Tale (ka) about the "lycers" ax and noose

Supporters of the “rehabilitation” warriors of the UPA often nod to Russia, where proposals for forgiveness of the Vlasovites do not cause such “bloody” discussions. But they forget that the Vlasovites fought with the regular units, while the Bandera and the rest fought mostly with the civilian population.

Elimination of hostile elements

If they had fought with the regular parts of the SA, then no one would have raised this topic, we would have agreed with Yushchenko: yes, everyone went to independence on their own path. That's the whole argument.

But how, tell, to treat this bastard, which under the sly of the warring parties terrorized its population?

It is "on the sly." Especially in the light of the goals formulated by Shukhevych at the 3-th (February 1943) conference of the OUN: "Use frontal chaos to massively eliminate hostile elements."

The conference supported the proposals of the leadership of the OUN (Bandera) to combat the dominance of “outsiders in the Ukrainian ethnographic territories” and initiated the mass “cleansing of the whole element that would pose a threat in the sub-Soviet reality”.

In 1947, on instructions from Chuprinka, most of the incriminating documents of the 3 conference and the 3 conference were destroyed. But the documents “arising from the decisions” were nevertheless available. For example, Shukhevych’s order to “hasten with the liquidation of the Poles, cut down the roots, burn Polish villages purely, mixed villages — destroy the Polish population only ... For the murder of one Ukrainian ... by the Germans, shoot the 100 Poles.” Is it not these “courageous” methods of fighting the Germans that Viktor Yushchenko sang?

“We treat Jews like the Poles and Gypsies: destroy them mercilessly, do not regret anyone,” we read in the same order. - Keep doctors, pharmacists, chemists, nurses; to keep them under protection ... To use undesirable Jews for digging bunkers and fortifications, at the end of the work, to eliminate without publicity ... ”.

Bandera lead to the execution of a group of Jews. Stanislavshchina (German Chronicle)

To embody the decisions of the conference in death started immediately.

Already 9 February 1943, the Bandera under the guise of red partisans (this is the question of "dressing parts of the NKVD in Bandera") entered the Polish village of Parosley. The peasants who had time to make friends with the partisans, warmly welcomed the guests. Enough “having put on a salt”, the gangsters began to rape and then kill women and girls. Before killing, they cut off his chest, noses and ears. Then they began to torment the rest of the village. Men before death cut off the genitals, noses, tongues and ears. Finished with blows of the ax on the head.

Two adolescents, the Gorshkevich brothers, who tried to call real partisans for help, cut their bellies, chopped off their legs and arms, and covered the wounds with salt, leaving the half-dead to die in the field. A total of 173 people were tortured in the village, including the 43 child.

In one house, among the scraps and bottles of moonshine, the real partisans who entered the village the next day found a one-year-old child pinned to the table with a bayonet. In his mouth, the OUN merry fellows stuffed a half-eaten sour cucumber.

Also in Kalusov, Vladimir district, two-month-old Joseph Phil was torn by the legs, and parts of the calf were laid on the table.

In general, to innocent Polish children, Bandera had a special tenderness.

Tale (ka) about the "lycers" ax and noose
In the village of Lozova in the Ternopil region, Bandera "decorated" the trunk of each tree with the corpse of a murdered child

Roads to separatist Ukraine

In the village of Lozova in the Ternopil region, they “decorated” the trunk of each tree with the corpse of a child killed before. As British researcher Korman writes, children nailed to the trees in such a way as to create the appearance of a “wreath”. This alley Bandera called "the road to independent Ukraine."

And the main street in Sukhoi Vine 13 in July, Bandera “decorated” one more “way to separatism”, pinned 50 children on a fence.

During the attack on Terebeyki in August 1943, adult Poles were cut with saws, like logs, children were killed with axes or drowned in a well. Similarly, in the summer of 1944 of the year, a hundred of “Igor” “sawed up” 140 gypsies, including 67 children.

In the village of Osmigovichi in July 43 of young children Bandera was thrown into the well, and the big ones were closed in the basement and filled it up. One soldier, holding the baby by the legs, hit his head against the wall. And so that the mother of the baby does not interfere with amusement, it was pierced with a bayonet. But on the whole, mothers didn’t bother Banderovites much, because, as a rule, they died of a heartbreak, seeing the martyr's death of their children.

In this case, we present only examples of sophisticated techniques generated by the sick imagination of lyts, but not the number of cases of their use. In order to spare the healthy psyche of readers, we present only the bare statistics of "zvybitag" only one day UPA. 30 March 1943. UPA attacked such villages and killed in them: Kuty - 138 people, including 63 child; Yankovitsy - 79 people, including 18 children; Ostrovka - 439 man, including 141 child; Volya Ostrovetsky - 529 people, including 220 children; Chmykov - 240 people, including 50 children.

Knowing about the sadistic inclinations of Shukhevych, the oops people on the anniversary of the UPA decided to present their “general” with an unusual gift - 5 heads, cut off from the Poles. He was pleasantly surprised by both the gift itself and the resourcefulness of his subordinates.

Shukhevych (third from left) is shown in the picture, in the German division - the 201 th battalion of the Shutsmanshaft in Belarus in the 1942 year

Such "zeal" confused even worldly-wise Germans. The Commissioner-General of Volyn and Podolia, Obergruppenführer енеene, asked the “Metropolitan” Polycarp Sikorsky to appease his “flock” of 28 in May of 1943: “National gangsters are also active in attacks against unarmed Poles. According to our calculations, today 15 thousand Poles are muzzled! The colonies of Janov Dolina do not exist. ”

In the "chronicle of the SS of the rifle division" Galicia ", which led its Military Government, there is the following entry: “20.03.44.: There is in Volyn, which is probably already in Galicia, a Ukrainian rebel, who boasts that 300 has strangled Poles with his knob. He is considered a hero. ”

The Poles published dozens of folios of such facts of genocide, none of which the Bandera did not deny. But stories about similar acts of the Home Army will be typed by no more than a common notebook. Yes, and those still need to be supported by substantial evidence.

And the Poles and examples of mercy from the Ukrainians did not ignore. For example, in Virk of Kostopil uyezd, Frantiska Dzekanskaya, carrying her 5-year-old daughter, Yaju, was mortally wounded by a Bandera bullet. The same bullet hurt the baby leg. For 10 days, the child was with the killed mother, feeding on grains of spikelets. Saved the girl Ukrainian teacher.

At the same time, he probably knew what threatened him with such an attitude towards "strangers." Indeed, in the same district, the Bandera slandered two Ukrainian children only because they were brought up in a Polish family, and the three-year-old Stasik Pavlyuk smashed his head against the wall, holding him by the legs.

They surpassed even the SS

Of course, terrible revenge was expected of those Ukrainians who, without enmity, belonged to the Soviet soldiers-liberators. The regional conductor of the OUN, Ivan Revenyuk (“Proud”), recalled how “at night a rural girl of 17-years was brought to the forest from the village of Khmyzovo, or even less. Her fault was that she, along with other rural girls went to the dance, when in the village was a military unit of the Red Army. Kubik (commander of the military district of the UPA "Tours") saw the girl and asked Varnak (the conductor of the Kovel district) permission to personally interrogate her. He demanded that she confessed that she was “walking” with the soldiers. The girl claimed that it was not. “And I’ll check it now,” Cube grinned, sharpening a pine stick with a knife. After a moment, he jumped to the prisoner and, with a sharp end, began to stick it between her legs, until he drove a pine stake into the girl's sexual organ.

One night, gangsters broke into the Ukrainian village of Lozovoe and killed its inhabitants over 100 in an hour and a half. In the family Dyagun Bandera killed three children. The smallest, four-year-old Vlad, chopped off his arms and legs. In the Makuh family, the murderers found two children — a three-year-old Ivasik and a ten-month-old Joseph. The ten-month-old child, having seen the man, was delighted and with a laugh stretched out his hands to him, showing her four cloves. But the ruthless thug slashed the head of a baby with a knife, and he cut his head with his brother Iwasiku with an ax.

On one of the nights from the village of Volkovyya, Bandera brought a whole family to the forest. Long mocked unhappy people. Then, seeing that the wife of the head of the family was pregnant, they cut her belly, pulled the fruit out of him, and instead shoved him into a live rabbit.

“They have surpassed even the German SS sadists with their atrocities. They torture our people, our peasants ... Do not we know that they cut small children, smash their heads against the stone walls so that the brain flies out of them. Terrible, brutal killings - these are the actions of these rabid wolves, ”Yaroslav Galan called out. With such anger, Bandera’s atrocities exposed both the OUN of Melnik, and the UPA of Bulba-Borovets, and the government of the West Ukrainian People's Republic in exile, and the Union of Getman-Derzhavniki, settled in Canada. 26 March 1993 of the newspaper “Kievsky Vestnik” deputy of the Rivne City Council Shkuratyuk wrote: “I am proud of the fact that 1500 punishers in Babi Yar had 1200 policemen from the OUN and only 300 Germans”.

Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler at the review of the SS division "Galicia"

They were trained in the Gestapo

There is another important reason why Bandera killed Ukrainians. The main method of replenishment of the combat units of the OUN was forced mobilization. For refusing to join the UPA, not only the conscript was killed, but also his family members. Those who were forced to join the UPA, "tied" blood. For this, he was ordered to kill a Jew, a Pole, or a “guilty” Ukrainian.

But this did not become a guarantee of "immunity." Devotion to the OUN (B) had to be proved daily. To control the "morale" in the UPA were introduced to the military field gendarmerie (VSW), the internal security service (SB) and political educators. One of the most influential Bandera general Smovsky said: “In the units of the UPA-Bandera were not only party observers“ political instructors ”, but also authorized security services. Esbists were the law and the court in the UPA-Bandera. SB was organized on the Hitler model. Almost all the teams of the Security Council are former students of the Hitler police school in Zakopane since 1939-1940. The Gestaps trained them. ”

The “purges of the unreliable” began in the very embryo of the UPA and continued until the 45. The leading role of Shukhevych in unleashing a bloody purge in the ranks of the UPA is confirmed by the commander of the Zhytomyr military district of the UPA Fedor Vorobets (Vereshchak): “When I visited Chupryka in the village of Romanov in November 1945, he additionally instructed me to continue in the most decisive way to clean the organization and not only from politically "unreliable" and agents of the NKVD-NKGB, but also from ballast and persons not sufficiently nationalistic ... "

The reports of the Security Council about the "work done", approved by Shukhevych, also testify to this. Here is a sample of such a “report”.

The bodyguard of the commander of the Zagrava military district, Ivan Litvinchuk (Dubovoy), Lev, after his arrest, said that at the end of 1945, on the suspicion of having links with the KGB, the asbestos eliminated more 20 of the OUN from their “client ”’s inner circle, including a political educator (!) security (!!!) and a dozen commanders of different ranks. They were tortured until they signed a confession that they were all agents of the NKVD and the NKGB. Do not our “heroes” fight with these agents of the NKVD, along with teachers, doctors and other young specialists sent for distribution to Volyn and Galicia?

Only one counselor of the Security Council of the OUN circuit wire Mikola Gavrilyuk (Fedos) strangled 100 “unreliable” OUN participants in the territory of the Kovel district.

The hands of the UPA embodied the program of Heinrich Himmler to destroy the Slavs

As for the "ballast", the first to come in this category came from the eastern regions of Ukraine and Caucasians. To the attention of those who heard plenty of tales about the “international character of the UPA”, as well as the leaders of the Crimean Tatar Majlis voting for recognizing Bandera as heroes: the Tatar detachment, whose soldiers deserted Shukhevych from the German service, was immediately disarmed and sent to Black wood for digging caches, and then completely cut with axes and sabers.

Another task of the Security Council was to identify and suppress spontaneous speeches by UPA units against the German invaders. “Special attention,” noted in the directive of the Security Council of 27.10.1943, “should be turned to unauthorized speeches of UPA members against the Germans, using punitive methods, up to and including execution”.

Thus, it can be rightfully stated that Heinrich Himmler’s program to destroy the Slavs was embodied by UPA’s hands: “racially usable part of Germanization, the rest either destroyed or turned into slaves, able to count to 50, write your name and obey the Germans”. However, it was not supposed to know about this program to the Shukhevychs, the Pygnibokis, the Chubarovs and the higher-ranking puppets of the Slav-phobic regimes.

Let us now look with new eyes at what we started with - the consecration by the Kyiv Patriarchate of the sign of the “reconciliation of the UPA and the SA”. Is it not symbolic that the idea of ​​reconciliation with the outcasts of the people took to embody the outcast-church? Naturally, her next step will be reconciliation with Satan.

“Do not bow to the wrongs of others with the infidels, for what is the communion of righteousness with lawlessness? What is common with light and darkness? ", - the true church speaks through the mouth of its apostle.

And the darkness itself, as we know from the films about werewolves, doesn’t really like the light: less than a week after the “reconciliation” the Lutsk heirs of the “heroes of the heroic zmagan” began to en masse to “more principled” (but that’s why the world’s Orthodoxy) UAOC.

It would be interesting to see how the defenders of Orthodoxy, the Zaporozhye Cossacks, would react to such rushes from one sect to another. After all, it was precisely to their “professional holiday” of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary that the “Day of the formation of the UPA” was pulled over the Uniate-Authentic ears. Give them all, O Lord, to live to repentance!
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  1. drench
    drench 11 August 2011 14: 48 New
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    Lord, peace of the Soul of these Children! The one who did this let them burn in the Eternal Flame !!! I don’t have words .... Grandma said that in the city of Slutsk, Belarus, from 41-44 among the Germans, Hungarians, Latvians, Ukrainians stood out with particular cruelty.
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 11 August 2011 16: 56 New
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  2. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 11 August 2011 17: 00 New
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  3. Isk1984 12 August 2011 00: 50 New
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    • 0
    Do you think the valor of men who are capable of piercing with a bayonet of a one-year-old child is great, are these men, these notorious bastards, to whom the Germans gave a little power.
    And these people are praised and chewed as heroes in modern Ukraine. It’s just a shame, to be honest, even reading hard about such acts of photography should be poked in the face of modern fans of the UPA so that they understand at least a little what was going on in the villages ...
  4. viktor_ui 12 August 2011 08: 46 New
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    All this bastard UPA must not be declared in the law and shoot like mad dogs, but at the same time, to hard labor, all the new after-breeds.
  5. Dim_one
    Dim_one 22 August 2011 13: 51 New
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    In western Ukraine, these scum are considered hroy, won there in high esteem. What can I say if in Ivano-Frankivsk I saw a street named after Dudaev ...
  6. Alexanat
    Alexanat 6 March 2012 20: 29 New
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    I read about the "exploits" of the UPA, but photographs of the murdered children convince only that Comrade Stalin was a great humanist, sending Bandera to Kolyma. To drown in the Dnieper is the point.
    1. Alex 28 June 2014 00: 05 New
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      Quote: Alexanat
      Flushing in the Dnieper and the point.
      It’s a pity to spoil the great river. And in the toilet - just the place.
  7. Diziness
    Diziness 6 January 2014 21: 00 New
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    At least one of you commentators wondered about the veracity of what was written? Or do you think no one is lying on the Internet, but they write only the truth? And if I write that you are all gay, will you believe? Did not try to check where all the information from this article came from?

    I will prompt. From the book of the Polish Canadian Victor Polishchuk "Bitter truth. Crimes of the OUN-UPA". Only here, Polishchuk himself, until the end of his days, could not back up his words with even a single document, so this book can only be regarded as "fiction."

    And you read it is incomprehensible that you are happy to sprinkle with saliva.

    Quote: Isk1984
    photographs must be poked in the face of modern fans of the UPA so that they understand at least a little what was happening in the villages that were independent ...

    It would be nice to start with you "poke in the face" these photos. Perhaps then you would try to open the search engine and find a couple of links in it: http://archiwum.rp.pl/artykul/682921-Falszywy-opis-prawdziwe-zbrodnie.html and http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Marianna_Doli% C5% 84ska (if you don’t know Polish - google to help)

    Quote: drench
    Lord, peace of the Soul of these Children! The one who did this let them burn in the Eternal Flame !!!

    Go put candles in the church for the kids. And you can curse Marianna Dolinskaya (see links above)

    PS You are like small children. Only very evil!
    1. Alex 28 June 2014 00: 10 New
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      I wonder what you say about modern Bandera? Or the massacre in Odessa - not their business? Or the bandit Sashko Bily, sexually shifted to sado-masochism, is not Shukhevych’s reincarnation? All the nationalists at all times have been and remain the same - cave xenophobes, reveling in the blood of the innocent. And in addition - pathological cowards who are not able to become face to face with the enemy.
  8. Reinhard 19 January 2014 22: 26 New
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    Clear. what are these heroes! And father Yushchenko drank only in captivity of natural coffee. in the quarries, they probably gave for free.
    1. Alex 28 June 2014 00: 12 New
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      Quote: Reinhard
      And daddy Yushchenko drank only captive to natural coffee

      I doubt that Yushchenko is his real name. Most likely, someone else decided the Gestapo provocateur decided to change his face. There are already a lot of inconsistencies in his valiant biography.