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General Suhail Al-Hassan. Syria's Strength and Honor

General Suhail Al-Hassan. Syria's Strength and Honor

A war can not only kill, but also give birth ... Give birth to a hero-liberator country. For the Syrian people, such a man was General Suhail Al-Hassan, the commander of the elite brigade "Strength of the Tiger".

The government forces, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, are completing the liberation of the Deir Ez-Zor province, the militants are suffering significant losses in Idlib and Raqqah. In fact, the fight against terrorism in the republic is at the finish line and, according to experts, can be completed by the end of the month. In this regard, it's time to remember those who brought this victory closer.

Recently, General Suhail Al-Hassan has become one of the most iconic figures of the Syrian Arab Republic. Fighting for more than six years with radical Islamists, the commander of the Force of the Tiger division did not suffer a single defeat. But successful operations, including the stripping of Aleppo terrorists and the rapid advance to the southeast of the province of the same name, were more than enough.

Now General Suhail’s subordinates are “nightmares” of extremists in El Meyadin in the eastern part of the country. The next in line is the city of Abu Kemal, after which the radicals in Syria will have nowhere to retreat.

Asma and Aicham, the parents of a soldier from the Force of the Tiger Brigade, report that during the fighting, Suhail always tries to avoid "unnecessary" losses both from his side and from the enemy. “If there is an opportunity, he always invites the enemy to surrender, but does not spare the one who continues to shoot,” Aykham recalls the words of his son.

If we draw analogies with the Russian history, in the manner of conducting the battle, Suhale is comparable to the famous prince of Kievan Rus, Svyatoslav, who, before starting the battle, informed the enemy about it (the famous phrase “I am coming for you!”).

In Russia, in difficult times there have always been people who saved the country from certain death: Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin, Alexander I and Mikhail Kutuzov, Joseph Stalin and George Zhukov. Syria a few years ago it took its heroes. And General Suhail Al-Hassan - one of those who with honor coped with this role.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 13 October 2017 06: 33 New
    Time gives birth to its heroes! hi
    1. 210ox
      210ox 13 October 2017 06: 47 New
      I agree, hero .. Only now I want to throw a fly in the ointment. But how many deserters were in the Syrian army? And I would not set it as an example, but those ordinary soldiers and commanders who were besieged in Deir Zor. idol.
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Time gives birth to its heroes! hi
      1. pilot8878
        pilot8878 13 October 2017 23: 54 New
        Quote: 210ox
        No need to create an idol.

        I have to! It is necessary to create heroes, role models for young people. More precisely, do not create, but show, emphasize. Stakhanov, Chkalov, Gastello, Gagarin, Chernyakhovsky, Rokossovsky ... The list goes on and on. Without stories about them, they would remain only in the knowledge of specialists.
      2. Evdokim
        Evdokim 14 October 2017 05: 50 New
        Quote: 210ox
        I would not set him as an example, but those ordinary soldiers and commanders who were besieged in Deir Zor.

        Honor and praise be to them. These guys were like cats in the corner, but they didn’t squeak and stayed without abandoning the local population.
      3. Axon
        Axon 16 October 2017 13: 31 New
        you'd better eat it than throw it
      4. Lycan
        Lycan 17 October 2017 15: 10 New
        Quote: 210ox
        No need to create an idol.

        And this is not an idol. This is a hero commander. All boys have an example.
        A idol:
        Idol (other Russian idol, Greek éidōlon) - idol, phantom, subject of blind worship. (Wiki)
  2. Orel
    Orel 13 October 2017 06: 34 New
    Having fought against radical Islamists for more than six years, the commander of the Tiger Force unit has not suffered a single defeat.

    Advocacy is sometimes good, but not so much implausible. What they were pressed before our arrival then, almost all of Syria was lost. This is called a single defeat. I believe with difficulty, and let them fight, good luck to him, the main thing is to be with terrorists, and not with your people.
  3. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 06: 37 New
    I wonder how soon Assad will consider him dangerous.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 13 October 2017 14: 37 New
      Well, you found Tirana) Assad he is so yes)

      look at him and see - here he is the most evil man in the east
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 October 2017 06: 51 New
    Each country needs its own heroes. Therefore, everything is natural.
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 07: 17 New
      As president, this would have looked like a brutal ophthalmologist.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 13 October 2017 08: 16 New
        Quote: Ken71
        As president, this would have looked like a brutal ophthalmologist.

        And it's not up to you to decide who is more brutal and who is the president. An excellent warrior can be a bad president.
        Quote: Ken71
        I wonder how soon Assad will consider him dangerous.

        Much more dangerous half-fool sitting in the White House in Washington. yes
        1. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 13 October 2017 08: 46 New
          Pope Assad was also a military man and Saddam and Gaddafi. Severe brutal men. Arabs love such leaders. And the current one ... So-so. But let's see.
          1. Dart2027
            Dart2027 14 October 2017 06: 51 New
            Quote: Ken71
            And the current ...

            Despite the fate of Saddam and Gaddafi did not succumb to pressure and did not try to escape. I can’t know which Assad is a military man, but he’s definitely not a coward.
  5. 32363
    32363 13 October 2017 13: 40 New
    strange hero chosen however wassat

    1. passerby5
      passerby5 13 October 2017 17: 06 New
      ndaaaa ......
    2. Lycan
      Lycan 17 October 2017 15: 36 New
      The Armenian radio is asked the question: “Is it true that Tchaikovsky was homosexual?”
      The Armenian radio replies: "Perhaps it is true, but we love him not only for this."
      (everyone has their own weak, gloomy and / or shameful sides: Lenin won the “paid state. Armed coup” enacted with the seizure of power, which is not good
      PS: but in time, "strayed from foreign hands" and transferred the country to a brand new fairway).
  6. senima56
    senima56 13 October 2017 17: 45 New
    It seems that this gentleman will replace Assad.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Elevator in the building
    Elevator in the building 14 October 2017 00: 36 New
    I ask forgiveness, an article about a military general, or a brief agitation about the "candidate .."? "I'm coming to you!" - and "you" are not crazy in the choice of expressions, sorry for my "French custodian"? I dare to assure the author that the "you" massacre, eye to eye, is not very slightly different, not only from command, but even from modern combat. Horror, it is also different (but hot tea, yes, you will appreciate) .. I do not in any way belittle the heroism of the Syrians, but be so kind as to choose expressions. “I’m coming to you” is not just a common “catch phrase” from “kin”, but a magnificent key military story, no less famous than “Hannibal at the gates” or “The Lot is cast!” .. And be kind enough, describing the person who claims by comparison with Pozharsky and Stalin, to be more informative in the "biography of achievements"! And why are our heroes, not Salah al-Din, for example? Or do you belittle the talent of Arab commanders? However, we will not talk about slogans .. We should have videos and jokes, well, let gossip and facts from the "independent press" and other "gay, colored and dogs" defenders .. In general - specifics would be about the enth personality, please.
    PS But in general, I would like to ask .. However, well, its for oud .. Peace to your home.
    1. protoss
      protoss 14 October 2017 07: 20 New
      Salah ad Din somehow does not look like an Arab commander, more like a Seljuk.
      and finally this article is for the Russian reader, and therefore such comparisons.
      1. creak
        creak 14 October 2017 14: 31 New
        Quote: protoss
        Salah ad Din somehow does not look like an Arab commander, more like a Seljuk.

        Salah Ad Din from Arabic is translated as the defender of the faith i.e. Islam, which is practiced not only by Arabs .. And why doesn’t it look like an Arabs, it is revered throughout the Middle East for successes in the fight against the crusaders and nobleness towards the enemy ....
        1. Shahno
          Shahno 14 October 2017 14: 51 New
          Well, he's a Kurd. So God forbid ...
          1. protoss
            protoss 15 October 2017 01: 54 New
            Mongoloid Kurd at the head of the Turkmen army? funny.
        2. protoss
          protoss 15 October 2017 01: 52 New
          Finally, in the 12th century, Arabs sat home, and various Turkmen (Seljuk) sultans and emirs fought with the crusaders, who divided the Middle East among themselves. the same saladin made a career in the Seljuk emirate of zengids (nuraddin zengi, a group whose name was actively shown in the current civil war in Syria), his army consisted of the same Turkmens, and subsequently replenished with Mamelukes of Kypchak origin, who eventually seized power in Egypt .
          the version of his Kurdish origin seems dubious to me. I don’t quite understand why the Turkmen emirs should accept some Kurds, albeit of noble origin, into their circle. and the only lifetime portrait of a saladin (the author of the “Arab da Vinci” al Jazari) captured not a monobrow Kurd, but quite a Mongoloid.
      2. Mig-31
        Mig-31 18 October 2017 10: 48 New
        Salah ad din, like Kurds by origin!
        1. protoss
          protoss 18 October 2017 12: 21 New

          strange for the Kurdish looks
  9. The comment was deleted.