 47
        But professors from all over the world will come to where they give money for research. Talented students will go there too. Bam and Nobel packs go.
  16. Chernig
    Chernig 13 October 2017 19: 49
    As they say) cinema and the Germans)))
  17. dok123
    dok123 13 October 2017 22: 53
    European culture has long become obsolete. More confirmation of this.
    And the current Nobel laureates are all three-two-races? ...
    And then it will not be tolerant ...
  18. Semenov
    Semenov 14 October 2017 09: 49
    Sakharov, one of the creators of the hydrogen bomb, is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Received in 75, deported from the USSR in 80 for anti-Soviet activities. Co-author Lavrentiev remained in the USSR, not an anti-Soviet, not a laureate. The logical political interest of the committee has not changed over the years.
  19. ver_
    ver_ 15 October 2017 04: 06
    Quote: OlfRed
    in in! read the statistics of the awarded - some P.I.d.o.s.s ... the "smartest" nation in the world is direct, but only in reality the opposite is true hi

    ... gold - the funds are managed by lepricons. Gold of the World in the hands of the Jews. How much can one be surprised at the obvious ..
  20. M. Michelson
    M. Michelson 15 October 2017 04: 19
    Yes it would be perplexing. There is some kind of nobel-shnobelevka.
  21. oops
    oops 15 October 2017 05: 15
    The physics prize for "discovering gravitational waves" is a blatant mockery of science. NOTHING LIGO did not open. And the idiocy of "black hole merging" deserves a prize for pseudo-scientific fraud!
    The LIGO collaboration received the Nobel just to justify a billion bucks invested in a completely useless LIGO detector !!!