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Cryptocurrencies - Pyramid Century 21 Scam

The Bank of Russia is in favor of imposing a total ban on the work in Russia of sites that allow people to buy cryptocurrencies, as well as financial instruments that allow them to earn from fluctuations in their rate. Today, the global volume of cryptocurrency has already reached 100 billion dollars.

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  1. Onlooker
    Onlooker 12 October 2017 12: 16 New
    The population should not buy cryptocurrency! The population should work hard at the factory and pay the mortgage!)
  2. Engineer
    Engineer 12 October 2017 13: 04 New
    This means that the Bank of Russia, the Moscow Currency Exchange, Mr. Kudrin and Co. can earn billions on the collapse of the ruble exchange rate, and for citizens who have lost half their Sebezh rate and almost doubled their prices due to the difference in exchange rates for everything imported, which we don’t have close, despite the urapatriotic statements about mass import substitution, they can’t? Plebs, know your place.
  3. seacap
    seacap 12 October 2017 17: 42 New
    This Yale graduate, the best banker in the world, who organized and ensures the continuation of the looting of the country, with her accomplices has already driven the people into poverty, imposed and continue to impose new bribes for everything and everyone, protecting the ghouls from unnecessary expenses and unrest. Now they still want to deprive themselves the ability to earn at least something, even the appearance of earning an extra penny that cannot be controlled, and therefore the impossibility of grabbing something else, is already the last. 99,9% of users who decide to do mining on their computers cannot get $ 1 per year , for objective reasons, networks, equipment, etc., for a significant profit, industrial scale and a significant investment are necessary. So these marauders in the Central Bank have little robbery of the country and the people, few that everyone works for an overseas uncle and their offshore ghouls, already crazy about such an amount of money, they still want to ban, even the appearance of the profit of ordinary people, a virtual toy, akin to a monopoly, because they don’t see a way to control it and grab something from this into their insatiable throats. On your mind, some expressions that you can’t even pronounce cannot be written, are also punished. In general, every second breath should be paid in hard currency, counters at the expense of the population and check them every year for a separate fee
  4. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 13 October 2017 11: 16 New
    To listen to this terrible truth about our country is both painful and bitter!
    This is not capitalism built, but a real thieves, slave society!
    Who is constantly "getting up from his knees"? Yes, we just chopped off the legs to the knees.
  5. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 29 October 2017 10: 22 New
    Cryptocurrency is another scam and when it collapses, “deceived investors” will appear again, who will organize pickets demanding that the state help them and Putin’s regime will be to blame for everything, etc.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 4 November 2017 10: 10 New
      So far this has not happened. The Bitcoin exchange rate has reached 7000 bucks apiece. Those who bought bitcoins for nothing in 2009-2010 are now probably millionaires.