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As soon as Poroshenko’s regime falls, and how hard Ferguson's blacks live ...

Literally on any broadcast of any political talk show on Russian channels, if there is one or another invited Ukrainian “expert” (from Kovtun to Karasev mixed with “hero” who asked Putin, Tsymbalyuk), you have to hear the same thesis: yes you can calm down (Russians) already - your reserve fund has come to an end, and you are still talking about some kind of military confrontation with the US and NATO. It is noteworthy that after such a hairpin from ukroekspert, the participants of the programs present in the hall frankly get lost with the answer and even get into the pose of the defenders with the argument in the style of “fool himself! look at your Ukraine! ”Not ready? Lost the scent on assessing the internal situation?

So, "Yes, you look at your Ukraine" ...

But look. And we are not looking at Russia at the level of the same political talk shows. Such parsley, ladies and gentlemen, citizens, comrades. We do not look at all. Once again, we have to admit that the discussion of the internal situation on federal TV channels is openly turning into a closed topic, which is easy to follow on the air. On the one hand, this is the policy of the federal media, which, as they say, has its own song - ratings, ratings, airs, copiers for the presenters and programs ... On the other hand, the viewer wants a choice. Or, you say, what does the viewer want to do? What is served on a plate, then let him watch - no, so don't let TV watch the blue screen in favor of the blue screen of the PC.

I decided to conduct a small experiment and watched several 60 Minutes TV programs in a row on Russia Channel, as well as The Right to Voice programs on TVC channel. I’m not mistaken if I say that, although we are here with you with all the might of the liberals, but, surprisingly, it is only from them that we have to hear the words about the internal Russian agenda in these very broadcasts. Yes, through the endless Ukrainian, Syrian, Turkish, Catalan, Ferguson, Las Vegas, hacker and anti-hacker subjects. Yes, usually at the level of hypocrisy. Yes, more often in the style of the same Ukrainian guests, exuding bile. Yes, with the terms "failure", "unpromising", "economic loosing", "oligarchic capital". But the whole problem is that none of the ten extreme ethers had as such the main topic of discussion of the state of affairs in Russia, the state of the economy, the search for growth tools - whether it was negative, positive, neutral, including inviting experts Economists of both the liberal and the counter-liberal bloc - it wouldn’t be lo. And it would be - they would discuss not only with liberal and ukromaydannyh subring and answers in the mentioned style “yes in Ukraine is even worse!”, But really soberly - with different points of view, in disputes that give birth to the truth, and not, sorry, srach .

Apparently, the viewer does not have to think about such topics ... Otherwise, what good questions will begin to ask: why is it in Ukraine, which is going from air to air, from publication to publication (and we, by the way, too), we bury through one is the annual economic growth quite comparable with the Russian one? Why is Ukraine, which we, retransmitting and slightly reinterpreting Obama's rhetoric, call a country with an economy torn to shreds, does not sink to a many-month delay in wages and pensions - albeit frankly low, but stably paid (not in the image and likeness of Yeltsin's 90's) ? Why kilowatt * hour of electricity in the “Square” on average continues to be cheaper than our kilowatt, considering that the country is buying Maidan’s hysterics with reverse-reversals, coal is being transported from South Africa, then from the USA, then from Australia, and oil wells this country practically does not exist at all ... Why does Russia broadcast thousands of programs, like “everything is bad with neighbors,” and at the same time continues to remain the main investor in the Ukrainian economy?

As soon as Poroshenko’s regime falls, and how hard Ferguson's blacks live ...

I suppose that if someone (besides the author of this material) has this kind of comments and questions to our economic gurus, then all of us, of course, will immediately be announced motivated followers of the Kiev regime, people, zombied bald head Kovtun, or pants with stripes Karasev or bristles Tsymbalyuk.

Well, we will have to carry this burden, which in no way cancels out questions about the domestic Russian agenda. And interest in this agenda, how to explain it, is quite normal: the Americans are interested in what is happening in America, the Moroccans - in what is in Morocco, the Mongols - in what is in Mongolia. So the ordinary citizens of Russia have a not idle argument: but in Russia everything will really change exclusively for the better if talk shows and the lion's share news issues will be devoted to which side Poroshenko's jacket is dented and how cruel Trump is towards Kim the third ...

No, and these topics are certainly worthy of discussion - even the themes of toilet paper for the Ukrainian army on the front line and how Assad, in the opinion of London and Washington, eats Syrian babies. But here the whole problem is in the sense of proportion. And as it turns out, when discussing political issues, it is not always and not enough for everyone.

And I can fully understand the fairing of any guests of the airs from Poland who are urging them to take up their economy before discussing how many millions of euros Warsaw lost from the ban on importing Polish apples. Here are just leading television broadcasts on federal TV channels economies in terms of solving macroeconomic problems are not intended to be engaged by definition. And those who each time put the topics of the airs in the style of "How many seconds are left before the fall of the Poroshenko regime" or "Kiev is about to freeze / die out from starvation / suffocate from the burning of the Chernobyl fires", apparently, the studios have appeared who rule the Russian economy: from representatives of relevant parliamentary committees to employees of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank.

Perhaps, only, no one, to anyone ... these experts are not invited on the air, so that they do not reveal the terrible secret that they can and can provoke an industrial and economic boom in the country ... They can make the economy go to rapid growth with double-digit annual interest ...

Apparently, everything is. Indeed, no one, in fact, thinks that many economic gurus of the financial block simply have nothing to say on the air, except that the country has a system of credit-privatization-optimization methods with the growth of “okolonol” in the presence of untold resources plus millions of workers and not empty heads. And what am I talking about, zombie American propaganda ... I'd better go - see how bad things are in Ukraine and how hard Ferguson's Negroes are.
Photos used:
a collage of frames from Russia1, Channel One and TVC channels
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  1. Fight
    Fight 11 October 2017 07: 17
    There is one! Can not argue!
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 11 October 2017 09: 11
      Watch Russian talk shows with scientific interest - how can the profession of a journalist fall to the level of the plinth and even lower. EVERY day on one or another channel is the same thing - how bad Ukraine is and how bad Ukrainians are, how bad and angry the whole world is. what good fellows we are, the whole world envies us, etc. For the sake, they give the floor to the opponent, and after 10 seconds they cut him off under the wild cries of an "indignant audience" and the homework of the "self" type begins. I am ashamed to see SUCH in the modern world
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 12 October 2017 00: 46
        Quote: xetai9977
        Watch Russian talk shows with scientific interest - how can it go down journalist profession to the level of the baseboard and even lower.

        I remember the program "Sight" and the difference between the generations is immediately visible ...
    2. Nonna
      Nonna 11 October 2017 09: 13
      The author is a thousand times right. It is good that VO raises this topic, and there is another excellent channel on YouTube, where really sore problems of Russia are discussed. But these honored people will never be invited to these shitty talk shows. They will not invite economists, philosophers, Russian nationalists, writers, but they will invite populist propagandists. God forbid, our people will begin to think about corrupt officials, about Medvedev’s vineyards, about offshore, about who lives well in Russia. The selling elite defend themselves very well and therefore they will never be allowed to talk about the Russian idea, about ideology, about where Russia is slipping under the control of liberal capitalism, about the genocide of its own population, about 25 million beggars, and Kremlin full-time propagandists constantly flail Ukraine, Syria, Catalonia and the bulk clown
      1. kepmor
        kepmor 11 October 2017 12: 43
        eh, what kind of people ???? ... the rulers "are struggling to fence" you, UNGRAPHIC, from negativity and depression ...
        hosh laugh - here's Ukraine ... hosh is proud - here's Syria ... hosh is angry - here's America with Europe ... any whim for OUR money ....
        and if the whole womb about our sorrowful affairs is hacked on TV, then there’s not enough "hawthorn" with "crocodiles" for people ... they will die out without a trace ... and who will they rule then ??????
        so, observe parity with the authorities ... it's like in a family ...
        1. jjj
          jjj 11 October 2017 15: 48
          Soloviev repeatedly said that he was inviting everyone. Do not go. And there are those who were called here. Yes, Ukrainians. I guess for the money. Soloviev somehow directly hinted, they say do not interrupt, do not bother to earn
      2. ARES623
        ARES623 11 October 2017 18: 08
        Quote: Nonna
        The author is a thousand times right. It’s good that VO raises this topic,

        Well raised, and so what? How many readers have the rudiments of economic knowledge and real statistics to discuss this difficult topic? It’s especially “interesting” to listen to Russian nationalists! In this case, I definitely agree with the offer of "some" to register in Internet resources through State services. So that different ravings could come and “ask” as it should be about the “vineyards”, corrupt officials, offshore companies, and the sold elite. Do you have specific information - share with the "authorities". You do not have specific information, you just spread the rumors - get for libel according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Tired of you, Babayan, switch to RBC, there you will find everything that you are missing - inflation, decline, negative growth, sanctions, etc. What kind of "cry Yaroslavna"? In fact, VO is a military review. So let's discuss the topics of war and peace, and not the banking sector and the recipes of cabbage soup. Themes are undoubtedly interesting, but not of this "branch." In general, it’s sad to see like literate people, but with moldy newspaper insignificant cliches about the genocide of their own population, the corrupt elite ..... Like in political classes in the late 70s ... No offense.
        1. Nerobot
          Nerobot 11 October 2017 19: 56
          And that we do not have corruption? Any traffic police without remorse for any violation offers "agree on the good" nothing without fear Do you think that the authorities do not cover him? Further more, the main fighter against corruption takes money already. And then how many are taken abroad, so that they do not confiscate here? Money is the lubricant of any economy. And what, under such conditions, will the economy develop well?
          1. Oleg Zotov
            Oleg Zotov 11 October 2017 20: 19
            "Any traffic police without remorse for any violation suggests" agree on the good "nothing to fear" - complete nonsense, I forgot what it is, in Kaliningrad you can sit down for such proposals))
          2. ARES623
            ARES623 11 October 2017 22: 17
            Quote: Nerobot
            Any traffic police without remorse for any violation offers "agree on the good" nothing without fear You think that the authorities do not cover him

            You put it mildly, lying and insulting a lot of conscientious workers who, for your sake, ...... sometimes risk their lives. You really are not a robot; you are a dishonorable person.
          3. your1970
            your1970 11 October 2017 23: 21
            Quote: Nerobot
            any traffic police without remorse for any violation
            1) in which country on criminal cases is a bunch of top naval officers (the sum of thefts about 8 billion dollars), which are also accused of participation in thematic belay sexual repeat parties in honor belay 200th anniversary of some of their admiral?
            2) in which country was the grandiose (much more fun than ours) scam during the construction of the Berlin airport? And the growth of corruption crimes from 7000 in 2007 to 42000 cases in 2015?
            3) in which country the president is trying to shove and arrange his wife for fictitious work in his apparatus, and it has been proved that such a case in this country is NOT an isolated case and there have already been cases of fictitious work of wives ..
            4) together with which company of which Scandinavian country did our three mobile operators bribe the daughter of the Uzbek president for a monopoly in Uzbekistan?
            5) which country illegally agreed with another country on the World Cup in football (if only not in the Russian Federation) and this is proved
            6) and further, further, further ....
            It’s just that we don’t look about corruption in other countries, it’s not interesting to us, but how deeply you dig, so many interesting things of world corruption come out
            1. region58
              region58 14 October 2017 12: 48
              Quote: your1970
              Just about corruption in other countries, we do not look

              So this is corruption in our country, and beyond the hill this action is called differently - lobbying for interests ... winked
          4. Cossack 471
            Cossack 471 14 October 2017 21: 17
            Putin at least once a year tries to somehow answer the questions of the people. and the rest of the official army as in the song "we will sit quietly like mice. no one will see. no one will hear" So I would ask the Duma members why the necessary laws have not been adopted for years. and they attended to the registration of dogs and cats, then fines for pedestrians. And how to ask that?
        2. Anatoly B
          Anatoly B 11 October 2017 20: 24
          Right ! All right!
      3. Kent0001
        Kent0001 14 October 2017 12: 46
        no gentlemen, our life has become better, life has become more fun. Those who do not believe let them look in the net pictures of yachts of our elite.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 11 October 2017 12: 27
      When you look about Ukraine, you feel pride in Russia. There is a country where people live worse than us. laughing This seems to be the main point of these talk shows.
      1. kepmor
        kepmor 11 October 2017 15: 52
        and you look from Ukraine to some Ethiopia from Somalia translate ... still bronze already from pride ....
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Knowing
    Knowing 11 October 2017 07: 20
    Give "Spotlight perestroika-02" ..... And ..
    1. Smog
      Smog 11 October 2017 07: 32
      And you can put on a new booth of publicity on the streets as in the 90s. And what?
      1. Knowing
        Knowing 11 October 2017 07: 41
        Quote: Smog
        And you can put on a new booth of publicity on the streets as in the 90s. And what?

        Yes, nothing, the same can be ... The most important thing is to designate those booths and not to establish next to drinking establishments ... laughing
        1. Smog
          Smog 11 October 2017 07: 53
          Quote: Knowing
          the main thing is to designate those booths and not to establish next to drinking establishments ...

          Well, pro sign it yes.
          And here is the second ..... Why not? Problems in the country need to be studied from all sides. laughing We need "alternative" points of view, so to speak. Pluralism of opinions .... lol drinks
        2. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 11 October 2017 10: 10
          Just right next to the drinking!
      2. vovanpain
        vovanpain 11 October 2017 07: 55
        Quote: Smog
        And you can put on a new booth of publicity on the streets as in the 90s. And what?

        Can Kostya! drinks But in the old version wink
        1. Smog
          Smog 11 October 2017 11: 32
          Volodya! Categorical hello! drinks soldier
          Quote: vovanpain
          But in the old version

          Forward to the past?????? laughing
      3. 34 region
        34 region 11 October 2017 08: 28
        07.32. Smog! Publicity booths !? And who will we wake up? Or doesn’t anyone know and guess at us? Or Putin doesn’t know anything, but will we carry out a wake through the booth? Yes, he knows. In vain did the shuffle of the deck go! Promotes young cadres? Why didn’t he promote them a year, two, three ago? Why just before the election? Maybe it removes those who have accounts there? Just in case. That's even the property of the diplomatic mission could not recapture. And how to beat off personal accounts if the country's accounts are frozen? Opposition movement? This movement is more for the sake of movement. And it causes nothing but a feeling of disgust. Corruption, bribes, embezzlement! Well, the same thing was in the 90s, and on the Maidan. What other publicity is needed !? Or maybe a very competent election campaign just went? Here maybe not so much publicity is needed as the will of leadership? Because how to say and do, completely different things.
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 11 October 2017 08: 55
          Quote: Region 34
          Yes, he knows. In vain did the shuffle of the deck go! Promotes young cadres? Why didn’t he promote them a year, two, three ago?

          Looking at the biographies of these young cadres, it is still unknown what they are in charge of, because no one worked there as a conditional engineer for a day, immediately to the director, after the institute. That is a complete separation from real affairs
          1. 34 region
            34 region 11 October 2017 08: 59
            08.55. Stirbjorn! But it’s known what the old specialists did and perhaps what and how much they and their relatives have there are known. And it is quite possible that in February a delegation may come up to the tsar with a proposal similar to that of Nicholas II. hi
            1. d ^ Amir
              d ^ Amir 11 October 2017 10: 15
              it is quite possible that in February a delegation may come up with a proposal similar to that of Nicholas II
              these are temporary slaz here ??? aaaaa !!!!! it's about the temporary .... who tried to take power after the king disowned ... laid down so to speak ..... including the high command in the middle of the war .... and so - the one who comes up, the one he’ll go to the zone, there’s enough material for everyone .... I don’t believe in the Englishmen in white robes at a level higher than the house manager ... although the house manager for Mikhail Afanasevich is also ...
        2. Knowing
          Knowing 11 October 2017 10: 37
          Quote: Region 34
          Publicity booths !? And who will we wake up? Or doesn’t anyone know and guess at us? Or Putin doesn’t know anything, but will we carry out a wake through the booth? Yes, he knows. In vain did the shuffle of the deck go! Promotes young cadres? Why didn’t he promote them a year, two, three ago? Why just before the election?

          Eh, repetition of the mother of learning:

          Behind the window rain and hail.
          This is Putin's fault!
          Cat threw kittens -
          This is Putin's fault.
          The hostess threw the bait -
          Guilty Guess!
          Here ends the board
          At the unfortunate goby,
          Our Tanya is crying loudly -
          Near Putin, not otherwise!
          The light went out, the fence fell,
          The car stalled motor
          Healthy tooth removed
          Ile climbed into the apartment thief
          Did not like the movie,
          You have come to shit ...
          Any cataclysm
          The explanation is one ...
          Every democrat knows
          This is Putin's fault!
          Who yesterday in my porch
          Lift to the ceiling?
          Believe me, comrades
          This is Putin's hand!
          I caught the squirrel drunk -
          This is Putin's tricks!
          A pile of shit under the table.
          This is Putin's fault!
          The toilet is clogged -
          This is Putin’s order,
          Threw gobies there,
          He drained the water - and he was like that!
          At night, lingerie steals,
          Glasses in our house beats.
          Drunk in the yard dancing.
          This is Putin - a riffraff!
          No salvation from the villain!
          Mat writes on the walls,
          Broke bushes in the alley.
          This is Putin - oh and oh!
          Liberala wet the rain -
          Putin laughs cheerfully.
          Flooded your cottage? -
          This is Putin, not otherwise!
          Did you find a thunderstorm along the way? -
          That got the Kremlin hand.
          Cold, wind, snow -
          Putin is to blame again.
          Blowing down a hurricane? -
          This is Putin taking revenge on the rams.
          Storm, tsunami, flood? -
          This is Putin, no doubt!
          Rainfall, landslide, cyclone -
          Guilty of course he
          Sel, avalanche, rockfall? -
          Clear: Putin is to blame!
          Tornado, typhoon, earthquake -
          There is no escape from Putin!
          A crow pecked at the crown? -
          This is a young friend of the riot police.
          Bees, wasps sting you? -
          This is Putin SpetsNaz.
          See this bumblebee? -
          He is in the service of the Kremlin!
          If you believe in that -
          This is just paranoia!
          1. Romey
            Romey 11 October 2017 10: 51
            Of course, you can scramble in this way arbitrarily, but Putin is really responsible for EVERYTHING. And for the fact that the cat left the kittens, and for the actions of its people in the government and TNCs, too. His position is like that. According to the Yeltsin Constitution. There were no offers and requests to change it from the guards, and therefore: "Sel, avalanche, rockfall? - Clear: Putin is to blame!" and so it is. I do not like? We are changing the Constitution and the status of the Russian Federation as a comprador raw materials semicolony of the West.
            1. Vladimir_65
              Vladimir_65 12 October 2017 04: 56
              2 years ago in April in a clowning "live broadcast" Putin himself said that "THE PRESIDENT RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING"
          2. mac789
            mac789 11 October 2017 13: 01
            I forgot to write about the cameras on each pillar, not provided by the developers of the parking lot, the valiant organization "Cosa Mentoza" and other law enforcement agencies. And here’s another funny rhyme: “In our country, for every league ...” Well, of course, Putin is not to blame for anything ... So ... People accepted for service with his Darkness visa ...
        3. spirit
          spirit 11 October 2017 10: 48
          Regarding the governors, there is a very good saying in these circles: it is better with a new suit but with old ideas than in an old suit with new hi changed suit the same ideas)
        4. Smog
          Smog 11 October 2017 11: 27
          Quote: Region 34
          Publicity booths !? And who will we wake up?

          Now, on the blue eye, the new series is coming, just about these, well, who are sleeping. Probably them laughing
          Quote: Region 34
          Or doesn’t anyone know and guess at us?

          You just do not understand sarcasm ... sorry. Next time I will put a smiley. Once again, sorry soldier
        5. kapitan92
          kapitan92 11 October 2017 12: 17
          Quote: Region 34
          Publicity booths !? And who will we wake up?

          "Bears" who sleep in the government, "sucking" a budgetary paw.
      4. B.T.V.
        B.T.V. 11 October 2017 08: 45
        Quote: Smog
        And you can put on a new booth of publicity on the streets as in the 90s. And what?

        90's had no internet.
        1. Smog
          Smog 11 October 2017 11: 22
          Quote: B.T.W.
          90's had no internet.

          Well, let them open the publicity booth on the Internet .... laughing I have a kilogram and a half of nails and self-tapping screws left after the repair, I can donate for the construction ... these publicity booths laughing
        2. jjj
          jjj 11 October 2017 15: 50
          Quote: B.T.W.
          90's had no internet.

          It was already. Communicated over a telephone line through a modem
  3. tasha
    tasha 11 October 2017 07: 22
    discovered a terrible secret that they can and can provoke an industrial and economic boom in the country ...

    Ha ha ha Why do officials need an industrial and economic boom? Warm, comfortable, pay a salary. Yes, and you can always get additional income .. "What else is needed to adequately meet old age ..." ...
    1. 34 region
      34 region 11 October 2017 08: 35
      07.22. Tasha! That's just the point that officials are not responsible for their bazaar! They have a whole life built on forecasts. Such professional fortune tellers. The government has its fortune-tellers, in their own places. And if there was a plan and were asked according to the results, then maybe there would be an industrial boom. And so it turns out that there’s nothing to ask the officials for. Why ask them? Was there a plan? No. Why then ask them? Therefore, I join your sarcasm! wassat
      1. White and fluffy
        White and fluffy 12 October 2017 14: 06
        Is it really bad we live because we don’t plan how much to pull apart ???
  4. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 11 October 2017 07: 23
    The author is right - tired of these soap operas on all channels and with the same characters and one plot!
    1. vlad_vlad
      vlad_vlad 11 October 2017 14: 56
      Well, if the people adequately understand and evaluate all the screams as "everything is bad around, rejoice that everything is fine with us" - then not everything is lost.

      There was a joke on this topic in the 80s:

      "Dear American Nigra! We, the workers of the ... factory, watched our Vremya program yesterday and found out that you were malnourished there.
      Could you send us what you are undernourished? "
  5. NEXUS
    NEXUS 11 October 2017 07: 36
    As for the money in the treasury, or rather, about their declared absence. Guys, if there is no money, and everything is so bad, where do billions of corruption cases come from? What kind of mischief is the same defense budget being cut for, when there is a clear understanding that the defense industry has just begun to come to life and we are essentially at the very beginning of this path? With what fright, Moscow is the third city in the world in terms of the number of dollar millionaires per capita?
    And it sounds like mockery that we are poor ... despite the fact that we are the largest state, with minerals, the amount of which no one can brag of, neither in the West nor in the East? Coal, oil, gold, platinum, gas, wood, etc. ... and we are one of the richest countries in the world in terms of fresh water reserves. And all this despite the fact that there was a Soviet legacy (which not everyone destroyed and plundered in the 90s), experience, achievements ... and our people are not stupid at all and are able to give birth to geniuses not only in theft, but also in science, medicine, art, etc.
    And they feed us tales of lack of money, crises and a barrel of oil ...
    1. BecmepH
      BecmepH 11 October 2017 07: 52
      You have listed everything that we ourselves know. And what to do, tell me?
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 11 October 2017 07: 56
        Quote: BecmepH
        You have listed everything that we ourselves know. And what to do, tell me?

        The very first thing, although it sounds predictable and trite, is to stop giving up on the paw everywhere and everywhere. Do not believe what is poured into the ears of the media and soberly look at what is happening in the country.
        I won’t tell you anything new, since you know all this without me ... and what to do, and most importantly what not to do.
        1. BecmepH
          BecmepH 11 October 2017 08: 23
          That's right. Only now, if the cat is constantly stroking against the hair, then it will get used to it and become woolly. I mean, if the same thing pours in your ears, then you start to think the same way. Our generation still has immunity to this "water." But how to protect our children from this avalanche of "one and the same"? Are all sorts of "kovtuns" frankly cast out above us and enriched at our expense? Maybe already enough airtime for the Ukrainian infection to spend? Maybe it’s true that we can talk about our illnesses over more? And not just talk, but take up treatment.
          We noticed that DAM all the time repeats the words "necessary", "necessary", "necessary." He said these words with pleasure and with a smart look, but only "things are still there."
          It seems to me that we are deliberately distracted from internal problems ...
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS 11 October 2017 08: 27
            Quote: BecmepH
            It seems to me that we are deliberately distracted from internal problems ...

            Rather, they dull attention, without telling the whole truth about internal problems. But after all, looking at the very same military-industrial complex, you can’t hide and smear many things just like that. And the health of the military-industrial complex depends on the health of the state.
            1. My address
              My address 11 October 2017 09: 17
              Andrei hi !
              Long time ago I asked a question to the Ministry of Economy (see the note "My dear capital") and received a clear and comprehensive answer that there is an elder in the garden, and an uncle in Kiev. At first, I was even stunned by the shameless voidness of the answer.
              Volodin well done hi , raised an interesting question about the people of Okhmurams.
              But in general:
              Our authorities keep saying: “Innovations, innovations”. Mavrodi also called MMM an innovative project.

              - Yakov Solomonovich, but in which organs are the most parasites? - Isy, my boy, it’s still in the state.

              The biggest difference between the main TV channels in weather forecasts.
          2. creak
            creak 11 October 2017 12: 04
            Quote: BecmepH
            It seems to me that we are deliberately distracted from internal problems ...

            Do you still doubt it? Can it be that these muezzins, broadcasting from the Ostankino minaret during their prayers (sorry, talk shows), don’t know what they are doing and decide for themselves what to talk about? The main thing for them is to keep their noses in the wind and, if necessary, they will quickly change hands, as has already been done more than once ... Whoever pays them dances them, it is no accident that this is the second oldest profession ...
      2. a housewife
        a housewife 12 October 2017 00: 26
        Introduce the rule of the American Indians as the basic law. The leader has the right to acquire any thing only when everyone in the tribe will acquire the same. wassat
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. mac789
        mac789 13 October 2017 08: 07
        To start, take everything away and share.
    2. 34 region
      34 region 11 October 2017 08: 53
      07.36. Nexus! An interesting statement of the question! But really. There is no money in the budget. But the whole leadership is not quite poor people. All statesmen, but not that they don’t give up their last shirt or pants for the benefit of the State, will not tear anything from themselves! Where does corruption money go? Did not find a corpus delicti and returned the funds to the owners ?! As for the dollar millionaires, schA squeeze-you for global poverty !? Welfare is growing, and you are against the growth of welfare !? Or envy !? Something like that will also be written on fossils. Fossil fuels can not be expensive! In the international division of labor, it is not profitable for Russia to develop technologies (they cannot catch the advanced ones, but research is expensive!). The best thing is to have a niche in the global economy! Speak about the people too. If the people are so smart, why so poor? Why smart people could not create modern technology and use the latest? Why does smart people not create technology, but buy? Give an example of the Saudis. On the sources of raw materials live well and without the development of modern technologies! wassat
      1. a housewife
        a housewife 12 October 2017 00: 29
        so the Saudis have no democracy. Locals are all rich, educated, have a bunch of benefits. And all the hard and prestigious work is done by migrant workers, absolutely without any rights. And which of them do not like it - goodbye!
        1. 34 region
          34 region 12 October 2017 11: 09
          00.29. A housewife! The presence or absence of democracy is determined by the United States. So far, the US has not found any violations of rights and democracy there! laughing
          1. a housewife
            a housewife 12 October 2017 13: 40
            Yes, even Bom, who is not Bim, admitted that there is no democracy in Saudi Arabia, but this is a completely different matter! What did he mean by that? belay good
      2. St Petrov
        St Petrov 13 October 2017 14: 56
        But really. There is no money in the budget.

        aha wassat laughing
    3. spirit
      spirit 11 October 2017 10: 55
      In order for the poor regions and feudal lords set up by Putin in the form of governors to always go to the porch, then run to Moscow with outstretched hands, the poor regions of which the majority who always go to ask for money in fact cannot be independent and go against the tsar’s course, there can’t grow political heavyweights and there is no thought to go against Moscow which feeds) it’s just a control lever for our beloved Brezhny, oh Putin)
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 October 2017 07: 46
    program participants present in the hall are frankly lost with the answer

    And after a pause, they begin to speak outright stupidity (I noticed it more than once and would have answered it completely differently). Frankly, I like how Norkin, R. Babayan, “60 min.” Broadcasts. I do not like 1 channel. Artyom Sheinin well done. but often it reduces everything to a monologue, which is frankly unnerving. Strizhenova is completely useless there, if she blurs something, it’s not to the extent (though recently she has become more adequate).
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 12 October 2017 00: 30
      Strizhenova is a layman. A simple person who also has questions.
  7. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 11 October 2017 08: 09
    "Why, why?" The author is like a little boy ... Because the Soviet party nomenclature and others like them wanted to live beautifully and protrude, become an owner, staged a coup d'etat, supported by our blood enemies, brazenly appropriated the entire national treasure, furnished itself with the necessary laws, etc. etc. We just need to understand one thing - in Russia we have open, undisguised enemies of the Russian people and Russian statehood in power. Hence the answers to all the "why."
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 11 October 2017 08: 11
    I don’t watch .. these talk shows .. and all the others ... Old receptions ... in Soviet times, they spoke about the impending collapse of capitalism and then not with such zeal .. in the International Panorama on Sundays, and not many 45 minutes. . and on Saturdays, Yuri Zhukov surveyed, but also not for long ... And now, almost in the morning, and through several channels and in debt ... about how the USA collapses soon, Ukraine does not have long to live, etc. ..However, from these talk shows .. the reverse effect did not work .. The boomerang rule, the launched boomerang returns, if you do not catch it, it will hit the back of the head ...
  9. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 11 October 2017 08: 13
    This dill did not give 3 billion dollars that were withdrawn from the NWF, which, in fact, is intended for senior citizens. Why Putin gave this money is another matter; This is a specific claim. But, in fact, more than 2 billion euros were recently sold from the NWF - just to cover the PF deficit.

    Here it is a fact - tamed, in full force, and Bandera and supposedly lovers of Russia - owe 3 billion dollars to Russian pensioners.
    1. Romey
      Romey 11 October 2017 09: 19
      Quote: Gormengast
      This dill did not give 3 billion dollars that were withdrawn from the NWF, which, in fact, is intended for senior citizens. Why Putin gave this money is another matter; This is a specific claim. But, in fact, more than 2 billion euros were recently sold from the NWF - just to cover the PF deficit.

      Here it is a fact - tamed, in full force, and Bandera and supposedly lovers of Russia - owe 3 billion dollars to Russian pensioners.

      Well, it should. So, what is next? How to pick up? And is this really the whole problem of the lack of financing of the PF? Or maybe dig deeper? In the structure of the Russian economy, for example ...
  10. raid14
    raid14 11 October 2017 08: 15
    The answer is simple, all the media, TV in the brainwashing service, another manipulation of public opinion, the methods are called, distraction (so as not to ask unnecessary questions) and intimidation (tighten the nuts tight).
  11. sa-ag
    sa-ag 11 October 2017 08: 25
    Do you still watch talk shows? :-)
  12. afrikanez
    afrikanez 11 October 2017 08: 26
    It’s very profitable for someone to “lather” what is happening in Russia. If you look at how all kinds of reforms are being carried out in our country, it immediately becomes clear that the "management" of the country is carried out by the "Krylov Quartet". Here, “them” and “them” like are not interested in covering events, it will immediately look like a discussion of “their” work and activities.
  13. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  14. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 11 October 2017 09: 09
    How many people don’t be stupid and take away the topic from the internal agenda, but the people see everything around and perfectly understand how things are being done at the very top and this gives rise to distrust of the authorities. It’s like in the late USSR --- on TV they talked about the morality of the builders of communism, Yes, films about dashing communist Leninists, and the people knew very well that the party nomenclature was not ideological, but decomposed, two-faced, fenced off from the working people by special rations and black Volga. Therefore, the people supported Gorbachev that he was tired of living in a lie. And Yeltsin’s country applauded for the same reason. Especially to Yeltsin, it was easy for him to cut the truth of the uterus (to and from the place), because so many lies had accumulated over the years of the Soviet regime (everyone kept secret, censored, hid ...) that’s been kept secret, the country collapsed . A sense of justice is inherent in a person like other basic instincts. And how many do not varnish reality, but the impoverishment of the bulk and the gap between the untouchable business bureaucrats (and their courtyard not deprived of scraps) you can’t hide and drown out the stupid shows of our TV. I don’t watch TV at all, it’s like furniture, I don’t even know if it works laughing But from the mother’s room in the evening I constantly hear some heart-rending cries and tantrums about Ukraine and capstranes led by the USA wassat
    And why are there “First Channels”? We have the same.
    1. Romey
      Romey 11 October 2017 09: 22
      It’s not just that the phrase “Putin’s stagnation” began to sound in Russian journalism. I just wonder if it will be possible to prevent the emergence of a new Gorbachev? Not sure.
  15. rudolff
    rudolff 11 October 2017 09: 17
    We have the same thing here on the site. Discover today's headlines. America, America, America, Ukraine America .... For a snack Catalonia. Two-thirds of the articles are devoted to the machinations of the decaying West. Actually from VO a couple of materials. Yes and that: infographics and video.
    1. Neputin
      Neputin 11 October 2017 18: 36
      So this is absolutely explainable. Indicators of industrial production in the Russian Federation, including the military-industrial complex, are approaching 0. And no matter how much we are “brainwashed” on pseudo-patriotic sites that multiply like mushrooms after rain, I like Stanislavsky - “I DO NOT BELIEVE!”
  16. Snail N9
    Snail N9 11 October 2017 09: 20
    All right. In the USA, only local news is broadcast on TV channels. Those who are interested in what is being done abroad include CNN, partly foreign news there is broadcast by HLN, Fox News and MSNBC. Here, in Russia, on any channel, 75-80% of the news broadcast is given to foreign news (Ukraine, Syria, the USA, the EU, Israel, etc.). And that minuscule of airtime, which is "given" to news about Russia by 50%, is again about the "efforts" of Russia in the international arena and only partially reports about the next efforts of the Ministry of Emergencies in liquidating another disaster in its vast expanses. Moreover, all the "news" that goes on TV channels is all like a carbon copy — no matter which channel you turn on — everywhere the same set of phrases. It seems that all the "news" we are under strict censorship and a set of what you can, you need to tell the audience, is sent to all TV channels in advance.
    1. spirit
      spirit 11 October 2017 11: 02
      If you put Martian’s Fed channel to watch for a week and ask how we are in the Country: he will say that we live in Ukraine and are at war with Syria and the USA [i] [/ i] laughing
      1. Romey
        Romey 11 October 2017 11: 25
        Quote: spirit
        If you put Martian’s Fed channel to watch for a week and ask how we are in the Country: he will say that we live in Ukraine and are at war with Syria and the USA [i] [/ i] laughing

        This is the whole paradox of the situation! A long time ago, the president and the government officially recognized that the junta is no longer the junta, but partners in a peaceful settlement, that there was no New Russia and will not, and Donbass rebelled for some kind of federalization there. We are actively engaged in economic cooperation with Ukraine, supplying it with energy resources (I wonder what diesel fuel for Bandera tanks is made of?) And we carry out the transit of sacred gas through its territory. And through the box, a crowd of screaming idiots with parliamentary badges and idiots in the rank of political scientists broadcasts that Ukraine (and the West as a whole) had an amba and someone again outplayed everyone.
  17. rudolff
    rudolff 11 October 2017 09: 35
    A joke in the subject is recalled. There is a cowboy down the street. The sun is shining, leather boots, a cool hat, a cigarette in my mouth, bugs in my pockets, people are smiling, the mood is super! Life is a success! Suddenly he looks: "A machine that lowers your mood! One dollar." Cowboy laughed, well, what can he spoil the mood now ?! And ... threw a coin. Then two mechanical hands climb out of the machine and pour a whole bucket of human shit onto the cowboy. Your mother! He did not expect this. It stands, wraps around, stinks, people scatter. The mood is zero. But what to do, trudged back. And here: "Automatic machine uplifting! Two dollars!" Lord, what can I raise my mood now ?! But still threw the coins. Suddenly four mechanical arms emerge from the machine and pour two buckets of shit ... onto passers-by! The moral of this fable is this: you can not wash yourself, doused with the shit of others. That's how we live.
    1. spirit
      spirit 11 October 2017 11: 06
      Ahah, and when they stop paying money, go live in a decaying country in which you poured chan shit laughing
  18. BAI
    BAI 11 October 2017 09: 40
    The economy in Russia is really strange. They said today that low inflation is bad, they previously argued that deflation would kill the economy altogether. And in general, everything is somehow oriented towards making the United States well, and not to the citizens of Russia (not the oligarchs).
    1. Romey
      Romey 11 October 2017 11: 33
      Quote: BAI
      The economy in Russia is really strange. They said today that low inflation is bad, they previously argued that deflation would kill the economy altogether. And in general, everything is somehow oriented towards making the United States well, and not to the citizens of Russia (not the oligarchs).

      And what do you want from these guys? They have been fighting inflation for 25 years and report that they seem to have won and reduced it to as much as 4% (we put bonnets in the air), but for some reason the ungrateful population did not feel the beneficial effects of this change and stifled production also did not give out economic miracles. An urgent need to open a new front and fight deflation for another 25 years. And it turns out here is such a wheel of economic genotube of the Russian Federation. wink
  19. turbris
    turbris 11 October 2017 10: 18
    We have terrible television - this is a fact, as they know their ratings, only they know. News programs - only about what is happening abroad, in our country - only about the state of emergency. Talk shows are embarrassing to watch. Ahead of New Year's programs with the participation of the same artists from the group of Pugachev and K. What can we? The only thing is not to watch, not switch to these buttons, maybe then the manual of the main channels will be changed?
  20. SPACE
    SPACE 11 October 2017 12: 12
    The author is certainly well done! The article is superbly refined trolling. In fact, it’s not all the same that the patriots are a Shrovetide, and money, the rating doesn’t smell, well, you have to sit on the flies for something, as they say and the world is cleaned and the balance can be saved and counted wassat good
    Z.Y. I agree with the statement that most people are fools, evidence: inability to understand the flow of information means being subject to media propaganda, but demand dictates an offer .... wink laughing
  21. Mihail55
    Mihail55 11 October 2017 12: 14
    Sinful too. With work ... he finishes NTV, begins on the First Sheinin ... a break for the cops and 60 minutes already!
    And everything is not about US! WEAK ?????
  22. Disorder
    Disorder 11 October 2017 12: 20
    This article itself looks like a talk show.
    What, in other countries, similar shows are in a different vein?
  23. Vsevolod
    Vsevolod 11 October 2017 13: 42
    ... the client is leaving !!! ... By the way, all-mutters on St. Pr. Shargunovsky hang out.
  24. 1536
    1536 11 October 2017 15: 02
    And what is wrong with Russia? At least until 2024, the year will be as it is now. Even if someone tries to carry out a hipster revolution or "perestroika 2.0" in the 2018 year, and the American fleet floats "to unblock the Kerch Strait." But much will depend on what will happen around Russia by the 2024 year and after. In this regard, a public opinion poll conducted yesterday at one of the talk shows regarding the influence of Western politicians and propagandists, as well as outright bandits and hucksters from abroad on the upcoming elections in Russia. 62% of the viewers who participated in the survey of this channel expressed concern that such an influence would certainly be made. And most of our citizens are sure of this. I am also convinced that the negative influence on our choice will be provided by these villains, because in this case the choice is already known. But this is not even interference in internal affairs, it is direct aggression on the part of all these “friends of Russia” sitting on the borders of neighboring so-called states. This is what we should talk about. Who, where, when and whom subsidizes, incites, sends people on business trips around the country, etc., who is preparing the “revolution” and why, following the example of the tsarist government, our current government is inactive in this regard along with law enforcement agencies? And TV, it’s on TV and that whoever wants it is watching, and whoever does not want it is not watching. Otherwise, you can run into the old disease of the socialist economic system described in the joke: “A man comes to the doctor. The doctor asks:“ What are you complaining about? ”“ Doctor, I see one thing and hear another. ”The doctor shrugs and says:“ We can’t cure socialism! ”
  25. Antonio_Mariarti
    Antonio_Mariarti 11 October 2017 15: 19
    Evening with Vladimir the Nightingale there, almost every program at the end of the program discusses for about an hour some internal problems or topics that most Russians worry about.
  26. sergo1914
    sergo1914 11 October 2017 16: 14
    It is clear that talking about your problems before the election is not good. It is clear that for all 17 years, the government’s GDP has been tirelessly fighting corruption. 17 years. And what did the predecessors do during this period? Well, for example, 50-17 = 33. From 33 to 50. But the opposition is not asleep. And Navalny is well aware that for today's Russia, the slogan “I will put all Rottenbergs” is VERY relevant. And they frolic in spite of everything, A "dad" is silent, or pretends that nothing is happening. Talk shows won't talk about it. But it is. That which is not spoken of. With this began the collapse of the USSR. Did the then "Komsomol" forget about this?
  27. Andkor1962
    Andkor1962 11 October 2017 17: 23
    That's why I’m not looking at this zombie creator. The author wrote absolutely correctly.
  28. shtatsov
    shtatsov 11 October 2017 17: 23
    I completely agree!!! In Russia, a lot of problems! Not paying salaries concerns many of my friends! How sad everything is in / in Ukraine already tired of listening. Who would say something sensible about our economy! Over the past 4 years, 4 companies where the spouse worked have gone bankrupt. It's not just like that! So there are serious problems in the economy! and silence on TV! Apparently, the hosts of talk shows are all right with the economy!
  29. agel26r
    agel26r 11 October 2017 17: 38
    From the article it smells not good. The darling is not so healthy. Not really starting to swing the longboat ???
    1. Volodin
      11 October 2017 19: 17
      And as it smacks of this comments - no sense of smell can not stand. "Barkas" ... Another trough would call ...
  30. old pioneer
    old pioneer 11 October 2017 17: 59
    Poroshenko regime
    Bukhanul - hanged, bruised - reported, bukhanul - hungover, etc. D and T.P. Such a normal regimen ... I, in my courtyard, out of kindness of heart, support several such regimes at once.
  31. Woldemar
    Woldemar 11 October 2017 18: 37
    I would raise another question: Why the heck are we on the State Duma, on these parasites, we spend 11 billion rubles a year? in some areas this is 50% of the annual budget
    1. Black5Raven
      Black5Raven 11 October 2017 18: 59
      They have one lunch as the salary of employees of a large enterprise, they also feed parasites (what do you have, what do we have). About 75% could have been sent on a long journey with a kick in the ass, all the same useless and just nodding their heads.
      1. Normal ok
        Normal ok 11 October 2017 23: 24
        Quote: Black5Raven
        They have one lunch as the salary of a large enterprise

        You are wrong. The headquarters in the Duma will surely feed the deputies even at the old Soviet rates. Type 1,5 rubles for a bottle of good wine. laughing
  32. onikols
    onikols 11 October 2017 18: 54
    Many programs are chasing ratings. The scandals on the show are spicy, which attracts many, not boring. And for those who are more serious, they look at Russia-24, where there is plenty of information about the internal situation. Therefore, I propose to moderate criticism of our TV. Let them click the buttons and other programs (R-24, ORT, "5" TVC, K) and there they will find a lot about the Russian Federation.
  33. Natalia777
    Natalia777 11 October 2017 20: 11
    Why not talk about Russia? They speak and write. Do not have time to watch and read. Government officials alone are landing every day. And from RBC already sore eyes - about the economic downturn. And there is good too. But some "writers" believe that Russia only needs to be smeared with dirt. But break off them. Wheat is the first crop Russia is the first, Krymsky Bridge is the project of the century, a new plane has been released for passengers - Boeings are resting. And who is dissatisfied - a suitcase, train station, USA. Criticize there. Try to start with sodomites.
  34. vladimir VR
    vladimir VR 11 October 2017 20: 51
    I completely agree with the author! We already got these hohlosrachi. I want to listen about Russian problems.
  35. Ivan58
    Ivan58 11 October 2017 21: 09
    I agree with the author at 100. Credits have fallen in price, inflation ....%, mortgages are available, we support the party's policies. And we collect money for the treatment of sick children all over the world with the help of TV.
  36. Dedall
    Dedall 11 October 2017 23: 10
    So this site sins the same. They chew the same thing day after day. In some ways, it reminds me of digestion in cows. They have a second stomach - abomasum. First, the grass gets there, wanders a little, and then it spits it up and after chewing it sends everything to the second stomach for further assimilation. The only misfortune of our media is that journalists are on their own, and life itself. It doesn’t work for them to somehow be the fourth power.
  37. Normal ok
    Normal ok 11 October 2017 23: 20
    Volodin bravo! The voice is not a boy, but a husband.
  38. Santor
    Santor 11 October 2017 23: 30
    I kept waiting, when finally on the topic of Navalny it will open ....

    First, I ask you to cut it on the nose - there are no Federal channels ... even if they call themselves Putin’s personal channels, but just - remember - the two channels belong to Russia - this is the Culture channel and the Zvezda channel. All the rest belong to the West, first of all Anglo-Saxon capital ... And therefore, all programs for them are coordinated and paid not with our money.

    They’ll tell me now that you’re wrong, this Prokhorov’s channel, and this one ... I’ll remind you how Westerners took control of NTV ... According to the Law, they do not have the right to have a controlling stake, because the owner was a certain Boris Yordan, a US citizen ... He bought the canal with giblets ... He bought a lot of things then in Russia .... And everything would have rolled if his father and grandfather, the Russian emigrants, had surfaced as SS officers and fought against the Red Army as part of the Russian Special Corps in Yugoslavia. And then Jordan simply transfers control of the channel to other persons, fictitiously making an act of transaction. He is also fictitiously selling Font Capital by the way to a certain Malofeev, who is very familiar with 14 programs of the year, and by the fact that he financed the jump to Slavyansk Strelkov, it was in this Fund that Strelkov was the head of the security service ... By the way, the famous Renaissance Insurance company "the same was in the possession of Jordan.

    But Boris Yordan himself is not the actual owner. He belongs to the Rothschild clan. According to Boston Globe, it was Jordan who bought the 17 000 000 vouchers through Chubais with the money of the CIA and Soros.

    Here is an 2001 article of the year shedding light on a lot -

    Therefore, there are no federal channels, but there is a dirty information war against us and our country.
  39. Sling cutter
    Sling cutter 11 October 2017 23: 34
    Quote: Santor
    because there are no federal channels, but there is a dirty information war against us and our country.

    And why then on these channels gdp is praised? lol
    1. sapporo1959
      sapporo1959 12 October 2017 00: 45
      So there is no one else. When there are thieves and Rothschilds all around, it’s clear that the light ray in the sky should be ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  40. Nemesis
    Nemesis 12 October 2017 01: 56
    In $ and $ 750 million gifts from Moscow to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, as if there were no problems in Russia, the solution of which could be spent on this money. That is on the restoration of Palmyra ... And in the Russian Federation that there is no need to restore anything?
  41. 108- guards pdp
    108- guards pdp 12 October 2017 08: 19
    Volodin 5 s +, that’s what it’s worth talking about. Actually, before the “Vomit” there’s all the talk shows on the channels. Our country has such an Ass that it seems to me to our president in the next election, with all due respect to him within foreign policy, about the internal "I want to cry", not what to do. If in fairness there will be elections, then it seems to me to "fly".
    I myself am in the ranks of "United Russia", but for the last couple of years I think that it is necessary to bring down a bunch of "Ghouls" and "Zhopolizov" from them, I’m not talking about everyone, there are very worthy people, but they are unfortunately a "Beautiful picture" of the party , and they don’t give a word.
    I myself am the general director of a construction company, and communicating with the same people, I hear what kind of V.V. They will not vote for sure, Putin, when Comrade Comrade Tsar was in charge of our region Shantsev, he really liked to launch pilot projects in the region, so "pre-Pilot" that many people want to close offices and open in other regions, this is such an internal policy and life in our country.
    And again, regarding our TV, I’ll say that there is no TV, but there is a show for the “herd,” see the culture channel, which I myself started to do the last 3 months, and I don’t know who is there, who is waiting for (Poroshenko’s shift), and all nonsense there.
    With respect to the opinions, and to the people who are discussing here.
    1. Dmitry Fedorov
      Dmitry Fedorov 12 October 2017 16: 14
      Well, vote for someone else. Which will promise you.
      And wait later.
  42. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 12 October 2017 08: 20
    A good article, not by eyebrow, but by eye, I am not a liberal, and I will not say much respect for this shusher, but they really only say that everything is not normal with the economy and domestic politics. As soon as it concerns politicians about the authorities, they immediately chatter the topic, in any way. Before talking about Ukraine, you should look at yourself. Corruption at all levels, sprinkled the so-called "elites", their stepchildren, officials, law enforcement and judicial authorities, bureaucratic obstacles to a simple Citizen, but how can not be overcome. China, India, Vietnam give out about or more than 7% of GDP per year, Stalin during the period of industrialization, when the situation was much worse and more dangerous around the USSR, issued from 15 to 40 %% of GDP per year, by January 31, 1940 compared to 1913 the year, the total GDP of the USSR grew 24 times. It turns out that the authorities of China, India, Vietnam are 7 times more productive than the authorities in Russia, you can not talk about the USSR and STALIN. All this mess in domestic politics, economics, cadres, ideology became possible only from the stupid, mediocre and not professional, not PATRIOTIC policy of the authorities, remember the offshore companies and how much money was withdrawn there. No one has canceled the role of personality in history, and two lawyers do not work for us, they just row in galleys, row in galleys, do not govern the country, here you need intelligence, political will, strategic thinking and planning, HONESTY, but with this power just limping and lumen is not yet visible.
    1. Dmitry Fedorov
      Dmitry Fedorov 12 October 2017 16: 12
      And what is good in the article? Quite a bulk article: let's give money to pensioners better.
      We have already heard this during Perestroika.
  43. SergF123
    SergF123 12 October 2017 08: 33
    As a true patriot of my homeland, I can declare it openly - All this ....... THE TRUTH and there is nothing to add!)))) It’s already impossible to watch TV, they just dress up, how bad everything is in Ukraine and how everything is fine with us .. .. But is it really good ??? !!! In fact, in Novosibirsk throughout the city, announcements - "rent / sell" offices are empty - that is, there is no work for people. If bl ..... crisis, then why fuel, communal services, fines, taxes, etc. continue to grow ???? The crisis should be for everyone, and not just for the people ... And how, after the rise of all payments, consumer demand will grow ?! I have a clear impression that the iPhone don’t know at all who he is, what to do and why he needs this post!
    1. Dmitry Fedorov
      Dmitry Fedorov 12 October 2017 16: 11
      And how can prices fall when the war goes on? Say thank you that the Army is doing without you so far, they are not calling for it yet. Actually, everything was calculated by our partners (sanctions and other crap), so that irresponsible citizens start yelling and moaning.
      Are the offices empty? Go to the plants. Hands are needed there now. And there will be less offices. Structural adjustment. So now it always will be.
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 12 October 2017 16: 19
        Quote: Dmitry Fedorov
        Are the offices empty? Go to the plants. Hands are needed there now. And there will be less offices. Structural adjustment. So now it always will be.

        Goofy. And how much do they get at factories today, don’t enlighten?
  44. Abbattar
    Abbattar 12 October 2017 15: 56
    0 to help you, dear author.
  45. Dmitry Fedorov
    Dmitry Fedorov 12 October 2017 16: 07
    Actually, we have a lot of noise about liberals in the government on the Internet and constantly offer to give money to enterprises so that they flood us with products.
    But some people want us to discuss this on TV. Corruption, theft, bad roads. Despite the fact that in the USA, for example, corruption and theft are an order of magnitude higher, and the roads are not much better.
    No, just one Perestroika is enough for us. Better to see how the whole world lives. And our neighbors. And then it becomes clear that we have - a little - but better.
    Khodorkovschina will not be. And do not hope.
    1. raw174
      raw174 13 October 2017 12: 27
      Quote: Dmitry Fedorov
      Despite the fact that in the USA, for example, corruption and theft are an order of magnitude higher, and the roads are not much better.

      There was no corruption in the USA even to the lamp, but about the roads, I don’t really trust you, they still say about their ideal roads ... Or did you personally bend the disc there?
  46. raw174
    raw174 13 October 2017 12: 25
    Yes, that's right, but whatever you say, the role of the media is propaganda! Any media is PROMOTION! ORT and Russia - one way, Rain, etc. to another. There is a team, they are fulfilling it ... So everywhere, this is the role of the media in all countries!
    In fairness, I’ll say that I watched a program last night that branded our independence and discussed the prospects for our economy. There were representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, bankers, economists ... roofing felts at the TVC, roofing felts at 5, I don’t remember ...