Military Review

Nuremberg. Last fight

For the crimes committed, the leaders of Nazi Germany could simply be destroyed. But even during the war years the world powers agreed to bring them to the Court of Nations. It was the loudest process of the twentieth century, which lasted 9 months (1945-46).

The main accusation is conspiracy against the world and the killing of millions of people. The International Military Tribunal conducted more than 400 court sessions, the defendants represented 27 lawyers and 54 assistant, the verbatim report took 16000 pages, and it took twenty-seven kilometers of magnetic tape to record the process. It was the last fight with Nazism.

The tribunal issued a sentence: execution by hanging and life imprisonment. But some of those who sat in the dock were acquitted.

The film recreates a large-scale picture of the Court of Nations, shows the technology of judicial battles and sentencing and execution procedure.

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  1. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 10 October 2017 13: 15 New
    The main losses of the Slavs, and black hats zasheftilis !!! Yes, and how many those who were destined to hang were covered with mattresses? Here you have the process of the century !!!