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Poland challenged Ukraine

Poland challenged fraternal Ukraine! Ukrainian experts are perplexed: since the time of the Smolensk catastrophe, Russia is leading a “hybrid war” with Poland, and does Poland defy Ukrainian national security?

Poland challenged Ukraine

The hybrid “semi-war” (aka “half-world”) in Europe, created through the “aggressive policy of the Russian Federation”, influenced the policies of individual states. Among the latter is noticeable Poland. She herself became the “object of the Kremlin’s hybrid attacks,” but she is trying to demonstrate policies that often do not fit into EU standards. For example, Warsaw pursues a policy that creates "challenges to the national security of Ukraine."

A long article was written by V. Lozovy and V. Yablonsky on the topic of Polish “challenges”. Publication appeared on the site "Mirror of the week". It is boring to read it in the original, and not every reader will understand the concepts of “glorification”, “securitization of the past” or “commemorative practices”. Therefore, we allow ourselves to make an ironic retelling.

Initially launched theses: 1) “hybrid half-world-semi-war” in Europe - the result of Russia's aggressive policy; 2) this policy has influenced the policies of some countries, mainly the states of the former communist camp; 3) Poland, the target of the Kremlin’s hybrid attacks (“Smolensk catastrophe, promoting the activation of ultra-right radicals, etc.”), is trying to demonstrate a policy that sometimes goes beyond EU standards: Polish authorities focus on tragic pages stories and conducts a "historical policy" that creates the challenges of national security of Ukraine.

How did Poland come to this?

It turns out to blame the "right" in power. They are waging an irreconcilable struggle against the “identification crisis” that has arisen in Poland because of joining the EU and spreading the liberal economy, because of consumerism, tolerance, cosmopolitanism, and even because of the “significant migration of Poles to the rich countries of Europe” (similar migrants counted as much as five percent).

As it turned out, patriotism in Poland was "actualized" by an unexpected catalyst - NATO. Poland entered there - and the topic of patriotism again became topical. How does this thesis argue the co-authors? It is very simple: according to Polish conservatives, the Polish national idea should be the incentive to risk life, not European liberal mercantile values! It turns out that joining NATO had a special local effect, which aroused Polish patriotism.

The patriotic interests of Poland shy away. “The influx of Ukrainians into the country (up to 1,3 million of our compatriots are working in Poland),” the co-authors write, “led to an increase in anti-Ukrainian sentiment. More than a third of the polled Poles believe that Ukrainians may pose a threat to the security of Poland. ”

V. Lozovy and V. Yablonsky got right up to the very Pan Duda.

President Andrzej Duda said that the Poles are a nation for which the historical dimension is very important in assessing modern politics. What is important here is the defense of the good name of Poland and the cultivation of patriotism in the representatives of subsequent generations. The Polish authorities have planned something called an “offensive historical policy”. This thing will be the "basis for reformatting Polish identity." Warsaw looked far and deep: plans to revive nineteenth-century ethnic patriotism!

Tasks performed in the course of achieving the goal set by the Poles: one should not focus on the murder of Jews or military collaborationism, but one should show the heroic past, comment on the actions of Warsaw, the authors of the article. The Polish right-wing even “assert that the new historical policy should be based on the Polish interpretation of history, be offensive and make (!) The world respect the Poles”.

Then V. Lozovy and V. Yablonsky are moving on to the “aggregate of political-informational and mental contexts”.

The Polish mentality grew up on the conviction that the sufferings of Poland are connected with the special historical vocation of the martyred people, the “Christ of the Nations.” V. Lozovy and V. Yablonsky are convinced that the Poles are sure of the following: historical sufferings give them a sense of moral superiority and even nobility. The right-wing leaders of Poland send a message to society: the Polish sacrificial nation "is positioned by its enemies as a nation of criminals, and we need an offensive historical policy, some Polish" ties "to repel these evil attacks."

A special point of the conservative policy model is confidence: Poland is a border area, a stronghold of Europe and the leader of a group of local states.

It is here that Ukraine emerges - as an integral part of the region of the “eastern cresses”. In Poland, there is an idea of ​​a “civilizing” mission that the Poles carry to the Ukrainians (the population of the “Polish regions”). Western Ukrainian lands in general are often referred to as the "eastern provinces of Poland." “And the facts of the cruel attitude of the Poles to the Ukrainians, which caused considerable ethnic tension, are practically not mentioned,” the co-authors develop the topic.

Ukraine seems easy prey to some in Poland, the authors continue, because Kiev is “in a state of hybrid war” with Moscow. In order to achieve their goals in Poland, "it was decided to use the Volyn tragedy of the Second World War," the article states. In July, the 2016 Sejm recognized the Volyn tragedy as genocide. But at the beginning of 2000's, the authors remind, the conflict around this tragedy "was practically resolved." The presidents of the two countries honored the memory of the victims of the tragic events and called on the peoples to "forgive and ask for forgiveness." But "it seems to the Polish side that the Ukrainians did not repent much." Poland is now making efforts to achieve international recognition of this tragedy. Polish Foreign Minister V. Vashchikovsky stressed that the state should take the model of Israel as a model of historical policy: he introduced the concept of the Holocaust. But Poland has no corresponding success. “The involvement of a part of the population in the genocide of Jews, recognized as the greatest crime in the history of mankind, encourages Poles to“ create their own genocide, ”the authors point out. “In a certain sense, the spread of the Volyn tragedy theme should act as a kind of psychological antidote to the painful memory of the murder of Jews by the Poles and other criminal acts during the Second World War,” they write. “This gives grounds to assert that the Poles, like the Jews, have suffered significant sacrifices and relativize responsibility for participating in anti-Jewish actions.”

The Volyn resolution of the Polish Sejm "was the result of a long anti-Ukrainian campaign in Poland," the article concludes.

Further, the text contains the theme of “denigrating the Ukrainian national liberation movement” and the theme of the Russian trace.

“Russia and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine took an active part in this campaign and used it to their advantage. In order to slander the Ukrainian national liberation movement, as early as April 2010, the Party of Regions deputy V. Kolesnichenko organized an exhibition dedicated to the OUN-UPA atrocities, which, in addition to Ukraine, was exhibited in Poland, Greece, Russia and Cyprus. A book was also published on the "crimes of the OUN — UPA" and the tragic events in Volyn. In July, 2013, on the eve of the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, Kolesnichenko submitted an anti-Ukrainian proposal to the Polish Parliament to recognize the events in Volyn as genocide, which was supported by the Party of Regions and Communists deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Now, when such a decision is made by the Sejm, it gives rise to the Russian Federation and anti-Ukrainian forces, referring to the authority of the parliament of the Republic of Poland, to discredit the struggle of Ukrainians for independence and further distribute the Soviet (now - Russian) interpretation of history. ”

Then the authors return to Poland and write that, according to the Polish version, Ukrainian nationalists staged a “ruthless genocide” in the territories of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. “The Ukrainian national liberation movement,” the co-authors resent, “seems to be Polish right-wing politicians and the media only as collaborationism with Nazi Germany and a criminal [act] against the civilian population.” Then the image "is projected onto modern Ukraine, which honors the UPA struggle for independence."

In conclusion, gentlemen V. Lozovy and V. Yablonsky give advice to Kiev.

The dialogue between Ukraine and Poland "should be built on knowledge and readiness for mutual agreement." A number of factors should be considered:

- “anti-polonism” did not become widespread in Ukraine, and in Poland “anti-Ukrainian sentiments are cultivated and dominate”;

- a request for clarification of historical subjects (the same Volyn tragedy) should not be realized in a form that creates an image of the enemy;

- Polish media discourse “often replicates ideas based on distorted historical memory” (for example, according to opinion polls, the biggest enemies in World War II for the Poles are Ukrainians, not Germans or Russians).

Poland is recommended to take the Polish-Ukrainian relations “in a wider context”: “In our common history there was also the tough anti-Ukrainian policy of the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the policy of“ pacification ”, the crime of the Home Army units, which at various times provoked the Ukrainian-Polish confrontation”. In short, the achievement of a “compromise historical narrative” is needed, followed by reconciliation.

“A European democratic state cannot build a policy of reconciliation with Ukraine and Germany on different principles and approaches only because one of the countries is in a state of actual war with the Russian Federation, and the other is a pillar of the European Union. Although lately Warsaw is already launching an offensive in the western direction ... ”- the co-authors complain, obviously hinting at the fact that Poland has friction with Germany.

* * *

The cult of the OUN — UPA, we note, the authors shamefully quote the crimes of the authors — that is the real root cause of the current political troubles and troubles with Poland, which are narrated by foreign policy experts V. Lozovy and V. Yablonsky.

If there were no known “patriotic” sentiments in a certain part of Ukrainian society, there would not be that political conflict between Kiev and Warsaw, which pushes those who whitewash the UPA, who fought for “independence,” to search for “compromises”, but at the same time it tells about “hybrid” »The war that the“ aggressive ”Russians since the Smolensk catastrophe allegedly wage against Poland and against Ukraine.

Oh, to unite the Poles and Ukrainians in the confrontation of Moscow! This is the thought that reads behind all this long and boring opus. However, before the unification far. Far even to compromise. And who will look for him? Poles? They have no time. Having dealt with Ukraine, they took up Germany.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 12 October 2017 15: 36 New
      Quote: WarNoob
      Pseudo-historical political drama.

      Yes, no difference. In Europe, they only did the whole story that they fought with each other, they always had and have always had these unconditional reflexes, they just stayed inside for some time. Now there is no such restraining force as the USSR and the pressure of the USA is weakening. So far, a new redivision of the European territories begins only secretly and without any expressed practical actions, but they will follow.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 12 October 2017 17: 00 New
        there is no such restraining force as the USSR and the pressure of the USA is weakening ...
        1. Tatar 174
          Tatar 174 12 October 2017 18: 02 New
          Quote: antivirus
          there is no such restraining force as the USSR and the pressure of the USA is weakening ...

          _Well yes, no now. Previously, there was the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, which ruled in the USSR, which decided how the Poles, Ukrainians, Georgians, and the rest of us should all live.
          The USA, like any Empire, is gradually being destroyed, just as the USSR was destroyed. Can you prove the opposite? There are many reasons in both cases and they are different.
          _Caps Lock can be turned off, and so everything is readable and visible, why shout?
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 12 October 2017 19: 23 New
            Quote: Tartar 174
            So far, a new redivision of the European territories begins only secretly and without any expressed practical actions, but they will follow.

            And for some reason, every European king who has achieved significant success in the war will certainly attack Russia. Tradition, damn it. The Germans alone were sometimes (not always) smart. William the Conqueror never attacked us, Otto Von Bismarck, having been ambassador to Russia for some time, understood something and bequeathed "never to plot against Russia."
            But the rest followed this tradition. Received lyuley. No wonder they came up with the nickname "European Gendarme"
            1. a housewife
              a housewife 13 October 2017 12: 44 New
              in general, the gendarme is such a guardian of order. someone should, if they themselves are not able to.
        2. Andrey1961
          Andrey1961 13 October 2017 14: 59 New
          To kill each other for a start and then it will be seen!
      2. Selevc
        Selevc 12 October 2017 17: 03 New
        Quote: Tartar 174
        So far, a new redivision of the European territories begins only secretly and without any expressed practical actions, but they will follow.

        Yes, a crowd of vile pygmies for decades poured mud over the Great and Terrible deceased Leader and now they share his legacy - the state that he created !!! The borders of this state are moving - so far in the pictures, but in fact, these vile dwarfs do not even understand that they are sawing a tree on which they themselves are sitting !!!

        By the way, it is not necessary to pour mud on the dead with a special mind - this is more a sign of moron than mind !!!
    2. Grandfather
      Grandfather 13 October 2017 13: 07 New
      Quote: WarNoob
      Pseudo-historical political drama. The author, you should have written books, it would have turned out much better.
      write better. You’ve been here for a week without a year, but Olezhka, has been entertaining us for years ... Pescho ischo Oleg! yes
      1. Warnoob
        Warnoob 13 October 2017 13: 19 New
        Just because he writes here for years does not mean that he is a good writer. It means only what he writes here for years.
        1. Black sniper
          Black sniper 13 October 2017 14: 56 New
          Yes, everything is normal and correct peeps Oleg. All the problems of ukrov in their banderism. The Poles eyes opened and they woke up.
  2. Catherine II
    Catherine II 12 October 2017 15: 14 New
    The eternal theme ...
    Territorial disputes are the same.
    With the postulate
    If the state is weak and lonely, then it is not able to keep the territory.
    -I agree
    With the postulate--
    it is convenient to play horror stories in information wars
    .-doubly agree.
    1. Barbulator
      Barbulator 13 October 2017 15: 37 New
      Catherine II, good poems, but not clear. By the way, why is "doubly agree"?
  3. bardadym
    bardadym 12 October 2017 16: 34 New
    But the Crimea in the picture is Ukrainian! This is the most important thing! For the ride! SUGS !!
    1. andj61
      andj61 13 October 2017 09: 46 New
      Quote: bardadym
      But the Crimea in the picture is Ukrainian! This is the most important thing! For the ride! SUGS !!

      So the map was taken from earlier times. Here, for example, is a link to a publication dated March 13.03.2014, 39119.http: // hi
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 12 October 2017 16: 36 New
    If you use the Poles, you really get this:

    Quite realistic situevina wink
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 12 October 2017 16: 41 New
      Quote: ImPerts
      If you use poles

      I believe that in the framework of decommunization, the authorities of modern Ukraine should refuse the gifts of Lenin and Stalin.
      And the monarchists who are present on this site can also make claims against royal gifts.
      1. Selevc
        Selevc 12 October 2017 17: 08 New
        Quote: ImPerts
        I believe that in the framework of decommunization, the authorities of modern Ukraine should refuse the gifts of Lenin and Stalin.

        Yes Yes !!! First of all, they must refuse the gift of Khrushchev !!! And here’s such a pity-Russia gave a gift and now it has taken !!! The heroes are sad and angry !!! This is what happens - not European construction, but Euro-ruins !!! Something like this !!!
    2. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter 12 October 2017 20: 57 New
      "Quite realistic situevina"
      Totally agree with you.
    3. Andrey Goncharenko
      Andrey Goncharenko 14 October 2017 20: 27 New
      So it should be.
  6. antivirus
    antivirus 12 October 2017 16: 56 New
    for example, according to opinion polls, the biggest enemies in World War II were Poles for Ukrainians, not Germans or Russians).

    -interesting girls are dancing, soon the Belarusians will become the same enemies
    1. Geronimo73
      Geronimo73 12 October 2017 17: 50 New
      Regrettably, it is. in Belarus, everything comes to this with the tacit consent of Comrade Lukashenko
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 12 October 2017 21: 11 New
        the Poles set the goal of expanding their living space and pulling propaganda under the target (familiar?)
        1. Geronimo73
          Geronimo73 13 October 2017 09: 49 New
          the problem is not only in the Poles - if such a topic had not been demanded by the local population and elites, no Polish activity would have yielded results
          1. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 13 October 2017 10: 28 New
            Nobody has canceled the propaganda. Actually, WWII prepared the Anglo-Saxons, and the Poles, at the direction of England, provoked it. And the fact that they were betrayed by the English and the Germans bent .... nothing surprising. It’s time for the Pole to get used to the role of the Anglo-Saxon forgiveness .... But no, all to puff, so that they see higher beings, which is a century old, and everything ends in tears, as if no Polish leader (except Pilsudski and the secretaries of the Communist Party) NEVER led a pro-Polish politics, but only Anglo-Saxon. Their tragedy and problem.
            1. Geronimo73
              Geronimo73 13 October 2017 10: 39 New
              Have you ever been to Poland?
    2. Catherine II
      Catherine II 12 October 2017 21: 51 New
      Quote: antivirus
      , the biggest enemies in World War II for the Poles are Ukrainians

      Social polls are the influence of television, now it is actual migrant workers and the Volyn massacre, which means time to hate Ukrainians.
      I think if there were social polls in parallel with the message on the subject of the TV, then a clear dependence would be immediately visible.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 13 October 2017 07: 42 New
        Perhaps this is to reduce the salary of zrobitchans. centrally announce "these enemies are worthy of \\\ oyro and no more"
  7. knn54
    knn54 12 October 2017 16: 57 New
    Poland was created by the Entente as the "irritant" of the USSR and Germany.
    - ImPertz: I believe that within the framework of decommunization, the authorities of modern Ukraine should refuse Lenin-Stalin gifts.
    Then the Poles must abandon Silesia and Pomerania in favor of Germany.
    1. passerby5
      passerby5 12 October 2017 17: 04 New
      +++++++ completely agree
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 13 October 2017 10: 33 New
      Of course, it should and must.
  8. Geronimo73
    Geronimo73 12 October 2017 17: 49 New
    Slovakia smokes. Hungary remembers the Trianon world according to which Slovakia itself is a conventional unit for Hungarians .....
  9. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 12 October 2017 20: 36 New
    Nothing what the experience of the ancestors of the wretched Psheks does not teach. Although there 30% of the population are Jews ... This is probably the problem. It seems the poland will have, once again, be divided into two.
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 13 October 2017 05: 19 New
      How is it that 30% really Aloizych not so well thinned?
  10. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 12 October 2017 21: 24 New
    How tired of this hohloteme .... The site is slipping into this nonsense more and more. How not to go in - half of the opus about ukrov. One gets the impression that 2/3 of the visitors here to the army have never had anything to do and are not able to write anything on the topic, and they show themselves as a “writer” like hunting and are scribbling “about Ukrainians” because they’re not able to write anything smarter .
    1. Catherine II
      Catherine II 12 October 2017 21: 56 New
      Quote: Sergeant71
      How not to go in - half of the opus about ukrov.

      Duc is a section of society, is it otherwise on TV and other means?
      Ukraine, Syria, USA / sanctions and multi-step plans
      - I liked the phrase from the site, judging by the news
      We live in Ukraine, we are at war in Syria with the USA.
      There is a good VO article about this.
  11. Fayter2017
    Fayter2017 12 October 2017 21: 38 New
    Based on the general historical past of Ukraine and Poland, nothing shines on the Poles. When even at the top of military political power, Poland inside always fought with the Ukrainians. There was a period of 30 years in my opinion, when there were no uprisings, as the Poles called this time - the Golden Age.
    After the Pereyaslav Rada, when Ukraine, roughly speaking, was divided into 2 parts, the eastern one joined Russia both mentally and geographically.
    And western Ukraine, the Poles, have bent all history, the Ukrainians were there in the position of cattle and servants, from here the roots of nationalism and the age-old inferiority complex of Western Ukrainians are growing - Westerners, as we call them here.
    1. Catherine II
      Catherine II 12 October 2017 22: 15 New
      Quote: Fayter2017
      When even being at the top of military political power, Poland inside always fought with the Ukrainians

      Duc they rebelled against the Poles. After Lublin, the uprisings began to flow. The Poles, with their serfdom and Jewish clerks, became the worst enemy of both their own and others. And since the strangers also had a different faith. The terrible compote of the war of religions and oppression led to the mass genocide of both of them during the uprisings. The cuts did not spare each other (and the Jews at the same time, moreover, they were not even loved by the Poles)
      The Poles themselves are to blame. Ukrainians constantly revolted with her, in the Republic of Ingushetia the same scale was not. In RI itself there were also Razins / Pugachevs, and in the territory of the modern Ukraine there was no insurrection at the level of Khmelnytsky / Kosinsky / pr. Since the religious question was removed. Acuity fell + after the war with Turkey in the south, capitalist society began to develop more, and serfdom was not profitable. And in Lviv, those who now demand Bandera to recognize Bandera were up to the end continuously rebelling.
      So in St. Petersburg / Moscow they knew what to do with the Orthodox, but not in Warsaw. Bloody methods usually lead to the opposite consequences. Here Poland first lost its “India” and then collapsed to its level an ordinary European country.
  12. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 13 October 2017 00: 52 New
    The usual average Poles are wonderful people))) and even the Polish, generally beautiful)))
    1. White and fluffy
      White and fluffy 13 October 2017 07: 56 New
      How much you need to know to be in the subject !!
    2. iouris
      iouris 13 October 2017 11: 44 New
      Stupidity: the average Pole (polka) does not exist in nature, it is a mathematical abstraction.
  13. iouris
    iouris 13 October 2017 11: 42 New
    To Poland (and not only), in order to qualify for the territory of the USSR, you should first return to Germany everything received thanks to Stalin.
  14. EVIL
    EVIL 13 October 2017 12: 36 New
    WHY on TOPWAR on the map of Crimea - Ukraine ...... Are you in yourself?
    At the top of the page of the patriotic website is a map with a pro-Ukrainian color ....

    How enrages me the lack of cons ...
  15. a housewife
    a housewife 13 October 2017 12: 49 New
    Eagles flock and circle over a dying animal.
    1. ydjin
      ydjin 13 October 2017 13: 18 New
      Quote: housewife
      Eagles flock and circle over a dying animal.

      No, these are two hyenas trying to devour each other, as it is scary to attack a bear!
  16. ydjin
    ydjin 13 October 2017 13: 15 New
    As always, Ukrainians are against the Polish Natsiks, and the Russian Nazi Joseph Dzhugashvili (Stalin) is half-Georgian semi-Ossetian to blame! Insanity grew stronger! wassat
  17. Bat
    Bat 13 October 2017 13: 16 New
    At a construction site in Poland, Ukrainians are pouring concrete for 2 euros per hour. Poles need to pay 6-8 euros for this work. Feel the difference.
  18. ydjin
    ydjin 13 October 2017 13: 25 New
    Oleg Chuvakin, thanks for the review! As always interesting and informative without agitation and to the point.
  19. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 13 October 2017 13: 48 New
    The Poles want to squeeze their territory, and the bonfireheads are foaming everything everywhere laughing
  20. sergevonsohrn
    sergevonsohrn 13 October 2017 13: 51 New
    In any case, a tangle of these contradictions should be resolved by Russia in the spirit of Alexander the Great, cutting the "Gordian knot"!
  21. Oleg Kalugin
    Oleg Kalugin 13 October 2017 15: 36 New
    The one who betrayed the power of independence is only capable of destruction and constant division ... so it will be in the end ...
  22. fsps
    fsps 21 October 2017 14: 58 New
    Question: where more Poles fought - on the side of Hitler or the Allies? Is this why the “war with monuments”?
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 21 October 2017 15: 09 New
      Quote: fsps
      Question: where more Poles fought - on the side of Hitler or the Allies? Is this why the “war with monuments”?

      There was more on Hitler's side.