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The marines of the Pacific Fleet have worked loading on the BDK and landing on the unequipped coast

Pacific Marines fleet have worked in Kamchatka loading onto large landing ships, reports press office BBO.

The marines of the Pacific Fleet have worked loading on the BDK and landing on the unequipped coast

Today, as part of the final test for the summer period of training, according to the plan for field output of two separate marine brigades of the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka, special tactical exercises were conducted on loading and unloading personnel and military equipment to large landing ships,
says release.

It is reported that “large landing ships“ Peresvet ”and“ Oslyabl ”solved problems of communication, joint maneuvering at sea, conducted trainings in the struggle for survivability and organization of air defense of the landing party, after which they approached the coast and took on board the landing forces”.

Today, the crews of the ships and the marines have worked off the landing of an amphibious assault on the unequipped coast.

According to the press service, "the marines' exit by the marines will end with a bilateral brigade tactical exercise with a battle shooting stage." In total, up to a thousand military personnel and about 300 units of equipment will be involved in the training.
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Press Service of the Eastern Military District

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  1. bagr69
    bagr69 10 October 2017 15: 36 New
    Are you preparing for landing on the coast of the DPRK?
      DEPARTMENT 10 October 2017 18: 06 New
      Quote: bagr69
      Are you preparing for landing on the coast of the DPRK?

      Most likely on the shores of Japan and South Korea, near US bases .. hehe
      1. rumpeljschtizhen
        rumpeljschtizhen 10 October 2017 23: 32 New
        They didn’t take a sedative for a long time ..... but it’s time already, then write down that they worked off the landing in Alaska Ali to California
  2. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx 10 October 2017 17: 24 New
    And what kind of "weakening" arose from nowhere ??? I know for sure that in the RIF there was an armadillo "RELAXING", died under Tsushima, his kingdom of heaven, with glory. And this is a misunderstanding where ??? Or do journalists with knowledge of the history of the problem? On a fig, keep such specialists in the editorial office, and even pay them money ??????????????????????
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 10 October 2017 23: 34 New
      Yes, it was badly named after the corpses in honor of those who died in the "slavish" Tsushima ....
    3. rpek32
      rpek32 11 October 2017 00: 10 New
      this tv star was flanged again - the news was boiled up from there.
      google bdk "oslyabya" (which deer my comment with links deleted interesting?)

      P.S. the quality of content on the topwar is steadily rolling somewhere in the direction of hell / 404. distributors don't catch mice at all
  3. Kosatka
    Kosatka 10 October 2017 22: 59 New
    "Relight" - a large landing ship project 775M.


    Pacific Fleet.


    The ship was built at a shipyard in Gdansk (Poland) under the name "BDK-11", entered the fleet in 1991. On February 17, 2006 it was renamed "Relight".


    In 2004 he visited the Japanese port of Kure.

    In 2005, 2006, 2007 he took part in the “Campaign of memory” in the places of military glory of Pacific warriors.

    In August 2005, he visited the Chinese port of Qingdao and took part in joint Russian-Chinese exercises.

    In 2006, he visited the U.S. Naval Base Aghanya in the Mariana Islands and took part in joint Russian-American exercises to assist victims of natural disasters.

    In June 2006, he participated in the “Campaign of Remembrance” from Vladivostok to Sakhalin.

    From March 19 to May 24, 2013 he made an inter-naval transition from Vladivostok to Novorossiysk. He was part of a group of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. December 25, returned to Vladivostok.

    In 2014, he took part in joint Russian-Indian exercises in the Pacific Ocean.

    In September 2017, the ship was used to transport the second joint expedition of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Geographical Society from Matua Island.


    Speed: 18 nodes
    Cruising range: 6000 miles at 12 knots
    Crew: 87 people


    Displacement: 4080 tons
    Length: 112,5 meters
    Width: 15 meters
    Draft: 3,7 meter


    2 diesel engines, 2 screws, power - 19200 hp


    2 launchers of the UMS-73 Grad-M multiple launch rocket system, 2 AK-630M anti-aircraft artillery systems, AK-176 universal artillery system, 6 anti-sabotage grenade launchers. On board can accommodate up to 500 tons of equipment and cargo and 225 paratroopers.

    Oslyabya (BDK-101) is a large landing ship, built according to project 775 / II (NATO codification - Ropucha II). He is in service in the Pacific Fleet of the Navy of the Russian Federation and is deployed in Fokino, in the 100th brigade of landing ships. Built in the Polish People's Republic, in Gdansk, under the number 775/14.