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Moscow turned into reality the terrible dream of the NORAD command in Alaska! On the "hacking" of the northwestern US missile defense sector



The scale of maneuvers successfully conducted by the Russian Armed Forces in the Western and Southern military districts in recent weeks has probably exceeded the expectations of even the most patriotic part of the population of our state. Their apogee can be considered a joint Russian-Belarusian exercise "West-2017", held from September 14 to 20, in which more than 13 thousand military personnel took part. Involvement of impressive armored and artillery “bones” of the Russian and Belorussian forces in maneuvers, comprising more than 250 main combat tanks, 200 units of barrel and rocket artillery, as well as 70 units. tactical and army aviation It caused a huge resonance in the military departments of the Eastern European countries participating in the North Atlantic Alliance, as well as at NATO headquarters, since even such a number of T-90A / C MBTs clearly demonstrates the possibility of a local offensive throw on the western OH. This is what the population of the Baltic states have been afraid of recently. What is the hysteria of the West about the creation by our VKS and Ground Forces of zone A2 / AD around the Suvalki Corridor, which will certainly connect the Kaliningrad Region with the western border of Belarus.

No less important and illustrative maneuvers are the operational-strategic exercises (MTR) “Combat Brotherhood-2017”, launched on October 2 within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Here, the main focus was not on the western operational direction, but directly on the Donbas TVD area, because the exercises started in the Rostov region. An expressive detail of these maneuvers is the coincidence of the date of their conduct with the dates of the possible implementation by Kiev of legislative steps to conduct a large-scale offensive operation against the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. The exercise began immediately before the adoption of the next criminal law “on the reintegration of Donbass”, in which Russia is now considered as an “aggressor”, and the republics of Donbass are to be seized and cleared. A striking example of the forthcoming attempt to conduct an offensive operation can be considered the transfer to the Southern Front of the DPR (Novoazovskoye and Telmanov ON) of the most protected Ukrainian modifications of the T-64 - BM “Bulat”, which were recently noticed at the Zachatievskoy railway station, which is on the border between the occupied VSU and the DPR. and Zaporizhzhya region.

You can see at least 2 tank companies from 18-20 Ukrainian MBT T-64BM "Bulat" in the amateur video material performed in the area of ​​Z. Zavachivka, at Zalorozhian-Volnovaha branch on the Telman and / or new Azov operational directions. These tanks are distinguished by a fairly high equivalent durability of frontal projection from armor-piercing feathered sub-caliber shells (about 850 mm for frontal armor plates of the turret and 740 - 750 mm - for VLD) and from the COP (about 1050 mm). Such indicators of bronze-proofness are provided by elements of the DZ HOSCHKV-19 / 34 complex “Knife”. For a successful confrontation with the data of MBT, tank units of NM LDNR corps should receive the Lead-46 BMP

The adoption in the first reading of the law on the so-called “reintegration of Donbass” (No. XXUMX) completely excludes the implementation of the “Minsk agreements” by the Ukrainian side. From the moment of the approval of the updated project in the second reading, the legal instruments of influence (or pressure) on Kiev through the OSCE or the UN will be extremely ineffective, and any artillery shelling of the peaceful cities of the republics and the positions of the LDNR People’s Militia corps can only be calmed down by artillery fire. battery armies of the republics. This situation provides Donetsk, Lugansk and Moscow carte blanche for decisive countermeasures comparable to those taken against Georgia in 7163. Here, both the counteroffensive with the liberation of Mariupol and the exit of the republican armies to the borders of the Crimean border are becoming more than relevant.

The renewed configuration of the Donbass Reintegration Bill, in which the Ukrainian pseudo-deputies from pro-government and nationalist circles plan to raise the issue of establishing Russian sovereignty over Crimea, further increases the degree of tension. It would not be funny and at the same time disgusting to listen to those who come from the street. Mykhailo Hrushevsky marasmus of the Ukrainian parliamentarians, the current situation in the southern border part of the Kherson region leaves much to be desired. Here is concentrated almost a quarter of the available units of the receiver and rocket artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is more than 70 - 80 transported howitzers, the same number of ACS in size from 122 to 203 mm ( from “Carnation” to “Pion”), around 100 MBT, at least 2 of the C-300PS divisions and a huge amount of anti-tank weapons (including tandem anti-tank guided missile systems RK-3 “Corsair”, representing a serious threat to most T-72B3 tanks (with a huge vulnerable area around the gun mask). Naturally, the mixed grouping of the Russian Armed Forces in the Republic of Crimea will erase Ukrainian units in a matter of hours, and the C-300PM1 and C-400 air defense systems will destroy about half of the 9М55К missiles. Nevertheless, some of them can still reach large settlements of the peninsula in the first minutes of hostilities and this should be stopped, and this means that the border READ VSU should be destroyed in advance, even at the time of the preparation of possible aggression from Kiev.

There will be "soft-bodied" amateurs who will argue that the above opinion kindles more bellicose rhetoric and is unacceptable in the media against the background of difficult Ukrainian-Russian relations, but it is time to call things by their names: the leadership and military formations "Square" are basic and far from harmless today anti-Russian instruments in the hands of Washington and Brussels, which can be activated at the first click of the fingers of the “big uncles” from the Pentagon. Consequently, the “Combat Brotherhood-2017” exercise can be considered a slightly significant signal for Kiev from Moscow about the inadmissibility of aggressive actions against LDNR and attempts to destabilize the situation on the Crimean part of the Russian-Ukrainian border. More than 12 thousand people of drugs, about 1500 units, participate in the maneuvers. small arms, armored vehicles and artillery, as well as about 100 aircraft, which is enough to demonstrate the strength and network centrism not only to such a degrading command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also to the central headquarters of the combined armed forces of NATO.


Behind all this military-political turmoil occurring within the limits of the still conditional European theater of war, not everyone drew attention to an event of strategic importance that occurred in the northern part of the Asia-Pacific region. As part of the flight tactical exercises of long-range aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the link of long-range missile-carrying bombers Tu-22М3 for the first time stories carried out a flight to the airfield Anadyr (“Ugolny”), which is an international co-location airport in the Chukotka Autonomous Region. It would seem that the 3,5-kilometer runway for several decades has been used as a jump airfield for the Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrier bombers (deployed at the Engels-1 airfield in the Saratov region), as well as from 82 to 92- As a leading airbase for the 171 th Tula Red Banner Fighter Aviation Regiment of Air Defense, which has Su-15ТM fighter-interceptors to cover the eastern air approaches to the USSR / Russia. But never before has such a high emphasis been placed on using the Anadyr airfield as an intermediate point of deployment and at the same time an advanced bridgehead for operating the 2-fly-flying long-range missile-carrying bombers Tu-22М3 over the Bering Sea. Now we will look at the operational and strategic details of this, seemingly regular, flight tactical exercises.

First, the use of this airfield for deploying “Backfires” in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean indicates the existence of a similar opportunity for the strategic missile carriers Tu-160 / М2. This will enable the deeply refined “White Swans” to carry out noticeably longer combat duty over the eastern Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean without using IL-78M air tankers. No less serious operational and strategic opportunities Anadyr opens for the crews of Tu-22M3 and Tu-160M / M2 in terms of lightning preemptive massive missile and air strikes on the advanced facilities of the Joint Command of the air-North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) in case of direct US-Russian conflict.

One of these sites is the largest Alaskan joint military base “Elmendorf-Richardson”, located in the city of Anchorage, just 1660 km from Anadyr. Taking into account the fact that the proposed launch points for T-boats X-555 / 101 will be located directly in the NORAD air defense identification zone (above the eastern part of the Bering Sea), the flight time will be only 1 an hour. Fully reflect the impact of 48 - 64 unobtrusive strategic XR X-NUMX, neither Raptors nor upgraded with new F-101C radars will definitely have time, and damage to the Elmendorf takeoff will ultimately lead to the loss of comprehensive control of the US Air Force over the eastern identification line The US and Canadian air defense zones (NORAD), which passes just 15 km from Anadyr. It is not difficult to understand that with the loss of this most important air bridgehead over the Bering Sea, the capabilities of the US Air Force for “fire control” over the objects of the Pacific Fleet from the north-east IT will be practically zeroed out. The structure of the NORAD airbase "Elmendorf" is crucial. It is the “ears and eyes” of the US Air Force in the north-west HV, as its E-435C / G long-range radar detection and control aircraft are deployed on its territory, enabling it to track the movements of virtually all known low-altitude aerial attacks. But this is still far from the entire list of troubles that the NORAD command will face in the event of the movement of strategic aviation of the Russian airspace to Anadyr airfield.

The most vulnerable points are automatically elements of the missile attack warning system and reinforced concrete mine launchers of the GBMD long-range anti-missile complex, represented by exo-atmospheric GBI interceptor missiles (the object is deployed near Fort Grills, Alaska). But if one can inflict significant damage on antimissiles only through a massive point strike with strategic X-102 cruise missiles with nuclear equipment, then to completely disable the AN / FPS-123V5 early warning system and missile attack warning PAVE PAWS with a sufficiently accurate attack even one or two CKR X-101 with PF or cluster warheads, which will destroy most of the receiving and transmitting radar modules and hardware modules. The antenna post of the AN / FPS-123 radar station located in Clear, Alaska, is represented by the construction of a pyramid shape with a two-way active phased 2560 DF antenna array operating in the low-frequency decimeter-wave band (420 - 450 MHz). The power of each antenna array in 900 kW allows detection of ICBM warheads at a distance of 5000 km.

The AN / FPS-123 station in Clear provides an overview of the northwest air direction; consequently, its decommissioning will almost completely “shut off” the sector of the American anti-aircraft missile system, which is responsible for controlling aerospace over the northern part of the Asia-Pacific region, Siberia and the Arctic region for Washington such a turn of death events is similar. As you can see, the appearance of supersonic bomber carriers in Anadyr was an excellent asymmetric response to the deployment of THAAD anti-missile systems batteries in South Korea, the deployment of strategic reconnaissance UAVs to Japan, as well as the repeated expansion of the American military contingent in the South Korean Pyongkaek.

The anti-ship and anti-radar capabilities of the Tu-22М3, which the latter, if necessary, can use against the naval and carrier-based strike forces of the US Navy, pulling up to the Aleutian Islands and directly to the Bering Strait, should have a no less sobering effect on the Pentagon. The US Navy and the Air Force know perfectly well that in the 21st century the Beckfire missile arsenal is qualitatively different from the one used in the 80's - 90's. Take, for example, the heavy X-22 supersonic anti-ship missile (according to the AS-4 "Kitchen" NATO classification). The first modification of the missile entered service in the 1965 year, and already by the year 1967 was integrated into the control system of the Tu-22 bomber as part of the K-22 “Storm” complex. At that time, the rocket had truly outstanding flight performance: the march flight speed in the stratosphere reached 3710 km / h, the flying speed (at the time of the dive) was about 2200 km / h, the flight height was 25 km and the range of about 500 km (at flight profile). The most powerful high-explosive fragmentation or cumulative combat units weighing a tonne 1 could seamlessly destroy even the target hiding behind reinforced concrete slabs (the armor penetration of the cumulative warhead reached 12 m!). And even if we imagine a possible failure of the electronic fuze cocking device, the enormous kinetic energy of an 5,9-ton cruise missile could inflict critical damage to any existing destroyer / cruiser class surface ship. Also provided for a version with a nuclear warhead power 200 kT, which today can be re-commissioned.

The undeniable advantage of the "Kitchen" at the time of adoption is the ability to escape from most of the existing SM-1 / 2 family of anti-aircraft missiles (RIM-67A, RIM-66D) when trying to intercept it, because the speed of the latter barely reached 2900 - 3600 km / h only during operation of the solid rocket engine. After adopting the RIM-174 ERAM ultra-long-range anti-aircraft guided missile, where the maximum speed of the rocket (due to the modern two-stage design with the Mk 72 solid propellant accelerator and the “long-playing” sustained two-mode turbojet Mk 104) can be retained until the moment it enters into the stratified strata of the stratostras and the grid - 30 km), X-35 has lost its speed advantage, which is why there is an urgent need to develop a faster anti-ship / anti-radar missile.

On the background of the fact that the new PKR / PRLR was required to be put into service as soon as possible, the command of the Russian VKS did not wait for the development, flight tests, and integration of the first pre-production samples of the 3М22 “Zircon” missile on board the Tu-22М3 and relied on continued development of the existing Sonetka project, based on the modernization of the existing X-22 to the level of 9-А-2362, also known as X-32. Development work on this project was started at the end of the 80-years. in the ICD Raduga in the distant 80s, but due to the difficult political and economic situation in the country, the design of the product stretched for almost 20 years, despite the fact that the X-32 design was based on the same X-22 AS-4 Kitchen. "

As a result, the main phase of testing a promising product 9-А-2362 passed only in July 2013. The carrier was the long-range Tu-22М3-1 bomber (board No.9804), upgraded with the corresponding package of on-board radio-electronic equipment for X-32 integration within the OCR "Potential". The first stage of the X-32 state tests was successfully completed at the end of August 2016, after which the products began to enter service. As you know, they replaced the X-22 cruise missile line, which was presented: the X-22Н multipurpose cruise missile designed to destroy surface / ground-based radio contrast targets (equipped with an active RGSN); X-22NP anti-radar, in the task list of which was the defeat of the enemy’s radio equipment (equipped with a passive RGSN), and also X-22HA, equipped with an inertial guidance system with corrections on the terrain.

The list of benefits of the multipurpose X-32 rocket is quite extensive. Firstly, it is on 30% high flight speed, which almost reaches a hypersonic index in 5М (5400 km / h) on the main line. Neither the RIM-174 ERAM, nor the MIM-104C anti-aircraft missile of the Patriot PAC-2 anti-aircraft missile system can destroy this rocket in pursuit. Meanwhile, interception into the forward hemisphere does not constitute great difficulties, since the X-32 glider has an impressive effective scattering surface (ESR) within 0,5 - 0,7 м2. Thus, the AN / MPQ-65 multifunctional radar of the Patriot PAC-3 complex can detect X-32 at a distance of 100 - 120 km. The radar of the AN / SPY-1D (V) type is able to divert it at an even greater distance in 145 - 180 km. There are two ways to compensate for this disadvantage. The first one has already been implemented and presented by 3,5 - 4-flying approach speed, which, with massive use, will “overload” the target channel of “Aegis”, and shipboard BIUSs will not technically cope with the lightning-fast “star strike” of the anti-ship missiles. The second option is to equip the X-32 missiles with an on-board electronic warfare complex, which sets up barrage and distraction interference to counter missiles with active and semi-active radar homing systems, or with a container with IR traps to impede the operation of infrared homing heads.

The marching part of the X-32 long-range anti-ship / anti-radar missile trajectory passes at an altitude of more than 40 km, which is inaccessible to most of the missile defense systems of ship-based air defense systems. The X-2 rocket enters the upper border of the SM-6ER Block IV and SM-32 interceptor missiles only on the descending branch of the trajectory (in 50 - 40 km from the target) with the speed 4,5М: in case of a group impact with intercept air interception time will remain critically low

The increase in airspeed resulted in an almost 2 -fold increase in the maximum trajectory height, which is about 40 - 45 km. On the flight, this practical ceiling provides the inaccessibility of the X-32 for any modification of the Patriot air defense system, and possibly the RIM-174 ERAM anti-aircraft missiles. More importantly, not every surveillance radar DRLO can detect the approach of X-32 to radio-emitting ground objects (when used in anti-radar mode). In particular, the most common radar review and target designation of the US Air Force AN / TPS-75 "Tipsy-75", operating in the S-band (at frequencies from 2 to 4 GHz, and with a wavelength of 7-15 cm), is capable of detect targets at altitudes up to 29500 m, while the ceiling of the modernized kitchen exceeds this figure by 10 - 15 km. It can be detected by: AN / SPY-1D radars of the D / L range AN / TPS-59 (V) 3 ground-level radars, which are in service with the United States Marine Corps, as well as promising three-band 3DELRR radar systems and mobile multifunction radar AN / TPS-80 G / ATOR. The latter are distinguished by a fundamentally new elemental base of active phased antenna arrays, which are built on the basis of thermal and wear-resistant gallium nitride (GaN) PPMs capable of operating with much greater power and, therefore, the total radar range.

The third advantage caused by minimal aerodynamic braking at an altitude of 40 km and a modified liquid two-chamber rocket engine is the X-32 range, which is close to 1000 km! Unlike the X-22 with a maximum range of 480 km, the new missile will allow the crews of the Tu-22М3 to deliver “decapitating” strikes on the carrier-based strike forces of the US Navy approximately 2 times faster than the launch X-32 fighters approach the multi-purpose fighters — closer than the launch-launch fighters — closer F-35B / C and F / A-18E / F Super Hornet. An attempt to intercept the Tu-22М3 would be a complete failure, because to ensure the range of 900 km on the Super Hornet pendants, 2 PTB and 2-4 SAM AIM-120D should be placed, and this will reduce the maximum speed to 1350 - 1450 km / h by afterburner mode. The only interceptor that could counter the X-32 missiles from the 1000 km distance is the F-14A / D with Phoenixes on board, but, fortunately, these machines were decommissioned as early as 2006. In terms of operational and tactical qualities (apart from a slightly lower marching speed, the greater ESR and unconfirmed ability to perform anti-aircraft maneuvers) X-32 approaches advanced hypersonic X-Zumon missiles, which after 3-x can become the basis of weapons as long-range missile carriers Tu -22М2020, and strategic missile-carrying bombers Tu-22М3.

It may seem that the “ancient” cruise missiles X-22 in the new outfit 9-А-2362, which have long been worn out, absolutely do not correspond to the concept of battles in theaters of operations XXI, but, as you see, this is not true. In almost 50 years of existence and modernization, the X-22 radio-electronic image has changed dramatically: the X-32 received a new semiconductor element base of ARGSN, an inertial navigation system, etc. What is even more interesting, precisely today, in the century of active development of heat-resistant and light composite materials (including radio-transparent), the specialists of the GosMKB Raduga JSC. AND I. Bereznyak ”could resume work on the aeroballistic modification of the Kyrgyz Republic - X-22B, which was tested in the 70-s. During a dive at a target, a rocket could boast speed in 6M!

At that time, not a single ground-based or shipborne long-range air defense system of European or American development had the technical ability to intercept such high-speed targets (before the delivery of the Patriot PAC-1 to the US Army). Unfortunately, the design and development work on this product has been minimized due to the lack of the necessary construction materials of the airframe, which could successfully combine high heat resistance capable of preserving the internal components of the rocket, with the required mass properties to maintain high LTH. All this today is quite realizable. This picture is also partially applicable to the comparative analysis of the 3-45 "Granit" heavy anti-ship missiles with the promising Onyx anti-ship missiles 3М55, which were reviewed in our earlier works.

As you can see, the unique operational-tactical and technological features of the long-range shock tandems Tu-22М3 - Х-32 open up unprecedented horizons for Russian videoconferencing. In particular, during the possible use of Anadyr Tu-22М3 from the airfield, they can easily turn into a mountain of scrap metal and dust not only any American naval strike force in the northern part of the Asia-Pacific Region, but also deprive the United States of anti-missile capabilities in the Alaska region and northern Canada. We note that the situation with the transfer of “Backfires” to Anadyr is an excellent countermeasure for the frequent flights of “Rivet Joint” near Kaliningrad and Global Hawk in the Kuban region.

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    ... we will not take countermeasures - they will trample us ... angry
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        Thank you for the article, thoughtfully and without hatred written

        Good article ... well, good laughing
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        this means that the border ReADn of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be destroyed in advance, even at the time of the preparation of possible aggression from Kiev

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        A cunning plan of GDP ... that we will not wait for "his" embodiment ???
        1. Nikolay Fedorov
          Nikolay Fedorov 10 October 2017 18: 03
          Quote: Pulya
          Thank you for the article, thoughtfully and without hatred written

          Good article ... well, good
          But what about this ???
          this means that the border ReADn of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be destroyed in advance, even at the time of the preparation of possible aggression from Kiev
          It turns out that for three years the eggs have crumpled, and now Tear ALL?
          A cunning plan of GDP ... that we will not wait for "his" embodiment ???

          It happens in every way ... So you personally ALL of your neighbors on the porch, which pose a potential threat to you, have fucked up, or are you still waiting with some, postponed for later? The Soviet Union, I remember, suffered real humiliation from the Japanese on the eastern border for several years. Cemeteries with Soviet border guards who died at the hands of Japanese provocateurs have become indecently large. And only in August 45th we were able to deal with this humiliating situation. It would be interesting to see in the years 1938-1944, some Soviet "writer" -broadcaster tired of waiting for the embodiment of Stalin's cunning plan ...
        2. Starover_Z
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          Quote: Pulya
          Good article ... well, good
          But what about this ???

          In particular, during the possible use of the Anadyr Tu-22M3 from the airport, they can easily turn into a mountain of scrap metal and dust not only any American naval strike force in the northern part of the Asia-Pacific Region, but also deprive the United States of anti-ballistic missile capabilities in the Alaska region and northern Canada.

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      We have places in Chukotka and are closer than Anadyr to Alaska. The same Providence or Whalen. At one time, in the vicinity of Providence, in Ureliki, there was such a village, rocket launchers, there were generally many who stood there. The boys remember there were a lot of interesting things. I can write about a lot here, but I won’t begin, what if I decide to restore it.
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      The resources of the wet fantasies of freelancers of the Pioneer Truth are inexhaustible

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    1. serge siberian
      serge siberian 9 October 2017 17: 45
      hi Sverdlovsk later than Novosibirsk, there is the first collider in the world, it operates, and NPZHK No. 80 (nuclear fuel reprocessing) Yes, and the city itself will have more than one and a half million souls. It is also the only crossing point across the Ob river. Well and so forth. objects. crying stop
  12. Fedor K
    Fedor K 9 October 2017 15: 46
    Yes, all of these ammunition will lie useful ... so it was. fools don’t sit everywhere, and grandchildren want to see and enjoy life, so let them invent, someone should do it
  13. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 9 October 2017 15: 52
    It is necessary to prepare the liberation of Alaska from the American occupation. Jamming NORAD and US air bases in Alaska is necessary so that the radar and the entire fleet are destroyed by the first strike, and the runway should be left in working condition to receive our Arctic landing. But now we need to start with the restoration of all the arsenals of the strategic nuclear forces of the USSR in Chukotka and Kamchatka, and with the urgent construction of new arsenals in the Kuril Islands.
    1. Sharansky
      Sharansky 9 October 2017 20: 06
      The people of Alaska were even asked if they want to move from under "occupation" to spiritual bondage or not?
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. cost 75
        cost 75 10 October 2017 08: 06
        And who asked them when?
        1. Sharansky
          Sharansky 10 October 2017 09: 54
          Crimea, for example, was asked. The referendum was held.
          1. igorka357
            igorka357 10 October 2017 12: 14
            In Crimea, Russian people were .. well, Sharansky eat chocolate or something, maybe at least one gyrus will twitch!
  14. yuliatreb
    yuliatreb 9 October 2017 16: 11
    There is something to think about adversary.
  15. Lis_96
    Lis_96 9 October 2017 16: 45
    The fate of Russia is to wipe the face of the US planet.
    1. serge siberian
      serge siberian 9 October 2017 17: 48
      like "I fellow I’m not trampled you, but still need to finish it. "
  16. nakhtigalsif
    nakhtigalsif 9 October 2017 17: 05
    Mmm ... The US military is spreading a map, and our generals are spinning the globe? winked
  17. Eddie
    Eddie 9 October 2017 17: 06
    "But we make rockets! '
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 9 October 2017 18: 57
      I think you do not do a fig, only on disgusting and capable. Specifically, you can jump.
      1. Sharansky
        Sharansky 9 October 2017 20: 06
        specifically you could stop jumping
        1. CT-55_11-9009
          CT-55_11-9009 10 October 2017 08: 50
          You know, everything in the world is relative. If you download and are absolutely sure that you are motionless, then, in your opinion, the whole world is jumping around.
  18. vlad48
    vlad48 9 October 2017 17: 41
    A wonderful and optimistic article, thanks to the author for a detailed analysis of the situation both in Ukraine and the situation in a possible northeastern theater with the Americans. Especially our response to missile defense in South Korea and the threats to the DPRK. So it is necessary to keep the slack and not to give in any case either the USA or the Bandera Nazi-fascist junta in Kiev.
    1. Sharansky
      Sharansky 9 October 2017 20: 07
      Quote: vlad48
      nor the Bandera Nazi fascist junta in Kiev.

      so all the same there is a junta or a legitimate government officially recognized by Russia?
  19. Viktor Petrov
    Viktor Petrov 9 October 2017 20: 51
    How's Kim Jong-un doing? no longer bother the Yankees on aircraft carriers?)
  20. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 9 October 2017 21: 39
    Uryayayayaya ..... In NATO, all for diapers ran no longer from maneuvers but from similar ... "analytical" essays on the theme of the author’s autumn exacerbations
  21. George Davydov
    George Davydov 9 October 2017 22: 20
    It is necessary to understand that in a hybrid war it is also necessary to use hybrid weapons, in particular, the ideology and propaganda of a free and independent people that can defend their right to life and repulse any aggressor. For examples, like civil war and intervention, when fourteen democracies went against us with war, and a color revolution, when a bunch of liberals destroyed the USSR with its weapons, army, etc. And this suggests that the people should be united not only in the material plane - not to be a beggar, but also in the ideological - to know and confront their external and internal enemies. And for this it is necessary that the leadership of the people was, as they say, flesh of the people's flesh, for which their needs and aspirations were one. And then we will win. Point or for sure? Decide for yourself.
  22. ver_
    ver_ 10 October 2017 03: 37
    Quote: Gransasso
    The resources of the wet fantasies of freelancers of the Pioneer Truth are inexhaustible ...

    ... you can launch a cloud of old rubbish to suppress their missile defense, which * our friends * will spend all their anti-missile potential on ... and modern * units * will finish the entire infrastructure ...
  23. Großer feldherr
    Großer feldherr 10 October 2017 04: 59
    The scale of maneuvers ..... exceeded the expectations of even the most patriotic part of the population of our state.

    After these words I immediately went to see the author of the article and was not mistaken hi
    I can imagine what is going on in the article itself, if the seed is already like that)) but still I will not venture to curiosity.
  24. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 10 October 2017 16: 27
    Quote: Großer Feldherr
    The scale of maneuvers ..... exceeded the expectations of even the most patriotic part of the population of our state.

    After these words I immediately went to see the author of the article and was not mistaken hi
    I can imagine what is going on in the article itself, if the seed is already like that)) but still I will not venture to curiosity.

    And it would be better to take a chance, m. in some areas some kind of clarity has come. fool
  25. a.sirin
    a.sirin 10 October 2017 17: 28
    What do you need to have in mind to wish for an aggravation of already disgusting relations with the United States?
  26. Karen
    Karen 11 October 2017 15: 49
    Until now, before our eyes are watches from our long-range bombers, with phosphorus hands ... But I no longer looked at the "daily" hour-minute hands, but at those small ones on the dial, where the corresponding inscription had: "bombing time" :) sorry, lost
  27. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 13 October 2017 23: 30
    The article is difficult to perceive as an amateur, but it can be understood that our Dapni Vostok is not covered poorly and at the same time our bombers can deliver such attacks to the region of Alaska, Canada and the entire Asia-Pacific region with aircraft carriers
  28. Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 14 October 2017 07: 00
    It would be nice if, by 2020, our defense industry detonated a hypersonic missile for Iskander or a new complex with a hypersonic ground-to-ground missile
  29. aries2200
    aries2200 14 October 2017 14: 31
    and Tu-95 is something out of the question ... is this bird very good. Or is it not written in the subject?
  30. iouris
    iouris 15 October 2017 13: 59
    This material is from the same series as "Russian hackers have appointed Trump as US president." In fact, militarily, everything is bad. For us. If the US disappears, it is only due to internal reasons. The Russian Federation can disappear due to external reasons, too.