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Armored car "Patrol". Latest news

To date, in the interests of law enforcement agencies, the domestic defense industry has developed several new armored vehicles. Trying to take its place in the domestic market of similar equipment, the company Asteys (Naberezhnye Chelny) offered the armored car Patrol. A basic project was created, on the basis of which, later on, specialized modifications of equipment were developed, adapted for solving various tasks. In recent days, new details of an interesting project have become known.

Significant amount of information about stories project "Patrol", its current state and prospects was announced in early October. The business electronic newspaper of Tatarstan "Business Online" has published an interview with the general director of Asteys JSC, Alexander Pukhnenkov. In an interview with the reporter of the publication, the head of the defense enterprise revealed several important topics. A special place in the conversation took a draft armored car "Patrol".

According to A. Pukhnenkov, at present, the armored cars of the new family are being tested. At the same time, in the next 2018 year, the Asteys enterprise intends to launch the mass production of such equipment. Several modifications of the armored car will go into mass production, but which ones are not yet specified. The range of products will be determined by the customer when signing the purchase contract.

At the moment there are three modifications of the “Patrol”, having both minor and serious differences. In different projects of the family, a base machine with the same basic characteristics is used. At the same time, armored cars may differ in the location of the spare wheel, the presence of a mechanized ramp or a combat module, etc.

The basis of armored cars "Patrol" was the chassis of the development of the Kama Automobile Plant. According to the general director of "Asteys", this feature of the armored vehicle gives certain advantages. It will be possible to service armored cars on such chassis at any KamAZ service center, and this makes it easier to carry out repair work in comparison with other modern armored cars. To realize these benefits, two companies must sign the corresponding agreement.

As A. Pukhnenkov said, several experienced “Patrols” have already been built, differing in configuration and intended for participation in trials. Two armored cars were handed over to the Russian Guard under inspection and evaluation, the results of which will result in a decision on the acceptance of equipment for supply. Two more armored cars were sent to one of the parts of the Ministry of Defense with the same objectives.

The head of the company told about the features of product promotion in the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. By the time the first “Patrol” armored vehicle appeared, the internal troops of the Ministry of the Interior did not have equipment of this class with the same characteristics and capabilities. At the same time, mistrust arose due to the fact that the armored car was not accepted for supply. However, soon the opinion of a potential customer began to change. OMON fighters and responsible persons clearly showed the capacity of the armored car, and in addition, they confirmed the possibility of mass production.

After that, the opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs / Rosguards changed. There were recommendations on the processing of certain devices technology. Experts advised to change the number of doors, provide for the installation of lighting equipment, as well as equip an armored car with a remotely controlled combat module. All of these recommendations were implemented, and the modified “Patrols” were again put to the test, based on the results of which a decision would be made on the acceptance of equipment for supply.

Engineers of Asteys, including in the framework of cooperation with other enterprises, have worked several specialized modifications of the armored car. The customer showed interest in the “Patrols” both in the initial transport configuration and as a carrier of special equipment. The variants of reconnaissance armored vehicles, protected transport for sappers, sanitary armored vehicles and control vehicles were worked out. In the latter case, according to A. Pukhnenkov, the existing salon almost completely occupied various equipment, and in the free volumes only three operator chairs fit.

Asteys JSC is currently negotiating with Rosoboronexport, as a result of which the Patrol armored car can be launched to the international machinery market. The export armored car is said to be almost the same as the Russian one. However, the possibility of creating a modification with the right-hand arrangement of the control station intended for countries with left-hand traffic is not excluded.

For several years, engineers have developed an existing project, reworking it in accordance with the test results and the wishes of customers. This process is likely to continue after the appearance of an order for mass production. The CEO of the company-developer believes that the appearance of the car will be improved over the next five years.

Recall armored "Patrol" was first introduced in the 2014 year. The machine was developed on its own initiative, it was planned to offer it to the military department and law enforcement agencies. Further development of the project was continued and led to the most noticeable results. So, already in 2015, an experienced “Patrol” was demonstrated with a sharply reduced share of imported units. The development of the project is still ongoing, and is now being carried out taking into account the wishes of the customer and the results of the tests.

The basis of the Patrol armored vehicle is a KAMAZ two-axle all-wheel drive chassis with an 740.652-260 engine. On top of it is installed a case developed by the specialists of Asteys JSC. The hull has ballistic and mine protection. Internal volumes with a total size of 12,5 cubic meters are available to accommodate passengers and cargo. This allows you to transport up to ten people with weapons, including the driver and commander, or equivalent cargo. The maximum carrying capacity of the armored car is 1,5 t. It is possible to tow a trailer with a weight of 5 t.

The armored body of the original design is built on the bonnet and is divided into two main compartments. In the smaller front is the power plant, a large rear is designed for cargo or crew. For landing in the car are encouraged to use a set of doors, the composition of which can be determined by the customer. So, the prototypes had one or two doors on the left side and two on the right, complemented by the aft door. There is also a modification of an armored car with a mechanized stern ramp.

In the recent past, it was argued that the Patrol corpus conforms to 4 protection class as per GOST 50963, providing protection against low-impulse automatic cartridges with an armor-piercing bullet. At the same time, it was possible to use more powerful reservations, up to the 6 class (armor-piercing 7,62-mm rifle bullet). Mine protection withstands the undermining of 2 kg of TNT under a wheel or bottom.

In a recent interview, the general director of Asteys indicated other protection characteristics, apparently related to the current version of the armored car. Thus, the armor provides protection for the 5 class - from non-armored rifle bullets. After testing by undermining, the specialists carried out an experiment in which they planned to determine the correctness of the solutions used. Following the exploding of 2 kg of TNT, under the wheel and bottom in the same positions, charges of 4 and 6 kg were blown up. According to A. Pukhnenkov, the conditional crew survived.

The head of the developer organization noted that the armored car has a certain potential in terms of increasing the level of protection. However, the growth margin of protection is limited by the chassis capabilities. Serial units can withstand only 12 t, and exceeding the permissible mass of the units can lead to known negative consequences.

Like other cars of its class, armored "Patrol" is able to solve a wide range of combat and transport tasks. Acting as a protected vehicle, this vehicle can be used to patrol, escort convoy, conduct reconnaissance, etc. In addition, the proposed new projects of specialized modifications of the armored car, appropriately affecting the potential of the family. It is already known about the creation of an armored car for sappers, ambulance and command vehicles.

To date, Asteys has managed to build and test only a few armored vehicles in various configurations. One of them, previously used in ballistic and mine protection tests, is now stored at the factory. Several others are currently being tested in units of the armed forces and the Rosguards. The latter must show the full potential of technology and convince the customer of the need to adopt it.

With a favorable set of circumstances and the successful completion of all the necessary tests, orders for serial armored cars from security forces may appear in the very near future. In this case, the serial production of “Patrols” will start in 2018 year. At the same time, the company-developer does not yet know exactly how many armored vehicles can be acquired by government agencies. Obviously, we will talk about dozens of cars, but the exact numbers have not yet been determined.

It should be noted that the company "Asteys" not only proposed a new project of a multi-purpose armored car, but also took up its active development. The initial project is constantly being finalized in accordance with the requirements of potential customers. In addition, the basic transport and passenger vehicle is considered as a carrier of special equipment or weapons. All these processes to date have led to the formation of this family of technology, which has certain prospects.

However, despite the optimism of the authors of the new projects, one should not forget that several experienced “Patrols” are still on trial, and orders to put the equipment into service have not yet appeared. The fate of promising projects will be finally determined in the very near future. If events develop in a positive way, then security forces will be able to receive new equipment with high performance and wide capabilities.

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  1. Lopatov
    Lopatov 10 October 2017 08: 46
    Internal volumes with a total size of 12,5 cubic meters are available for passengers and cargo.

    The "low" K-66N box body, which is very common, has an internal volume of 10,3 m³

    There is where to turn around. This is not a "Tiger" with its order of 6 -7 cubes
  2. Oznob
    Oznob 10 October 2017 09: 06
    One brother says that only Soviet equipment walks normally. Everything that has already been done in the Russian Federation is being poured. Raw crafts. The conversation was about armored cars like shot and tiger.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 10 October 2017 09: 10
      The uncle from Asteys claimed that the basis for the Patrol was the exhausted KamAZ chassis.
      1. Oznob
        Oznob 10 October 2017 09: 14
        That I think is not a construct matter, but in the components. They are trying to do cheaper. Instead of glands - plastic and rubber. A relative stalled at a traffic light in the military ancient Urals at -40C, threw out all the filters, carrying (a bulb) to the tank, blowtorch through the tubes. Wound up as cute. And in the new to the north pipes are not metal. Again, I myself did not see, for which I bought it for that and sell it.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 10 October 2017 09: 19
          It all depends on the customer. Will require without cheapness, they will. “Patrol” in theory should be cheaper than “Typhoon”. Yes, and the Tiger, too.
  3. venik
    venik 10 October 2017 09: 33
    "Typhoons", "Tigers", "Wolves", "Bears", "Lynx", "Dozors", and now also "Patrols" ....... Are there too many "animals" divorced ??? And then after all, "fly" (in the "guano") for long, with such a "zoo" !!! What did the Wehrmacht "pierce" during the Second World War? One of the "punctures" and quite serious: If the Red Army used only "2 (two !!) main types of trucks (ZiL and GAZ), and after 42, 2 more models of" students "were added, then the Wehrmacht operated cars of 12 companies ( the number of models is about 40 !!!). As a result, their "logistics" - "choked" trying to provide such a "heterogeneity" and "grass" with spare parts !!!
    Maybe you should still RESTRICT the number of models that are being adopted by some “reasonable minimum” and concentrate on “fine-tuning”, what is ????
    1. Alex_59
      Alex_59 10 October 2017 10: 18
      Quote: venik
      Wehrmacht operated machines 12 companies (number of models approx. 40 !!!)

      Come on? Everything was much worse for the Wehrmacht. I do not even presume to say the order of the number, how many models there were, but under a hundred for sure. 40 is probably the most common German. And there was also a bunch of Czech, Austrian, French, Italian, Belgian technology. I even saw photos of Germans driving a Ford-AA - they typed somewhere in the Netherlands, apparently from the European branch of Ford. Outwardly, almost like our GAZ-AA, you can't even tell from a distance.
      Quote: venik
      2 (two !!) main types of trucks (ZIL and GAZ), and after 42-g, 2 models of “students” were added

      Not exactly the same. In addition to the students there were Diamond, GM, Ford-6, the British of different models. But of course the Germans cannot compete with the zoo.
      1. Lex.
        Lex. 10 October 2017 13: 19
        Wehrmacht 600,000 thousand cars went from conquered countries
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 10 October 2017 13: 30
      Quote: venik
      Maybe you should still RESTRICT the number of models to be adopted by some “reasonable minimum”

      What for? It is enough to unify the nodes and assemblies. 2-3 engines, 2-3 boxes, etc. And also on the "consumables", filters and more.
      And vice versa, do not chase universalism, but optimize the car for its task.
      For example, a field bakery needs strength in bulletproof cab protection. Car dressing will also require booking a box body. But, for example, the car of a senior officer of an artillery battery is also a protection against explosions. Trying to install all this on the same machine is stupid and expensive. Excessive protection leads to a rise in price immediately, insufficient - subsequently, during hostilities
      1. venik
        venik 11 October 2017 17: 43
        Quote: Spade
        What for? It is enough to unify the nodes and assemblies. 2-3 engines, 2-3 boxes, etc. And also on the "consumables", filters and more.

        Yes, I absolutely agree with you !!! But is it just that ????
        By and large - ALL this could be done on the basis of 2-3 models !!! And we have??? I mean in Russia ???
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 11 October 2017 18: 05
          Quote: venik
          By and large - ALL this could be done on the basis of 2-3 models !!!

          At least ten.
          Consider: light, medium and heavy chassis. In each of the “weight” classes, there are three models: unarmored (with the possibility of booking a cabin and installing an armored box body), armored single-compartment and armored with protection against landmines. Total nine. Plus, an easy transport vehicle that fits in the cargo compartment of the Mi-8 and its descendants.
          Total ten.
    3. shans2
      shans2 10 October 2017 15: 55
      The whole of Europe worked on the Wehrmacht, the trophy trucks were supplied by the companies that produced them, Czechs, etc., everything was fine with them, there was no need to emphasize the problem where it was needed .... but the Germans eventually used even more red army horses wars ......
      1. venik
        venik 11 October 2017 17: 46
        Quote: shans2
        everything was fine with them,

        You think so? Well, then you - an absolutely naive person!
  4. Dedall
    Dedall 10 October 2017 19: 26
    Gentlemen, yes, just everyone wants to stick to a budget boobs. Therefore, they strive to push through the next "wunderwafel." And how does it weigh 12 tons different from the same armored "Ural"? Nothing! And then it turns out as if in that joke about 3 liters of beer, in which alcohol, like a bottle of vodka.
    1. venik
      venik 11 October 2017 17: 46
      Quote: Dedall
      Gentlemen, yes, just everyone wants to stick to a budget boobs.

      But it is difficult to disagree with THIS !!!!
  5. tchoni
    tchoni 10 October 2017 21: 12
    That’s interesting ... They’ve done the armored cars - don’t worry. But the "factory" armored vehicles to escort the columns, no one ever released. There was one fling in the extreme army to light up, but, in my opinion, a failure. For the operator operator in the back was devoid of any protection. But still, from the time of the Yankees in the Vietnamese gantrack - a kind of guardian angel of the Autobaht ....
  6. Div Divich
    Div Divich 13 October 2017 21: 13
    Why aren’t mine protection seats equipped with pneumatic shock absorbers and foot steps on springs?
    Why are there no airbags that are triggered by an explosion?

    Not volumes need to be measured, but the preservation of lives and the effectiveness of performing typical tasks.
    For atypical tasks, there is intelligence, special services, but they do not need special machines, but machines depending on the task, that is, just a choice among efficient machines.

    For example, for special forces you need a car for transporting people, a ram, a ladder, a place for a grenade launcher on the roof in a dome armored from small arms.

    For the army, improved gantracks are not superfluous, instead of a body with a ZU-23, an armored cockpit with a rear view and a remotely controlled combat module instead of anti-aircraft guns, well, more shells.
  7. Div Divich
    Div Divich 16 October 2017 14: 08
    In addition to internal protection against detonation, you can also make an external, reducing the shock wave.

    For example, attach containers with extinguishing powder at a distance of 5 cm on the bottom, so that when they are detonated, they take the main blow upon themselves and minimize the strength of the residual blast wave.

    The bottom can be made not V shaped, but arched, this will make the protection against mines more compact.

    Protection against mines can be made modular, and equipped with it as needed, and if one machine breaks down, it will be possible to drag protection to another machine in the field.

    I also care about the scalability of projects, it is good if the money invested by the state also improves the life of the civilian population. For example, if the population receives cheap and easy to maintain army off-road vehicles without armor, for off-road driving (meadows, fields, forests, sand, stones, etc.).
  8. Zefr
    Zefr 29 November 2017 22: 01
    They say that before difficult times, people instinctively begin to plant more potatoes. And now everyone rushed to build armored cars for the internal troops. What is it for?
  9. 412
    412 18 March 2018 18: 25
    Quote: venik
    "Typhoons", "Tigers", "Wolves", "Bears", "Lynx", "Dozors", and now also "Patrols" ....... Are there too many "animals" divorced ??? And then after all, "fly" (in the "guano") for long, with such a "zoo" !!! What did the Wehrmacht "pierce" during the Second World War? One of the "punctures" and quite serious: If the Red Army used only "2 (two !!) main types of trucks (ZiL and GAZ), and after 42, 2 more models of" students "were added, then the Wehrmacht operated cars of 12 companies ( the number of models is about 40 !!!). As a result, their "logistics" - "choked" trying to provide such a "heterogeneity" and "grass" with spare parts !!!
    Maybe you should still RESTRICT the number of models that are being adopted by some “reasonable minimum” and concentrate on “fine-tuning”, what is ????

    So, after all, in the USSR there was a planned “padded-and-communal regime” and now we have enlightened capitalism like Hitler’s, therefore everyone wants to grab money from the budget and, as they say, “it’s not worth the price”, it’s enough to recall the same story in the First World War, well even though the good old Soviet infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers remained.