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Russian army turns into imperial armed forces


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that stipulates the possibility of sending Russian foreign servicemen outside the country to participate in peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations.

This decree fits well with the strategy of transforming the Russian state and specifically its armed forces into a new imperial project on the territory of the former USSR. And, if you turn to storiesthen it can be argued that it was inevitable ...

Russia could never develop as a national state (we will definitely return to Alexander III and his mistakes in one of the following articles). As soon as she stepped on this path, she fell apart (twice already).

Mindful of this experience, as well as having the experience of previous generations, the leadership of today's Russia began, step by step, to transform its army.

2015 year

In the very first days of this post-Maid year, the decree of the President of Russia “On Amendments to the Regulations on the Procedure for Military Service, approved by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 16 September 1999, No. 1237”, regulated the participation of foreign military personnel in the Russian army. First of all, it concerned citizens of the CIS countries.

By the way, contrary to all the actions of Kiev, Ukraine is still in fact the same state. This is not written, but this is constantly remembered, including in Moscow.

As we understand, such a measure at that moment was a superfluous precaution and it became another milestone in the transformation of the Russian army from a “national” into an imperial one.

Ancestral feet

The Moscow kingdom, the Russian kingdom, the Russian Empire, the USSR, they all went this way.

Princes, and then kings from the dynasty of Rurikovich attracted foreigners to their army very widely. And it gave them the opportunity to win, in a seemingly hopeless situation, when the principality was actually squeezed between Lithuania and the Horde, which had become hostile by then.

Russian army turns into imperial armed forces

By the way, the famous archers were descended from Lithuanian pishchilnikov taken to the service of Ivan the Terrible. The whole history of the Russian army is one big epic of attracting foreigners and using their talents for the benefit of the state.

Almost immediately after their accession to the throne, the Romanovs began to form the shelves of the new order. He especially liked to do this ... not even Peter I, but his father Alexey Mikhailovich, whose younger son inherited the craving for reforming his army.

There is no need to mention in detail 1920-40-ies, when Joseph Stalin, collecting the lands that had fallen away from the empire in troubled times, always preliminarily formed on its territory “local” armed forces.

Such were the demands of the time. How are current reforms of the Russian army different from all these actions? Formally - to many. In essence, nothing. New time requires new forms. Russia has grown stronger and is already returning to those territories which are used to be considered as a zone of its influence. With what and with whom she will return there, we must think today. And she thinks.

instead of an epilogue

The siloviki in Russia have already become the elite of society. And not by a closed caste, but by an open system, as it has always been arranged in the Russian army. Attracting foreign citizens into it, primarily CIS citizens, allows Moscow to quickly form the backbone of its influence for these territories as well. This is pure imperial politics. And these transformations are impossible to notice.

That is why the opponents in the face of the United States are desperately trying to hinder the process, but they rushed too late. Washington itself is rapidly slipping into its systemic crisis, and every year its influence in the world will fall. At the same time, Russia's influence will only increase and, sooner or later, the tools it creates now to solve its geopolitical problems will be applied.
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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 10 October 2017 07: 51 New
    Yuri, as always, gives vent to fantasy, but there is some rationality in his words.
    Apparently, something like the Foreign Legion is being formed with similar functions - conducting operations outside the Russian Federation. That's why foreign citizens will be recruited there with the subsequent possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship.
    And local territorial and national armed formations are not good, of which we have only Chechen battalions, but this is a necessary measure.
    1. Orel
      Orel 10 October 2017 08: 05 New
      Quote: inkass_98
      Apparently, something like the Foreign Legion is being formed with similar functions - conducting operations outside the Russian Federation. That's why foreign citizens will be recruited there with the subsequent possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship.

      It is reasonable. You can conduct operations abroad and not be afraid of losses, no matter how cynical, but it is.
      1. AA17
        AA17 10 October 2017 11: 01 New
        Dear, Orel. I do not agree with your thoughts. Be afraid of losses should be. Losses will always be big: financial (from which sources the financing of this armed education will come from), image losses of Russia (many people in the world do not like "dogs of war", "wild geese", etc., "... It is curious that international military law doesn’t directly prohibit mercenary mercenary activity, but mercenary is not formally a war crime - however, it denies mercenaries the official status of a prisoner of war, capturing a mercenary captives the party is free to do whatever they like with him. whose citizen is a mercenary for subsequent conviction at home ... "
        Mercenaries do not have any moral guidelines. Our country creates such forces. What good It is well known from the history of our Motherland - Russia has always achieved stunning military successes when the interests of the "elite" and the people coincided. It has always been a war of liberation.
        1. Orel
          Orel 10 October 2017 11: 42 New
          Quote: AA17
          Mercenaries do not have any moral guidelines. Our country creates such forces. What good

          I think that there is only one thing, if someone needs to risk their lives, then let them be, not our citizens. Served, proved. Get a passport. Cynically, I agree, but in fact it turns out that way. If our leadership is not ready to abandon attempts to meddle in military conflicts, then it is better to let these formations than fully Russian. I only reason from this point of view. Of course, it would be better to concentrate on our problems, but we have already climbed a lot and didn’t just get out of it, unfortunately.
          1. AA17
            AA17 10 October 2017 12: 09 New
            Dear, Orel. You understand perfectly well: if a country uses mercenaries, this means that this country does not have the right to use its armed forces in this conflict. In other words, it does not have international rights or domestic legislation on the use of the country's military force. Therefore, this decree appeared on foreign military personnel. And it will be difficult to explain such a fact: "... So, abroad, with some mildly unpleasant regularity, they began to execute (or kill?) The citizens of the Russian Federation. Of course, the prosecutor's office and further investigating authorities should ask:" In the status of whom and on the basis of which these citizens left the borders of the Russian Federation, took up arms and became involved in an armed conflict "? ..."
            1. Orel
              Orel 10 October 2017 12: 28 New
              Quote: AA17
              Of course, the prosecutor’s office and the investigating authorities should have a question: “In the status of whom and on the basis of what did these citizens leave the borders of the Russian Federation, take up arms and become involved in an armed conflict”? ... "

              Unfortunately, this does not work for us. They calmly go to Ukraine to fight and no one punishes. Although there is an article for participating in illegal armed groups in the Criminal Code. DNR and LC, Russia did not recognize. Formally - a crime, but no one punishes. In Kazakhstan, for example, they judge and it does not matter on whose side he participated. If Russia were a different country, European, then I would agree with you with both hands. At that time, we simply would not have needed much foreign operations, but now we are not like that. And for the policy that we are currently pursuing, this is an option. Unfortunately, but it is.
          2. dmitry.kashkaryow
            dmitry.kashkaryow 10 October 2017 20: 34 New
            Quote: Orel
            our leadership is not ready to abandon attempts to meddle in military conflicts, it’s better to

            They tried to somehow refuse. In the 90s. Remember what you got? Better not to refuse and beat the enemy on the approaches to our borders! More cost effective ....
          3. Reklastik
            Reklastik 11 October 2017 11: 37 New
            Served, proved. Get a passport.
            They are yes. And then, it will be like in France - you received citizenship, even if you are Algerian, and let us shout that you served as a real Frenchman. They will serve. And then they will come to you — and you are not a citizen — if you did not serve, then you did not prove it. How will you answer this? Indeed, formally, these naturalized mercenaries will be right. And they won’t put you in a penny. Or maybe they’ll do something worse.
            1. bk316
              bk316 12 October 2017 19: 15 New
              How will you answer this?

              Here it is: "Well, I served. What next?"
              I generally think that those who have not served should have civil rights restrictions.
              1. Reklastik
                Reklastik 12 October 2017 22: 02 New
                I also think that if you don’t know mathematics, then you cannot be considered a person. As Heinlein said. In the "Starship Troopers".
              2. Reklastik
                Reklastik 12 October 2017 22: 05 New
                Dudaev rose to the rank of general. So service is not a guarantee or even an indicator. This is a tick. Maybe to start a conversation. Or maybe - for a bullet and a bullet in the back of the head. Who recommended getting into the organs? Who sniffed for this? When? Where?
                1. bk316
                  bk316 13 October 2017 10: 16 New
                  So service is not a guarantee or even an indicator.

                  You laugh something about mathematics there, and you yourself make a primitive logical error of the "non-distribution of the third":
                  I wrote that people who did not serve should have restrictions, I did not write that employees should have privileges.
                  This position is easy to justify, but I think in VO and so the majority understands.

                  And if we talk about mathematics, then even for some rights an educational qualification is needed.
                  1. Reklastik
                    Reklastik 14 October 2017 00: 49 New
                    "This position is easy to justify" = "everyone knows" - well, justify clearly, and do not hide behind what is not indicated, or what you laugh about formal logic there))))) And so yes, start writing about restrictions and the resulting privileges.
            2. Pyctam
              Pyctam 16 February 2019 19: 22 New
              And who canceled “The defense of the Russian Federation is a sacred duty and duty of each of its citizens” and hereinafter.
              Citizens of the Russian Federation will simply serve in other military units ...
        2. Bogatyrev
          Bogatyrev 10 October 2017 19: 10 New
          No, it's cooler. Remember how many problems Donetsk and Lugansk residents had with the migration service when they tried to expel them from treatment for wounds. Now there will be an easy way to arrange them.
        3. nickname7
          nickname7 12 October 2017 14: 06 New
          Quote: AA17
          Be afraid of losses should be. Losses will always be big: financial (from which sources the financing of this armed education will come from), image losses of Russia (many people in the world do not like "dogs of war", "wild geese", etc., "...
          Mercenaries do not have any moral guidelines.

          Afraid of wolves, do not go to the forest. If, for example, a freelance British island, was afraid of image and financial losses, it would not have turned into the coolest superpower of all time and peoples.
          Image losses are losers and losers, and winners are not judged.
          War on foreign territory brings profit, not loss.
          The fact that "many people do not like dogs of war" is a sheriff, never when he was not interested in other people's opinions.
          1. Zheleznostop
            Zheleznostop 13 October 2017 08: 01 New
            And this was not shameful for our ancestors. Search for the prince of glory, gold for himself.
        4. Awaz
          Awaz 15 October 2017 11: 07 New
          when and where and during what war Russian and Soviet prisoners of war were treated in the framework of international laws. For our people it does not matter at all whether they are mercenaries or are part of the legitimate armed forces. The attitude towards them is always the same .. So there’s nothing to lose
    2. Yurasumy
      10 October 2017 09: 14 New
      Each tool is created for your work. And in the fantasy I constantly "blamed." But it normal. Got used to
      1. 210ox
        210ox 10 October 2017 09: 23 New
        There are people who want to obtain Russian citizenship. Why not offer young children to prove that they can be Citizens of a Great Country by serving.
        1. JACTUS RECTUS
          JACTUS RECTUS 10 October 2017 10: 17 New
          Great, she was many years ago, now she is a caste colony.
          1. Pyctam
            Pyctam 16 February 2019 19: 25 New
            Who told you this? MYSELF a secret yes in the ear?
            I’m not a citizen of the Russian Federation and I don’t even live in Russia. But Russia was and will remain a Great Power ...
      2. g1v2
        g1v2 10 October 2017 10: 03 New
        The imperial cadet corps are talking more about the imperial model of the army and probably society. I have a friend, for example, I gave my son to the cadet corps of the investigative committee. That is, training begins for the new elite. And this is not only the army - but also the Russian Guard and the IC and so on. request
        And about the foreigners. This is not only a variant of the foreign legion, but more of a source of demographic replenishment of the country. Young male foreigners pass through the army, forge there and receive Russian citizenship. The country needs an influx of able-bodied people who speak Russian, has poured into our culture, and not foreign enclaves. This is such a system of demographic acclimatization.
        Well, also. This is an opportunity to give legal status and social guarantees to national policemen from the Donbass and to attract them, if necessary, for some operations. Plus, in our units in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, there are a lot of local people who also need to be provided with legal status, guarantees and the possibility of resettlement. hi
      3. novel66
        novel66 10 October 2017 10: 36 New
        many of those who were called visionaries subsequently turned out to be right, as it were! freedom of imagination !!!
        1. NOVERU
          NOVERU 10 October 2017 14: 59 New
          well then freedom will be more correct for dreamers
    3. Spnsr
      Spnsr 10 October 2017 11: 06 New
      Quote: inkass_98
      in all, something like the Foreign Legion is being formed with similar functions - operations outside the Russian Federation. That is why foreign citizens will be recruited there, with the subsequent possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship.

      I doubt the approval of the legion! They must be dissolved in society, and not given the opportunity to remain strangers
      1. Grandfather
        Grandfather 10 October 2017 18: 55 New
        The siloviki in Russia have already become the elite of society.
        Well ... judging by the race on the "heliks" ... yes.
    4. gladcu2
      gladcu2 10 October 2017 20: 16 New
      Previously, it was called the international special forces battalion.

      Russia cannot be an empire.

      There is no emperor.
      1. Alexdark
        Alexdark 12 October 2017 01: 29 New
        Why not? There is, is. True, such an adverb refuses, unfortunately.
      2. Pyctam
        Pyctam 16 February 2019 19: 28 New
        Empire and imperial course are two different things. Just like nation and nationality ...
    5. sa-ag
      sa-ag 11 October 2017 08: 46 New
      Quote: inkass_98
      with the subsequent possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship.

      Posthumously, it’s the same chain of exclusion, a one-way ticket, who then needs people who have seen and know a lot, besides non-citizens
  2. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 10 October 2017 07: 56 New
    "Washington itself is quickly slipping into its systemic crisis and every year its influence in the world will fall. At the same time, Russia's influence will only grow and sooner or later the tools it is creating to solve its geopolitical problems will be applied" not too hasty and optimistic conclusion?!.
      JACTUS RECTUS 10 October 2017 10: 19 New
      Frankly, this is nonsense.
    2. creak
      creak 10 October 2017 13: 58 New
      Quote: Pecheneg
      too hasty and optimistic conclusion?!.

      I have repeatedly heard such conclusions when I was still a pioneer - as you know, it was a long time ago and Washington’s funeral was a little longer ....
      By the way, when I was a pioneer, they told me a lot about how well we will live when I become an adult ..
      And now, when I’ve been an adult for a long time, they tell me a lot about how well we lived when I was a pioneer ... fellow
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 11 October 2017 18: 54 New
        When you were a pioneer, you probably didn’t hear that systemic crises in the USA of 1916, 1932, 1972, practically destroyed the country.

        First, Roosevelt’s tough policy with labor armies. And the second pre-war orders pulled the country. Third, Reaganomics with unlimited debt. Until now, these debts hold.

        Another in 1990, the USSR fed, with his death.

        Well, the crisis of 2017, we are waiting with horror.
  3. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 10 October 2017 08: 02 New
    "The Russian army is turning into an imperial armed force ...."
    What kind of speech? If you want, then - to the imperial armed forces !!! Learn Russian, Podolyak!
    1. Yurasumy
      10 October 2017 09: 19 New
      Of course, I am not a dock in Russian, but it seemed to me that such a turn was quite acceptable.
      1. badens1111
        badens1111 10 October 2017 09: 58 New
        Quote: yurasumy
        that such a turn is quite acceptable.

        And so and so it can be said, the smart one will understand ... well ... well, in general, he will start talking about punctuation marks.
        1. Maksus
          Maksus 11 October 2017 01: 04 New
          Dyrak - one who does not know how to place these signs and is still proud of it.
      2. novel66
        novel66 10 October 2017 10: 37 New
        Moreover - there are some nuances in this wording
    2. NOVERU
      NOVERU 10 October 2017 15: 03 New
      More precisely, anti-imperial since Russia has always been an empire with a negative value of those anti-empire
  4. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 10 October 2017 08: 04 New
    Foreigners in the army, just destroyed Rome, whose citizens were so pampered and corrupted as a result that there was no one to defend the Fatherland
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 10 October 2017 08: 18 New
      Do not confuse the division of mercenaries from other countries as part of the army of the state and the army of the state, entirely consisting of mercenaries, as in Rome and then in Byzantium. The call has not been canceled, and the contract service is attractive enough in our country, and if a foreigner wants to to serve - yes please, if only I could fit the requirements: Russian language, education, firm contract.
    2. Pyctam
      Pyctam 16 February 2019 19: 31 New
      There the barbarians were not part of the army. They had their own formations. Rome just paid them ...
  5. alex-cn
    alex-cn 10 October 2017 08: 09 New
    I do not see anything wrong with that. Russia / USSR has been an empire since the 18th century, albeit a very peculiar empire. And the revival of the "imperial" army is quite natural.
  6. Varyag77
    Varyag77 10 October 2017 08: 15 New
    Exactly. The march of stormtroopers from the ZV must be heard here, and Dart Vladimirovich, the most darkest of all galaxies, is at the head of them.
    Why are these cliches? Scare europe? So she is so scary, and hysterical neighbors are all in diapers, for they go under themselves from one word Russia.
    In France, for example, there is a foreign legion, but no one squeals about the imperial army.
    1. Yurasumy
      10 October 2017 09: 21 New
      Just Foreign Legion and performs the functions of the "Imperial Army". Or not? But I do not think that the Russian Federation will repeat exactly this path.
      1. Vadim Kurbatov
        Vadim Kurbatov 10 October 2017 17: 50 New
        current foreign legion has no right whatsoever to fight on its land if my memory serves me right and fulfills more functions as expeditionary forces
    2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 10 October 2017 11: 00 New
      Taken off the tongue :))) I just wanted to make a fuss about Putin being an abbreviation for Palpatine
    3. The comment was deleted.
      1. bk316
        bk316 12 October 2017 19: 22 New
        5% of the global economy will not scare anyone

        Oh, twenty-five again.
        Apple capitalization not only exceeds the total capitalization of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, but also of such offices as Lockheed and Boeing.
        Now the question is how should anyone be afraid of a country consisting entirely of Apple or a country of Boeing?
  7. XII Legion
    XII Legion 10 October 2017 08: 19 New
    Russian army turns into imperial armed forces

    I would like to believe
  8. andj61
    andj61 10 October 2017 08: 31 New
    Russian Army Turns Into Imperial Armed Forces Author: Yuri Podolyaka (Yurasumy)

    The author writes beautifully, only does not draw conclusions - is it good or bad, does he welcome it or condemn ... request
    But we perfectly remember a completely different Yuri - both as the centurion of Maidan 2004, and as a confidant of a prominent functionary of the UOC-KP, and even as a blogger who constantly justifies the shelling of Donetsk by the Armed Forces (in his opinion, both sides are always to blame) . Apparently, after moving to Moscow, a milestone and a drift of views towards patriotic, and imperial-patriotic, gradually took place. Or not? And this is due to other, much more prosaic reasons? repeat bully hi
    1. Yurasumy
      10 October 2017 09: 15 New
      Not everyone needs to believe from what they write. You'd better be your opinion about the author on his work, and not on what was written about him. And his enemies. He laughed heartily over the nonsense that you brought. By the way, even in this short text there are logical contradictions. At least in your head you formulate a clear claim to the author.
      1. andj61
        andj61 10 October 2017 10: 16 New
        And where is the nonsense?
        Have you been an active participant in Maidan 2004 or not?
        Were you a confidant or a good acquaintance with the "Bishop of Sumy and Okhtyr Methodius of the UOC-KP" who organized a bunch of raider seizures of churches and property of the Russian Orthodox Church?
        Tell me, are the proofs given here not yours? Http: //
        And I look through your works from time to time, and - I repeat - noticed that over the past 5 years you are slowly changing your views - I wrote about this.
        1. Yurasumy
          10 October 2017 11: 51 New
          Delirium from the first to the last word.
          Especially for you.

          1. What do you know about the Maid of 2004? Judging by what you are talking about centurions, it is nothing from the word at all. They were not there and could not be, from the word at all. I am telling you this as an active participant in those events. By the way, those were very many of those who are struggling with the regime today. For example, Sasha Rogers, and many others. I know many of them, but I don’t specifically name them, as they publicly shy about it. Of course, I am not familiar with your merits, but I know that they have plenty of them.

          2. About the UOC-KP. This nonsense came up with one Kharkiv ex-nationalist. When I got rid of it ... I laughed to tears. Well, just those who really dislike my writings were commanded, but were unable to argue their position. In fact, the reception is so beaten that it is strange that you are so educated to be led to it. I recommend to google this topic and you will see for yourself how much everything you wrote is stupid.

          3. I would recommend, as I wrote earlier, not to look at the pieces of conversation that had been torn out of context, but to read the original sources. And then all questions will disappear. And about the shooting, judging by the fact that you refer to Viktor Peshkov, then you excuse the "nichrome" not in the know, what and how is happening there. If I'm talking about Donetsk. But then, either find out for yourself this moment, or just do not write such nonsense.

          4. Absolute nonsense you wrote. And revealing that you do not follow my work. ))) If you find "my works of five years ago", and even better earlier, I will hang a box of brandy for you. And if you don’t find it, then for the third time I recommend you not to reprint other people's nonsense, but to have your head on your shoulders.
  9. win9090
    win9090 10 October 2017 09: 11 New
    Someone clearly reread fiction
  10. Monetniy
    Monetniy 10 October 2017 09: 37 New
    Russian foreign legion. If you put them a good salary and do not give citizenship in any other way than compatriots, then there will be many who wish. But they are unlikely to be able to fight as Russians, the motivation is not that.
  11. Varyag77
    Varyag77 10 October 2017 09: 48 New
    Quote: yurasumy
    Just Foreign Legion and performs the functions of the "Imperial Army". Or not? But I do not think that the Russian Federation will repeat exactly this path.

    But it doesn’t matter to us what functions the Foreign Legion performs. The cliche is important here. The imperial army = imperial ambitions, therefore Russia is a country with imperial ambitions. In the West, Imperial means predatory .. That's all. Whereas in Europe itself there are similar examples, but the “offensive cliché” is hung on.
  12. Snail N9
    Snail N9 10 October 2017 10: 14 New
    Yes, I was "touched" directly by the "imperial" vision of the author. Obviously, the Georgians, the Balts and other limitrophs whose troops have long been involved in military operations in other countries have also turned their armies into "imperial" .... Isn’t it funny to write such nonsense? Or is it to throw a little “this same” on the fan of “patriots”, so to speak, to increase the degree of a “patriotic” vision of the situation? ... wink
    1. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 10 October 2017 12: 32 New
      no, they serve another empire - USA
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 10 October 2017 12: 31 New
    The Russian army is a national army, the backbone of which is the Russians! Mercenaries can also perform specific functions abroad in the interests of Russian politics, by the way a good alternative to PMCs, thereby we are drawing many nationalities into our orbit of influence, which will fight for our interests.
    1. grau
      grau 10 October 2017 12: 40 New
      not for our interests but for money
  15. iouris
    iouris 10 October 2017 12: 50 New
    Quote: "The siloviki in Russia have already become the elite of society." The end of the quote.
    The author would have to study in the field of social science. The word "security officials" ("visa-free", "European-quality repair") are slang. Alpha and omega of social science - society and state do not coincide. The army (armed forces) is an attribute of the state, a suppression machine, and the military is a consumable of this machine. Russia is the largest divided country, and Russians are the largest divided people.
    The USSR was not an empire, but was the base and resource of the world (communist) revolution. The Russian Federation is an integral part of the imperial world order centered in the United States, and for this reason has no prospects of becoming an empire.
  16. misti1973
    misti1973 10 October 2017 15: 29 New
    Here, great! Now Putin, in his interests, can buy any mujahideen on budget money. The imperial army ... It seems that this "empire" will not last long.
  17. Varyag77
    Varyag77 10 October 2017 16: 51 New
    Quote: grau
    Russian army turns into a small bunch
    The history of ancient Rome, as an example when the Italians ceased to serve in the legion, the army went into the distance
    And this mercenary does not make our army imperial

    What is this nonsense? a small bunch of go & on ??? Can you be more specific? Or just throw on a fan? Facts sir facts. I understand that the "daughter of an officer" is not so simple, but why so thick? Are they not being taught there?
  18. albert
    albert 10 October 2017 18: 45 New
    Being a superpower and making oneself a superpower are different things. The Union was not an empire by name, but it was a thousand times more powerful than any empire. Writing agitation, calling modern Russia an empire is easy, on paper, but making it an empire is actually much more difficult. negative
  19. vasilkovichi
    vasilkovichi 10 October 2017 18: 54 New
    Well, that’s right. And it’s right that they do not make separate military units from foreigners, but they serve together with ours.
  20. Antokha
    Antokha 10 October 2017 19: 02 New
    The title of the article has this implication: Russia is turning [back] into an empire. The word empire is tough, it makes you stand clearly either on one side of it (inside) or on the other (outside). The Russian Empire cannot be taken indifferently: they love and hate. And not in such a trifle as the presence of foreigners in the army or in football, it is determined. The controversial initiative with foreign citizens deserves thoughtful discussion (I personally am against it), but in a tiny article the author allowed himself the unproven and deceitful statement “Russia could never develop as a national state”, which is proposed to be swallowed, and kicked Emperor Alexander III. What for? This topic is volumes of historical works, and it is necessary to take up it after washing your hands to sterility.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. Clone
    Clone 10 October 2017 22: 15 New
    I don’t see a good nihren in this undertaking, moreover, besides money, there is no incentive for these “citizens”. As they buy, they will be sold. We, of course, entered capitalism, but not to the same extent that any hired man from behind a hill of a riffraff looked down on the real defenders of the Motherland. But it will be so ...
  23. Nemesis
    Nemesis 10 October 2017 23: 00 New
    Rather a laughing stock. In a few years, the Russian fleet will not have a single destroyer or cruiser. All that is now is the legacy of the scoop, which is rapidly aging both morally and physically and will soon completely lose its combat significance. The same cruiser, Moscow, has been in service since 1982, and was designed in the 70s of the last century and does not get any better over the years.
  24. Deck
    Deck 11 October 2017 06: 24 New
    All empires ended badly
  25. Oleg Tolstoy
    Oleg Tolstoy 11 October 2017 08: 29 New
    Oh, the national man writes, a crest, about what to be in the military affairs of the modern Russian Empire! Good symptom.

    That's just how to be an Empire without an Emperor? What should the Emperor and the entire imperial system be, where does the legitimate Emperor come from, de jure? What mission will this modern empire have? Here with the resolution and description of all these issues, and from the end, you need to start.
  26. Santor
    Santor 11 October 2017 10: 09 New
    Where did you all get something about the Legion? Link to Regulation? But there it is written clearly and clearly about the issue you are discussing:

    3. Military personnel serving on conscription may be sent (including as part of a unit, military unit, or unit) to perform tasks in armed conflict (to participate in hostilities) after they have completed military service for at least four months and after training in military specialties.

    Military personnel who are foreign citizens participate in the performance of tasks under martial lawas well as in armed conflict in accordance with generally recognized principles and norms of international law, international treaties of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    I have highlighted the necessary .... Your step is to look for the meaning of the phrases that I highlighted. And do not fantasize from scratch. And on the basis of already these fantasies to build their far-reaching conclusions.

    We are talking about attracting foreign citizens of the CIS on the territory of the Russian Federation, with the introduction of martial law or the presence of an officially declared armed conflict between the Russian Federation and a third country, COMPOSITION The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at their request, and this is prescribed in the Collective Agreement. If the legislation of their countries in this particular case provides for such ...

    That's it, point ...
  27. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 11 October 2017 10: 19 New
    why empire? then there must be an emperor
  28. vell.65
    vell.65 11 October 2017 14: 34 New
    Great, she was many years ago, now she is a caste colony.

    Some of the above are creeping in front of pins, and Russia is again on horseback. hi
  29. askme
    askme 12 October 2017 07: 03 New
    The main mistake of such reasoning in the substitution of motives of the Russian Federation. Russia is not an empire. An empire is a state whose goal is the seizure of territories, external expansion for its sole benefit: gobble up, digest, grow into flesh. The empire is a predator, it needs victims for life ... The same thing that is happening now with the Russian Federation is a completely different process. Russia has no motive to “regain” the USSR to itself, to capture someone, anything. The author in this sense, Wishlist go ahead of reality.

    The power geopolitical activity of Russia, its meaning is EXCLUSIVELY in preventing the destruction of the surrounding states by the method of hybrid wars. That is, it is the work of a fireman. This, in essence and in form, is FORCED peacemaking, so as not to be blown up by landmines laid by our geopolitical enemy - the West.

    The situation in which Russia operates is unique, has no precedent in the past, so any analogies are flawed.

    The essence of the formation of the “foreign legion” in the RF Armed Forces is precisely in the fact that the non-imperial essence of modern Russia is in conflict with the need for counter-terrorism (and not aggressive!) Operations outside the Russian Federation. Neither the population of Russia, nor the leadership of Russia agree to wage colonial wars outside the Russian Federation. Dot. Exclusively counter-terrorism operations against hybrid threats that threaten the security of the Russian Federation abroad. And so that the loss in all senses was as small as possible, so as not to bleed. That is why we need foreigners. Only because of hybrid threats.

    Since there are a lot of such threats, and on all continents, except Australia and Antarctica, special military structures were required as part of the Russian Armed Forces, with foreigners. Obviously, the counter-terrorist operations that the Russian Federation will conduct abroad should be as economically less costly as possible, even breaking even. It is precisely due to the fact that Russia does not have goals to “fight off” wars by plundering the wealth of the conquered countries. Clear? That is why Russia is not an empire. Russia actually establishes equal relations with all countries of the world, does not encroach on the sovereignty and independence of other countries. Precisely because she herself is under attack. This is the fundamental difference between Russia and the Western bloc.

    So, those who confuse modern Russia with the empire are blind people or children who are guided by Wishlist, and not reality. Russia is trying to build equal relations, not an empire-colony relationship. Russia does not impose an ideology, does not undermine the sovereignty of other countries by other methods. Do not confuse present-day Russia with empires. Russia has no desire for this. Ask the average resident of Russia and he will answer you that he does not want any empire. Russian people ate blood over the past century. You will not slip imperial motives to them, they will not eat them. There are some crazy people in the Russian Federation who see Russia as an empire, but their number is in the area of ​​error ...

    Regarding the CIS, post-USSR. Do not hope that the Russian Federation will join you by force. No one here needs this hemorrhoids. What shall we do with you? Feed you conquered? In the Gulag to drive you into the reservation so that you can work your bread? We are not animals, we do not need this. Russia has eaten up similar stories over the past hundred years, you know? At the genetic level, there is a rejection of this. Remember this. But if the Russians in your countries begin to really be cut, then only we will intervene. We will not allow to kill Russians. That is yes. But not because of imperial complexes. And because of self-esteem and a sense of justice. No more. So you have to work yourself, so that we attach you to ourselves. As with the Crimea. If Crimea had not been so fiercely pro-Russian, we would not have taken it to us. Try and do not expect imperial action from Russia. We do not need this. Russia is not an empire and will not be it. Empire of the Spirit - perhaps someday ....
    1. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone 14 October 2017 06: 40 New
      Demande moi
      + + + + +
  30. ariman1
    ariman1 12 October 2017 09: 25 New
    That is why the country and fall apart inevitably. Maybe in 5 years, maybe in 20, he will wash away how all empires were washed away. The question is only how - either by the type of Rome, without a trace, or by the British. when Britain managed to maintain cultural and linguistic influence in the former colonies. In the courtyard of the 21st century, empires are built in a different way than riveting tanks of aircraft and training thousands of mercenaries. it feels like we have the 18th century, only the rest of the world is already at 21, and the past can never defeat the future
    1. 97110
      97110 12 October 2017 21: 22 New
      Quote: ariman1
      and fall apartьit is inevitable.

      All the pathos of your speech about the British Empire disappears after a completely unnecessary soft sign, highlighted by me in the quote. Admire yourself in English. Knowledgeable people said that everything is easier there.
  31. askme
    askme 12 October 2017 10: 23 New
    The empire is now one - the United States with accomplices. An empire based on brainwashing, on deception, and not on the real economy, on real, not just virtual wars, i.e. such, where people are massively dying, hence tanks with airplanes are used. Mercenaries of American PMCs who commit massive crimes in which millions have already been killed are also massively used. It is interesting that the American army - in large numbers consists of foreigners who are fighting in its composition for a bonus in the form of US citizenship.

    It goes without saying that Russia will use any effective Nazi law to suppress all this anti-democratic, totalitarian lawlessness of the Nazi type in order to prevent the subversive activities of the United States in the explosion and Eurasia and the whole world with the aim of destroying sovereign states to transfer power over the world to a hereditary financial aristocracy that nobody has elected methods. And the campaign in Syria convincingly proves that Russia's methods are extremely successful. The main objective of the operation - the preservation of the sovereignty of Syria - has been completed. Collateral successes are even more impressive: the Middle East recognizes the power of Russia in the region, which has already led to its significant stabilization, ISIS is completely deprived of the economic base by the efforts of the Russian Federation, and in the moral sense, and in many ways in the military sense it has already been neutered. Its complete destruction is not far off.

    For finance, it cost Russia ridiculous money. And indirect income from the advertising of weapons, its sales many times blocked the cost of the operation. And this is just the beginning. Further the effect will be even greater. Russia will undoubtedly achieve all its goals with the support of sovereign states around the world. They are scared in the face of the monster empire of the United States, therefore they are pleased with the anti-empire of the United States - Russia, which is not an empire, but a defender of the peace and sovereignty of states. This is an absolutely win-win strategy for Russia. Not only politically, but also economically. All free countries need Russia as a supplier of security - both military and political and economic. Good is profitable. Especially in the historical perspective.

    That is why children who fantasize on the themes of imperial Russia - without realizing it, act in the interests of the West. Russia is NOT an empire. And this is her strength. Russia is really the defender of peace and freedom. Freedom from the US criminal regime and their accomplices.
    1. 97110
      97110 12 October 2017 21: 47 New
      Quote: askme
      Russia is real

      capitalist society. It’s free for you to decorate it with verbal tinsel. Someday it can show you its bestial grin. For example, an individual entrepreneur sensed a sufficiently high rate of profit in order, according to Marx's theory, to commit any crime. And you are on his way to the coveted WEALTH !!!
    2. nikvic46
      nikvic46 13 October 2017 10: 39 New
      If you have the collapse of ISIS in the Middle East, then you are not far from the truth. But this creeping infection is amazing
      Central Asia and the Philippines .. And what you wrote about Russia is very correct.
    3. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone 14 October 2017 06: 45 New
      Demande moi
      Russia is really the defender of peace and freedom. Freedom from the US criminal regime and their accomplices.
      + + + + +
  32. Kornvoli
    Kornvoli 12 October 2017 17: 58 New
    Regarding foreigners and their role in the formation of Russian troops. Far-fetched. Never the share of mercenaries, brodniks, Cossacks and other hunting people did not exceed 5-15%.
    1. kamski
      kamski 14 October 2017 21: 58 New
      quantitatively yes, but in efficiency in no comparison the effect was very, very large. Enough to read Karamzin about the era of Grozny
      1. Kornvoli
        Kornvoli 16 October 2017 21: 10 New
        And what was the effectiveness of such mercenaries during the time of Ivan 4 according to Karamzin !? Yes, they were mostly real dogs of war, but they were assigned auxiliary functions and hired them mainly for the period of the database. For trust in them was not enough at all times. Mercenaries have never been staunch, other things being equal. Reuters were needed mainly due to the fact that they had to fight immediately on 3-4 fronts. There were critically few of them in the high military command to have a significant impact. The same Yuri Franzbek turned out to be a traitor in the end.
        All the victories of Ivan 4 were won thanks to the new formation of the composition of the troops, which in turn led to the rapid orientation and qualitative deterioration of the average personnel, but this also gave a huge quantitative increase in the number of troops at times. If earlier barely collected 5-10 thousand, then Ivan could already put 25-30 thousand in only one of the 3-4 directions. All of our “partners” of that time could not counter anything similar on their own. Plus sovereign cannon outfit was one of the foremost in the world, if not the best. Military engineers were discharged, casters, but that’s all.
  33. vmo
    vmo 13 October 2017 09: 58 New
    Again, utter stupidity is written.
  34. nikvic46
    nikvic46 13 October 2017 10: 59 New
    I don’t accept the example of the author from the USSR. Even in this monolithic country in the Great Patriotic War, the call is not from all the republics. The Army is not strong
    by its name, and by its military training. In those parts where "splurge", there is no discipline or officers, and more often negative phenomena occur. It is possible to gather peoples around Russia when Russia in all respects
    will be attractive. Both socially and in a strong economic system, in which Russia will have powerful
    armed forces.
    1. kamski
      kamski 14 October 2017 21: 55 New
      absolutely right !!! Only when the same Ukrainians. Belarusians. Kazakhs ... instead of the European Union will knock on Russia. Today we are observing very different trends, all scatter from Russia
  35. Peter Ivanov
    Peter Ivanov 13 October 2017 16: 08 New
    "The Moscow kingdom, the Russian kingdom, the Russian Empire, the USSR, they all went this way."
    It's strange to read like that!
    The USSR is a forced education !!! As is known, in Marx's view, Communism can and should only come on a planetary scale, with the highest material wealth and the corresponding social mentality of the whole united people of planet Earth! According to this, after the Great October Revolution it was decided to build a state, a Socialist state, as an intermediate link to Communism! V.I. Lenin said: "We stand for the need for the state, and the state presupposes boundaries." From this, both the theory and practice of the revolutionary struggle of the Russian socialists - Bolsheviks in the World: World Revolution! And this was not a “project”, as it is now customary to write in the bourgeois media of the Russian Federation! It was and is now - WAY! Way to the Bright Future! And we will return to it!
  36. kamski
    kamski 14 October 2017 21: 51 New
    Comrade, to the FANTASY department there ..., there are other topics
  37. nikvic46
    nikvic46 15 October 2017 11: 10 New
    Quote: kamski
    absolutely right !!! Only when the same Ukrainians. Belarusians. Kazakhs ... instead of the European Union will knock on Russia. Today we are observing very different trends, all scatter from Russia

    It's just that in Russia we often need to look in the mirror.
    1. badens1111
      badens1111 15 October 2017 11: 22 New
      Quote: nikvic46
      It's just that in Russia we often need to look in the mirror.

      Just ... just in Russia there is no IDEOLOGY that she could give to her neighbors as an example.
      What is not an example of what Yeltsin and K did, betraying and selling everything and everyone?
      Yes, and now the emphasis on purely liberal, dubious "values" can be an example to anyone?
      It doesn’t inspire a cry that in society it is necessary to have 40-50% of so-called businessmen, buy and sell, it doesn’t inspire in any way.
  38. Catfish
    Catfish 12 June 2018 22: 39 New
    Quote: bk316
    How will you answer this?

    Here it is: "Well, I served. What next?"
    I generally think that those who have not served should have civil rights restrictions.

    And what about people who did not serve for health reasons: heart, limb injuries, blindness, or almost blindness. They are already "limited" in life to their ailments, and you propose that they be limited by civil rights! Turning to you, I write "you" with a small letter consciously. I have no respect for such types, for all these statements are given in plain chauvinism in half with fascist ideology. negative
    Incidentally, I served three years of military service from the 66th to the 69th year and I do not consider those who did not pass the Army people of the second grade. And today I know that I know guys who did not serve urgent, but who successfully and disinterestedly conquered in the Donbass. If you want to introduce you, try to repeat to them what you wrote here. Without your respect. soldier