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Vietnam has built two more rocket boats project 12418

On Monday, a ceremony was held for the entry into the Vietnamese Navy of two next missile boats of the project 12418 (code "Lightning"), built at the Ba Son Limited shipyard (a joint venture of the General Directorate of the Defense Industry of Vietnam with the Norwegian group Ulrik Qvale & Partners AS), reports bmpd.

These boats (fifth and sixth), the final series, were laid at the end of 2013 of the year and launched on April 2016. Their delivery for unknown reasons was delayed for almost a year (according to the plan - the end of 2016 of the year).

The boats are equipped with the Uran-E anti-ship missile system 3K24E. The contract for the organization in Vietnam of the construction of rocket boats of the 12418 project was signed with Rosoboronexport in 2006.

“The contract included the supply to Vietnam of two boats of the 12418 project fully prepared (by agreement 2003 of the year), as well as the construction in Vietnam with the Russian assistance of six more such boats. The option to the contract included another four boats of the 12418 project, and was transferred to a solid contract in April 2015. The total cost of the agreement reaches almost 1 billion dollars, ”the article says.

The main executor of the contract from the Russian side is JSC Vympel Shipbuilding Plant.

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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 10 October 2017 12: 39
    Pretty impressive ships
    1. Berkut24
      Berkut24 10 October 2017 13: 26
      Impressive for a boat.
  2. bagr69
    bagr69 10 October 2017 12: 39
    And what does Norway have to do with it? Is this our ship project?
    Will they not "cheat" what?
    1. alexmach
      alexmach 10 October 2017 13: 43
      Shipbuilding facilities were erased by the Norwegians. What can be stolen there, this boat is already many years old? 50?
      Or export missile systems soprut? The very ones whose GOS once used to be sold to states for modernization of harpoons by Russia itself?
  3. Alena767
    Alena767 10 October 2017 12: 40
    In Syria, a su-24 VKS of the Russian Federation crashed, pilots died. Kingdom of heaven to pilots
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 10 October 2017 13: 02
      The guys did their duty. They knew what they were going to when they entered college.
      We should be proud of what we have. Such guys and the ninth. The media said: in the Krasnodar military school, girls entered, and the competition was awesome: 25 people in one place!
  4. RL
    RL 10 October 2017 13: 04
    Their delivery for unknown reasons dragged on for almost a year (according to plan - the end of 2016).? Do not tell my knowledge.
    The delivery was delayed for reasons “The main contractor on the Russian side is Vympel Shipbuilding Plant JSC through thieves from Rosoboronexport.
    That is why Vietnam decided to work with the Norwegian group Ulrik Qvale & Partners AS. Otherwise, Russia would have been paid money, but the goods would not have been received.

    And go back to the topic.
    Regarding the Su-24, there is another page on VO
    1. assa67
      assa67 10 October 2017 18: 52
      it’s not for you, the all-knowing friend, to indicate to whom, where and when to honor the memory of our fallen comrades
  5. Monarchist
    Monarchist 10 October 2017 13: 11
    That a joint venture with the Norwegians is building ships, I think it is understandable: to build missile boats - not to make a pleasure boat, you need the experience of shipbuilders, but what kind of Vietnamese experience in building ships? Norwegians are born sailors and know how to build ships
  6. donavi49
    donavi49 10 October 2017 13: 20
    The Navy, by the way, ordered two such steamboats, from sludge, which in Rybinsk interfere with 01301 and 01302. The foreign customer refused them back in the 90's. The enterprise, desperate, already wanted to cut it (was looking for financing for cutting), but as a result, the corps caught the eye of the authorities from the Moscow Region who came with an inspection and signed a contract at the end of the year.
  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis 10 October 2017 22: 39
    Each such boat carries 16 anti-ship missiles. Such boats and the Russian fleet would be useful.