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The other day, the Public Diplomacy Bureau of the US State Department posted on the portal of government grants an announcement of a future project to “train independent journalists,” in which media workers will be invited to the United States. The main emphasis is made, of course, on Russia and the post-Soviet space.

What for? As officially stated, journalists will be trained “according to the program of international media reporters to familiarize themselves with the goals of American foreign policy through direct communication with members of Congress, government officials, and the business community; for participation in specialized briefings and seminars ". The program also explains the “true motives of American foreign policy”, as well as the promotion of “standards of objectivity”. The project will be implemented on the basis of the so-called press centers for the foreign press, which are a structural subdivision of the State Department and are intended to form a “loyal to the American authorities” foreign press pool. But in fact, of course, in order to form a “fifth” of them, or rather, an “information column” within the Russian media.

A contract has recently appeared on the official website of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA (BBG), the purpose of which is to find a company that can train employees of the holding to work in social networks with the Russian-speaking population to counteract "Russian disinformation." The course is intended for reporters, editors and managers of Voice of America, working for the Russian audience.

The BBG financial report on 2017 year also suggests an increase in the number of digital media in those regions with which the Russian government is in the “frozen conflicts” stage. The board of directors asks to pay special attention to “influential young users” in the Russian Federation. This will be allocated a special budget.

“Foremen of perestroika”

As a matter of fact, the West has been engaged in the formation of the “information column” in Russia for a long time. Funding for journalists loyal to him in Russia through grants, internships in the United States and in Europe with the help of direct bribing began with Gorbachev's perestroika. One of the first among these was the chief editor of Ogonek magazine, Vitaly Korotich. Born in Kiev, the author of enthusiastic poems about Lenin, which allowed him to become the head of the Writers' Union of Ukraine, was in Moscow at the head of the main media rebuilding. "With his arrival, the magazine turned to 180 degrees, - then summed up the" Spark "- It is difficult in the world stories Recall a publication that would have the same strong influence on the political life of the country as the “Light” of the era of perestroika. “Ogonyka” publicism became a school of democracy in a starved country for freedom. ”

It was “Spark” that became the main mouthpiece of the liberals over the collapse of the USSR. In the US, it is immediately appreciated. In 1989, the American magazine Ward Press Review awarded the werewolf the title Foreign Editor of the Year. 19 August 1991 of the year, while in the States, Korotich handed over a flight ticket to Moscow and stayed for permanent residence in the USA, where he was “given merit” to the collapse of the USSR and was given a satisfying position as a teacher at Boston University. And when in the United States he was already fed up with many, an experienced propagandist-Russophobe was sent to Ukraine to prepare Maidans, having attached to the newspaper Gordon Boulevard.

As we remember, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Moskovskie news»Yegor Yakovlev. Like Korotich, he also turned out to be a werewolf. Born in the family of the Chekist, the author of the fiery book about Lenin, “Holding a Soul by the Wings,” when he saw a change, immediately reborn, left the CPSU and became one of the most active gravediggers of the USSR in the media. In the 2000-ies, when all the masks were already dropped, Yakovlev led the author's programs on the American Radio Liberty.

In the same years, Vladimir Pozner, another guru of liberal journalism, gained popularity. For Americans, he was his own. Born in Paris, studied in the USA, he still has two international passports - American and French.

Like his other liberal colleagues, Posner also turned out to be a flippant. At the time of the USSR, he was secretary of the party committee at international broadcasting, and then instantly became a registered liberal. And he was immediately invited to the United States, where he worked under a contract on television from 1990 to 1996 year.

And when the interest in America to Russia in those years waned, Pozner returned (or maybe was sent?) Back to Moscow, where he was given a highly paid job as a columnist.

Money from America

Curious is the biography of Alexei Venediktov, editor-in-chief and co-owner of Echo Moskvy, the current leading media liberal. His grandfather is a military prosecutor, member of the Military Tribunal. From the official submission to the Order of the Red Star: “Comrade Venediktov [...] directs punitive policy to a merciless fight against traitors, spies and traitors of the Motherland. Dozens of traitors were convicted and received a well-deserved punishment. He was merciless to the enemies of the Motherland, and teaches peripheral workers Tribunals. Strikes against criminals are acute. With its judicial punitive policy it contributes to the strengthening of iron military discipline. "

But his grandson Alexei Venediktov was in our times on the other side of the barricades. When in 2002, he created a new talk radio, Arsenal, it was reported that American funds and some of George Soros’s structures would invest in the project. In 2008, Venediktov received an award from the International Press Club of America. And besides, for his zeal he was awarded the highest orders of Russophobic Poland today, as well as France.

Dmitry Muratov, head of the liberal Novaya Gazeta, was financed from overseas. At the start of 2000, he received 100 thousand dollars from the Open Society Institute, a unit of the Soros Foundation. 3 December 2007 in New York Muratov called on US companies to give money to Novaya Gazeta directly: “Change your advertising policy. Work with us directly. I will give you discounts! You will do well ... "

A television observer so popular in the past, like Yevgeny Kiselev, who fled to Ukraine, where he is now conducting violent Russophob propaganda, has stayed in the West. In the USA, he was awarded the prize “For Press Freedom”, and in Estonia - the Order of the Cross of the Land of Mary.

“Fury of liberal journalism” Yevgenia Albats, editor-in-chief of the Russophobic magazine “The New Times” and part-time Echo of Moscow columnist pay generously paid from abroad. In 1990's, she received Alfred Friendly's scholarship (in the USA), and then the Niemann scholarship at Harvard.

And the publisher of her newspaper, Irena Lesnevskaya, became the Chevalier of the French Order of the Legion of Honor.

The merit of another “fury” of liberal journalism, Echo of Moscow columnist Yulia Latynina was noted by Condoleezza Rice herself, when she was US Secretary of State. Latynina received from her hands the State Department Award "Defender of Freedom" - 50 thousand dollars.

The furious Russophobe Matvey Ganapolsky, who escaped to Ukraine from the Echo of Moscow columnist, receives money from the United States. According to the online publication Life, he received money (12 800 dollars), in particular, from the US state propaganda agency BBG. An independent journalist from Novaya Gazeta, Alexander Panov, who works as his own correspondent for the newspaper in Washington, also feeds from the same agency. From the aforementioned BBG, he received about 67 thousand dollars. This is confirmed by open data from the US government procurement website. By practicing money, Panov is engaged, in particular, in publishing mocking comments on the Russia Today TV channel. This list of members of the West-funded "information column" can be continued.

Gifts from the oligarchs

Many liberal journalists got rich back in the 90s thanks to non-performing loans that the oligarchs gave them, in particular the runaway Vladimir Gusinsky and his media group Most. Thanks to these loans, which were, in fact, a simple transfer of money to especially loyal journalists, many of the current opposition members have acquired luxury housing in the capital. And completely free.

According to media reports, these fictitious “loans” were repaid in two ways: the entire loan was repaid at the expense of the holding under various financial schemes during the contractual period, although the documents usually indicated that the recipient paid the loan; repayment of the most part of the loan by the holding, and the rest - by the beneficiary. Upon dismissal, the preferential scheme was turned off, and the remainder was paid in full by the debtor at the time of termination of the contract. But the borrowers worked on the Gusinsky Empire to the last. Until the oligarch repays their loans.

The money for the purchase of real estate in the form of fictitious loans for the employees of "Mosta" was allocated from the credit funds received by the group. Such loans were issued during all the years of existence of the Media-Most holding. By the way, Gusinsky didn’t return these debts to the state - he fled abroad, and it turns out that the recipients of loans got rich with practically stolen money.

In the list of those who received such uncollectible money from “Most”, the names of many of the current “stars” of liberal journalism. Like, for example, Vladimir Kara-Murza, as well as the aforementioned editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, Alexey Venediktov, who received over 183 thousand dollars from Gusinsky.

The most funny thing about this ugly picture of bribing by the West and the home-grown oligarchs of liberal journalists is that recently they have all suddenly become fierce “fighters against corruption”, exposers of “illegal incomes” of officials, “rotten authorities” ...

But the main problem is that even in the government structures, it seems, they still underestimate the danger of the “information column” marching through Russia. They say it’s even good, evidence of our “freedom of information” and “pluralism of opinions”. But Napoleon said that one hostile newspaper is more dangerous than a hundred thousandth army. And if this is not one newspaper, but a powerful “fifth column” of the media, which is being educated, financed, and set the West and homegrown oligarchs against Russia? Do we not know what a destructive role the liberal press played in the collapse of the USSR and the Bandera coup in Ukraine?
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 October 2017 07: 02 New
    to form a “foreign loyalty to the American authorities” press pool
    Unfortunately, with the American money and the opportunity to "learn" for free in the United States, there will be newfound Korotichi, Yakovlev, Pozner ... And not only there, but they will also make efforts for an information war against the country in which they were born. Sad
    1. himRa
      himRa 15 October 2017 09: 48 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      And not only there, but they will also make efforts for an information war against the country in which they were born. Sad

      Sadly this is the most optimistic definition ... as you know, the prerequisites for a real war are ,, victory, "in the information war ....
      It is alarming .... especially how RT was removed from the USA! And the latest news, I would say anxiously
    2. venaya
      venaya 15 October 2017 12: 33 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      With American money and the opportunity to "learn" in the United States for free, unfortunately, there will be newfound Korotichi, Yakovlev, Pozner ... will make efforts for an information war against the country in which they were born.

      A small clarification about Povzner: he was not only not born in our country but is still a citizen of two more countries. And as for only the information war, it should be remembered that his own grandfather would still be the founder of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in 1902. This is family, and they were not only limited to one information, there was something else in addition to this. And Yakovlev was clearly not limited to one information war, his "merit"in the war against our country, it’s impossible to count immediately.
  2. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 15 October 2017 07: 16 New
    The toothlessness of our “corresponding bodies” is surprising (although what they now correspond to is not entirely clear): the ardent enemies of our Motherland, traitors and Vlasovites in our mass media still flaunt their tuxedos, and not in “concert quilted jackets” at the logging, and all the more strange to hear statements by some dignitaries that "... we are not 37 now ...", and that betraying the interests of our people and the country is no longer a crime, or the "occupation administration" is already at the head of Russia ?! Dear Guarantor of the Constitution, you have already decided whose interests the Russian government protects and is it not time to “weed the beds” from the “weeds” that have filled the upper echelons of power and the media !! ??? After all, the people believe you Comrade Supreme Commander !!!
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad 15 October 2017 07: 55 New
      Quote: kartalovkolya
      Toothlessness of our "relevant organs" is surprising.

      This is not toothless, this is a vaccine. yes Someone finally begins to think, reflect, reflect, wink and not believe everything they say, including on TV!
      1. Cube123
        Cube123 15 October 2017 08: 16 New
        Quote: you Vlad
        Quote: kartalovkolya
        Toothlessness of our "relevant organs" is surprising.

        This is not toothless, this is a vaccine. yes Someone finally begins to think, reflect, reflect, wink and not believe everything they say, including on TV!

        Great advantage laughing
        I also think that the answer should not be repressions of objectionable ones, but professional development and motivation of pro-Russian journalists. Can a world-class athlete be raised if he is not allowed to participate in international competitions? A high-quality product does not arise on its own, but only in the everyday struggle with opponents.
        1. 79807420129
          79807420129 15 October 2017 09: 00 New
          Quote: Cube123
          but only in the daily struggle with opponents.

          Yes, opponents are good, they spit in the face of the country, to everyone, promoting the interests of not their own country, but of a foreign state, these are not opponents, these are real enemies.
          Quote: Cube123
          and professional development and motivation of pro-Russian journalists.

          And here I completely agree with you, those, as you put it, “opponents” are taught honestly and they need to be able to resist. hi
          1. Jedi
            Jedi 15 October 2017 09: 39 New
            I don’t remember who said: "The internal enemy is a hundred times worse than the external."
          2. Cube123
            Cube123 15 October 2017 10: 06 New
            Quote: 79807420129
            Quote: Cube123
            but only in the daily struggle with opponents.

            Yes, opponents are good, they spit in the face of the country, to everyone, promoting the interests of not their own country, but of a foreign state, these are not opponents, these are real enemies.

            Yes, the enemies are real. But the obvious enemy is much less dangerous than the hidden enemy. Just because you expect a dirty trick from an obvious enemy and prepare for it. And it is the struggle with the opponent that puts everything in its place. How impossible it is to assess the quality of a military commander until you see him in real hostilities. And not in toys, but with an enemy comparable in strength to it.
            Like Vysotsky’s: “If a friend suddenly appeared,” “Take a guy to the mountains, take it. There you will understand who he is.” drinks
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 15 October 2017 10: 51 New
        Quote: you Vlad
        This is not toothless, this is a vaccine.

        Hey. But you are right. Population needs to move its own brains and distinguish chlorine from calcium and something from the finger. And to look in a box and haw thoughtlessly what flows from there, without making efforts to analyze and draw up your own opinion about what you saw and heard - work is more for the priests and chewing apparatus, and not for the upper gyrus. The trouble is that the propaganda virus is so cleverly disguised as a "truth-seeker", that it is sometimes difficult for an inexperienced person to figure out where is right and where is left. request
        1. You Vlad
          You Vlad 15 October 2017 11: 23 New
          Quote: Lelek
          Hey. But you are right.

          Thank you did not know yes
          Quote: Lelek
          The trouble is that the propaganda virus is so cleverly disguised as a "truth-seeker", that it is sometimes difficult for an inexperienced person to figure out where is right and where is left.

          You're right wink You’re listening to such a pravuba, you’ll run for a bottle (everything is gone belay ) (Kvass, what did you think?) You will come running, climb into the Internet (and he will not be silent laughing ) And where did such crystal-clear people come in handy, where did they work, what did they do? And they (patriots, sovereigns) find themselves raising the economy (only whose is not clear) Well, let's say: Advisor to the UN Department of International Economic and Social Problems - DIESA. And then? Member of the Advisory Council under the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) .And then: Deputy Director of the Russian program of organizing investments in improving the environment (World Bank project on environmental management) .Well, well! Now who is he? Well, how is it? (a patriot, a sovereign rejoicing for Russia).
          1. You Vlad
            You Vlad 15 October 2017 13: 04 New
            Here's an interesting video article!
          2. Lelek
            Lelek 15 October 2017 17: 27 New
            Quote: you Vlad
            But where did such crystal-clear people come in handy, where did they work, what did they do? And they (patriots, sovereigns) find themselves raising the economy (only whose is not clear)

            Well, it’s not necessary to generalize much, but many of these “crystal” ones took advantage of the mess and “worked” for themselves-loved ones. But bad luck - there was a real danger of losing everything "acquired by overwork." At one time, these "comrades" were offered an amnesty for capital exported over a hill if they returned to Russia and paid tax, but were not accepted for execution, however. So that:
      3. Nikolai Grek
        Nikolai Grek 15 October 2017 18: 35 New
        Quote: you Vlad
        including on TV!

        it’s just on TV that they show all this trash so that the vaccine is of high quality and capital !!! wassat wassat good good lol lol lol
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 15 October 2017 07: 25 New
    Nothing new has been invented against Russia. As the Soviet Union collapsed and is now acting, only hope for GDP!
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 15 October 2017 08: 06 New
      Quote: andrewkor
      As the USSR collapsed, they are acting now, only one hope for GDP!

      they are partners for him .... so hopefully further ...
  4. Fight
    Fight 15 October 2017 07: 31 New
    Let’s write, at the top we can start working for the good of the Motherland!
  5. cedar
    cedar 15 October 2017 07: 57 New
    Stop fooling around. It is time to register all these subchiks and all their little companies as FOREIGN AGENTS.
    See at the root, dear. The information-psychological war is in full swing.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 15 October 2017 10: 59 New
      Quote: cedar
      The information-psychological war is in full swing.

      Hey. I read today a note on the behavior of foreign correspondents on the territory of the LDNR and it was somehow disgusting in my mouth to feel like a dung beetle was chewing.
  6. mac789
    mac789 15 October 2017 08: 14 New
    I read about thousands of dollars received by Russian journalists from the Americans. And so they are traitors and Russophobes. And then I remember that even the Bentley, Mercy and Cruisers of our bosses are much more expensive, not to mention their mansions. Naturally, these new aristocrats earned them exclusively honestly. And who after this is the enemy?
  7. 23rus
    23rus 15 October 2017 08: 55 New
    Judah was, is and will be, but is it worth it to turn the cheek? Or, as in that anecdote - when you hit your eyes with your fingers, give them a deeper hold and break your fingers with a sharp tilt of your head. laughing
  8. seacap
    seacap 15 October 2017 12: 50 New
    It is not clear why our respective officials and bodies do not suppress the direct anti-state policies of these figures. It is clear even to the child that there is a propaganda and information war against us being waged against us, which we lose to the net without resistance. Why did they suddenly decide and affirm that liberalism and Is democracy a synonym for permissiveness? The opposition, pseudo-liberals and other grant-eaters have completely become impudent and do not restrain themselves with any bounds of decency, do not even hide their goals and hatred of the country, fully working out foreign injections, and we have the corresponding numerous committees, ministers and other pack of parasites-officials , covers them, cherishes them, at best does not pay attention to their effective, destructive work, looks at it as a child’s fun, condoning the destruction of the foundations of the state. And often our hard earned anti-Russian projects like the Yeltsin Center, films discrediting our historical and great personalities, and indeed history itself, showing us miserable and worthless, and films do not rise above the crotch. It seems that they also do not work for the country and do not connect their future with their homeland and their people, are not interested in its development and existence.
    The article does not yet talk about TV, steeped in nepotism and scandals. The level of broadcasts on the central channels is lower than the baseboard. It is understandable, directors, producers and other nobles who have been educated at parties and taverns, paying for sessions with daddy money and connections, scriptwriters, attached by acquaintance or for a fee, without literary education with limited horizons, not read a single book, etc. etc. The same programs on all channels, with the exception of very few, leading, far from the profession, such as a barrel-shaped actress Katie who appeared in circulation at the transfer fair, who often don’t understand what it’s all about, but is active for everyone disturbing, even his employers, all already disgusted, used and shabby party-goer, lover of gossip and dirty linen, and more recently, young, fallen girls (age crisis or greed), etc. etc. Something is wrong in the Danish kingdom, something is not right with us, but is it our authorities and a bunch of officials and who do they work for and do they work at all?
  9. Semenov
    Semenov 15 October 2017 14: 03 New
    It seems that the law on NGOs was adopted? It says who is a foreign agent, it is necessary to strictly execute and business then. It is surprising why the law on corruption is not adopted, which is simpler - I compared income with expenses and you can sew. Again, the state’s income from the stolen confiscated goods, after billions of colonels of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is a significant help to the budget.
  10. Dedall
    Dedall 15 October 2017 17: 05 New
    And yet, it must be recognized that the Americans were able to perfectly coordinate the efforts of all the media directions during Perestroika. One need only recall how films like "Assa", "Plumbum" and "Little Vera" fell out onto the screens at once. At the same time, "creations" of Dudintsev, Solzhenitsyn and others appeared in the literature. And songs of Viktor Tsoi about the "wind of changes" poured onto the stage. And even some of the songs of Rosenbaum entered this stream. The US State Department for all this needs to be awarded the next "dynamite" peace prize.
  11. SEERforSEER
    SEERforSEER 15 October 2017 22: 18 New
    all those "journalists" who need to go to the courses "by pencil."
    no, no poison, no shoot. to consider.
    money appeared on the card - where, mil.? what is not earned at home? From the definitions that the mono lehko is written on top, write the indictment: no one canceled copy-paste.
  12. Doliva63
    Doliva63 16 October 2017 02: 35 New
    To successfully oppose the West, we need the economy of "socialism in a single country", because we will always have all sorts of sanctions, etc., to prevent us from developing, integrating, or exchanging scientific and technological achievements, without which in the "global world" "no way. So the stronger they squash us in one way or another (including the likely global blow), the closer we will be to something like state capitalism or the late Union, and as you press it completely, you will look, people will be remembered about, they will begin to return the land / factories, for I, for example, will not fight for the "pipe" or there is a "depository". Therefore, it is not the 5th column that should worry us - it has someone to do, not the machinations of the States - we will not affect them in any way, but our own power, which we ourselves choose and should do this not like under Yeltsin - "vote not with your mind, but with your heart "(finally nonsense, but after all the majority pecked).
  13. Litexa
    Litexa 16 October 2017 18: 40 New
    Nightingale and Kissel will all win by false propaganda. So all in vain.