More powerful than European armies: cadres of large-scale tank exercises DPR

In the course of the past tactical exercises, the Armed Forces of the DPR worked out all the elements necessary to effectively counter a probable enemy.

Recall that at the moment the armies of the LDNR armies are at least 1500 tanks and more than 1000 infantry fighting vehicles. According to statements by European media, these are the second largest tank forces in Europe after Russia.

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    1. +3
      12 October 2017 10: 38
      1500 tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 1000 BMP !!!!!! Really all "squeezed out"?)))
      1. +5
        12 October 2017 10: 54
        Quote: Velizariy
        Is it all

        Wring out. And what?
        APU and terbats are already scratching the dust, realizing what kind of blow they can get on a prodigal nose, and then a magic pendal and a drape towards Poland?
        1. 0
          12 October 2017 10: 57
          Quote: badens1111
          Wring out. And what?

          Well, alright ... so be it. And do fuels and lubricants also periodically wring out?
          1. +4
            12 October 2017 14: 14
            Quote: Velizariy
            And do fuels and lubricants also periodically wring out?

            Coal for fuel and lubricants is exchanged, but what can not be?
            The market however ..
            1. 0
              28 October 2017 14: 39
              Looks like soon all the APU will smoothly become the troops of the LDNR%)

              This is logical, not everyone wants to cuddle with the playful Peter Alekseevich%)
      2. +4
        12 October 2017 11: 37
        Quote: Velizariy
        1500 tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 1000 BMP !!!!!! Really all "squeezed out"?)))

        Unfortunately, there was no money for everything hi
      3. +6
        12 October 2017 11: 47
        Quote: Velizariy
        1500 tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 1000 BMP !!!!!! Really all "squeezed out"?)))

        They squeezed it out, found it, presented it ... you can discuss a lot, but why doesn’t anyone question the numbers themselves? Who specifically considered them? With this amount, only 7500 people are required for crews, but how many are in service units? And what remains of the 30 ... 000 declared as the number of LDNR armies? But in this remainder there is still artillery, infantry, anti-aircraft gunners, sappers, doctors ... about etc. and so on ...
        1. +3
          13 October 2017 04: 07
          So you all the secrets about the number of personnel took and laid out.
          Maybe you Zakharcheno and Basurin personally report on the situation in the DPR?
          1. +3
            13 October 2017 06: 02
            Quote: Savignon
            So you all the secrets about the number of personnel took and laid out.

            With the current means of intelligence, only technical, for the time of the conflict, it’s already easy to establish the total strength, and there is also intelligence intelligence, which has long reported everything to ONE and HUMAN ... both from one side and the other.
        2. 0
          18 October 2017 10: 18
          It is necessary to watch the news from time to time, where it was reported about military draft exercises (more than 100 thousand), which in the current period at a permanent deployment of about 40 thousand. Then you will not ask such questions
      4. +2
        12 October 2017 13: 39
        The first unit is superfluous. The journalist was copying without delving into it. About 500 tanks and about 1000 light armored vehicles. This is BMP and armored personnel carrier and MTLB and so on.
      5. +2
        13 October 2017 06: 47
        Quote: Velizariy
        1500 tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 1000 infantry fighting vehicles

        According to the DPR website, they have less than 800 tanks, 400 of them are T 64. There are about 700 light armored vehicles, 400 of them are BMP-2 and 280 BTR 70.
        Quote: Velizariy
        Is everybody "squeezed out"?

        What are you implying!!! Do not you think that Russia threw? Nah, they squeezed everything out, but what they didn’t squeeze out, it was lying around in the warehouse, but it stood on a pedestal ...
      6. +3
        13 October 2017 14: 07
        Quote: Velizariy
        1500 tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 1000 BMP !!!!!! Really all "squeezed out"?)))

        They squeezed out something, bought something, and the Abkhaz gave everything else and delivered it by sea. Abkhazia is a small and proud independent country, militarily powerful. Abkhazians can afford to give many more weapons. They have brothers in Russia who work in all kinds of weapons factories, and there they simply collapsed! good
      7. 0
        17 October 2017 20: 04
        Now banderlog on amno will go) laughing
    2. 0
      12 October 2017 11: 36
      What kind of MANPADS on 1-30? Accidentally not the Polish "Thunder"? That would be funny laughing
    3. The comment was deleted.
      1. +5
        12 October 2017 14: 17
        Quote: Dimarita666
        It’s interesting when the Jews, besides the murder tools, will be proud of medetsina (MEDICINE), the production of cars, household appliances, computers and tm (TOMU) like that, if there aren’t even the firstfruits of ballet, synchronized swimming, and how many people send medicines from here for their “friends” and for some reason militants go to Israel (Europe)

        Read on the new one, eliminate errors, you will give advice in the Knesset, I believe that you will succeed.
      2. +1
        12 October 2017 16: 18
        here it is ... somehow it looks a bit eerie
      3. +4
        12 October 2017 19: 53
        Kapra is for you, you also would not hurt to heal! This site is called MILITARY REVIEW, MILITARY !!! Evanta (understood in Hebrew), capra to you 100 times ??? Want to discuss home appliances or medetsina march on the site on such topics. For the Russian Federation, do not worry about them, and there is much to be proud of in medical medicine and in many other industries. Russia is a global phenomenon and global problems are solved, atomic energy flights into space, and those who do not reach the level do washing machines and vacuum cleaners and rightly so, this is their niche, this is also a necessary and useful business.
        1. +4
          12 October 2017 20: 02
          Quote: Kurasava
          that site is called MILITARY REVIEW, MILITARY !!!

          Dear, here and bring it to - Dimarita666 and the like.
          God blessed the guys under the Israeli flag, time after time here in VO issuing anti-Russian nonsense.
          And my answer to the mirror is just an attempt to besiege the frantic, however, like yours.
          1. +2
            12 October 2017 20: 05
            camarade, yes I try as you see, but there are a lot of them. They hate me even more than you, I’m their conscience, I do not let them forget that they are Russian Russophobes in fact, and they don’t like it when they remind them of this. lol
      4. +1
        12 October 2017 20: 20
        press do not worry
    4. +3
      13 October 2017 01: 30
      Well, what if the Russians, the Slavs, have to defend themselves against the whole progressive humanity, which brings us democracy, for the last 1000 years. Leave behind us and we will grow the most environmentally friendly bread in the world for everyone, instead of the instruments of defense (murder, as one put it), but for now I'm sorry. we need to defend ourselves
    5. +4
      13 October 2017 01: 36
      In general, the respected "Dimarita666, wherever the state of Israel was, if only one" old Russian man of Georgian origin "would not give consent to its creation.
    6. 0
      14 October 2017 11: 54
      Not bad guys. Remember that only with Russian stamina and dedication do you heap all the world bastards who find themselves at the mercy of the American in Bandera. Poland also needs to be conquered immediately, so that there are never American lackeys there already.
    7. 0
      16 October 2017 08: 31
      What can I say !! Well done novorosy !!!
    8. +1
      17 October 2017 11: 54
      You can squeeze the gas station. And these are war trophies and humanitarian aid.
    9. 0
      4 November 2017 14: 13
      Ukruanda will either fall apart, or take away the gifted Maydan’s people and appoint another Tymoshenko and everything will work out.

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