Shoigu: the goals of the “West” doctrine are achieved

The goals of the Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2017 strategic exercise have been achieved, TASS Statement by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

We believe that the goals of the exercise have been achieved. I pay special attention that all involved forces and means are returned to points of constant dislocation. During the exercise, the military and government authorities gained practical experience in joint actions to ensure the military security of the Union State,
said the minister at a conference call.

According to him, “95 representatives from 50 countries observed the maneuvers, 12 thousand 700 military personnel were involved in the exercise, up to 680 weapons and military equipment, around 70 aircraft and helicopters, 10 ships were involved”.

Shoigu noted that the final results of the exercise will be announced in the coming days.

He added that the fears of the Western media about the aggressive nature of the events were not justified.

Western media frightened the most incredible scenarios of the exercise. It got to the point that some officials, including individual state leaders, called them a prelude to the seizure of foreign territories,
said the minister.

He stressed that "all these lies were exposed immediately after the end of the exercise, which was of an exclusively defensive nature."

The practical actions of the units were aimed at localizing the terrorist threat, fighting gangs and sabotage groups, protecting and defending important objects,
reminded Shoigu.

The minister also noted that the units that showed good results in the exercises were partially exempt from the control check, which is currently being conducted by the troops.

Partially exempt from the control test 53 compounds and military units that showed good results in the strategic exercise "West-2017". For performing combat training tasks, they received 11 grades "excellent", 36 - "good" and 6 - "satisfactory",
he said.
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  1. +1
    6 October 2017 13: 56
    Farts, from hangers-on, mattresses blown up)
    1. 0
      6 October 2017 14: 07
      They lie all. 100 thousand were ready "to occupy Pshekia, sprat and inadvertently unfortunate Bandera ... Most likely they are right. 100 mowers were ready to tick into outhouses in these territories.
      Quote: alex83
      Farts, from hangers-on, mattresses blown up)
      1. +1
        7 October 2017 13: 27
        why do we need this crap
    2. 0
      6 October 2017 14: 18
      On the contrary, the farts relaxed for a while =)
  2. +1
    6 October 2017 13: 57
    gained practical experience in joint actions to ensure military security

    Forgot to add - put on the ears of the Baltic states. This was also one of the goals.
    1. +3
      6 October 2017 14: 31
      This was also one of the goals.

      as well as aggressively broadcast on mobile phones ... you understand propaganda ....
  3. +2
    6 October 2017 14: 01
    It would be strange if Kuzhugetovich stated that the objectives of the exercises were not achieved ...
    Or he would have continued "Due to the fact that despite the repeated requests of individual statesmen of neighboring states, the RF Armed Forces did not succumb to persuasion and did not enter the territory of these states" laughing laughing laughing
  4. +1
    6 October 2017 14: 04
    how many European states have captured this time .. ??? lol
  5. +1
    6 October 2017 14: 10
    Not achieved - neither the Baltic states, nor the Suvalki corridor, nor Poland, nor Ukraine have been captured. Even Belarus is not annexed. laughing
    1. +4
      6 October 2017 14: 27
      ts-sssssssss !!!!!! do not shoot the office !!!! it's all after the New Year !!!!!! soldier
  6. +1
    6 October 2017 14: 43
    After the training, our guys had to give leave for a week and officially declare it! I wish there was a rustle from the Baltic to Washington!)))))
  7. +1
    6 October 2017 15: 14
    In general, the objectives of the exercises are confusing - to combat the gangs and the terrorist threat, we have the Rosguard, and the armed forces to repel the external threat are the same as NATO, or Ukrovermaht
    1. 0
      6 October 2017 15: 31
      Quote: Stirbjorn
      NATO, or Ukrovermaht

      They are the gangs controlled by the main world terrorist - the USA.
  8. +4
    6 October 2017 15: 32
    The objectives of the West exercises have been achieved; the West has done it.
  9. 0
    6 October 2017 16: 18
    I do not agree with Shoigu. The Baltic states have not been captured !!! laughing
  10. +1
    7 October 2017 13: 39
    I will honestly say horseradish wait and if they wait then kirdyk they have the right word

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