Military Review

In the exercises in North Ossetia, new buggies passed the battle test.

New methods of combat in settlements have completed motorized infantry of the Southern Military District during exercises in North Ossetia. Armored vehicles and combat helicopters are involved in the maneuvers. At the same time, experience gained in real combat conditions is of particular importance.

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  1. Baloo
    Baloo 10 October 2017 21: 23 New
    I can not understand why the reserve is so high, because it increases the center of gravity and reduces stability. During the war, the “armored backs” of fighters were made from pressed duralumin sheets, but here you can insert Kevlar or something from nanotechnology between the duralumin sheets, which would protect the gunner better than the reserve. Although I'm not special in weapons. hi
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 11 October 2017 07: 32 New
    battle check

    I really thought ...
    battle techniques in settlements worked out

    Interesting cars
    1. ICT
      ICT 11 October 2017 08: 13 New
      Of particular importance is the experience gained in real combat conditions.

      shit buggy, nothing at all
    2. padded jacket
      padded jacket 11 October 2017 19: 11 New
      Quote: XII legion
      Interesting cars

      Now they have made it even more interesting.
      Chabors M-6
      1. ICT
        ICT 11 October 2017 19: 21 New
        I will support the girl, I want to see the helicopter transportation for the miracle of staples